Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 1st time

For the first time ever in our loving Female Led Marriage, I know ahead of time that I will be having a full on orgasm, which will be later tonight later tonight.  Mistress has informed me that we will be having sex because she is horny, and because I am leaving town for 4 days on a fishing trip with my buddies, she has decided that I will be having a full orgasm. 

That's the first since we started our beautiful lifestyle that I have been aware ahead of time that I will be cumming.  I feel like a nervous schoolgirl.  He he!

She has instructed me to bring out "pinky", which is the cock sleeve that she likes me to wear sometimes.  She also has instructed me to numb my cock with desensitizing spray well enough ahead of time so that my cock is good and numb.  She wants to gets fucked really good it seems.

I'm a lucky boy!

Friday, February 12, 2016

at the core of our being

The other day, Mistress K. and I got into an argument.  We were talking about something that happened at school with one of our kids and it escalated into frustration for me about how Mistress was telling me the story.  The detail are unimportant, but eventually Mistress ended the conversation and left the room.  I was not happy about how the conversation seemed to end, but that is how it goes.

I was in our closet a short time later and she returned to start up the discussion again.  Being still hot, I was passionate and the volume of my voice was elevated.  During this time, Mistress K. told me that I was right in what I had described to her as being my problem with how the conversation went.  Being a stubborn moron sometimes (like now), I didn't let it go and the conversation continued, and so did the high volume of my voice.  I was still hot.

Suddenly, she sneered at me, turned on her heels and left me alone in the closet.  I thought she was walking off again and ending the conversation again by just abandoning it altogether.  I was wrong.  She left the closet to lock the bedroom door.  Then she stomped back into the closet, ordered my hands on the island in the middle of the closet and went for her paddle.  Now she was hot and she was about to put an end to it.  I hesitated in putting my hands where she ordered me to and that only added to her frustration. 
With my hands on the island in the middle of our closet, she came behind me, pulled down my shorts and proceeding to blister my ass with the leather paddle.  She had made her point in short order, returned the paddle to her drawer and left the closet. 

Even as upset as I was, I instinctively yielded.  Yes, my stinging red ass helped me focus on what had happened, but nonetheless, she ended my bad behavior.  I am just so grateful that the lifestyle that we live gives us the opportunity to be able to settle disagreements quickly, justly (by her determination) and with no lingering hard feelings.  It is at the core of our being.