Friday, May 30, 2014

Summoned for punishment

OK, so here's what happened.  i was told to be home by 3pm. The kids are out of school so during the summer, when they are off to a friends house, Mistress will inquire about whether i am able to leave work at a moments notice.  Mistress didn't explain why i was being summoned .... but i knew why.  It was to be spanked.  It was a hot day so i was instructed to get a cold fountain drink on the way home.

i walked in to the house and went to Mistress to give her the cold drink.  I started to go around the house and lock all the doors.  Once all the doors were locked, She told me to close all the blinds and curtains, but i had better remove everything i was wearing except the cock ring that i had on.  Once naked, i went over to Her for further instructions while She sat on the couch.  She informed me that we didn't have much time and that i should rush off and get Her pink paddle.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i ran off and got it as She told me i had better hurry because we didn't have that much time because the kids were at a movie and it would be over soon.  When i returned She was patting her lap.  She pointed which direction She wanted me to lay my head.  i laid my naked body across her lap as she began to rub my bare bottom and begun to review with me the reason(s) i was there in the first place.  This was to be a corrective punishment, not a fun one.  As She was paddling, the spankings were pretty hard, yet they were comfortable.  Yes they stung, but they stung in a yummy way and frankly i laid there motionless in utter joy at being naked over my Wife's lap, under Her hand. 

While She was administering my spankings, She received a text from the mother of the kids my children were with saying that they were on their way home.  SHIT!!!!  W/we figured we had 10 minutes or so.  Mistress had planned to have me worship Her and plant soft kisses all over her body (her favorite way to relax) when the punishment was over.  With time running out, She immediately had me get off Her lap and stand before.  She laid on Her tummy and told me to start Her all over.  It was an attempt for her to get at least a little of the comfort and joy of my body kisses on Her body before the kids got home.  While kissing Her, i made my way down Her expose back and lifted Her skirt to reveal Her glorious ass.  God i love her ass.  I love the sight of Her ass and when i know that i may even be allowed to worship it, well it is one of my favorite things. Right then She quickly rolled over onto her back.  One of my other favorite things is to worship Her tummy and front with soft kisses as well.  "Resume" were my instructions.  i was absolutely filled with lust and without asking, pulled the top of her dress down and her skirt up and began my worship ritual on the front of Her body.  i quickly made my way down her gorgeous tummy to Her pussy and boldly pulled the front of Her panties down.  i pulled back so i could take in the full picture of the beauty that was before me>  There She was ..... my Goddess with her skirt pulled up, top pulled down and the fron of Her panties pulled down just enough to reveal Her gorgeous, smooth pussy.  Longing eyes and angelic face were irresistible and so i lowered my head and went right for her clitoris.  Normally, She will not allow me to go right at it but i took a risk knowing that time was short.  i didn't know if She had wanted an orgasm or wanted merely to luxuriate for a while and be worshipped.  as soon as my mouth touched her pussy i knew She wanted an orgasm ..... so i went to work.  She had an orgasm very quickly. 

i asked for relief and asked to cum and She quickly said no.  i asked if i could be given a ruined orgasm and She quickly said no.  She rose from the couch, grabbed my rock hard cock and while stroking it said "there will be none of that for you ... now stand there (pointing to the floor) and face away from Me".  She grabbed the paddle again and told me to stand still.  She resumed her spankings, only this time they were HARD.  In her post orgasmic glow, She was really letting me have it.  She gave 10 or so hard spanks, with the last causing me to take a few steps forward because it hurt so bad (good).  

She grabbed me, turned me around, pulled toward and gently pushed me to my knees before Her so She could administer after care.  She hugged me and told me She loved me.  I love these moments!  While kneeling and hugging her tight, my cock jutted up and out between Her legs and I tried to find friction there.  She merely widened Her legs and while tenderly rubbing my head and back as I kneeled She simply said "there will be none of that today".  After a few minutes of aftercare, she released me and told me to get dressed and return to the office.  I stood and looked Her in the eyes and sincerely thanked Her for the honor of allowing me to put my mouth on Her and for allowing me to view Her having an orgasm.  I promptly got dressed and returned to the office.

