Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I love it when She .......

I cherish that moment every single day, every morning, when I present myself before Mistress.   It's not a ritualistic event. Frankly, it's hardly anything more than me standing before her, naked and vulnerable.  It wasn't something that we talked about or planned.  it isn't in our official list of "rules" that have when we started our FLM.  it was just something that become a natural habit and as such, it is something I cherish.  At this moment every day, sometimes we have the opportunity for deeply moving, tender moments that can include all kinds of sexual activities;  or an opportunity to carry out a punishment if one is pending;  or an opportunity for Mistress to have me kneel before her and worship her, and many other wonderful things.  Other times, it may a hand gesture from the kitchen that means "I'm busy", or other types of real life things that can (and will) alter this daily moment.

On this particular morning, Mistress had me wear a butt plug to the office.  I especially love to wear the butt plug.  I love the process of preparing myself for the insertion of it.  I do it standing with one foot on a stool, leaning forward.  While I am gently working the plug into my bottom, i lean further forward , imagining that Mistress is behind me, entering my body with strap on.  The second i am able to visualize that, my body now seems to relax and accept the plug easier and easier each time.  I enjoy working it to its widest part, lingering there for a while and then allow my bottom to naturally pull it inside, where it just seems to belong.  Once my bottom has pulled it into place and has secured it at its base, it feels like it belongs there.  Like Mistress belongs there. 

Mistress knows that after a lunch meeting that I will have, I will be leaving town to head to the mountains in advance of her and the kids joining me there on Friday.  She instructed me to return home from my meeting, before leaving for the mountains so that I could properly say goodbye to her, and to remove the plug she had me plant i my bottom hole.  So, after lunch, i will return home to properly say goodbye to my beloved Mistress, and to remove the plug from my ass before making the drive to the mountains alone.  I already know that my bottom will feel vacant and will wish she was there.

I love it when She ......  tells me what to wear every day as a symbol of her ownership of me, my submission to her and as a constant reminder during the day that she is with me.  Even those days when she tells me i will be wearing nothing but "normal" clothes arouse me because I know that I wearing what I was instructed to wear to please her.    I love it when She does that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stand up

Lately, when I hear Mistress say those little two word-type of commands like "stand up" or "come here", I think I am either in trouble or about to be edged.  Last night, Mistress and I were sitting on the couch watching TV.  The kids were laying in our bed, watching TV, and were decidedly NOT asleep.  I didn't see her, but Mistress looks over and see the glass that was holding my cocktail was not on a coaster.

"Stand up", are the words I hear that tears my attention from the TV.  I'd ask why.  Now, I just stand.  There was a ruler left on the coffee table from when the kids were doing some projects earlier in the day and all of a sudden it was in her hand. 

"Turn around" were the next words to come from her mouth, followed by "lower them" referring to my shorts.  At this point I thought Mistress was just being playful because we both knew that the kids were NOT asleep.  She wasn't playing and repeated "lower them", only this time it was in a tone that left no doubt.  I lowered my shorts and she swatted my bare bottom three time, pretty hard.  At the moment, she absolutely wanted to go on, but became overly concerned about one of our kids walking in the room.   "Up" she said, making a motion with the ruler to raise my shorts.  "Sit!"   I sat.

She looked at me with obvious frustration that she couldn't continue to paddle me with the ruler.  Nothing more was said of it.  Although it wasn't too painful, I sat there with three distinct, thin strips of stinging on my ass as we continued watch our show.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sub Space

There are logical times when a submissive "marinates" in subspace.  Then there are times when it isn't so obvious.  This morning was one such time.

I was standing in the shower, having just completed putting a fresh smoothness on my cock, ball and ass with a razor and shaving cream.  I always feel genuinely more sexual, more horny, even slutty at this very moment.  I found myself growing unusually excited about being able to present myself naked to Mistress K. in order to inform her i was about to get dressed.  I do this everyday, so no big deal right? But today I couldn't wait. 

I didn't exactly know why I was unusually eager this morning .... and then it hit me.  I, having been freshly shaved smooth (including my face) and being naked before her awaiting her attire instructions, I was found myself deep in subspace.  At that moment and since i have felt so incredibly grateful that this beautiful woman would not only accept me as her husband, but also accept my submission and the ownership of my sex.

I love you Mistress K.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sleeping with a butt plug

Mistress was helping her girlfriend by agreeing to stay with her while she hosted a birthday party for 10 (or so) screaming 9 year old girls at a local resort for most of the day yesterday and over night.  Local resorts here are a favorite place for locals to stay-cation at because it is so inexpensive.  In any event, after dropping Mistress off at the hotel, she instructed me to go home, shower and insert a butt plug.  I thought she only wanted me to wear it for the evening and remove it before going to bed.  Why?  I guess I don't know.  I guess I assumed that she would want me to remove it because even though I had done it before, it was when Mistress had given me free reign for a couple of days, and it was something I had always wanted to try because I had heard that it gives you erotic dreams (it does, btw). 

