Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Tuesday .............

and that means it's butt plug day.   Thank you Mistress.  12 straight hours of feeling you!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

One word text

Plug!  Mistress is off shopping and I just received a text with one word. Plug. Off I go!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ringed on Wednesdays

As some of you may already know, before i get dressed I (usually) present myself naked to Mistress K. so she can tell me what, if anything, I am to wear under my clothes.  In my most recent previous post, I mentioned that Mistress' instructions (until further notice) is to wear my butt plug every Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, Mistress K. told me to wear a cock ring that day, and every other Wednesday, again, until further notice.

I'm really loving the establishment of some routines.  I love being expected to automatically adorn myself in a certain way so as to symbolize my submission to her, and her ownership of me.  In fact, during our most recent dinner "to review and discuss our FLM", we spoke about maintenance spankings.  recently, Mistress K. took a temporary, part-time job in the field of her previous career because she wanted to.  As such, our previous "opportunities" for treats and punishments (in the morning, after the kids went to school) no longer exist.  *pout

I hope that we continue to gravitate toward doing things in a more ritualistic and routine fashion.

Have a great weekend my dear friends!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Plugged on Tuesdays

Mistress K. had me wear my glass butt plug today.  Her instructions we're followed by "I think we'll make this an every-Tuesday thing"

Thursday, March 19, 2015

She always finds a way

Our life has been hectic lately.  Work, social requirements, sports ... the list goes on.  As such, we've not been able to have much alone time.

This morning, after Mistress got out of the shower, she called me into the bathroom.  "Lock the door and masturbate for me while I get ready", she said.

I lowered my shorts, put lube in my hand and simply stroked myself for her viewing pleasure while she continue applying her makeup.  After about 5 minutes she said, "I'm horny".  Then she said, "OK, I'm done with you now" and told me to leave the bathroom.

She always finds a way to remind me of our life together and what it means.  I love being objectified by my beloved wife.  Thank you Mistress!

She ha no idea how closed I was to letting an unauthorized ejaculation from happening.  I still wonder what the punishment would be if that were to ever happen.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spanking Boot Camp

Could this fellow be in boot camp in this picture?

I have read at a number of sites/blogs about spanking boot camp.  It seems that everything I see and read only talks about in the past tense, or in such a way as to assume the reader is familiar with the basic idea of what it all entails.  Maybe I'm just as dork, but I'd sure love to know if there is a definition of what Spanking Boot Camp is, what it entails, how it's done. 

Can any of you, my dear friends and readers, help a guy out?  If you know, and wouldn't mind educating an eager yet naïve submissive husband, I would surely appreciate it.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ruined Orgasms (again)

OK, here is my first attempt at posting a naughty picture since the Google Warlords gave us all that scare a couple of weeks ago .............

Still here and there are no black helicopters landing in my yard, so I guess I can go on. 

There are some guys out there that can have full on orgasms one after the other.  They can do it on cue, after having been stimulated for a long time.  These guys are called porn stars!  *smile

There are others, like me, that react to ruined orgasms in a very profound and positive way.  I have actually come to prefer ruined orgasms over full on orgasms for one reason and one reason only.  When done correctly, they actually do allow my sexual desire for my beloved Mistress to go uninterrupted.  Also, it allows Mistress a viable way to give a sexual reward when Mistress believes my behavior has warrant a sexual reward.  I have come to so look forward to the singular feeling of having my ejaculate just pump or drain out of my body after having been edged. Love it.  I'm convinced that the source of this pleasure comes from the knowledge that after having a ruined orgasm, I am actually able to have several more (ruined) orgasms immediately following the first, and still honestly have little (if any) drop in my desire for my beautiful Mistress Wife.  Conversely, when I know I am going to have a full on orgasm, there is a very real thought in my mind that regrets knowing that there will be a period of time that follows that I have a natural loss of  sexual desire for my wife, and I know that in that state, I cannot be the best loving, submissive husband I can be. 

Admittedly, there are times when Mistress wants to give me only a ruined orgasm and fails to stop the stimulation soon enough, causing what amounts to somewhat of an actual orgasm.  When this happens, there is a drop in my desire that confounds and disappoints both of us, but I attribute that to the orgasm not being all the way ruined. 

