Monday, June 30, 2014

Daydreaming again

Sorry for the cheap, easy "picture post", but there is something erotic about each one of these. 
Let me ask you, what is your favorite position to be taken by your Mistress.  I like some of the ones depicted here, but for different reasons.  I like the on the tummy, legs together, ass in the air position when feeling like a slutty whore.  And missionary or straddling her for face to face so i can look in her eyes when i am feeling deeply and emotionally connected.  Standing is good too, especially if your arms are tied above your head and you are pressed against the wall.
Have a great day everyone.
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Again. yes!

i was putzing around the house when i heard ... "Lover, can I borrow you for a moment please?" and i was summoned to the bathroom.  She said "close the door and lock it".  She was in one of the room in the bathroom and said "face my mirror and masturbate".  A minute later She said described the bottle of perfume She liked to wear the most and had me hold it under my nose while i brought myself to and held myself at the edge of orgasm.  OMG ... i believe She very well may be training me to get an erection merely by the smell of that perfume.  The perfume is Issey Miyake.   i wonder what might happen if we are shopping someday and She wants to go perfume shopping.

i don't know what has gotten into my beloved Wife, but i like it!!!!

Is that her?

I heard Mistress stirring in bed.  i rushed over to her quietly and sure enough, She was awake.  i leaned in an started giving Her the light kisses on Her body She loves so much.  "Are you ready for your coffee now", i asked.  Yes, She said.  i came back in and set it on the night stand as She was starting to doze off again.  Her eyes opened and looked at me. She said, "get some lubrication and masturbate for me".   My heart raced and smiled big and so did my face.  I returned to Her side of the bed, removed my shorts and starting stroking my cock for her very-first-thing-in-the-morning viewing pleasure.  After a few minutes She said "OK, clean up and go".  i turned and left her.  She had a few cocktails last night and woke up with Her beautiful red hair jostled just the right way, makeup still on and absolutely gorgeous.  It was wonderful to stare into her wakening eyes with absolute love and lust for her in my heart, while She enjoyed my mandatory masturbation show.

Impromptu supervised masturbation for my Mistress is hands down one of my most favorite things to do. 


i woke up a little pouty this morning and the reason is silly.  I didn't rousted from my sleep in the middle and used forcefully as Mistress's human sex toy.  It doesn't matter that the only expectation of such a thing happening was all in my mind, does it?

i came home last night around 10pm from outdoor physical activities with my son.  When i got home, Mistress and my other son where down at the neighbors swimming (son) and drinking wine with the ladies on the street.  Mistress had just returned from a lovely night out with Her friends at a local chain (but still very upscale) restaurant.  She was having fun.  The kids were all having fun and my buddies (the husband of the ladies on the street) had already left for the bar.

So there i was with choices.  Do i swim with kids?  Sometimes fun, but nah.  Do i sit with the ladies and participate on the "hens clucking" (as we joke about here in the neighborhood)?  Now this has some possibilities because Mistress is already loose from the drinks She had throughout the night, and since She had just returned from being out at a nice restaurant, She was looking FINE!  I chose no to that too because i would've been the only one in the room that hadn't had a drink, i was dead tired and sweaty stinky from being on the baseball field all night.  Instead, i would kiss my Mistress and then all the ladies goodnight to walk down the street, take a shower and get into my comfy bed. 

In the shower, i shaved my cock, balls and ass as good as they have ever been shaved before.  i don't know about y'all, but it can't hardly get 5 seconds into shaving my cock, balls and hole before i get hard and horny.  Since it was a pretty thorough shave job, i was pretty horned up when it came time to rinse and dry.  I was rubbing the aftercare lotion all over the shaved parts and was convinced that Mistress would appreciate the meticulous shave job as much as i was right then.

Nonetheless, i got into bed and my mind began to conjure up a scene (one of my favorites) where i'm sleeping in deep REM sleep, and Mistress will wake and immediately expect my full attention to her pending, urgent need to orgasm. 

When my eyes opened, and i saw that it was light outside, i couldn't help be disappointed.  i know, i know, my disappointment was self induced and all on me, but still ..................

Friday, June 27, 2014

What will it be today?

As i do every morning, i presented myself naked to Mistress to inquire about what i would be wearing under my clothes today.  At that moment Mistress K. was frustrated by O/our little shithead dog because all he wanted to do was sniff around the ground outside and play, while all She wanted him to do was poop.  In that frustration, Mistress was not necessarily able to focus on what my attire would be for the day and then just blurted "it's a free day for you to choose what you want to wear". 