This morning, I had sent a "good morning Mistress" text so she would see it when she awoke.  After she responded a couple of hours later, I asked her if she wanted me to re0inseret the plug this morning or not.  That's when the trouble started. 

Mistress was none to happy that I was even asking because, as she pointed out, I hadn't asked for permission to remove it in the first place.  I apologized and tried to explain why I took it out but she was having none of it.  The only thing that mattered to her (and rightfully so) was that I removed it without permission.  I am getting better at it but I need to better at not assuming anything and that I need to ask permission for most such things.

After a bit of silence on the texting front, a short "no BP this morning" text comes thorugh, followed by a "i'll be home in ten" text.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm horny and want to be fucked hard and long ... right now.

So, Thursday morning, I'm sitting at the computer working on a tersely worded email to some a-hole I was dealing with.  I was naked when Mistress arrived back from taking the kids to school, which was a good thing because those are the rules.  The day before I did just barely get them off after Mistress had come into the house and she saw with my shorts on as I remembered at the last minute and scooted off to the other to remove them.  She let it slide.

ON this day, walked up behind me and started kissing all over my rubbing everywhere on my naked body except for my cock, balls and ass.  She loves to teases me that way.  She left and 2 minutes later she called for me.  She said to hurry. I asked her if I would finish this paragraph I was working and she said "NO!  I want you in here now."  I did finish my sentence then go toward the bedroom.  I had my mind on my work and was frustrated when I entered the room, not knowing why I was even going in there.  I thought she was going to show me something "interesting" she saw on TV, which kind of aggravated me a little given the state of mind I was in. 

When I walked into the rook, Mistress was naked, on the bed and stacking pillows in the middle.  She laid herself on the pillows, her beautiful ass high in the air when she said "I horny and want to be fucked long and hard, right now".  With that she ordered my to fetch pinky (our cock extension) and to return quickly, hard and ready to fuck her.  I asked her to rub my cock to get it started and that was all I needed.  I went into the closet where we keep pinky and I lubed the inside of it and my cock with desensitizer lotion.  Normally I would use lube to get it on and hold it in place but all of a sudden I was faced with Mistress using me, my body and my cock for pure, raw animalistic fucking, and I knew that even though I was going to be wearing pinky and could feel a single thing with my cock, the vision before and the sensation of thrusting my pinky covered cock into Mistress gorgeous, extremely eager pussy was going to cause me to want to cum inside the extension. 

I was fucking Mistress good and hard for a good 5-10 minutes when the urge to orgasm was slowly coming on.  I let Mistress know and she told me to go get the rubber but realistic feeling large dildo, complete with ball, put a condom on it and use both it and my pinky covered cock to give her the fucking she demanded right then.  That's exactly what she got.  I caught a second wind and went back and forth with the two different cocks and fucked her hard!  She was so lost in being fucked like that and it was a beautiful thing to see.  She was doggie style the whole time, face and shoulders on the bed, legs wide, back arched and ass high.  She got fucked good.  I would put my hand on her head and force her head into the bed while fucking her to make her feel like she was just being taken,  I even slapped her ass a few times to let her be lost in the sensation of not having a choice of whether or not she was going to be fucked like this.  Looking down, watching my pinky covered cock stretch her pussy and slide in and out, her tiny rear hole was begging for some attention .... so I pressed my thumb against the opening.  There was barely any resistance at her anal opening and so I took that as I sign that my thumb as being invited inside.  It slide in very easily  and Mistress let out a guttural groan and came from her very core.  She reached for the vibrator she was holding nearby, turned it on placed it against her clit and had one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have.  Ever!

When she collapsed, I got off the bed and walked over to the other side and tenderly kiss her sweat soaked face.  Her hair was wet from her sweat and sticking to her face.  She was the epitome of freshly fucked hard.  She was as beautiful as I have ever seen here at that moment.  I went to clean to the equipment and when I returned 5 minutes later, she hadn't moved an inch.

Yeah, I fucked her good!

I didn't mean to cum

Sorry everyone.  I've been negligent in posting and replying this week.  it's just been one of the weeks in the vanilla part of life.  I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say it's kept me away from blog land.

On Tuesday morning, right after I wrote my previous post "punished", I got into the shower the minute Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  Before getting in, she let me stand before her, kiss her neck and rub my nakedness up and down on her.  I got rock hard in 2.3 seconds!  I was kind of in a hurry so I kissed her and rushed into the shower.  While I was in the shower, Mistress suddenly appeared.  Our shower is big, has three shower-heads and is one of those walk-in showers.  It could hold four people at once without a problem.   On those occasion when does appear, she will sometimes just watch me shower, or shave my cock, balls and ass, or sometimes she will stand and watch while I bring myself to the edge repeatedly for her viewing enjoyment.  other times, like today, she has a handful of lube and like to call me over, stand at attention and stroke my cock, teasing me to the edge and then denying me.  This is what she did that morning. 