I'm convinced that every successful FLM/FLR's all have one thing in common.  The submissive male actually, genuinely and truly exists in that relationship for one reason .... to serve and be a primary source of pleasure for his beloved wife, and to get his only source of sexual pleasure from her, in a manner in which she deems fit.  OK, that's two things in common. 

To an outsider looking in, it wouldn't seem logical or even possible for what I am saying here to be true.  I mean really ... what man in there right mind would actually feel that a ruined orgasm is preferred over a full on orgasm?  A submissive husband that lives in a loving Female Led Marriage, that's who.  Looking back on the goals that I hoped to achieve when I first started thinking about FLM, and thinking about current and recurring goals of using the actual desire (sexual and otherwise) I have for my beautiful Mistress K., the fact that ruined orgasms prevent a decline in that desire is enough for me to prefer them over full orgasms. 

There is one thing I for which I am certain ... Since entering in our FLM, I have had "eleventy-billion" times fewer orgasms than I have had at given time in my life  ... and my sex life has never been better.  For me, my life is a sex life because of the constant state of desire for this one woman that owns my sex.  What a wonderful place to be.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oh boy, she saw me

We have a nice lady that has been our cleaning lady for almost 10 years.  She is the nicest, sweetest, most courteous and honorable person you could ever want to meet.  We have been become relatively close with her and her family.  I'll bet that if we were to be able to see inside of her house, it would look very much like our house used to look like because we give her most of our furniture when ever we get new. 

This morning .... Mistress was away from the house.  The kids are home on spring break, so they were home.  After showering, shaving and getting ready for work in the bathroom, I carefully opened the bathroom door because I heard voices just outside the bedroom door.  It was one of our children and friend looking at the internet.  I was naked and needed to get to our closet so I quietly closed the bedroom door so I could pass without this friend being exposed to their friend's naked father.  Inside the bedroom, my other child was sitting in the easy chair in our bedroom (Mistress's throne when we are alone) watching a movie on the iPad with headphones on.  No big deal. 

As I made my toward our big closet, he started waving his arms and pointing to the head of the bed, around the corner of my field of view where our cleaning was, stripping the bed.  There I was, in all my naked and freshly (fully) shaved glory for her to see.  She was mortified .... and so was I.  I quickly rushed into the closet and closed the door, giggling to myself.  My hand to God it was a pure accident, but still a funny thing that just happened.  While in the closet, I attached the ball stretcher that Mistress instructed me to wear this day, got completely dressed and headed out to the kitchen where she was.  When I walked up to her all she could do was put her hand over her mouth and apologize profusely.  I knew she was mortified and probably even worried that I might be upset.  Of course I wasn't upset because it was a completely innocent thing that happened.  I apologized to her but she kept on apologizing.  I told her not to worry about it at all and even though we each had a moment of embarrassment, it was no problem and eventually we were even able to laugh about it. 

I texted Mistress to tell her what happened (telling her that our house cleaner just had the thrill of her life - :-) and all she could say in her response as OMG!  Although there was no sexual connotation whatsoever, I did think on the way to work that this was the only woman other than my wife (and a few lady doctor types) that has seen me naked.  Not just naked, but naked and shaved.  Does that qualify as CFNM?   Oh boy!

Monday, March 9, 2015

We never really fight

But last night we had a tiff.  Mistress was explaining what had just happened with one of our kids and I was rolling my hand as if to encourage her to get to the point.  That's when the trouble started. It was an incredibly rude thing to do and she let me know she wasn't at all happy with me by immediately sopping the conversation, leering at me and then going silent.  For about 15 minutes following, I brooded thinking she shouldn't be so upset over something so small. 

We went about our business getting dinner ready which required some interaction.  It was clear that she remained unhappy with me.  I thought about the many wise words from my dear friend I'm Hers (  ) and quickly realized that my actions were both unnecessary and disrespectful.  I sincerely apologized to Mistress K and she quickly accepted my apology.  I immediately felt that I may have avoided one of those "severe punishment spankings".  The kind where Mistress K. forces me to masturbate to orgasm proceeding a hard spanking.  Quickly things got back to "normal" and we were having a nice, wonderful evening enjoying each other's company.