Hmmm, now what?

my mind immediately to go through my options and of course i immediately went to all of the things that i enjoy wearing the most.  Was it going to be the Velcro balls-separator that comfortably hold my balls so deliciously out in front of my legs when i sit and walk, that cause me to constantly be reminded of who owns them? 

Was it going to be another one of my favorites, our new glass butt plug that feels like it was made for me, which constantly fills me and reminds me of who owns the cavity that holds it? 

Would i go with cock ring with balls splitter?

Decisions, decisions.  i went with panties!  Why panties?  i didn't know exactly except that when the thought crossed my mind, my knee-jerk reaction was one of submission in that panties always make me feel like Mistress's little slut girl.  Also because i concluded that the decision was "edgy" because it was the first time on my own that i made a decision to wear panties.  i don't have a desire to be feminized with a wig, eye lashes, lipstick and the like, but i do admit that i enjoy the feeling i get when Mistress will have me dress like a slut.  i still have fond memories of when Mistress put a corset on me, which only served to rev up those 'dirty-girl' thoughts.  In fact, panties are a very key component of one of my favorite fantasy sex photos where a strap-on wearing Mistress has her black thong wearing submissive laying on his tummy on a foot stool, while she is adorned with a lovely strap on, and his black thong panties are pulled to the side for the sole purpose of making his bottom accessible to his Mistress.
My first instinct was to wear the glass butt plug because the last time wore it, it was a pleasurable delight even after it being inserted for 13 hours straight.  If you've never worn a butt plug, it helps when your colon is clear and your tummy is at rest and not churning, even a little.  This particular morning, i wasn't convinced that my tummy was restful enough to be able to last the whole day.  After concluding that, the thought did cross my mind to give it a go though because, let's be honest half the fun of wearing a plug is the process of inserting it.  After a minute of contemplation, i realized that it would merely be an opportunistic and dishonest way for me to justify satisfying the desire to penetrate my own ass, under the guise of considering it.  Mistress probably never even would've know because She was off that f*ucking dog of ours trying to him to poop.  Still, i couldn't do it because it would've been akin to lying to Her.
So, here i am, in my panties, relishing the feeling of the lace that holds them up and the material that splits my ass cheeks and rests right up again my tiny rear hole.  I feel like such and ass whore!  Thank you Mistress.  I love you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mistress wanted something

Mistress K. wanted something from me before I left for the office.   She called me into Her bedroom, had me lock the door (kids were sleeping in the other room) rolled on to her tummy and had me worship Her body with the soft kisses that She enjoys all over Her body.  Straddling Her, i involuntarily started humping her ass through her nightie and the kisses stopped.  She said "stop humping me and concentrate on what you are here for".  Shit, that felt so good to be straddling her ass and grinding on it through the material.  Nonetheless, i stopped with what was pleasing me and resumed doing what was pleasing Her. 

Then She told me to stand by the bed and masturbate for Her.  While standing upright and erect (pun intended) i started to stroke my cock for Her visual amusement.  i asked Her how much She enjoyed watching me stroke my cock and She said it always made Her hot, even before our time in our FLM.  i asked Her if there is any added excitement for Her knowing that Her husband was more than willing to stop whatever he was doing in order to stand (or lay, or kneel) before her and Masturbate.  Her response was to tell me to stop, leave all the lube on my swollen, rock hard, red-tipped cock and go into the bathroom and wash only the hand i was using to stroke myself with. 

When i returned, She remove the covers, turned on to Her back, pulled Her little nightie up, pulled Her panties to the side and had me join Her on the bed.  She said something like "I want you inside me".  I didn't need to be asked twice and moved between Her legs and slowly pushed my desperate, eager cock inside Her.  She moaned in delight and did one of my favorite things She does to me and that is put Her hands on my ass, gently spread my cheeks and pull me into Her.  As you can imagine, it didn't take long before the urge to come caused the dutiful submissive in me to let Mistress know that i was near an orgasm.  She was writhing and moaning and whispered "you will not cum".  Then She ordered me to get her vibrator and return. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Once i returned to between Her legs with the vibrator, i turned it on and handed it to Her.  She placed the vibrating end against Her clit, closed Her eyes in delight, rolled Her back and told me to re-enter Her pussy.  She said to slowly slide it in all the way and once it was as deep as it was going to go, to stop and not moved while She made love to the toy.  She had an incredible orgasm right there before, which for those of you that read my blog, should know by now that there is hardly anything else in the world i enjoy than being allowed to witness my beloved Mistress having an orgasm.