It was awesome.  She was stroking my cock, edging me, stopping, then edging me again.  While stroking she told me to squat, without letting go of my cock.  She never did that before and while lowering myself, my balls became very exposed.  She was still stroking my cock and with her free hand, she cupped my balls so tenderly.  In a nano-second I was about to cum and told her and she immediately let go .... but it was to late.  I was having a ruined orgasm.  A small amount of semen dribbled and on to the shower floor.

She looked at me with disappointed then angry eyes.  I had just ejaculated without permission.  I had just had an orgasm, albeit it a ruined orgasm, without her permission.  I was mortified.  I didn't know what to do.  She then grabbed my cock again, starting stroking it some more and immediately induced two more ruined orgasms.

She stopped, silently stood and said she was not very happy with me for what I had just done.  I begged with her to understand that the combination of being stroked by her while squatting low to the floor, and then her soft, beautiful surprisingly cupping my balls was just something I couldn't control.  I begged her to understand.  She stood there above, me still squatting, semen pooled on the shower floor below my throbbing cock and balls.  She told me to stand and although she seemed to have tempered her anger/disappointment some, she did inform that was going to punished for what just happened.  She said it didn't matter that she didn't stop quick enough, it was up to me to be sure that I never steal an orgasm, ruined or otherwise from her again, and that allowing myself to ejaculate without her permission would not be tolerated.  She told me to clean the mess on the floor and walked off.

After my shower, I shaved and finished getting ready for work.  I went to her naked, as I do every morning, to inform her that I was ready to get dressed.  She was seated at the computer doing some work and she immediately stood up and led me into the closet.  On the way she informed that she was going to administer my spanking right then.  Holy shit I thought.  Mistress has been especially harsh with spankings lately and I thought I was going to be in for it this coming.  I mean after all, stealing an orgasm and ejaculating without permission is a serious offense in our marriage.  She had me get on my hands and knees and immediately began to punish me with her pink leather paddle.  It hurt on my freshly bathed, naked bottom.  I was absolutely certain this as going to be the time Mistress really laid into me with her paddle.  She gave several swats and then 5 or really hard ones and then abruptly stopped, walked over to me, told me she was done and had me hug her while kneeling naked and red-assed before her, for aftercare.

Maybe she had sympathy for me because I hardly ever ejaculate while being teased and denied or edged.  Maybe she knew is was running late for an appointment (I actually was), or maybe it was something else but Mistress was surprisingly lenient.  She handed me a pair of panties that she had selected and told me to get dressed for work.  She put her paddle away in her drawer and left the closet.  Before I could get dressed, I had to get a hand towel to dry myself off with.  It was warm in there.  As walked out the door, I apologized profusely for my infractions and thank her for being lenient in my punishment.  She just looked at me, then kissed me goodbye.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Early last evening, before dinner, we had a few moments we knew we would be alone in the house.  Mistress looked at me and said "let's go and get this spanking out of the way".  She led me into the bedroom and locked the door, then led me into the close where she keeps her paddle.  I followed and immediately upon entering the closet, I removed my shorts and underwear.  As is the case, that moment right before getting my punishment spanking is cause for much anxiety.  Mistress has been more and strict and severe with her spankings recently.

She ordered me to stand against the wall at the far end of the closet and took her position behind me and started right in on spanking me.  There was no tenderness.  There was no warm up.  She told me to massage my balls which had been firmly encased in the splitter cock ring all day and to stroke my cock while I was being spanked.  Mistress could tell from my recoiling and my complaining that it was hurting pretty good.  Mistress told me to be quiet and that we didn't have much time. In no time my bottom was really stinging and it had Mistress asking me if I was sorry.  I told her I was so very sorry and began to plead with her to stop.  I begged while she continued to bring the paddle down to meet my red ass.  While still spanking and at what turned out to be near the end of my spanking, Mistress would ask if I thought I could take any more.  I didn't answer.  She asked me again if I thought I could take any more.  I still didn't answer.  Mistress finally stopped and told to sit up on my knees so she could hold me and I could hold her.  This has always been a favorite moment for me because it when is feel super close of Mistress.  There is just something so very special being naked with a burning ass and in an intimate embrace with my Mistress while she is telling me how much she loves me.  It is a very vulnerable moment that we have together that I truly cherish!