While i drove to the office, i reviewed what had just happened.  Being naked while in the presence of my Mistress Wife is such a joy for me.  Being required (allowed) to worship her body with my mouth and kisses is a wonderfully emotional experience for me.  Being required (allowed) to have my mouth on her pussy or ass for the purpose of having an orgasm is the kind of joy that almost cause me to have an orgasm while doing it!  

I couldn't help but feel like my punishment spanking was interrupted.  When Mistress received the text that said the kids would soon be home, i think She was only at place where She was just getting started.  i mentioned in a previous about how i felt i needed to be honest with Mistress about my tolerance for pain not being reached when i sometimes receive a punishment spanking. i have never really had my limits really tested and pushed when getting spanked.  i can only remember once that there was a small bruise on my ass the following morning from a spanking i had received the night before.  More on this in a future post but for now i often think about the delicious arousal and anxiety of anticipating something that logically you won't want have to do at the time but are required to in order to demonstrate your devotion to your Mistress.  Among other things, a "past-the-limits" punishment spanking is one of those things.

For the rest of the day, i was walking on air.  My business partners even asked if took some happy pills while i was out of the office.  i just nodded and said "yes, yes i did"!

I love you my Mistress Wife!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

it's time to get punished

i was just summoned home by mistress for the execution of my punishment.  Frankly, i have butterflies in my stomach.  i'm nervous.  i feel like i was in 6th grade and was told to report to Mrs. O'Neill's room after school to be paddled.

I so very much love my Wife for, well for everything.  Wish me well.

The human mind

The human mind can be a scary place when one is not fully confident.  Not too long ago, i had a number of health related symptoms that cause me to self-diagnose by going to the internet.  By the time i was through, i was certain i had SARS, AIDS, cancer, polio, small pox, diabetes, malaria, rickets, a cold, the flu, lymphoma, pneumonia, Lou Gehrig's disease and a host of other ugly things.  Seeing things on the screen has a way of having an impact on how you think things may turn out.  i'm happy to report i have none of things but there was a time when i was scared that i did.

This morning, i was browsing some FLM/FLR/Femdom resource sites and came across a blog that some things in it that scared me a bit.  i was on a site that was intending to be one of those amateur advice sites that tends have it's own clearly defined path for how things have to be in a FLR/FLM/ Femdom relationship.  Some of it was actually pretty good.  i eagerly clicked on the link that talked about strap-on training, because, well, um, er, uh .... it turns me on a great deal. i've told Mistress before of my desire to be have my bottom properly trained and to be Her personal ass whore.  That's a story for another time though.

It concerned me when i came across a passage that basically said that in every instance when a man is taken anally by his wife with a strap on, it will sequentially lead to things like abandonment of all previous rules of the marriage, dismissal of limits, sissification, mild feminization, moderate feminization, full feminization, cuckoldry, and finally culminating in the woman losing all respect and desire for her husband and that she would ultimately seek out a new lover that she actually did respect in order to satisfy her sexually, yet still keeping her husband around in complete non-sexual, non intimate capacity.

Now ... i reject this notion wholeheartedly of course.  You can find "words" on the internet to support or deny any opinion one might have, on any subject.  i get that .  It did, however briefly, bring me back to how i felt when i was looking for the cause of what were my health related symptoms that i mentioned earlier.  i sat there for a moment in abject fear.