When She was done, She ordered me into the shower and then go off to work.  Before unlocking my eyes from Her beautiful eyes, i thanked her.  i thanked her for  1.  allowing me the joy of being allowed to worship Her body ... 2.   Allowing me to edge myself by standing next to the bed and masturbate for Her.....  3. for allowing me the amazing luxury of being allowed to penetrate Her beautiful pussy with my cock up to the edge, and 4.  for allowing me to witness one of my favorite things in this world .... being able to witness Her have an incredible orgasm.

She is a wonderful Mistress and love Her so much.  After my punishment this morning, i thought i would be just going off to work feeling good about being absolved (for now) for my infractions.  Instead, Mistress allowed to experience those magnificent events described above and as an added bonus, told me to wear the balls-separating harness under my clothes for work.

i am a very, very lucky man.

It's done

It's done, now W/we can move on.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

This is a picture of the actual paddle Mistress uses on me.

The spanking has happened and once again i feel the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  The burden of regret for having disappointed Mistress is removed, and the anxiety of wondering if it will be one of those tolerable spankings, or one of those god awful painful ones.  Since the spanking was delayed, i had more to time to sit and squirm in anticipation.  One's mind will play tricks on itself, given the opportunity.  Frankly, it had been some time since i had a punishment spanking and because they serve to "clear the deck" so to speak, the deck was quite cluttered.  As such, iI began to worry that it was going to be a severe punishment.  i even woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat because i became convinced that Mistress was going to have me masturbate to orgasm immediately before administering a harsh spanking. i don't know why i thought that, but the mere idea was upsetting. If you don't already know ..........  THAT IS THE WORST!

i love Mistress Wife so very much and there are hardly any moments where i feel more emotionally vulnerable, emotionally close to her than when i am hugging and snuggling with her during aftercare.

Life is good!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

* Another UPDATE * Spanked Today

At 8am precisely, I was standing beside Mistress's bed, leather paddle in hand.  i leaned to kiss Mistress awake and She was groggy and obviously was being roused from a deep slumber.  i told her that it was 8 am and that i was present and ready to receive my punishment.  She said ............... "I am so tired .... we will have to reschedule".   my shoulders slumped and i let out an audible sigh that caught Her attention.  She said "I'm sorry baby, i am just so tired.  "Go put your butt plug in and go to work".  All i could do was say "yes Mistress" and walk back into the closet to put away her paddle and to retrieve the glass plug".   Why did She so effortlessly and without regard to how it made feel ... decide to postpone?   Because She can!!!  No other reason is needed.

i lubed a finger and inserted into my bottom to loosen it a bit before putting the plug in.  It is not a large plug but larger that the one it replaced.  After loosing myself with my finger for a minute or so, i pressed the plug against my bottom hole and slowly pushed it inside me.  Since it was the initial attempt at entry, there was a small amount of resistance but nothing at all like i was used to.  On the second attempt, it slide inside me comfortably as if it was meant to be there, and plopped into place.  Now, off to the shower i go.

i am conflicted on how i feel.  It is 8:15 as i write this and i am grateful for having bruises and deep redness on ass right now.  On the other hand, i know that it has only been delayed and not forgiven and i get to relive the worry leading up to my punishment one more time.  As an added bonus, i have my ass filled with a butt plug that my Mistress told me to wear.  i believe it will be a good day.

Fantasy Daydreaming

While i sit and ponder my fate in the 30 minutes, i can't help but daydream about things.  Things like this:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

That little device that squeezes the sub's balls at their base and separates them from the body is my absolute favorite thing for mistress to choose for me to wear under my clothes.  The added torment of a rubber-gloved finger over a slippery cock that wants to go off is just so wonderful.

Then, there is this:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i just love it when i am allowed the pleasure of putting my mouth on Mistress anywhere, but especially here and especially while She is in lost abandon with pleasure while gently rubbing my head in an encouraging manner.  i just love it and frankly wish i was allowed to pleasure her more there.  Everyday even! 

