Monday, June 30, 2014

Daydreaming again

Sorry for the cheap, easy "picture post", but there is something erotic about each one of these. 
Let me ask you, what is your favorite position to be taken by your Mistress.  I like some of the ones depicted here, but for different reasons.  I like the on the tummy, legs together, ass in the air position when feeling like a slutty whore.  And missionary or straddling her for face to face so i can look in her eyes when i am feeling deeply and emotionally connected.  Standing is good too, especially if your arms are tied above your head and you are pressed against the wall.
Have a great day everyone.
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  1. Disappointed for not being asked which our favourite position to take our subs/slaves is, knowing that some Mistresses/Dommes follow your blog too... :-/

    Mistress A.

  2. Thank you for your comment Mistress A. You make a very good point and I apologize for not being considerate enough to have expanded my question to all readers, dominant AND submissive. I ask you, what is/are the favorite position(s) you like to take your sub/slave(s) in when taking their bottom?

    I intend to make another post to expand the question all subs AND Dommes. If you are inclined to answer, you can do so here or in the new post which is coming forthwith.

    Thank you again for your comment and I really do appreciate that you follow my blog.

  3. I have only had limited experiences being taken by my Mistress with a strap-on, but I do love being taken doggie-style.

    We tried missionary (with me on the bottom) but we didn't quite get into a good position for it to work well.

    We just need more practice! :-P

    And I'd like to say that I really have been enjoying reading your blog - Thank you for some wonderfully entertaining posts!

    1. Thank you so much jen smith. i agree, all you need is practice. And, I really do appreciate your kind words about the blog. i try to keep it interesting enough to read and follow.

      i learned to like missionary better by accident really. Frankly, truth be told, i don't believe that Mistress K. especially enjoys pegging if for no other reason than we just don't do it enough and so therefore i am certainly no expert. That being said, "enough" is not at all for me to decide now, is it? Mistress is the only one that gets to decide how much is enough. but .... i digress.

      Once, when MistressK. was pegging me doggie style, it was wonderful but uncharacteristically uncomfortable and i asked if i could roll over onto my back. The simple act of rolling onto my back and then when She entered me that way, it was comfortable. Not just comfortable but wonderful. Her strap on just slid right in with ease, like it belonged there. While accepting Her inside me once again and with my legs pulled up to my chest and slightly spread, Mistress was looking into my eyes and then mine locked on Hers. For me, at that moment of deep subspace, i had a very real and meaningful connection with my Her as my Mistress/Domme and me as her loving and devoted sub. i knew then what it felt like to be penetrated in a beautiful, loving manner. She wasn't just fucking me, She was making love to me.

    2. Ohhh that sounds like such a sweet moment!

      Yes there are times for lusty sex, and times for deep emotional love making. Both are incredible in there own ways.

      I hope one day we are much more comfortable with the strap on :-D

      Take care!



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