In my loving FLM relationship with my beautiful Goddess Mistress Wife, i have come to understand that it is HER that i desire to submit to. It is only Her that i have a true desire to offer my gift of submission, to allow to control my sex in the way the She deems appropriate.  Other than fantasy, i don't feel submissive to all women, just because they are women.  At the same, i certainly don't feel that i am in any way superior to any woman.  i have always been a courteous, loving, friendly, masculine, virile, strong, honorable, dominant but caring man in my vanilla life.  If you were to run into me on the street you would never know that i am the submissive husband portrayed here, by my outward appearance. I am the common "man-in-my-position" man that is in control all day type. Executive Business owner with more than 65 people that work for me.  There are a lot of people that count on my strength, my honor and my ability to lead others.  i give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  i think it is important as a human being that must the space on the planet with everyone else to be friendly to all folk. 

Just because when i am alone with my Mistress i feel i need to be naked, objectified, used, loved, vulnerable, dutiful and to be completely and utterly available for her, at her pleasure at any given time doesn't mean that Mistress will ultimately lose respect and desire for me. In fact, the man i am becoming as a result of my dedication and devotion to my Mistress Wife has made me a much better, kinder, more loyal, more trustworthy, stronger and more virile man to all other humans that aren't Mistress K as well.

I would love to know your thoughts?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

back from a long weekend

Hi everyone.  i hope you enjoyed the long weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer.  i was away from Mistress and our children for the entire weekend playing golf with my friends.  Event though the golf was outstanding, i so much miss being with my family.  Since this isn't the venue to talk about my children, i will tell you that i very much missed being in the physical presence of my Mistress Wife. 

Since the kids are out of school for summer, the whole house was sleeping as i quietly dressed for work (wearing balls stretcher under regular men's underwear) then scooted out the door for the office.  Once i arrived, i texted Mistress to thank her for surprise of allowing me to ruin an orgasm and empty my mess into her hand before i left town or the weekend.  She replied with a comment about how i had begged her not to allow me to ejaculate before my departure because i wanted my balls to ache for her while i was away, which in her mind was the opposite of being thankful.  i replied back saying "I did beg you not to make me cum, but being allowed by you to empty my balls is an honor under any circumstances.  She replied and affirmed that indeed it was an honor for me.

then it came ............... the picture of the dirty dishes in the sink followed by the text informing me that i will be punished within the next 48 hours.  When She declares that a punishment will occur "in the next 48 hours", that is my cue to be mindful of the fact that it must be completed within the next 48 hours, or the next one will be more severe.  Even if Mistress's schedule does not allow for the time to mete out the punishment, it is still considered my fault.  We do it this way because we both realize that the necessary spankings and punishments haven't been occurring sometimes because of real-life conflicts.  Mistress has made it my objective tot make whatever subtle or not-so-subtle adjustments in our schedules to see to it that the punishment happens once She has started the 48 hour clock. 

I'll keep you posted.


Offending a Blogger I Admire

One other thing happened over the weekend. When I got home and opened my special subhubphx email account and there it was, an email from a Mistress Blogger i have admired for some time.  Imagine my excitement at the prospect of er telling me what a wonderful blog i had.  She started off by saying that she visited my blog because i was a frequent commenter to her wonderful blog, which she also thanked me for.  So far, so good right?  then it happened.  She told me that when she got to my blog, the vulgar pictures i had on display "offended" her, and she mentioned that she couldn't understand why men always do this.  I was crushed!  Here was a Mistress Wife blogger i admired a great telling me that my actions had offended and disgusted her.  So, it got me to thinking ................. She's absolutely right. 

The thing I enjoy about her blog so much is the sophistication and the pictures that are drawn in my mind's eye as a result of her use of her words.  This type of sophistication is what i have wanted and strived for since starting my writings, yet being just another male pig obviously has prevented that from happening.

Henceforth, if i feel the compulsion to add a visual to my words, i will do so by adding a link which will allow the viewer to see the picture if they choose to do so.  Thank you all so much for the kind words in your comment and for following my blog.  I hope to continue to learn from those that i admire.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


All of things have transitioned in my life, in O/our lives since we decided to enter a true Wife Led Marriage.  There are the obvious things of course ...... and there is excitement in knowing that O/our life together will continue to grow in ways W/we haven't discovered together yet.