Hopefully after having pleased Mistress well enough for her to think i may have earned a reward, She might feel the need to not make me to go sleep with the unfulfilled thoughts of wanting Her to take me like a wanton slut and use my ass with her strap on.  Like this:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

After all, falling asleep wanting it like a cheap ass-whore, laying on my tummy subconsciously rubbing my cock against the sheets while reaching behind and spreading myself for a Mistress-cock that isn't there ... well, that is a miserable way to try and fall asleep, right, and decent Mistress would want for Her submissive husband to have to be tormented like that right?  OK, sometimes She would. OK, OK, usually She would ... not tonight.  Mistress has a surprise for Her dutiful sub husband.  She won't deny him the fullness and utter submissiveness of her strappy cock.  No, instead, when he has reached the pinnacle of lust and desire and after having fulfilled 3 of Her subs favorite desires, and he is begging for release, She simple pulls out, leans over and kisses him and tells him that release will not be happening tonight and that he should probably get some rest because at 8 am in the morning, he is going to be punished.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

*UPDATE* Spanked Today

It won't be today.  Today is just not possible for a variety of real life reason.

i texted Mistress earlier today and asked if we could schedule the corrective punishment for 8 am local time, Wednesday morning.  i did this because at 9:54, the 48 hours since Mistress declared a punishment was to take place will expire.  If it were to expire, it would mean another, more significant punishment.  She agreed and now i will be punished shortly after i wake in the morning.

Wish me luck.

Spanked today

As many of you may already know, if i have done something that Mistress decides is an infraction, a 48 hour clock begins ticking the minute She says "48 hours".  That very thing happened yesterday (Monday) morning at 9:54 am when i left the house with dirty dishes in the sink.

In a previous post i talked about the myriad of feelings that go through my head when i am in this very situation of being made aware that i had an infraction and that the 48 hour clock began ticking.  The primary and sometime overwhelming feeling is of regret for having disappointed Mistress K.  i truly feel bad when i know that she has feels i have a punishable offense.  Another strong feeling is one of apprehension because i know it will hurt.  i have also talked in previous posts about wishing how Mistress K would test my limits further when administering a spanking to me and although i am certain that more intensity is necessary in my training and in order to correct my behavior, i know it will hurt even more than before. 

One of my followers MRBILL made a comment to yesterday's post and included a mention that he craved being dominated by his Mistress and wished she would spank him more (regularly).  Like most submissive husbands, i share that sentiment because i feel that without regular spankings, i will always be in a cycle of behaving in a way that will make Mistress proud (right after a spanking) to slowly behaving in a way that will increasingly disappoint Mistress. 

Lastly, when i am in the process of being spanked and if Mistress hasn't made me orgasm and ejaculate immediately beforehand (she'll do this only when there has been a serious infraction), my cock is rock hard even when the sting of the paddle is at it's very worst.  i used to wonder why that was because even though the whole idea of being naked before my Mistress for the purpose of being corrected by spanking is of course very erotic, but it's still intended to hurt and when it is a punishment spanking there is never the prospect of sex to follow.  Then i figured it out ... throughout my relationship with Mistress, starting when She was my girlfriend, then as my Wife, then as my Wife Mistress, i would get "love boners".  a love boner is a hard-on that i would while thinking about how much i love my Wife.  How much i ache for Her when i am not with Her and how beautiful She is.  When i get a love boner, it has nothing to do with sex and has only to do with the emotional joy i am feeling by the love that i have for Her.  Love boner is the explanation for my erection when i am receiving corrective pain or punishment from Mistress.

This is in my near future

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Come here

The past 2 weeks since Mistress returned from Her trip have been awfully hectic for a variety of reasons i won't get into (cuz they'll bore you).  All is well it's just that there hasn't been much time or opportunity to for intimate time together for U/us.

This morning i woke before Her and was making coffee.  She called me into the bedroom, flung the sheets off of Her body and said "come here".  I went over to Her and started kissing on her body thinking She was just warm under the sheets.  She wasn't.  She wanted to cum!  She told me to get inside Her.  Did i hear that right?  Yes, get inside her.