I went to bed before Mistress K. and fell asleep quickly.  I had showered before going to bed and thought I'd surprise her by having her sub laying naked in bed, wearing a hint of her favorite cologne that she loves so much.  When she came to bed she nuzzled beside me and started rubbing my butt, running her fingers lightly over and barely between my ass cheeks.  She knows how much I love that.  She whispered to me that I had angered her earlier and that this was now that second offense for which I had a spanking pending, while she continued to rub my bottom.  She abruptly removed the sheets, exposing my bare ass and gently placed a kiss on my ass.  I was both horny and worried about what was to come next.  She stopped rubbing me and then rolled over and settled in for the night.  She said goodnight, placed a hand on my ass and drifted off to sleep.  I tried to entice some more of her tender attention to my bottom but she was not interested.  We both fell asleep.

This morning was like any other morning.  Mistress retrieved the coffee I had made for and set about getting ready for her day.  After her shower, while she was about to blow dry her hair, she called me into the bathroom, had me lock the door, told me to get some lube and instructed me to sit on the floor and masturbate while she dried her hair.  She was naked expect for the Uggs boots she likes to wear in the morning.  I began to masturbate while watching her dry her hair.  She was a vision of gorgeousness occasionally leaning over to offer me a view of hat ass I love to worship so much.  She stopped and said "you will not be cumming"!  When I told her I was going to cum if I didn't stop stroking, she said "you'd better figure it out".  OMG it was torture.  I was successful in continuing without cumming but it was the most intense edging I have had in some time.  When she was done drying her hair, she said "you may stop now.  Get cleaned up and return to what you were doing."  I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure that was a form of punishment because Mistress wouldn't let me stop, and she wouldn't let me cum, and she wouldn't let me touch her.

As I write this, my blue balls ache while my mind considers my pending punishment(s).  I am so sorry Mistress.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do I get enough sex?

After reading a couple of recent blog entries that seemed to focus on the endurance of a few submissive husband that have gone days, even a week without an orgasm, I got me thinking.  Over the course of my FLM with Mistress K., any thought of if, when and how I might orgasm went from the front of my mind to the back of mind.  I frankly don't have any expectation of if, when or how I may be able to orgasm the next time.  It was kind of like watching water come to a boil.  It takes longer when you focus on nothing but it.  I no longer focus on it and I couldn't be happier and devoted and in love to my darling Mistress wife.  I truly do feel honored to have Mistress K. be in full control of if, how and when I orgasm.  That fact alone gives me comfort, warmth and deepens my love for here every day.

It's March 8th, and thus far I have had one full-on orgasm and only a few (3 or 4) ruined orgasms this year.  Don't get me wrong, I am not at all complaining.  Not in the least.  For me there was a transitional point to where I was absolutely able to find please and comfort in giving control of my orgasms to my Mistress Wife, both consciously and sub-consciously.  She has masterfully guided me to be the kind of submissive husband that truly doesn't dwell on my sexual pleasure.  As such, I am getting so much more genuine sexual pleasure in my life than I ever thought possible.  I am able to fully enjoy whatever amount of sexual pleasure Mistress allows me to have, whether it is walking and patting my bottom, or spending hours seeing to it that she is sexually pleasured in all ways, or even having me lay on top of her, look into her and eyes while inside and have a full orgasm. 

Just last night, after a busy day of running the kids around and being a mom and dad, she was in the closet and was changing from clothes of the day and into her jammies.  She heard me in the adjacent bedroom and even though the kids were in the house and not far away, she called me into the closet, ordered me to kneel before her and to worship her nearly naked body with kisses and hugs.  She placed her hand gently at the back of my head and gently but firmly held that way while I worshipped her.  I love that!!  It was less than a minute before she told me she was done with and continue to dress for the evening and eventually.  I stood, and left the closet.  It was so brief yet was something that I consider to be a significant sexual gift that Mistress allowed me to have.  Kneeling before was a very tender moment, and when she allows me to worship her that way, I have this incredible feeling of honor that she allows me to do it. 

Don't get me wrong, of course I still LOVE having an orgasm.  When Mistress instructs me to have a full orgasm, she knows that for me it is almost like a religious experience.  She will usually have me do it the most intimate, loving way, which for me is in the missionary position so I can look into her eyes while building up to and finally having my orgasm.  The tenderness of that moment and the moments that follows are just so ......... well, like I said, a religious experience for me.