One of the changes (transition) that has occurred in me is my fantasies.  The subject of fantasies hasn't so much changed.  They are still mostly based in a trusting, loving Dominate/submissive context.  i even sometimes fantasize about being a temporary dominant in order to fulfill what may be a latent subconscious desire for Mistress to assume a submissive role temporarily.  i mean let's be honest, if it feels this amazing to give the gift of submission of your mind, your body, your sex, your orgasm to another, why would it be logical to assume that Mistress wouldn't sometimes want to experience that as well.  After all, prior to our loving FLM, we would switch roles.  But i digress .....

While placing the balls-splitting cock ring on this morning as Mistress instructed, i realized that ALL of my fantasies now include Mistress.  Yes, ALL of my fantasies now naturally include my beloved Mistress Wife and ALWAYS are with her being pleased in mind.  Whether the fantasy is Mistress leading me around by my balls on a leash in a public setting, or whether Mistress has decided that she wanted me to perform a sexual act for her for her viewing pleasure, either alone with toys or with another Domme or submissive, or whether it is watching Mistress having sex with another, um .... woman, the end result is always the same.  Pleasure for Mistress.

I have come to realize that this has happened naturally and is not something that i force myself to think or believe.  Once realizing this, a smile came over my face and i look upon it as a sign that the intent of offering my submission is real.  It is to please her. 

I love my Wife!

Butt Plug under my clothes today

Mistress call me into the closet and had me kneel while She pondered Her options on what She wanted me to wear today.  While looking through it, Sshe turned and me present my cock to Her while She turned back around and pondered.  She showed me the balls stretching harness and the silicone butt plug. 

She then came over to where i was kneeling and trapped my hard cock between Her calves.  Not knowing if i was allowed to, i instinctively started fucking there area between Her legs and then looked up into her eyes and she was looking back into mine.  When our eyes met She smiled.  i truly cherish moments when i am able to demonstrate my complete vulnerability to her by looking at her, while she is watching me doing something that might otherwise be thought of as humiliating to others.  i love to perform sexually for Her viewing pleasure.  While continuing to "fuck" Her legs, She instructed me to worship Her belly so i lifted Her shirt and started kissing Her belly.  Mistress's belly is one of Her sexiest features.

She pulled away, told me to pull up my shorts and instructed me to masturbate myself to the edge three different times while in the shower. Also, i am to call Her during the day because Sshe is "pretty sure" that She will be having me masturbate and edge myself other times during the day today.

It has been some time since Mistress sent me off to work with my ass filled with Her plug.  Mistress and I will be apart over the Memorial Day weekend.  When i wear a butt plug, it naturally sets my "i soooo want to be an anal slut" mood in motion.  i wonder if it is Her intention to have me in that perpetual state of "please fuck me" while we are apart.  It might be a long weekend.

She also has me wearing a balls stretching harness today.

Isn't she awesome?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wear your splitter today ....


and have a nice day.
Yes Ma'am.
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Deep in sub space

There are times when i naturally find myself very deep in subspace.  Of course i am naturally there when i am naked and with Mistress, but there are also other times (like now) where i find myself deep in subspace without being in a scene or session with my beloved Mistress.  Mistress has me wearing my favorite balls harness and that only adds to my desire.

It is time like these when i find myself looking to be brought to the very edge of my limits by Mistress.  It's scary but also feels very natural.  i wonder if this is progression that D/s couples naturally go through.  It is times like now that if limits were to be tested, limits very well could be expanded.  i know in the bottom of my heart this comes from safe place i find myself under the control of my beloved Mistress K.

I love you darling!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Punishment and Spanking

In my last post about spanking, I received 2 very wonderful comments that were thought provoking.  One was from Anonymous (Mistress A.) and the other was from Misty.  Those comments had me thinking of some of the better comments/blog entries/articles I have read on punishments in a FLM. 