i was rock hard in an instant and climbed on the bed when She said "be rough with me".  I pulled Her panties down as if She was my willing little slut, waiting there for me take my pleasure from Her.  I slide my cock inside Her and starting fucking Her, but it only took a few strokes before i wanted to cum.  i begrudgingly told Her i was close and She said "no coming".  I ground into her forcefully but in a way that not make me cum right away but the feeling was building and i told her again.  She said again "no cumming".  i rested for a moment while She relished my cock being inside Her and then tried again to be the forceful lover that was just going to take her and fuck Her.  She was on Her tummy with Her left leg pulled up to her chest.  i leaned forward and with my hand pressed Her face into the pillow to hold her there while i fucked Her.  She loves it when i do that.  As i was approaching orgasm again She said "pull my hair".  Holy fuck, i can't hold off having an orgasm with the most gorgeous woman in my world telling me to take Her like a slut.  i finally had to tell Her that i wasn't going to be able to hold off my orgasm if She wanted me to continue fucking Her this way.  Had i known earlier, i would've sprayed my cock with desensitizer and put the cock sleeve my numbed cock so i could fuck Her the way She wanted to be fucked right then.  One of the downsides of orgasm denial is when i finally get to be inside Her, or She strokes my cock, or She makes me masturbate for Her, i can't last long before cumming.

In any event, She was well on her way to orgasm but wanted her fave vibrator (actual picture below)

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i gave it to her and continued to fuck Her while struggling not to cum.  She came hard while i alternated pulling Her hair and pressing Her face into the pillow.  When She was through, She said thank you and i was excused.

God I love her!

Postscript note:  i do love it when She wants it to be rough.  i love seeing be a wanton slut, begging to be fucked and used, albeit for a short period of time.  i know the unmitigated joy of surrender and release and know that She occasionally likes to feel that way too.  It now has me wishing for a day where She wishes to be the sub and have me dominate her.   Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  A boy can dream

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dearest Fellow Bloggers

For some unexplained reason, I can only see 1 updated blog entry at a time, from my beloved fellow bloggers on my "Reading List".   This is disappointing because it is my favorite landing point when I come to my blog because I so love to see how everyone and what everyone has been up to.

I try to go and visit as many as can with the hopes that I will see a recent update, but without Blogger now telling me what's recent, I may missed some of your posts.

If anyone has experienced the same thing and knows a remedy, please teach me! 

I can't stand sudden, unexplained mysteries like this in the electronic world.  The only thing worse is that it is impossible to interact with someone that can help.  Such is live in the convenient modern world.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading List

I don't know why, but all of a sudden when I got to my "reading list" it will only show me 1 current update from other bloggers, and only the most current.  Same thing happens when I click on specific bloggers.  Anyone know why?

Wear the cage

i have to wear the cage today because Mistress caught me smoking.  i feel terrible and regret has set in.  Not because i got caught, and not because my punishment will now include at least having to wear this blasted thing, but because i let Mistress down.  :-(

It's been a while since i wore this thing under my clothes to work.

i am sorry Mistress!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Kids Toy

She said .... "yeah, the kids wanted to get it".  It's a paddle ball game.  You know, the kind you play on the beach.  (they didn't even go to the beach).

It's light, has a good grip and is easy to handle.  All I have to say is that it is going to sting.

Not Yet

Mistress has been home for a couple of days now and until last night, and only for a few brief seconds, She hasn't touched me.  She's rubbed my ass, cock and balls through my clothes.  She's patted my bottom playfully and has shown a lot of affection ... but hasn't touched my skin much. 
i crave Her touch and She knows that i do.  She knows that for me, having Her hand on my skin, especially those naughty, sexy parts of my skin can almost induce an orgasm in and of itself.

Last night i was in bed, almost asleep when She plopped into the bed, assuring that i would be awake.  She immediately started to seductively rub my bod all over and eventually got to my cock and starting stroking my cock.  It was heaven.  i just lay there while She roams my body with Her.  It is one of my all time favorite fantasies,  laying there, especially bound, while i am mercilessly teased and at the edge of orgasm for hours.  But i digress .......  Mistress was enjoying herself by reacquainting herself with my body.

Mistress asked .... "What do you have to do in the morning?"  i told her i had a conference all at 9am.  She said ...... "you will wake me up no later than 8am and no earlier that 7:30 am, because i want your cock inside me".   Holy shit!   I asked Her if i was going to be allowed or required to cum, and She said NO!!!!  She then proceeded to seductively rub almost every inch of body but my cock and my ass.  She would act like she was going for my cock, but would purposely avoid it.  She would lightly run a finger over the crack of my ass as if She was going to dive in.  i'd arch my back and offer it to Her like a wanton ass slut, but She would not indulge me.  i eventually came right out and asked her to touch me.  No, i begged Her to touch me.  i begged her to fuck me.  i begged her to allow me to enter Her pussy for 2 tiny thrust while i went to sleep frustrated and dreaming of Her.  None of that happened.