After it was over, Mistress made me look at my very red ass in the mirror.  I did and it was very, very red.  As we were returning to the living room to wait for our children to return from the neighbors house, I asked Mistress why she asked if I could take any more.  She didn't answer.  She just grinned at me then kissed me gently.  I told that I wasn't trying to be defiant by not answering when she asked, it's just that I was afraid to give the wrong answer.  I felt that both a yes or no answer would be disrespectful to her.  It was at that very moment when the correct answer occurred to me.  I told Mistress that "whether nor not I was capable of taking more hard spankings was not something for me to decide".   She just smiled and walked toward the kitchen.  While we were still waiting for our kids, I had a very strong urge to reveal to Mistress K. that I felt that I needed to be truly punished more often.  She just smiled and said "OK" with a small smirk on her face.  Just then the kids came running in the door.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Something New

Mistress has been dealing with her monthly visitor for that past couple of days.  Although she remains cheerful and as lovely as ever when this occurs monthly, it is not uncommon for her to lack sexual interest in general during this time. Yesterday, I walked up to her, grabbed her, was kissing her neck, grinding my hard cock against her and was being a rather needy, horny slave of a husband at that moment and she would have none of it.  She pushed me away and said "get away from me.  Not now".  Up to 5 minutes ago, that was indicative of her sex mood the past few days.

5 minutes ago she called me into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.  She had lube in hand.  She pulled my shorts to the floor and started rubbing my flaccid but rapidly hardening cock.  She made me watch it all in the mirror and stare at myself being stroked while she gave me my instructions for this Sunday.  Once she told me what I needed to accomplish today, she said that if I failed that she would force me to have several orgasms today, and that they wouldn't be the pleasant kind.  Whispering in my ear while stroking my cock she asked me "do you understand?"  I replied with a panting "yes Mistress". 

She immediately stopped, and said "good, then we are clear".  Go clean yourself up and walked away to the sink to clean the lube off her hands.  I reminded her too that the 48 hours would expire this afternoon and she said we wold be taking care of that punishment this evening, after the expiration of the 48 hours.  I don't know if that means another infraction for me because it will be past the 48 hours, or if she is using her right to change that rule.  I'm certain I will find out.

Friday, August 15, 2014

i try to be good

I sent the following GIF picture to Mistress K. from the ONLYSHECUM's tumblr site. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

It was Friday, a fun kind of day, i was feeling playful, so i sent it to her and told her in the text that the caption was

"it keeps him from getting over zealous"
I thought Mistress would get a kick out of it, plus i thought it was a super hot picture.  Mistress promptly replied with a picture of her own.  It was a picture of a sink full of dirty dishes and she had her own caption, which read "so does this".  SHIT!  I had kind of shitty morning and after i got dressed i forgot to check the sink before leaving for the office.  It wasn't 30 seconds later that the next text came and it merely said "48".
For you new followers, that is the signal Mistress gives to me to let me know that I am required to see to it that the punishment takes place within the next 48 hours.  Failure means a further infraction.
Damn it!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink Paddle

Hello my Pet and all of Pet's followers,

For my first post I will just say hello and keep it short as I am new to blogging. I have updated my profile with a pic I found to put a smile on my about you Pet?


Mistress K

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

i didn't forget this morning

Yesterday morning (Monday), as she usually does, Mistress took our children to school.  I was working at the computer and was mostly engrossed in what i was doing when each of them came over to kiss me goodbye for the day.  I cherish that moment i have with each of my children when saying goodbye, even if it is for a only a few hours.  I stopped what i was doing so i could give each of them my full attention when saying the i love you's and goodbyes before they left for their day.  After they left, i returned to my work and found myself fully engrossed in short order.  So much so in fact that when Mistress returned home, she realized immediately that i had failed to perform one of the basic functions of our FLM, which requires me to be naked in her presence when we are alone, unless otherwise instructed by her.  She walked briskly past the chair i was sitting in and without stopping or looking at me said "follow me" and then disappeared into the bedroom.  That got my attention.  I thought i was either going to get to have sex with her, or she was going to edge me, or other tease and deny me, or something really cool like that.  It took me several seconds to finish what i was doing enough to leave my workstation and met her in the bedroom and when i walked in, there she was, pink paddle in hand, pointing to the arm of the stuffed chair indicating that i had better lay over it and offer my ass for a punishment.  

I actually did not know why she was about to punish me.  I thought we had "settled up" on all scores.  Her response to my not knowing why i was about to be punished "wrong answer.  Want to try that again?"  Still i didn't know what i was about to be punished for.  She told me to get out of my clothes and get over the arm of the chair and that moment it occurred to me why.  I failed to be naked in her presence.  One of the most basic rules in our FLM.  I was genuinely sorry that i wasn't naked when she came into the house.  Her only logical response was "well obviously it was important enough for you to remember.  I'm going to help you remember".  She helped me remember and reddened my ass!  This morning, exact same scenario, only this time, i was eager to so show her my nakedness the second she walked in the door. 