Here is such an article:

This comes from "A Married Woman's Guide", which I think is excellent.  Take at look at some of the other pages and let me know what you think.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spanking Happened

A few minutes ago.  Mistress had me worship Her tummy while kneeling naked before Her.  She informed me that i was about to be punished.  She also said that She was aware that punishments have been coming for some time and that they just hadn't happened for one reason or another, and that such a scenario was not going to continue.  She informed me that W/we will begin a new regimen that will mandate punishment must be delivered within 48 hours of Mistress having declared that a punishable infraction has occurred.  It is my responsibility to keep track of punishable infractions and also my responsibility to let Mistress know when the 48 hour deadline is approaching. If W/we should allow the 48 hour time period to elapse, it, in and of itself will be considered n additional infraction.

Part of O/our problem lately has been associated with the hectic schedule that O/our family has been under lately.  Nothing bad, just hectic normal life. When real life does this to U/us, it puts a hurdle up for U/us to do the things that W/we feel W/we must do in order to maintain balance in our FLM.  Hurdles that W/we just sometimes can't get over.  Punishment spankings is just one area that suffers from the burdens (hurdles) of real life, which is why i suspect that Mistress has implemented this new rule.

The spanking that i received this morning was intended to "clear the slate".  In recent posts, i had mentioned that i was anticipating a severe punishment spanking for all the infractions that have built up over the past 3-4 weeks (since my last spanking).  It happened, it stung, it was uncomfortable and it reddened my ass good, but to be honest, it felt like a drive-by spanking.  I could even call it wonderful because midway through the spanking She also edged me several times. At first i thought she was going to stroke me to orgasm before getting into the heavy part of my spanking because, well, getting spanked immediately after an orgasm is the WORST!  Afterward, with Mistress hurrying to get out the door to attend to real life, i mentioned to Her that i think we have some unfinished business.  She said She didn't have time to discuss it (obviously) but that W/we would discuss it. 

In my mind, the unfinished business is a discussion on what a true punishment spanking ought to be.  Mistress is a kind, loving soul and if i am to be honest here, i know that she will "spare the pain" in direct correlation to the amount of complaining i may do when being spanked.  It hurts.  It's supposed to hurt.  But with recent punishment spankings, when it is over, i often immediately felt that i somehow got off easy.  It isn't my conscious intention to manipulate the type, amount and severity of the spankings that i get, but i know it happens.  When Mistress and i have the chance to discuss the unfinished business, i feel that i need to tell her that the punishments i have been receiving have been mostly token in nature and that if i am to truly be trained into corrective behavior, that the punishment should probably be much more severe.  Perhaps even some sort of ritual should be involved in order to enhance the intended effect of corrective punishment.  Mistress has also mentioned in the past that She feels the use of my chastity cage will mostly be used in administering punishment.  She feels that it is no longer needed in order to enforce chastity because chastity has been maintained without need to deny access to "Her" cock.  As recently as last night (when i was acting like a pissy bitch), She suggested that it might be time to lock me up. 

I've thought about this long and hard and have come to the conclusion that if i am to be honest to my Mistress (which is the only acceptable way to be), i need to let Her know that the level of severity in my punishments should probably be increased to something well beyond what either of U/us are accustomed to.  Some have said that true punishment spanking doesn't even begin until significant begging for it to end starts.  Other believe it does end until the spankee is brought to a level of emotional awareness (usually accompanied by tears) that truly allows the feelings of guilt and shame to have washed away.  I don't actually know because honestly, i've never been brought to that extreme.

This is crazy.  It already hurts but i know that if the punishment does not provide incentive for corrective behavior, than i am being dishonest with my Mistress which is something that cannot ever happen.  Ever.  It hurts now, but in my heart i know that the types and severity of spanking punishments i receive have mostly only been in the discomfort area and i may have possibly (unintentionally) been able to convince Mistress that i have received enough because of the fear i may have had at that particular moment about getting spanked further.  She has a right to expect complete honesty from me.  She has the right to know.