She said .... "I want you to go to sleep hard", and then she turned over and went to sleep.  I went to sleep hard.  Right now, it is 6:30 am and i have gone to the side of Her bed and looked at Her, knowing that in an hour or so, i will be able to be inside Her.  Unless of course She changes Her mind.

I love this woman so, so much!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's back!

Yay!  i was having dinner with a buddy when i got the text that Mistress and the kids were home.  Check please!  i left in a hurry.  Home was 2 minutes from where i was.  I pulled into the driveway and the car was there, trunk open and i saw the kids.  i was so happy to see them and they were so happy to see me.  We hugged and talked a little about their trip and then there She was.  The door to the garage opened and out She walked.  She was breathtaking.  A vision of gorgeousness.  The object of my desire.  my Mistress!

She saw me and smiled and came over and gave me a big kiss and a big hug.  It felt so good to hold Her.  She was wearing a very light sundress and i could feel Her naked body through the fabric.  i was hard in 2 seconds starting from when i first put my eyes on Her. 

The neighbor kids all gathered because they missed their pals and the house was in utter chaos with unpacking and kids running around everywhere.  One of O/our kids is leaving again today to visit a friend in San Diego so Mistress was busy focusing Her attention on getting him ready for his trip.  Laundry, unpacking, repacking and so on.  W/we had a few minutes to lay together on the couch and watch a show but there wasn't going to be any play tonight!  Holding Her, smelling Her kissing Her skin wherever it was exposed was glorious.  It was getting late and She had plenty more to do so She sent me off to bed but not before letting me know that for the foreseeable future there was going to be plenty of alone "we" time and that She was really looking forward to  putting me through my paces.

This morning She harnessed my balls with a splitter and sent me off to work.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i feel Her now in my pants and am just so happy that She is back home.

Welcome home Mistress!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today is the day

She comes home today.  After 9 long days apart, Mistress K comes home today.  i could not be more excited!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Suggested Long Distance Instruction

One of my favorite regular commenters, Hannah Jay, made a comment on a recent post called "Free Day" where she explained how she enjoyed having her husband plunge his cock and balls into a bucket of ice water.  She described it as "fun" for her husband.

Well, Mistress must've been able to set aside some reading time while on the road because here is the text i received from Her last night;    

Tonight you are to chill your balls in a bowl of ice water 4 times. Each for 15 seconds with 30 second rests in between. At the end you are to masturbate to full erection and on the edge of ejaculation. Then dip your balls 1 last time for 15 seconds. Do not touch your cock after that for the rest of the night. =
I have never done that before and was a little apprehensive because, well, shit it was ice water and i was supposed to submerge my balls in it.  As i was preparing the bowl with ice and water, my cock got rock hard and i know it was because i was about to do something that i normally would not at all like to do, but doing it for my Mistress gave me immense erotic pleasure.

i placed the bowl on a short stool and lowered my trembling balls into the icy exactly as instructed above and then went on to complete the task as instructed.

How did it go?  IT WAS COLD!  It wasn't painful but it was cold.  During the last plunge into the icy water, i left my balls submerged for 30 seconds instead of only 15 because i wanted to see if i could do.  Of course i was able to do it but just barely.  i later texted Mistress and asked if this was an activity that She now liked and her reply was an ominous "maybe".  We'll see.

Well Hannah Jay, as promised, if it happened i was going to tell you about it, so here you go, consider yourself told.  Mistress seemed to enjoy your suggestion very much. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Self imposed

Mistress will be away for 4 more days.  Even though She had allowed me "free time" to have all kinds of kinky, slutty sex with myself, i have been mega horny since the morning after that wonderful night.  So horny in fact that as a precautionary measure, i locked myself into my chastity cage for now in order to prevent myself from, well you get the idea ..................

i can't wait to see Her!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Day

i was just informed by Mistress that this evening i will have free access to the pleasure of by body , in any way i want, to do anything i wish to myself sexually.  Not only that ....... get this, i am required to bring myself to orgasm.  Yes, that's what i said, i am required to bring myself to orgasm.  What a special treat, a special that Mistress had given to me.