I had an 8:30 to be at and told her so.  She had me come to her in the kitchen and kneel before her.  She proceeded to tell me that today i would be wearing my butt plug.  In addition, i was to begin to beg here right there and then to think about me during the day.  Then i was instructed to tell in what ways i had hoped she would think about me during the day.  I hoped she would think about me masturbating for her ... me performing sex acts on her that would culminate in wonderful orgasms for her ... me performing sex acts on myself for her viewing amusement ... her using her strap-on on me and otherwise using me like a nasty little slut.  (notice how i didn't ask her to think about ways to punish me)  After telling her those things, she instructed me to stand and before sending me to take a shower, she said that touching my penis in any fashion other than to clean it in the shower or to urinate was prohibited today.  I mentioned to her that i had always thought that was the rule anyway and she simply said "shut-up, don't talk back to me and come over here and kiss me on the neck".  I did all of those things and while kissing her on the neck, pressed my rock hard cock against her yoga pants-covered ass and she scolded me for already not understanding the "no touching of the penis rule".

I went into the shower, clean my entire body (was very carefully to minimally touch my cock while washing it), inserted my pink, glass butt plug.  Got dressed, kissed Mistress goodbye and left for the office.

How did your day start??

Sunday, August 10, 2014

She Made be do it

Mistress made me have a full-on orgasm.  It had been at least 6 weeks since I had an orgasm.  This of course does not take into account the 3 ruined orgasms I had during that time. 

It was Friday evening about 8pm.  Mistress had just returned from having drinks with some friends.  Almost at that same moment, one of her besties (who wasn't out with them) came by to pick up our children to accompany her and her children for a treat (ice cream I think).  We said goodbye to her friends and told all the kids to have a good time and then Mistress went off to go to the bathroom.  I returned to the coach to watch the baseball game. 

About five minutes later I heard "come here pet" coming from the bedroom.  I sprang up from my previously reclined position, remembered that we were sudden alone and stripped naked before going in to the bedroom to see Mistress.  When I arrived she was wearing only her panties and was laying on the bed.   "Go put pinky on, and hurry", she said.  Pinky, for those of you that don't know, is a pink, translucent cock sleeve that I sometimes wear in order to fuck Mistress thoroughly without cumming.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I rushed into the closet and sprayed my cock with desensitizing spray and slipped pinky over my rock hard cock using the still wet spray as the lube necessary to get it on.  I told Mistress that I wanted to wash the spray of the rubber cock so it didn't numb her pussy too. 

I returned to the bed and I fucked here good!  It was awesome.  I don't know how many orgasm she was able to have but I only stopped fucking her when she said she couldn't take anymore.  It has happened more that I would still have the uncontrollable urge to orgasm even though I was wearing pinky.  NOT THIS TIME.   I was so happy to be able Mistress K. the thorough fucking that she wanted right then.

I last fucked her to orgasm doggy style when she told me to stop.  I pulled out and watched her slowly lower her body down to the bed until she was resting comfortable on her tummy.  I love to see her like this.  I was about to ask her if I could get anything for her when she said "take off pinky and come put your cock inside of me".

I did as I was told and although I was still able to last a good bit before the urge to cum was about to overwhelm me, the need to cum was upon me.  I told Mistress that I was about to cum, hoping and fully expecting for Mistress to tell me I wasn't going to be cumming this night.  Instead she said, you will not cum until I cum again and started rubbing her clit.  She started to cum again and I knew I was about to be told to experience a full orgasm.  My instinct now is beg to NOT orgasm, and so I was begging Mistress to not let me orgasm fully and if I was going to be required to ejaculate for her, to please make it a ruined orgasm.  She would have none of it and forced me to have a full orgasm by demanding I not stop fucking her until I have cum.

Holy shit that orgasm was incredible!!!!!  Unbelievable in fact.   In the afterglow of our lovemaking, I mentioned to Mistress K. how ironic it was that the begging that takes place in bed is for me to not be allowed to cum.  It seems like the training I have been receiving has been paying off in that regard. 

Of course the reason I beg not to cum is because I don't want to be in the "orgasm hangover" state afterward.  I enjoy being denied and in a constant state of desire.  That being said, I can tell you that the "recovery" period in the last 3 full orgasms (only in the last 5 months) has been a day or so, rather than the normal few days it would've taken before we started our FLM. 

One of the things I remember us doing early in our FLM adventure was forced orgasms.  One Friday afternoon, Mistress informed me that I was going to be required to have 5 orgasms (ruined or otherwise) before we went to bed on Sunday night or I would be severely punished.  It was difficult.  On Sunday, mid-morning, I stall had only had 2 orgasms.  I was able to complete my task but it was tough as shit.  I wonder how i'd do now. 

Hmmm, interesting

Friday, August 8, 2014


There were 2 postponed punishments that were to come my way during that past week.  Real life had prevented Mistress from punishing me for a variety of reasons.  I knew that I was due the punishments, but frankly had allowed the knowledge to slip back into the middle of my mind rather that at the top of it.

