Friday, November 18, 2016

Is it a coincidence? I don't think so

Just sayin ......  As you can see from the article here, the divorce rate in the US is at a 35 years low.  Of course I cannot prove it, but I believe that the rise in popularity of Female Led Marriages partly explains this phenomenon.  Then again, I could be wrong.  Your thoughts?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Subspace .... it's been a while

Because of our busy suburban lives, lives that are ruled and dictated by the schedules of our busy suburban and very socially active children, the time we have to practice and hone our FLM is scarce at best.  It's basically the core of the reason for my being AWOL for a few months there. 

When the opportunities and amount of time to "be ourselves" by being alone is precious and few, the benefits of a well practiced FLM begin to fade into the background and, characteristics of an old lifestyle of disorder begin to appear ..... such as my being disrespectful when we might have a disagreement. 

A couple of weeks back we had a disagreement.  It was completely unnecessary, but because some old characteristics started to creep back into my behavior, I was too stupid to realize it.  Mistress wanted to watch her new TV obsession (Pretty Little Liars) while we laid in bed and fall asleep.  I had a caniption (sp?) fit because I find the detestable, especially for a grown woman of grace, class and intelligence (that would be Mistress K.).

Instead of instinctively realizing that even though she was asking me to agree to watch it, she was actually telling me .... I battled.  I guess I thought I was intellectually entitled to be incredulous and throw a fit about, you know, because it's a sophomoric, moronic show.  Well, the night ended with Mistress being pissed off before she fell asleep.  Or so it seemed.  I was still wallowing in some misguided sense of righteousness, beginning to doze off into my slumber.  I had long assumed Mistress K. was fast asleep.   She wasn't!

Suddenly she popped up, wide awake and said .... "I will not stand for this.  Lay on your tummy and put your face in your pillow!"  Her words made instantly understand that she was invoking her right as the leader of our marriage to end this madness  ...... and she was pissed.  With that she removed the covers exposing my bare bottom (I always sleep naked) and immediately starting hard spanking my ass with her hand.  She was spanking me for probably 25-30 really hard spanks, then she abruptly turned over and then went to sleep.  Before dozing off she said "this is not over and neither is your punishment!.

Like I said, busy suburban lives ..... can't do this .... can't do that .... the kids are always around ... school .... PTA ..... sports .... you get the idea.  Mistress took Friday off from work.  On Wednesday she informed me that I would be going into the office "a little late on Friday" because we needed to fix the problem that I created the other night.   Gulp!

Knowing what was coming on Friday gave me an opportunity to reflect on what had happened and why, and as such I was able to process things and anticipate what was coming.  Or so I thought ......... Mistress came home from taking the kids to school.  I heard the garage door open then close.  She came into the house, I was naked (cuz, you know, I'm required to be) and nervous.  She slammed her purse on the counter and just said FUCK!  She had spilled her coffee in the garage.  She pointed to the garage and said "get out there .... now!".  So naked I walked into the garage where she proceeded to scold me for the clutter that was evident.   This went on for several minutes before she stormed back into the house, me following.  She told me to leave her be and she would summon me when she was ready for me. 

After about 30 minutes, she said "I'm ready for you" and summoned me to the bathroom where she was.  She was wearing only loose fitting, not flattering sweat pants and she was topless.  Her hair was a mess and in a pony tail and she had on no make up whatsoever.  She order me to the bed where she had arranged pillows in the middle of the bed.  "Lie on those pillow with your ass in the air and wait for me".  Gulp!

I waited for what seemed like 30 minutes until she finally came into the room.  What followed next was the longest spanking session with the most number of swats that I ever had.  It hurt.  All the while she was spanking me, she was lecturing me on the how things where going to change around here.  She told me that if I truly thought I was worthy of giving her my submission, I'd better remember how I needed to ALWAYS demonstrate that, and that it "includes more than just offering to give me orgasms!"  By the time it was over I'd guess 30 minutes had passed and I had received perhaps 250-300 whaps on my bare ass.  I had genuine tears.  It hurt like hell ............