When i first saw the words on the text, i thought she must be kidding.  Maybe it was a typo?  So i asked for her to confirm that not only was i allowed to cum, i was REQUIRED to cum.  Holy crap!!  It didn't take long for me to realize that this would be the first time in 2 years that will orgasm fully and ejaculate without her being a witness.  my initial reaction was unsettling.  i have lovingly and willingly committed myself to only ever ejaculating while in the presence of my Mistress.  So late, when i am done teasing and denying myself repeatedly, and i am done repeatedly filling my hungry bottom with her strappy cock, i will have an orgasm.  One hour from now, i will be going to have dinner with some buddies.  While there i will be wearing my new glass plug (wearing it now) and will have my balls-stretcher harness on in tribute to my Mistress Wife.

There is an old joke .....  "I had sex last night and i was nervous.  Yeah, I was all alone."  Genuinely, i will be nervous.

I love you Mistress.  You are a glorious Mistress, lover, Wife and friend.  Thank You.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Long Distance Instructions

Via long distance instructions (texting), i informed Mistress this morning of my intentions to get dressed for the day.  Yesterday, on Her way out of town and right after She paddled my bottom kinda red, She instructed me to wear panties to the office.  As it turned out, i didn't go into the office because W/we had workmen there all day.  Because i never got dressed for work, i never put the panties on.  Not because i didn't want to follow instructions.  i get genuine pleasure out of following Mistress's instructions, but rather because i was busy with workmen and distracted all day and it simply dropped out of my mind.  Nothing too sexy for me to be around and dealing with sweaty workmen all.  Although, i'm certain that Mistress would've gotten a kick out having me in panties while i was dealing with these workmen.

Well, after receiving a reply to my text this morning, and while Mistress was contemplating my instructions for this day, i informed Her that i inadvertently failed to follow her instructions yesterday.  She replied and said that i was to wear my balls-separator harness and the panties was to wear yesterday.  She made a passing comment that i "should've worn the panties yesterday", but did not elaborate.  Although She didn't say, i suspect i am in line to be punished for that.  Something else that i wish i had read in a text but never came was the direction/authorization for free self-play (no cumming though).  Poor me!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Before she left

Before Mistress left on her little roadie with the kids, Mistress tended to some unfinished business.  Earlier in the morning She had me put on a small towel-like wrap around my waist and had me accompany Her to let the dogs out.  When W/we came back into the house, She pulled me into our large closet so that She could administer what She called a "mini punishment" for failing to have Her coffee ready for Her yesterday when She woke up.  She had me put my hands on the island in the closet and had my pull up my towel "skirt" up around my waist.  While She was administering my spanking, she was stroking my cock and edging me.  Each time i told Her i was about to come, She came down kind of hard on my ass.  She did that several times before finishing, i suppose so that i would associate the urge to come with a sting on my ass.  Then She put the paddle away, had me stand, pulled facing Her and pushed my shoulders down indicating i was to kneel before Her so She could administer aftercare.  Aftercare is a really special moment for me.

After the tender aftercare, i asked Mistress if i was allowed to be my own ass whore while She was away, like the last time i was home alone.  She said that i probably shouldn't have asked, but that She would consider it. I also asked Her if i could cum before She left.  She said no. Then i asked if i could have a ruined orgasm, and She said no. When pulling out of the driveway, She instructed me to wear panties today under my clothes.

i am really going to miss Her!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Alone for 9 days

Mistress and i will apart for 9 days beginning tomorrow.  She isn't even gone yet and i am already missing Her terribly.  This morning i was awake early in anticipation of an early meeting I had scheduled at the office.  The entire house was sound asleep.  It was a wonderful, quiet summer morning.  It's supposed to be 112 here today, but at this time in the morning it was absolutely beautiful outside as i was watering some sickly plants we have. The kids were enjoying the kind of slumber a kid gets when out of school for the summer.  Cats, dogs and even a neighbor kid were all sleeping soundly as i went about my morning routine and then prepared for going to the office.

After is was done showering and shaving and putting on Mistress's favorite cologne, i went over to her in bed (our son sleeping beside her) and proceeded to "kiss her awake".  After all, i needed to know what is was to wear under my clothes this day.  Her eyes opened for just a brief moment, She said the word "splitter", rolled over and went right back to sleep.  i went right into the closet and proceed to get dressed, starting with the leather cock ring that snaps into place that has 2 separate straps that snap into place to spread and isolate each one of my balls.  it's one of my favorite things She has me wear. 

