Friday, July 14, 2017

Revealed .... sort of

Recently I was out running errands and stopped by the drug store to get Mistress K. a few birthday cards.  Of course Walgreens has plenty of meaningful and lovely cards that express the depth and type of love a man has for is wife in the vanilla world.  But, they certainly don't have the kind of naughty cards that a submissive husband, who is madly in love with his Mistress Wife, could give to her on her birthday.

So, I left Walgreens and drove to an adult store called Fascinations that was conveniently on my way home.  It was about 9:15 at night.  I walked in to the sounds of young women laughing and having a giggle over something.  When they came in to view, it was clear that there 3 girls, 2 of which worked at the store and one that was either their friend, or a customer or both.  They were just 3 pals have a good time.

This chain of adult store is not the seedy, back-ally type of adult store.  It is a respectable, dare I say neighborhood friendly kind of adult store.  Very bright and well lit inside ... I think you know the type.  I was asked by one of the girls that worked there if there was anything she could help me with.  As per usual I said "no thank you" and walked deeper into the store to look for a suitable and FLM friendly birthday card that I could give to Mistress K.  Then I stopped, turned around and walked back to the group of young ladies and told the clerk "yes, you can help me.  I am looking for a card or even a small gift to give my Mistress on her birthday."  Without skipping a beat she said "OK.  Is this the you're married and you have a girlfriend kind of Mistress.  Or the dominant woman kind of Mistress?"   I simply answered "it's my wife".   Again, without missing a beat, she said "oh, good for you!".  Then she proceeded to tell me that their selection of cards was small at best and well I never did get a card that was submissive husband, Dominant wife based.

It was awesome though ... that feeling .... to stand there, in front of 3 strange young women, and openly declare that I was a submissive husband to my dominant wife.  There was no shame even though I could detect a bit of wonderment on the faces of these 3 young women.  I'm not sure if that wonderment wasn't relief that the guy who just walked past them a second ago, and now was walking up to them, wasn't trying to be creepy thinking that something sexy was going to happen with him and 3 girls in a porno store.  *smile ..... Yes, granted, it was an environment that was obviously friendly, but for me, I had never really been able to do that .... and it was awesome!

I can't wait to tell Mistress K. about it (have to wait till her birthday gets here).