This morning was a lovely morning.  I was working on the computer like I do most mornings.   Mistress had taken the kids to school, like she does most morning and while she was gone I got into the shower.  It was a wonderful shower.  I put a nice fresh smooth shave on my cock and balls for Mistress.  After I was all done preening, I was naked and walked into the kitchen to fix a little breakfast before work.  Mistress was back from taking the kids to school.  We exchanged some delightful small talk when Mistress said ........... "Let's go take care of at least one of those punishments that you have coming."   A giant lump appeared in my throat as I watched walk toward our bedroom.

I followed dutifully and walked right to the drawer in our closet where she keeps her paddle.  I returned to our bedroom to find that she had prepared the padded arm of an easy as the place where I was to be punished.  I dutifully laid my naked body across it and Mistress proceeded to administer my punishment.

Holy shit!  It hurt today.  A lot!!!  Mistress was clearly uninterested in my begging for her to stop and continued to paddle my naked bottom over and over.  It hurt!.  I begged her to think that she had paddled me enough but for a few minutes, that was met with silence.  Finally, she said "tell me your sorry".  I said I was sorry and began to plead with her some more.  She did stop then but did shortly thereafter.  Did i mention that it hurt?

Then she walked to the middle of the room and called me over, told me to kneel at which point i wrapped my arms around her while she was standing.  She asked me to tell her that I loved her, which of course i did, with emphasis, and held her tighter.  She told me to stand up, handed me the paddle to put away and told me to get dressed for work.  My previously rock-hard cock was soft, my ass was on fire and i had a thin layer of sweat over my entire body.

Um, yeah ...............

As I always do, i informed her that i was about to get dressed and she told me to wear my naughty-girl panties today because i was naughty.

I went to get dressed.  I slipped those naughty-girl thong panties up my legs and over my still-stinging bottom.  Right then i knew that the spanking i had just received was harder than normal.  I finished getting dressed, my erection had returned in full forced and on my way to leave i went over to Mistress and hugged her from behind.  I told her i was wearing my naughty panties because i was naughty.  I don't know why, but I chose that moment to tell her that my slut hole was always available to her.  She looked at me and paused for a moment, and then said simply said "of course it is". 

I thanked her for my spanking and kissed her on the neck and left for the office with a completely full tank of energy.  i love you Mistress.

an almost touch-free orgasm

It was this close from happening.

On Wednesday morning this week, after Mistress had taken the kids to school, she came back into the house to fin me working away at the computer, but completely naked as I am required to be when alone in her presence.  She kissed me nonchalantly and disappeared into our bedroom.  I resumed what I was doing on the computer. 

A few minutes later I hear "Please come here pet".  I immediately stopped what I was doing and went into the bedroom to see what Mistress wanted.  I walked in and found her laying on the bed in only her panties.  My already half hard cock (it got half hard just at being able to be naked in her presence, which is a rarity with kids in the house) started to get harder.  She summoned me over to the side of the bed and asked me if I had some time or did I need to leave for the office.  Not surprisingly, I had time!

She told me to get on the bed and to start worshipping her body.  I immediately got on the bed and started giving her those soft little kisses all over her body that she loves.  Kisses were delivered all over her nearly naked body, with emphasis on her new favorite spot to receive them ... behind the knee.  In any event, she rolled over and told me to put some lube on the end of my cock and to get her vibrator for her.  I handed her the vibrator and as instructed, slide my cock inside her.  She wanted to have an orgasm and damn it, she was going to have an orgasm.   Being inside her while she was having her first orgasm was almost too much.  I wasn't thrusting because there was no way I was going to be able to avoid cumming if I did.  Immediately after her orgasm, I pulled out quickly because I knew I would lose it.  She told me she wasn't done and informed me that I was going to e punished for pulling out of her without permission. 

When I told her that watching her have an orgasm, in and of itself was enough to make me cum, she said "Oh, really?  Let's see if that is true"  She had me straddle her tummy.  She told me that was allowed to cum if was able to do so without touching my cock with my hand, or without touching my cock anywhere on her body.  She then proceeded to have an incredible orgasm with the help of her favorite vibrator.  It was such a turn on and although it was a super hot scene and although I felt like I was an inch away from going over the edge and into orgasm land, I wasn't able to.  Instead I was savoring the place I was in ... teetering on the edge. 

Then all of a sudden she pinched the area of my ball-sack near the perineum and that was all it took.  I fell over the edge and felt a full on orgasm about to erupt.  Mistress, being the clever Mistress that she is, immediately recognized that I was about to ejaculate and let go of my ball sack, inducing the most incredible ruined orgasm I have ever had.  It was induced merely by the sigh of my Mistress, laying underneath me, and having an orgasm.  There was zero physical stimulation to my cock, making the absolute most frustrating, wonderful ruined orgasm I have ever had.  Mistress seemed pleased that I was able to get so close to an actual orgasm from just seeing her have the pleasure of an orgasm. 