I love my Wife, my Keyholder, my Mistress, my Goddess more than anything and above all else, i know She is entitled to honest communication from me

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It will be this weekend

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i was informed that my spanking punishment will happen this weekend.  i am nervous because it has been some time since Mistress has placed me naked against the wall with Her paddle in Her hand.  i know it is time.  i know that i deserve this.  i know that i need it.  i know it will hurt.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I remember now

While daydreaming and wallowing in subspace today, my consciousness soon became aware of the fact that a significant, long overdue punishment spanking is in store for me soon.  Whenever i become aware of this in my conscious mind, i immediately have 2 separate and opposite reactions.  One is the dread of knowing that the stinging pain on my bottom is going to be intense as i willingly stand/kneel/lay there and offer Mistress my naked bottom for her corrective spankings.  It hurts ... but then again, it's supposed to hurt.  The other is the anticipation of one of my favorite moments when i am alone with my Mistress.  The aftercare.  Being freshly cleansed of my transgressions and being in the arms of my beloved Wife who is telling me that everything is ok is one of the deepest emotional feelings i am able to share with Her.

I so very much love my Wife, my Mistress, my Goddess.

Here, put these on

Standing naked in the closet, waiting for Mistress to come in and tell me what to wear.  She opens my panties drawer and retrieves one of 2 of my favorite pairs. 

The pair She hands me are turquoise, tiny thong with a sheer front.  i like that they are small because that makes fit snugly in my butt crack and one my bummy hole during the day.  i like the sheer front because they allow my contained cock to be seen through the material. 

The other pair of favorite panties?  Same kind and brand, only they are black.  i like to wear those for more formal settings.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Surprise !!!

Yesterday morning, i was emerging from the shower and just drying myself off when Mistress entered the bathroom.  She looked at me and smiled and then uttered an audible hmmmm.  She walked over and filled Her hand with lotion and summoned me to the center of the bathroom. 

i was certain She was going to edge me.  i was wrong.  She stroked me to a surprise ruined orgasm.  It was awesome.  She expertly brought me right to the very edge and let go.  A few seconds later and without stimulation, my cock just started ooze them pump then ooze again.

When it was done she said "clean up that mess on the floor", turned to wash her hands and walked out of the bathroom

Holy shit to i love this woman!

Monday, May 5, 2014

What to wear

As many of you may know, it is my morning ritual to approach Mistress naked, and then inform Her that i am about to get dressed.  She will then tell me what i am to wear under my clothes for the day.  It varies, but sometimes, She just wants me to wear "normal" stuff, and that is what She had decided for today.

Then, while She was on the way to the gym, She called and caught me before i went to work.  She said She changed Her mind and wanted to be reminded of Her all day by wearing the neoprene cock ring.  It looks like this.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Isn't She the greatest?

Helpful Boy

i thought i would be helpful to Mistress and let Her know that not only did my intense desire for Her recover in less than a day following the glorious orgasm she allowed me to have while She was fucking me missionary style ... i also wanted Her to know that i was also ready for her rubber cock again, you know, if She were so inclined.

She responded with "do you think you are getting that before you get a punishment"?  It has been a while since Mistress has given me a punishment spanking.  i know it is what i need, and i so look forward to being cleansed of my transgressions, but it's still going to sting. 

Yes Mistress, standing by..................

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unexpected Opportunity

Wake Saturday morning to find there is a flat tire on my car.  Not the end of the world, but sitting in the lobby of Discount Tire was not how i wanted to spend my morning hours on Saturday.  Mistress was already relishing in the fact that She did not have to do anything all day, and was going to sleep in, lounge around, and be waited on.

