Friday, May 30, 2014

Summoned for punishment

OK, so here's what happened.  i was told to be home by 3pm. The kids are out of school so during the summer, when they are off to a friends house, Mistress will inquire about whether i am able to leave work at a moments notice.  Mistress didn't explain why i was being summoned .... but i knew why.  It was to be spanked.  It was a hot day so i was instructed to get a cold fountain drink on the way home.

i walked in to the house and went to Mistress to give her the cold drink.  I started to go around the house and lock all the doors.  Once all the doors were locked, She told me to close all the blinds and curtains, but i had better remove everything i was wearing except the cock ring that i had on.  Once naked, i went over to Her for further instructions while She sat on the couch.  She informed me that we didn't have much time and that i should rush off and get Her pink paddle.

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i ran off and got it as She told me i had better hurry because we didn't have that much time because the kids were at a movie and it would be over soon.  When i returned She was patting her lap.  She pointed which direction She wanted me to lay my head.  i laid my naked body across her lap as she began to rub my bare bottom and begun to review with me the reason(s) i was there in the first place.  This was to be a corrective punishment, not a fun one.  As She was paddling, the spankings were pretty hard, yet they were comfortable.  Yes they stung, but they stung in a yummy way and frankly i laid there motionless in utter joy at being naked over my Wife's lap, under Her hand. 

While She was administering my spankings, She received a text from the mother of the kids my children were with saying that they were on their way home.  SHIT!!!!  W/we figured we had 10 minutes or so.  Mistress had planned to have me worship Her and plant soft kisses all over her body (her favorite way to relax) when the punishment was over.  With time running out, She immediately had me get off Her lap and stand before.  She laid on Her tummy and told me to start Her all over.  It was an attempt for her to get at least a little of the comfort and joy of my body kisses on Her body before the kids got home.  While kissing Her, i made my way down Her expose back and lifted Her skirt to reveal Her glorious ass.  God i love her ass.  I love the sight of Her ass and when i know that i may even be allowed to worship it, well it is one of my favorite things. Right then She quickly rolled over onto her back.  One of my other favorite things is to worship Her tummy and front with soft kisses as well.  "Resume" were my instructions.  i was absolutely filled with lust and without asking, pulled the top of her dress down and her skirt up and began my worship ritual on the front of Her body.  i quickly made my way down her gorgeous tummy to Her pussy and boldly pulled the front of Her panties down.  i pulled back so i could take in the full picture of the beauty that was before me>  There She was ..... my Goddess with her skirt pulled up, top pulled down and the fron of Her panties pulled down just enough to reveal Her gorgeous, smooth pussy.  Longing eyes and angelic face were irresistible and so i lowered my head and went right for her clitoris.  Normally, She will not allow me to go right at it but i took a risk knowing that time was short.  i didn't know if She had wanted an orgasm or wanted merely to luxuriate for a while and be worshipped.  as soon as my mouth touched her pussy i knew She wanted an orgasm ..... so i went to work.  She had an orgasm very quickly. 

i asked for relief and asked to cum and She quickly said no.  i asked if i could be given a ruined orgasm and She quickly said no.  She rose from the couch, grabbed my rock hard cock and while stroking it said "there will be none of that for you ... now stand there (pointing to the floor) and face away from Me".  She grabbed the paddle again and told me to stand still.  She resumed her spankings, only this time they were HARD.  In her post orgasmic glow, She was really letting me have it.  She gave 10 or so hard spanks, with the last causing me to take a few steps forward because it hurt so bad (good).  

She grabbed me, turned me around, pulled toward and gently pushed me to my knees before Her so She could administer after care.  She hugged me and told me She loved me.  I love these moments!  While kneeling and hugging her tight, my cock jutted up and out between Her legs and I tried to find friction there.  She merely widened Her legs and while tenderly rubbing my head and back as I kneeled She simply said "there will be none of that today".  After a few minutes of aftercare, she released me and told me to get dressed and return to the office.  I stood and looked Her in the eyes and sincerely thanked Her for the honor of allowing me to put my mouth on Her and for allowing me to view Her having an orgasm.  I promptly got dressed and returned to the office.