What an incredible experience.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marked - I would do that

Often I will send pictures I find on the web that I think are something Mistress K. will enjoy.  For whatever reason I choose a particular picture has everything to do with how I feel about it when I first see it.  Below was a picture that I came across that had a momentary profound impact on me, so I sent it to her ............

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

When I saw it, I immediately thought about what an honor it would be to be marked in such a way as to memorialize my gift of submission to Mistress K, my beloved wife.
here is how the texting commentary went:

Me:  I would do this for you   (insert above picture here)

Mistress K:  What about your annual physical?

Me:  Even still

Mistress K:    KISS

Me:  I'd wear that just like I'd wear your ring, your plug or your panties

Mistress K:   Maybe we should discuss further.

Me:   Yes Mistress  I look forward to that.

In a perfect world, I would wear those very words and substitute Mistress Cherry for Mistress K.  The reality is that I could never have that same exact tattoo on my genitals because of the fact that I have annual physicals.  What I absolutely could and would do is to be permanently marked in some way that would memorialize the nature of our relationship.  Perhaps even in relation to our upcoming Vows Renewal Ceremony that we are planning in October (read about it here ...     Sorry, I don't know how to do the "link" thingy.

Which reminds me, since I first started posted about our upcoming vow renewal ceremony, Mistress K and I have made many new friends here, and it occurred to me that hadn't asked for suggestions or comments on some of the thins we should have in the vows and in our very private, very intimate ceremony. 

So, new friends, what do ya think?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Plugged and pouty

Shortly after Mistress told me to insert my plug, she informed me that she was going to visit a friend for "a few minutes" and then she would be back home in plenty of time to go the neighbors party.  One of the things about Mistress K. is that she is often late.  When she is late, and it only affects me, there is no problem of course because I am a dutiful sub.  When her being late affects others, I can't help but get a little frustrated.

Well, on this night, she was late.  On this night, when our friends and neighbors were expecting us to arrive with our portion of appetizers to contribute to the party, Mistress was still with her friend going over decoration options for a bit of a remodel she is doing.  I went to the neighbors house alone (wearing the plug) with a cocktail in my hand.  Apologies all around for showing up empty handed but promising that Mistress would be along shortly with our contribution to the party.

45 minutes later, Mistress calls me home to help carry over the food.  I was clearly unhappy that Mistress's lateness was going to be the cause of us being the last one's to arrive with our contribution to the party.  She apologized to me for making it appear that we are rude and not appreciative of other people's time.  She told me the same things she always does and that is nice she and her friend got to talking, she lost track of time.  She told me that her friend felt so bad about keeping Mistress and causing her to be late, that she begged Mistress to give me a blow job in order to make it up to me. 

Mistresses friend is not aware that we live in an true FLM and that Mistress doesn't have to give me a blow in order to make it up to me.  She doesn't know that Mistress could've just come home and told me that there was no problem and that I would be punished for being pouty with her, and the situation would be smoothed over right then and there.  Her friend only knows that Mistress and I have a great deal of love for each other and that Mistress like to make me happy (if she only knew ...).  Anyway, Mistress still made it fun by teasing me that her friend begged her to suck my cock.  Even though it was not intended to fit in as part of our lifestyle (even in an ironic way), it was still a sexy dynamic. 

The party was fun but I left earlier than Mistress because the effects of my cocktails were wearing off and I was getting sleepy.  I went home laid down on the couch, while the kids were running around the house having fun.  While at the party, I asked if Mistress was going to do "what she was told" by her friend and suck my cock when she got home.  She simply asked .... "did you shower?"  I said I hadn't .... yet but was going to later. 

When she got home from the party she told me to meet her in our bedroom.  When the door closed behind me she told me to take off my shorts and get some lube.  She was going to edge me.  While edging me, she noticed that I was not smoothly shaved and asked me what this was about.  I told I was sorry for not being smooth for her at that moment.  While stroking me, she looked me in the eye and said "48 hours" (9:30 on Sunday night).   SHIT!  That feeling of regret for having disappointed her came rushing back.  I hate how I feel when she has determined that I will be punished because it means she is disappointed with me.  She brought me to the edge.  I pleaded with her not to make me cum and then she stopped stroking my cock  and simply turned and walked away.  not only was I wallowing in my regret, I had been a particularly bratty sub husband this evening because of Mistress being late and all.  Yes, I was teasing but I was also being a brat to emphasize my point and Mistress had mentioned on more than one occasion that she was well aware of my bratty behavior.  We were with friends when she made comments like "I'm going to beat you later" and "He'll pay for that later".  Even though our friends believe it is just harmless kidding, I knew that Mistress meant it and that she would remember it the next time she punished me.  I'm afraid there will be some extra stinging on my bottom in the next 48 hours.  We'll see.

