Wednesday, June 25, 2014

* Another UPDATE * Spanked Today

At 8am precisely, I was standing beside Mistress's bed, leather paddle in hand.  i leaned to kiss Mistress awake and She was groggy and obviously was being roused from a deep slumber.  i told her that it was 8 am and that i was present and ready to receive my punishment.  She said ............... "I am so tired .... we will have to reschedule".   my shoulders slumped and i let out an audible sigh that caught Her attention.  She said "I'm sorry baby, i am just so tired.  "Go put your butt plug in and go to work".  All i could do was say "yes Mistress" and walk back into the closet to put away her paddle and to retrieve the glass plug".   Why did She so effortlessly and without regard to how it made feel ... decide to postpone?   Because She can!!!  No other reason is needed.

i lubed a finger and inserted into my bottom to loosen it a bit before putting the plug in.  It is not a large plug but larger that the one it replaced.  After loosing myself with my finger for a minute or so, i pressed the plug against my bottom hole and slowly pushed it inside me.  Since it was the initial attempt at entry, there was a small amount of resistance but nothing at all like i was used to.  On the second attempt, it slide inside me comfortably as if it was meant to be there, and plopped into place.  Now, off to the shower i go.

i am conflicted on how i feel.  It is 8:15 as i write this and i am grateful for having bruises and deep redness on ass right now.  On the other hand, i know that it has only been delayed and not forgiven and i get to relive the worry leading up to my punishment one more time.  As an added bonus, i have my ass filled with a butt plug that my Mistress told me to wear.  i believe it will be a good day.


  1. If you are a true submissive you know punishments are when she says not when you want them

    1. Hi Anonymous Mistress A. I learn a little something new about you each time and I truly do appreciate that. Thank you. For instance, I now kow your name is annie and as such I'll ask you, do you prefer to be addressed as Mistress A., annie or anonymous? I ask that question with all due respect.

      As t your comment ... I am a true submissive to Mistress Wife and proudly so. I DO know that punishment are when and how she says and not at all when or how I want them. I have that knowledge with pride and without any regret, and this morning I don't not question (in my mind or any other place) Mistress's desire to postpone the spanking. The only significance of the 8am "appointment" was Mistress has a rule for me that when She has declared a punishment will officially be given for an infraction (or even if just wants to), and if that punishment cannot be meted out right then, it then becomes my obligation to see to it that the punishment occurs within 48 hours, no matter what. That 48 hour period ended this morning at 9:54 am. As circumstances would have, I knew that there would be no opportunity for Mistress to deliver the punishment last evening. When I understood this, I asked Mistress if she would like to schedule the punishment for 8 am the following morning (this morning). She said that was a good idea and appreciated that I took seriously the 48 hour rule. At 8 am this morning, Mistress was simply too tired to want to proceed and declared that it would be postponed to a time to be determined later. Of course I know that this is Her prerogative and I accept that gladly and willingly.

      Again Mistress A., thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for commenting. I really do appreciate it.

    2. Ow ow dear sub hub....
      That's not me! It appears is Anonymous "annie"......
      Ok......just to avoid any confusion I'll use my google account next time I comment on any of your posts! :-)

      Mistress A.

    3. Thank Mistress A. Be sure to let me know that it is you. *wink


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