While i drove to the office, i reviewed what had just happened.  Being naked while in the presence of my Mistress Wife is such a joy for me.  Being required (allowed) to worship her body with my mouth and kisses is a wonderfully emotional experience for me.  Being required (allowed) to have my mouth on her pussy or ass for the purpose of having an orgasm is the kind of joy that almost cause me to have an orgasm while doing it!  

I couldn't help but feel like my punishment spanking was interrupted.  When Mistress received the text that said the kids would soon be home, i think She was only at place where She was just getting started.  i mentioned in a previous about how i felt i needed to be honest with Mistress about my tolerance for pain not being reached when i sometimes receive a punishment spanking. i have never really had my limits really tested and pushed when getting spanked.  i can only remember once that there was a small bruise on my ass the following morning from a spanking i had received the night before.  More on this in a future post but for now i often think about the delicious arousal and anxiety of anticipating something that logically you won't want have to do at the time but are required to in order to demonstrate your devotion to your Mistress.  Among other things, a "past-the-limits" punishment spanking is one of those things.

For the rest of the day, i was walking on air.  My business partners even asked if took some happy pills while i was out of the office.  i just nodded and said "yes, yes i did"!

I love you my Mistress Wife!


  1. I enjoy your posts. This particular post reminded me of a time in our fledgling WLM when we were struggling with discipline and punishment. I am a dominant wife in my late 40's with a submissive husband in his middle 50's. Like you, my he receives spankings (from playful and mild to severe and painful). Sometimes those spankings are for maintenance, sometimes they are actual punishment spankings intended to correct an abhorrent behavior or repeat offense. Early on in our WLM journey I discovered that I wasn't having the intended effect with my punishment spankings because I was too timid, too afraid of hurting my husband when I paddled him. And why not? his ass was getting red and it looked like it hurt. He was whimpering and letting me know that what he was getting was uncomfortable, but alas, it didn't actually hurt as much as he may have been letting on, or even as much as I may have worried about. Hence, the corrective effect of a true PUNISHMENT spanking wasn't being realized. Someone once told me that the spanking doesn't even begin until the tears start flowing and although I don't necessarily agree I now know that the spanking does not stop until I truly know that the intended corrective effect has been achieved. I knew I was getting it right when right after a true punishment spanking, his cock was hard, but only kind of hard. Whereas before his cock was rock hard before the spanking and rock hard after the spanking.

    Now, when he knows he is in big enough trouble to get a true punishment spanking, the very idea that he is required to endure what I have decided he must endure is a very important reinforcement of my leadership and his submission in our marriage. It the same concept of making him consume his cum every time he ejaculates. It is not at all something that he wants to do, ever but the very idea that constantly resides in him that he must, is an incredible turn on for him. The act itself, especially right after he's had an orgasm is not something he wants to do at that moment. He does it now, faithfully but with reluctance at that moment. When I first starting requiring him to consume his cummies it was a real test of him his willingness to be submissive and his devotion to me. Was he willing to do this thing for me or not? A true punishment spanking is like that too. Was he willing to accept the level of correction I knew I had to administer or not? It's is not that often anymore that I need to punish him severely but when I do, he has bruises for days.

    1. Thank you Anonymous for such an involved comment. I appreciate you taking the time. Wow .... is what came to my mind when reading your comment.

  2. I agree, as a submissive man i welcome a severe punishment, Not that i look forward to, or instigate, but IT creates a deep emotional bond. IT is her domination, and my submission in its purest Form, all the window dressing of toys and dressing up is gone, my submission to her becomes very real, to submit to what ever Limit she feels is necessary, her Power over me becomes very real. AT this point is when i truly feel her love for me. One of my favorite places to be, is naked, AT her feet, and crying After she has administered her punishment.

    1. I totally get it Anonymous. I understand completely. Thank you for commenting.


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