Well, as i pull up to the tire shop, i notice that right across the street is a Fascinations sex shop.  A little smile comes over my face knowing that i could at least use my 90 minutes or so at the tire shop to browse sex toys.  i even told the guy at the shop i'd be "across the street" doing my Mother's Day shopping.

Came away with three items.  A new glass butt plug to replace the other one that shattered when it hit the floor.  This one while most certainly be easier to hold in. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Not an exact picture but pretty damn close.  It's nice and fat and tapers down nicely to a skinny base that my ass should be able to grip well.  The other one we have just didn't enough of a taper and when it was lubed up, it shot out of me like a missile onto the tile floor.

Also bought a spreader bar.  We've never had one.  I always wanted one and now we have one.  I can't wait to play it.  If i were to be honest (and i am nothing if i am not honest), i dream of Mistress asking me to place her legs in these.  There, i said it!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

The last item was more desensitizing spray  Was almost out.  This stuff is wonderful.  It allows me to fuck Mistress for as long as she wants without cumming. 

Boy o boy do i love Her!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Appointment for Pegging Love

We had an appointment.  i came home from the office at 10 am and found Her working on the computer.  She looks at me and said "get naked".  i asked Her if i could take a shower for her so i could be clean and freshly shaved.  She said yes.  Before i got into the shower, She told me to get Her some lube and bring it to Her.  She edged me right there and it only took a minute or less to get me to edge.  The She shooed me off to get clean and smooth.  While i was in the shower, She came in (it's a large walk-in shower that does have a door) with lube still on Her hands and called me to the edge and proceeded to stroke my cock and bring me right to the edge again.  i love that!

When i was done showering and shaving, i brushed my teeth and put her favorite cologne on.  i felt like a little slut knowing what was about to happen to me.  i was Her slut.  She called me over to the computer, slid Her chair back and told m to put my hands on the desk and not to move.  She disappeared for a moment then returned with something in Her hand.  It was a small butt plug.  She lubed me all up and eased the plug into my bottom.  i just loved being there, naked with instructions to offer my ass and not to move.  When the plug was She told me to sit on it and do some work while She went off and gathered other before getting into the shower Herself.  When She returned, i was told to stand a reassume the position i was in before.  She replaced the small plug with a larger one and had me sit on that and resume my work while she primped.

She returned with her strap on in place and a condom covered rubber cock protruding from it.  It's rather small and i have told her before that i was hopeful to be trained to take bigger from Her.  i was told to stand again and go remove the larger plug.  It came out with a plop and my ass was ready for Her to be there.  When i returned, again i assumed the position, standing while She nestled in behind me, placed the tip of the cock against my hole and slowly slid it inside.  It was wonderful.  i really loved being fucked like that, bent over and occasionally standing so i could kiss her over my shoulder while she fucked me.  She started jerking my cock and i asked her not to let me cum.  She informed me that it wasn't up to me and continued fucking and stroking.  Before i knew i would come, i asked her if she would put me on the floor and take me.  She pulled out took me to the bedroom and pointed to the floor and said, on your back.  i laid down, spread my legs and pulled them up to my chest like a whore.  my eyes pleading with her to fuck.  She got on her knees, eased the cock inside me and was looking right into my eyes like hoped She would.  She fucked me like for a few minutes and then started to stoke my cock again.  i knew i couldn't resist but still begged for Her to deny me an orgasm.  She declined and informed me i was going to cum.  Knowing i had no choice, i then asked permission to cum and She ordered me to cum while She was slowly working the cock inside me, all the time staring into my eyes.  God i loved that!!!  i felt like her ass-whore girl.  i came like a wildcat!  All over my tummy and chest, and even on my neck under my chin.  After i came, she did a little post-orgasm torture on me while i begged her not to.  She stopped, stood and removed the strap on harness and dropped it next me on the floor, telling me that i had plenty of things to clean.  i laid there for what seemed like hours before i could muster the strength to rise.