I get more "sex" than I could ever hope for.  Thank you Mistress !

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Question from K in New England answered

I have noticed that more experienced blogger friends are creating new posts in order to answer the questions that they receive.  I've just been answering them in a follow up comment, but I think it's easier to keep track of this by posting it this way.

This question from K in New England was: 

"have you and Mistress talked about sharing/cuckhold and is that something either of you are interested in? Her bringing in another woman to partake in play/punishment or her becoming involved with another man and creating a cuckhold arrangement? Thanks. K"

Hi K.  Thanks for stopping and for the questions.  Always nice to see you!
Mistress and I have only talked briefly about sharing/cuckholding.  When we did, it was not something either of us indicated that we wanted to try.  Mistress K has, on occasion, playfully suggested during play that someone else might have to take over if I wasn't up to the task and even once help my bottom open while I was straddling her and mentioned that someone could come up behind me and fill me up.  She didn't elaborate on who that someone could've been, and neither did I.  I merely moaned a little and said "yes Mistress".  It was obviously playful talk.  There may even have been a tiny nugget of wishful thinking on both our parts, on both occasions.  That being said, Mistress has said that she doesn't have a desire to cuck me and quite honestly, I don't think my tender could talk if it were to become a reality. 
On the other hand, I have encouraged her to consider bringing on another woman in whatever capacity might interest her. I know, double standard, right?  I'm just being honest.  But, if that were to ever become a reality, I know it wouldn't have the same negative emotional affect on me.  When I do encourage her to bring on another woman, I am genuine when I say it. Whether that other woman was someone that would punish me alongside her, be submissive to her alongside me, or even be dominant to her, I think it would be a wonderful thing that she would enjoy.  However unlikely it may be, I have no delusions that there would be any sexual contact between and whoever this other woman might or could be.  I have a recurring fantasy about being brought by Mistress to a place where she receives a sensuous massage (with several happy endings) where I am caged, bound or secure in some way, and only able to witness her getting pleasure.  In those fantasies, the masseuse is always a woman, but I suppose it doesn't have to be as long as the pleasure she gets does not include her getting fucked or sucking his cock. 
Thank you again K for your wonderful questions!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Whew ... goodness, it's busy around here

This whole "March is ask questions month" thing is awesome.  It is so wonderful to get to know everyone so much better on all aspects of their lives, and not just the D/s, FLM, TTWD, etc., aspect of our lives.  Thank you so much to everyone for asking and answering all those questions.  I believe and hope that I am caught up on answering and asking all the questions from and to each one of the wonderful friends I have made here.  In case I haven't please forgive and please let me know.  I'm loving doing all of this.

Also, Mistress K., a couple of you have asked questions of Mistress K. both here and in direct emails to her email account.  Mistress K. doesn't participate in blog viewing and connecting as much as I do obviously.  Not because she doesn't want to.  She absolutely does.  She is both "blog challenged" (self-described) and without the ability time wise to access the "internet related" aspects of connecting with all of you as much as she would like.  She has asked me to extend her sincere apologies for the delay in replying to both emails that have been sent to her and to questions or comments directed to her here.  We both agree that we need to dedicate some time for her and I to identify and respond appropriately to those that have taken the time to reach out to her. 

Thank you again everyone.  We both love you all!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ask Questions Month?

Like most of you, I enjoy coming across new things when cruising my favorite blogs.  I learn things.  Things like ... March is ask-me-questions" month?  Is that true? I guess so.  I know there are customs and trends that are intended to get people talking, posting, chatting and comment. 

So at the risk of assuming anyone cares, I'll play along and ask ... does anyone have any questions for me?  If so, I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anyone have my old picture?

Like so many others, when Blogger first made their announcement, I couldn't wait to find a cliff to jump off.  When I did find that cliff, I deleted all my pictures on my blog (which was unfortunate but not life altering), and I deleted my profile/icon picture of my freshly spanked, red ass. 

I can't find a reasonable copy of it anywhere and was hoping that maybe one of my readers may have a copy of it.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

Have a great Sunday!