When i emerged from the closet, Mistress was in the kitchen going about starting Her day.  My first thought was ........... hole shit, i did not get Her coffee.  Right then She said "I got my own coffee".  Silly as it sounds, my heart sank for not having accomplished one of the simplest obligations i have to my Queen.  Then she said "you are due a punishment for that!".

Presumably, Mistress knows that while She is away, that i will do something that will earn a punishment.  i wonder if that will be on Her mind will She administers the latest earned punishment before she leaves.  Uh oh!

Making Love

On Friday night past, Mistress and i had made plans for Mistress to get fucked really well that night.  The plan was for us to get some of O/our chores completed, get the kids to bed early because they had to wake up early the next morning, and then W/we could spend some time alone.  i had no expectation of being allowed cum.  Mistress had to me to shower and an hour or so before the planned event, then i was to apply the Stud 100 desensitizing spray to her cock and allow that hour to really make it numb.  Also, that i would be using the cock sleeve on Her that night. This would really allow me to last long so She could have the good hard fucking she wanted. 

The night was kind of getting away from U/us because the kids weren't cooperating and shit in general was just going wrong.  i had showered as planned and applied the spray to my cock and then slipped on some loose fitting shorts to allow the spray to do it's thing.  Meanwhile, Mistress was becoming more and more frustrated with shit going wrong around Her.  Finally, when walking past me, She looked at me and said something to the effect that there would be no sex tonight because she was frustrated (in general, not with me) and losing interest, and then left the room to go into the bathroom.

i went to Her and told Her (in as cute a way as possible) that i understood and that if She did not want to get fucked really, really well, of course W/we didn't have too.  That seemed to lighten her mood a bit but not much.

The kids were finally in bed and She went in to take a shower.  When Mistress is frustrated, i know well enough to let Her have Her space.  That said, i poked my head into the shower and asked Her if She wanted me to be prepared to pleasure Her when She emerged from the shower, or if i should simply go about my business and give Her space.  She opted for the space.  Undaunted, i went about my business and began to close down the house for the night.  When i was done, i again poked my head into the bathroom to let Mistress know i would be in bed, waiting for Her, not knowing what, if anything would happen.

The room was dark except for the light of the TV.  When She walked out of the bathroom to the kitchen, She was naked and She never looked more beautiful and sexy as she disappeared from the bedroom. When She came back in the bedroom and came toward the bed, She was even sexier than She was 3 minutes before.  She climbed into and immediately began to nuzzle into my chest  and wrapped her arms around me.  She immediately felt my rock hard cock and whispered that She was pleased with that.  i had idea that sex was to come because Her hands roamed my back and then my ass and She did one of my absolute favorite things ......... She spread my ass cheeks with both hands.  It made my hard cock harder. 

She whispered "give me those kisses i like" and rolled over onto her tummy.  Regular readers of this blog will know that there is hardly anything i enjoy more than giving her entire body soft licks, kisses and bite on Her naked body.  After about 10 minutes of that, She rolled over onto her back and told me to resume my kisses.  After a few minutes of that, She asked me .... "are you hard for me lover?"  I sat up on my knees so that She could see my rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling.  Then She made it abundantly clear that She wanted my mouth on Her pussy by spreading Her legs.  i moved right and savored having the honor of putting my mouth on her pussy.  i'm sure someone has actually had an orgasm while licking his Mistress's pussy before, but i was actually close.  It is that much of an honor for me.

After Mistress had a nice orgasm while on her back, She told me She wanted my cock inside of Her for another orgasm.  i asked her is She wanted me to get the cock sleeve and She said No .... "fuck me now".  Even though my cock had been fully numbed by the Stud 100, it wasn't long before i felt an orgasm building in me.  i informed Mistress that i was about to come and She didn't say a word.  then i asked her if She intended for me to cum this night, and She didn't say a word.  Then i asked Her if i could have Her permission to cum and She said YES!!!!!!!! holy shit!  Yes?  i totally wasn't expecting that.  She said that i had better hold out until She had Hers and then i was allowed to cum inside of Her.  It was mere second later that Her orgasm began and i immediately began to orgasm while cumming deliciously inside of Her.   OMG!  It was a very strange orgasm because of the numbing spray but i didn't care.  Being able to have my mouth on Her body, then on Her pussy, then ......... being able to witness 2 orgasms ........... was glorious! 

i didn't asked if she intended on allowing me to cum that night and She didn't offer.  We feel asleep and slept like a couple of rocks.

I love this Woman so much!