Oh my god what an orgasm!  What a gift She gave to me.  i love Her so much!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Pegged .... Yes!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

This did happen!  Subspace is one thing .... sliding down like an ass whore on to Her rubber cock while you stare into Her eyes is quite another.   She allowed me the most glorious orgasm!!

I adore Her!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Liebster Award

Wow!  What an honor to be nominated for this, um, award.  I wish to personally thank Pearl from Happily Surrendered and Submissive and to BigD lils for thinking of me and saying such nice things.  Forgive me for cutting and pasting Pearl's post and then adding in my own information.  Didn't know how else to do it. 

Thank you so much to Pearl and BigD lils for the nomination!  This award is to encourage new kids on the 'blog' with fewer than 1000 followers and I'm happy to have it!!

Here are the rules: 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog     and

  2. Display the award on your blog-- by including it in your post and / or displaying it using a "widget" or "gadget".

  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
 4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

 5. Nominate 5-11 blogs you feel deserve this award, who have less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display the widget that lets readers know this information.

 6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

 7. List these rules on your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to :

8. Inform people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post so they can learn about it (they might not have heard of it!)

Here are your questions for my Liebster Award nominees! 1. Where were you the first time you and your Husband/Wife kissed?
In my office
 2. What does your Husband/Wife do first when waking up (if you're not sure...ask!!)?
She hits the snooze button
3. Favorite place to touch your Husband/Wife?
On her abdomen just above her glory and just below her belly button
4. The last place you touched your Husband/Wife?
Her abdomen
 5. Campfire or fireplace?
-  Campfire
 6. Biggest sex blooper you and your Husband/Wife have had?
-  accidentally cumming in my penis sleeve while pleasuring Mistress, but before she had reached an orgasm.
7. Favorite sexy toy?
Butt Plug
 8. Do you worry (what worries you) about those around you knowing about your relationship dynamic?
Them not fully understanding the depth of love a submissive husband can have for his wife, and still be virile, masculine and strong.  We aren't sissy whimps.
 9. One hidden talent?
-   I an MacGiver
 10. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
-  The ability to withhold ejaculating until Mistress is pleasured, however long that needs to be
 11. One sex related item you would NOT want to live without? (Besides your partner)
-  JO H2O Water based lube

11 Random Facts about myself:

  1. I can dislocate my shoulder at will, and then pop it back in
  2. I don't like my toenails
  3. I don't even know what our safeword is
  4. I enjoy nature and nature things like sunsets and landscapes
  5. I like cats
  6. Until I fell in love with my Wife/Mistress, I never thought women with red hair were attractive.  Now, it's hard to find a woman with red hair that isn't attractive
  7. I like to watch wheels turning.  Any wheels.
  8. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative
  9. I hate intellectually lazy people.
  10. I love people that are attracted to intelligence
  11. I could sit and watch any baseball game, any time, no matter who was playing.

7 blogs that I nominate for this award:

  1. Erica Scott from
  2. top_kat from
  3. Mistress Marie from
  4. Kathy from
  5. The Suburban Domme from
  6. My new buddy at
  7. Julie from
Eleven questions for my nominees to answer:

  1. What is your most memorable one-time sexual experience
  2. Who is that you are most certain, but of course can't prove, that lives a FLM or DD, or other D/s led lifestyle (famous or not?)
  3. If your partner where to give you a hall pass, what one person (other than your partner) would spend an entire weekend having sex with?
  4. Are you liberal or conservative?
  5. What are your sexual limits?
  6. Do you have a secret desire to see your partner have sex with another person in particular, and if so, who?
  7. Have you had sex in front of a group of people?
  8. If you are dominant, do you have thoughts of being submissive .... and vice versa?
  9. What is your least favorite punishment to give or receive?
  10. What is the one thing that is outside your current limits that you might have an interest in trying?
  11. Is your situation 24/7 and if not, do you wish it were?
Gee, I hope I did this right.  Thank you again everyone for participating in this little corner of my world.