After Mistress walked away, I jumped into the sower and cleaned my body really good.  I shaved and very carefully made myself as smooth as possible in those areas Mistress requires it of me.  I couldn't wait to show her.  You know, like a child that knows he is in trouble, has a punishment coming and tries to "soften the blow" by eagerly demonstrating what a good boy he is?  When I emerged from the bathroom she was tending to the children.  I returned to the couch.  When she was finished with the children, she called me into the bedroom once again, locked the behind us, turned to face me and pushed me gently so that my back was against the door.  The she pulled my t-shirt up and had me hold it in my teeth and then grabbed the waistband of my shorts and roughly pulled them down, stripping me naked.  Then she got on her knees and started to suck my cock.  It was amazing.  She held me against the door and sucked my cock like I had no choice in the matter (I don't actually, but ...).  When she could tell that I was getting to the point of having an orgasm, she stopped, stoop up, kissed me on the cheek and whispered .... "that was from _______________ (her friend)".  She then informed me she was going back to the neighbors house for one more drink and some chat with the lady of the house and that she was only going to be a few minutes.   Here we go again ............

She returned from the party, went into the bedroom and 5 minutes later texted me and told me to meet her there.  I went in and she was laying on the bed wearing only panties.  "Take off my panties and then come and put your cock in me"  Holy shit!  That was the sexiest I thought I had ever heard!  I did and climbed up on the bed, got between her legs, paused for just a moment to look at the beauty before me and relish in the fact that I was about to be allowed to be inside of her.  I am always so appreciative f the fact that she will allow for me to touch her body and especially will allow me the honor of being inside of her.  I never take that for granted.

It wasn't long before I knew I would be coming.  For some reason I felt that she was intending for me to have a ruined orgasm this way.  She's done it before and it was the most amazing thing ever.  Then, I was to thrust inside of her until I am there and then pull out and without any direct stimulation, I was required to empty my balls on her tummy.  It was so fucking awesome ... then ... but alas, I was not meant to be this night.  She said "DON'T YOU DARE CUM!  You will not be cumming tonight".  She told me to go get my cock sleeve (pinky) and come back to finish the job.  After putting it on and resuming my dutiful place between her open legs, I re-entered her with pinky and could feel her melt in pleasure before me.  She was moaning in delight, lost in the pleasure of being fucked properly.   Then it happened ............. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, followed by "Mom, are you in there?"  followed by jiggling of the locked door handle.  That was it, over.  "we're done" she said and got up to go tend to the children.  "Go clean up", she said as she made her way to her robe and to the door. 

Later I asked her if she wanted me to remove the butt plugged I had been wearing for her all afternoon and evening.  She thought about letting me sleep in it for a moment but decided against it and told me to remove it.

I loved every minute of it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are you naked under those shorts?

Mistress asked that question of me just now as she was walking out the door to bring some things over to our neighbors house for a party later today.

"Yes, I am naked under my shorts", I said.

"Go put your butt plug in and get busy putting that shelf up I told you about earlier!"

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Installed and now I am off to do what I was told!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Picture of Mistress K.

I'm am so excited and honored to introduce you to Mistress K.  My beloved Mistress Wife, my Keyholder, my Goddess, my Angel Face.

After long deliberation by Mistress K., she has agreed to allow the below picture of her to be published.  Within seconds of her sending it to me initially (to tease me, to ask me if I wanted to put my mouth on it, to ask me if I was thinking about her), I asked her if I could share with all of you. 

I think Mistress K is the most beautiful woman that ever lived.  I suspect that any slave husband would say that about his Mistress Wife too, but, be that as it may, that's what I think. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***


Put it away

Recently, when I wore my butt plug for the entire day (it was wonderful), I removed it right before dinner that night.  The process of removal and hygiene takes time if one is to do it right and frankly, when it comes to all things anal, doing it right is the ONLY option.

So after removal and properly cleaning the plug and the bottom that was holding it all day, I set it somewhere ....

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I told Mistress K that I placed it there because I wanted to get to my dinner before it got cold.  She told me to be sure that I put it away properly so snooping children wouldn't find it.

Mistress texted me the next morning with the picture above, and it said "48 hours", which those of you that follow this blog know, means a punishment will ensue within 48 hours, and that it is my obligation to make certain that happens.

This is what happened!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Like the last time Mistress gave me a punishment spanking, she also edged me by stroking my cock while administering the swats with her leather paddle.  I am curious as to why she does that, but mine is not to question why.  Perhaps, like I have suggested before, she is training me to be able to induce an orgasm merely by paddling me?  Who knows?

From a vanity standpoint, I don't like this picture and how my ass looks in it.  Mistress had me press my body flat against the wall for this picture and this is how it makes my ass looks.  Vain huh?  I know, it is, but .... ah never mind.