Saturday, April 22, 2017

Getting caught up with each other

In a previous post here, I talked about some changes that were coming in our direction.  The extent and details of those changes was, at the time, remain-to-be-seen.  Last night Mistress and I had what a kind of late dinner opportunity.  We went to a lovely little restaurant, got little table outside ( the weather was Phoenix spectacular!!!) and we proceeded to talk about how things in our marriage were going. 

The details of our conversation were private and frankly, boring for the rest of you, but suffice it to say we did speak about two things that weren't urgent, but did command some attention.  In the previous referenced above, Mistress K. has spoken of changes that she would like to she in her "way of life", her "lifestyle".  We were able to talk a little about that and add some clarity. It seems that while watching 50 Shades of Grey recently (for the first time.  I still haven't seen it), Mistress K. had an epiphany.  It became clear(er) to her that the happiness and pleasure in life she seeks is, well, in her very hands.  I don't know what scene(s) or what context, but hearing those words from her where a dream come true .  I knew and we both talked about the transition that Mistress K. would have to make from being happily dutiful in her marriage, to being able to actually demand, expect and command the kind of pleasure and happiness in every moment of her life.  I believe we are in for a new chapter in our marriage and life together.  One filled with an even increased level of respect, joy, unquestioned love for each other, and a true understanding of the simple notion that me being in dutiful service to her, controlled by her, disciplined and trained by her, owned by her ..... is something that can truly be a source of happiness for me.  Her comfort in that knowledge I believe swings open the door of joy and pleasure in life that Mistress K. has yet to be able to experience.

The other thing we talked about was a lovely local FLR couple that we are currently in consideration and discussions to meet.  You may recall that in a different recent blog post here, I told Mistress K. that I wished we had actual real-life, FLM friends that we actually enjoyed because they were cool people and not just because we shared this thing in common.  She agreed that it would wonderful for us to be able to "be ourselves" in the presences of others ... in a way that we certainly cannot do in our vanilla lives.  Well .... a very nice man, a submissive husband in his own right, in a marriage that is very similar to the one Mistress K. and I enjoy, made an initial contact to let us know that they lived locally, had a pretty good idea that given the opportunity we could all mesh very well, and offered to begin a conversation about perhaps meeting and see if we all hit it off.  All with one goal in mind ... the genuine desire to meet and approval of the idea fro our respective wives.  Promising but like everything else, we'll see how it goes.

I'm excited about the future and where Mistress K. will led us to.  Should I be nervous too?  Not if I love my Wife like I say I do.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Benevolent Wife

As some of you may already know, I have a standing command that I am to wear a glass butt plug every Tuesday.  Without being told, without being reminded.  As such, Tuesday's are mostly my favorite day of the week.

This morning, on a lark, I asked Mistress K. if I could wear my plug again today (Thursday).  My beloved, benevolent Mistress said yes!

So, here I am naked, about to get dressed for the day.  A second after hitting "publish" on this post, I will retreat to my closet, retrieve my plug and a bottle of trusty lube, and then relish in the small ceremony of inserting my plug.  I enjoy that small ceremony because each time I insert it, and throughout the day while I am wearing it, my mind is laser focused on the beauty and grace of Mistress K.  Wearing a plug all day causes my mind to wander at times.  It wanders to a place of vivid fantasy and desire.

This week, Thursday is my second favorite day of the week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Having friends in the lifestyle

Last night Mistress K. and I had a rare opportunity to relax.  Mistress K. was sitting at the counter of the kitchen, enjoying a glass of wine (or two) while watching me prepare dinner.  It was a lovely.  We talked about everything an nothing .... just catching up.  We talked a little about something Mistress K. had said over the last week and that was she intended for us to review and replace our list of rules that we developed in the very beginning of our dynamic.  She believes that she has a much broader scope of what it means and takes to be a Mistress Wife in Female led marriage.  I asked her what she had in mind, and were there things in our current contract that she didn't like, or wanted to add.  She said "yes" but she didn't know exactly what those things might be and that we would develop this new agreement over time.  You see, she didn't want to find herself under the pressure of another unnecessary deadline to get something done and wanted to wait to really consider making changes once the kids were done with school.  So we would be developing our new agreement then.

Also during the discussion I made mention that I often wished that we had friends that were not only aware of our lifestyle, but also led the lifestyle we lead.  She immediately agreed that it would be wonderful to have friends that we actually enjoyed on a level that wasn't just having a FLM in common.  It would be nice to be able to speak openly and freely about the dynamics that each couple had in common.  I hope to make that happen someday.  I know that I thoroughly enjoy hearing about the time that other FLM couples spend together.  It must be a very freeing feeling.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hello again world ........

It's funny how life is.  You wake up one morning and realize ... het, this is how my life is.  Hopefully, in the days weeks, hours, years leading up to that point, you've had enough courage and wisdom to lead it into a direction that you know will make your soul happy.   No ... I'm not setting you up for a big dramatic announcement about anything bad ..... there is nothing bad.  It's just life and for Mistress K. and I, life continues to be good.

 Life is good in my mind because I still have the same type and amount of deep admiration, respect, love and lust for my beloved Mistress Wife.  As we make our way through everyday life, our kids are getting older (14 and 16) and we really enjoying these years with them.  I stop on occasion and look at my life and realize what an incredibly lucky man I am to be with this beautiful redheaded woman, who is the sweetest, kindest person toe everyone she knows and meets, who is the greatest mother in the world, who is the sexiest female I have ever seen or fantasized about, and ............. this woman is also the same woman that owns my heart, my soul, my body and everything on my body and controls every amount of sexual pleasure that I am allowed to receive ... from a single source .... her.

I know Mistress K. in happy and content in her life because of the way she genuinely will stop me from time to time and let me know how much she loves her life.  She loves how comfortable she is in life, how much she loves her family, her children, her husband, her friends ............. Everything. 

About 6 months or so ago, she became aware that she had waaaaay too much on her plate in terms of outside volunteer activities.  PTA, club sports administration, work, ...... everything.  Since then she realized that she needed to shed those volunteer obligations in favor of concentrating on her life at home, her family and to the leadership in our marriage, which she feels to needs to maintain a clearer focus on the path, the journey and the destination that she and I will travel in our FLM.  She has said recently that she has had a epiphany as to where it is she wants to be, what she wants to do and a "way of life" that she wants to life.  She has told me she will be focusing more on getting us there. 

I didn't use the occasion to ask her what she meant, or for clarity.  I purposely held back on my instinctive desire to press her for details.  To ask her what that.  To try to "help" her by giving advice (essentially steering her in a direction I might decide she wants to go - or topping form the bottom).  She was confident and determined in her resolve and had informed me that our "way of life" would be changing.  When I mentioned that that terminology she used made me a little nervous, she replied simply by saying "nothing but good my pet.  If it makes me happy, then it will make you happy, right?".  And she's absolutely right.  I replied (by text because I was traveling on business) with "led me to what you want, wherever you want, and I will follow". 

Since, Mistress has made a number of comments about how things for us will be changing .... What will it be?  What will it look like?  Will she be establishing new boundaries in our marriage?  I don't know .... but I do know that as long as she is leading me, I will follow.