Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hi everyone! I love my life.

I sincerely hope everyone is doing well.  I do miss "seeing" and chatting with you, and hearing about your amazing lives and experiences.

Like if Phoenix, Arizona is good.  We are on the doorstep of it being Hot As Fuck for a few months, but that's ok because it means spending time the White Mountains of Arizona, fishing, golfing and doing summer.

Life with my beautiful Mistress Wife is wonderful as well.  We continue to grow while dealing with life, kids, work, etc., all of which puts significant pressure on the likelihood that me having an orgasm, ruined orgasm or even just a milking ejaculation.  It simply is necessary to be a high priority for Mistress K.  And that's OK, because for the current time being, it is how she desires things to be. 

We do have our less frequent moments of exiting in our normal D/s state.  Mistress will sometimes grab me on her way to the closet to get dressed, pull me into the bedroom for no other reason than to allow me 1-2 minutes of kneeling worship time of her naked body, before she covers it and begins her work day.  It's just so fucking awesome to be given that honor. 

On Wednesday night this past week, we were tired when we got into bed.  I was naked like I am supposed to be and when Mistress leaned over to kiss me goodnight, my semi hard cock touched her leg, causing her to grab it.  Of course when she grabbed, it grew, and it grew quickly.  I began to thrust into her hand, risking a punishment for attempting to have sexual pleasure without permission.  It was instinctive.  A few seconds later I stopped.  Mistress then said "keep fucking my hand".  I complied and in doing so, she was clearly getting aroused to the point where she said "get me my vibrator".  I jumped out of bed, retrieved the vibrator, got back into bed upright on my knees, handed her the vibrator and stayed in that position for my best view of her about to have an orgasm.  She placed the vibrator on her pussy with one hand, and extended her other hand in front of me.  After she found the spot on her pussy with the vibrator, she said "fuck my hand again".

It wasn't exactly like this picture because her hand was more closed, but you get the idea.  It was so fucking hot to be on my knees, next to and above my beautiful naked Mistress, writhing in the joy the vibrator was giving her, and essentially performing for her by thrusting into her hand.  I don't know why, but it was fucking hot!!!

In expected fashion, Mistress had a super deep, wonderful orgasm while used every ounce of strength to prevent having my own orgasm, which Mistress had already informed me wasn't going to be happening.  In her glorious after glow, and my breathing coming back to normal (I was successful in avoiding ejaculation), Mistress told me it was time to go sleep.  I put her vibrator away and settled in cuddle with Mistress.  Usually, being so fucking horny and denied will mean I will lay there for an hour or so with my mind racing about sexual release.  This night, I went right to sleep for some reason and off into dreamland.

When I woke up early the next morning ..... I was fucking horny!  Looking at some of my favorite tumblr sites I came across pictures that caught my attention, that for some reason never would've in the past. 

This ....

because of my then recently discovered desire to fuck Mistress's hand.  I'm thinking it is because it is a way for me to (at lest fantasize about) perform sexual for Mistress while she watches. 

This ....

because fuck, that's hot!!!!

This ....

Because, um, who knows?

This ....

Because being fucked at the same time as Mistress is just too incredible to think about.

and This ....

Because being emptied for Mistress K., by Mistress K. is the most incredible thing next to witnessing her orgasm.

OK, it's a SDunday morning and I need to go get ready for my day of chores

Sunday, April 8, 2018

How can this be exciting?

Ironically, I was explaining to Mistress K. about how happy and aroused with a recent (some might call ironic) episode we had together.  More like a non-episode really.  I was explaining to her how excited (and yes, even aroused) in recalling this past Thursday morning.  I was leaving town that morning right after Mistress left for work.  The night before in bed, she edged me 7-8 times ..... and it was so awesome, each time I was begging her to allow me to ejaculate, ruined-orgasm style.  (Notice I said ejaculate, and NOT orgasm?)I wanted it sooooo bad (still do).  When she was finally finished, she said, "we're done!  Go to sleep!"  Then a small giggle and said you've been a good boy.  Maybe you'll get to release your cum in the morning before you leave town.

Well, the following morning came.  Mistress woke up late.  She had a busy day ahead with client meetings scheduled for early and often.  That set off on the course of a shitty day.  Then, the outfit she planned on wearing was tight and making her feel uncomfortable and, her hair wasn't cooperating ... you get the idea.  Needless to say, there was ZERO interest in my desire, my "need" my craving to ejaculate.  It's as if the incredible desire for me to ejaculate was of zero interest or concern for her.  AS if whatever she was dealing with was way important than anything she may have felt I needed.

IN the past, Mistress K. may have otherwise felt a little bit of pressure to feel like the attention she thought I might need at that moment was something she needed to live up to.  Yes, she is my Dominant Mistress Wife, but she comes from a place of feeling obligated to give in to what she thinks I was hoping for ... you know, so as to not disappoint me.  

Not today.  She now instinctively did not even give it a second thought.  There was going to be NO attention paid to my perceived need for some sort of expected attention, let alone any release of my semen following the previous nights intense edging, and subsequent "promise" of release in the morning.  NONE!

Instead of me being disappointed at her lack of attention ... I was thrilled that she had zero intention if giving in to what she may have perceived I might need or want.  And, IT WAS AWESOME!  Weird, right?  No ... not weird.  Mistress has come into her own and has embraced to the instinctive understanding that it HER needs and wants at any given moment,  and NOT mine!