Afterward, Mistress went and sat in her easy chair in our bedroom and called me over to kneel before here.  When I did, I was awash in something that I truly hadn't felt in months ...... deep subspace!  I begged her for forgiveness as she pulled my head into her breasts and told me that everything was going to be ok.  At that moment, I was swimming in one of my absolute favorite things about her ..... her smell.  The smell of her face, her head, her skin.  OMG it was pouring into my nose and covering like a warm blanket. 

After several minutes of adoration, worship and forgiveness, Mistress ordered to dress for work (wearing a cock ring) and prepare to go to the office.  The entire day was spectacular.  My punishment had refreshed me.  Cleared the slate.  Mistresses words of admonishment were ringing in my ears like music.  Mistress had reset our course and I couldn't love her more for it.

Mistress had errands to run throughout the day (mani/pedi, massage, Lulu Lemon, etc.) which I knew would keep busy and coming and going from the house throughout the day.  When I got home from work and walked into the bedroom, the pillows that were placed in punishments position on what had become the punishment bed, had not been moved from that morning.  I took a picture and sent it to Mistress K. and asked her if I should move the pillows back to where they belonged or not.  She replied and said "no, leave it that way until you go to bed tonight because when you go to bed, I want your spanking this morning to be the last think you remember before going to sleep." 

I gasped in utter devotion, respect and love .....

This picture because the woman reminds so much of Mistress K.

 This picture because, she reminds me of Helen Mirren, who I think is one of the hottest women on the planet

Thank you Mistress for re-setting our course.  I will strive to be the kind of submissive you want me to be!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Saturday Night

On Saturday night, Mistress K. left me at home to watch the World Series while she went out with some couple friends of ours.   My instinct told me that when she got home, she would be horny and would want to receive pleasure.  The kids were gone .... she would've been drinking.  The planets all lined up.

After the game was over, I set out to be there for her in what I suspected would be a wanton, lustful return home for her.  I showered and shaved (face and other places).  I put on the cologne she is always telling me to wear and sprayed a good amount of desensitizing spray to my cock .... and I waited.

She walked in the door, put her purse down and walked toward the bathroom.  On her way past me she said "you, come with me".  We entered the bathroom and I turned on the lights.  "Turn those off", she said.  She walked over to the counter, placed her hands on the counter and stuck her gorgeous ass toward me. 

"Lower my pants and panties, NOW!"  I knelt behind her, unhooked and unzipped her pants and slowly lowered her pants, taking her panties with them.  I tried to remove them but she said to them where they were (mid thigh).  "Fuck me now" she said.  Still kneeling, I was worshipping her ass, running my tongue over her beautiful pussy and bottom hole.  She usually doesn't allow me to do that unless she is absolutely sure she is clean down there.  On this particular occasion, she didn't mind and wallowed in the pleasure my face was providing her.  I then said "yes Mistress", stood and removed my clothes.  "Fuck me", she said again while widening her stance and arching her back.  I positioned myself behind and slowly entered her.  A gasp of delight escaped her lips as my well numbed cock was sliding in and out of her.  She told me to retrieve her vibrator from the night stand.  Almost running toward it, I retrieved it and handed it to her.  She hadn't moved and when I handed it to her she turned it on and placed it on her clit and repeated her earlier instructions. "Fuck Me!"

I continued pumping away while her orgasm was building and when she knew she was right there, she ordered to me cum inside her.  That was something that I was absolutely not expecting and with my cock being numbed, I needed to now think of sexy things in order to be able to meet her orgasm with my own.  I didn't disappoint and starting to cum inside of her right when her orgasm came.  It was spectacular and I thanked her for allowing me to be present when she took her pleasure that way.  After we each recovered, she pulled up her panties and pants, fastened them and said "there, I got fucked in a bathroom", and then she smiled, kissed me and thanked me for fucking her so good. 

Wow .... just wow!