Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ruined again

Mistress finally felt the need to relieve some of the pressure that was building up in my balls.  We, to be more accurate, there wasn't pressure in my balls perse, but with the incredible amount of tease and denial and edging I had been through in the last 10 days or so, a small breeze could've made me cum.

Yesterday morning, while delivering Mistress her morning cup of coffee while she was laying bed, she removed the covers and exposed her nearly naked body and had me give her those all-over body kisses that she likes so.  At first I was fully clothed.  Then she had me stop and remove my shorts.  I asked if she wanted me to remove my t shirt and she said no, but told me to resume my worshipping.  In a few minutes, she had me stop and told me to lay across her lap.  I assume that she was either going to spank me or wanted to play with my bottom.  As I positioned myself, she told me "no, lay on your back across my lap". 

It was an awkward position which had my hips upward and my cock essentially in her face.  Was she going to suck my cock?  My thought was if she intended to edge me that this could be the time that I might very well cum without permission.  Mistress have aw2ay of knowing where the real edge is, even if I don't.  She put lube in her hand and started rubbing my cock.  I was already excited at being able to worship her so I was near the edge almost immediately.  I warned her I was about to cum and she  "shoooshed" and continued to rub my cock.  When it was apparent I was over the edge, but wasn't having an orgasm yet ... she stopped all stimulation and just allowed me to agonizingly empty my balls onto my belly and chest.  She expertly ruined my orgasm.

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I love this woman so much.  I can't wait to continuously be teased & denied, hoping for another ruined orgasm, that won't come.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You decide today

I woke before Mistress, as I usually do everyday.  Normally I can tell when is getting up and then I will rush over to her and ask her if she is ready for her coffee then or not.  On this day, she looked like she didn't feel good but asked for her coffee anyway.  Naked, I scurried off to the kitchen to fix her morning beverage.  She was outside walking the dogs so I left it on the counter, where I normally leave and hurried to get in the shower. 

Sidebar ....... while I was in the shower, I cleaned myself really, really, really, really good.  Lately, ever since Mistress trimmed, almost shaved my body hair, I am loving how it makes me feel (like a slut) and I find myself lingering in the shower.  Not inappropriately mind you, just lingering.

Anyway, after my shower, I went to Mistress, naked of course, to let her know I was about to dressed.  Then was when I discovered that she was dealing with a migraine and didn't want to be bothered.  I told I was sorry for bothering her and kissed her on the forehead (you know, to help with her headache).  She told me that it was up to me to wear whatever I wanted to wear today under my clothes.  I said yes Mistress, and turned to walk in the closet.  It took about 1.2 seconds for me to decide what I was going to wear.  it was ..............  this:

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I just got off the phone with Mistress.  She has recovered nicely from her migraine and asked what I had decided to wear.  When I told her what it was, she perked right up, and then called me a little slut.  I immediately smiled and began to adjust my pants because my cock was swelling rapidly.  She let me go because I was late for a meeting but I am so happy to know that this wasn't one of those headaches that completely immobilize her. 

I also had a dream last night that was troubling, and caused me to wake up in a bit of a panic.  Nothing life or death serious, but serious nonetheless.  It was a short dream. In it, I had just masturbated to orgasm in a room, behind a door when all of a sudden Mistress walked in to discover what I had just done.  She was pissed.  She didn't know I was doing that, she didn't authorized me to touch myself, pleasure myself and certainly did not allow to use an orgasm that she owns, yet there I was, in all my glory, covered in my own cum and immersed in shame.  She was pissed!!!!  Then I woke up.

Did you ever have one of those dreams that was so scary that it affected you for several minutes after you woke up?  Yeah, this was one of those times.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Treat for me

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Last night, i was laying bed waiting for Mistress to join me.  She got into, complaining that she was more tired than she wanted to be at the moment.  She uncharacteristically came over to my side of the bed, peeled back the covers to uncover my naked body, and slide in behind me.  She was wearing only panties.

The fact that i was nearly asleep and because she was complaining about being so tired caused to be believe that this was merely going to be a cuddle till we go to sleep session, and that Mistress was being slightly playfll by entering the bed on my side.

I was wrong.  Earlier in the day Mistress had promised me a treat later in the day for some incredibly small things that i had done to please.  They were so small in fact that I completely forgot about her "promise" and assumed she said it in jest.  With her spooning me, she told me to scoot over and roll over.  I scooted over to give her more room but since i was laying on my side, i asked for clarity as to how she wanted me to be be when she said roll over.  She said i want you on your back, then she said, wait, first i want you to lay on your stomach for a few minutes.  She proceeeded to rub my back and bare bottom softly and seductively.  I can't go five second with Mistress's hand on my naked bottom without getting aroused, especially when she is tender and intentional about why she is rubbing.  i cant even begin to tell how muc i love the glancing finger traces up and down crack, teasing me that they want and intend to probe further, yet don't.  Next pass with hand a little more perhaps and then next a little less.  Always keeping me guessing ... hoping.

After a 5 minutes of that Mistress said "roll over onto your back".  I rolled over onto my back revealing my hard cock.  Mistress was softly rubbing all over my body, everywhere BUT my cock and balls when all of a sudden she takes my cock into her hand and guides it to her mouth.  Every time i am able to look down and she my gorgeous Mistress lovingly taking my cock into my mouth, my heart just fills with honor, and joy and, well ... love.  I was lost in the joy of what i was watching and for some reason, i wasn't feeling like i needed to ward her that I was going to cum in 3.2 seconds.  It was beautiful.  Of course eventually the urge to cum was upon me and of course, like a dutifl submissive husband, i let Mistress know that i wa nearing the edge.  She just melted me in every way when she pulled her mouth off of my cock, still firmly holding it at the base and looked me in the eye and told that I would not be coming this night.  With that she immediately returned to my cock with her mouth.

Over the next 45 minutes or so, Mistress so very expertly brought me to (and here comes the important part) held me at the very edge of orgasm like she has never done before.  I was so lost in the pleasure her mouth, hands and body were giving me physically that i would've agreed to do absolutely anything at that moment.  The building urge to relase and to experience the pleasure of what i knew would be a fully body orgasm, was getting to something i didn't know if I was strong enough to avoid.  I was begging Mistress to allow me to have a release, a ruined orgasm, just something.  She smiled sweetly and politely declined, then immediately went back to concentrating on bringing me to the edge.

I had always wanted to be in an involuntary tease & denial session where i was repeatedly brought to the edge of release, and repeatedly denied the permission to release.  This was by far the most tease and denial session i have ever experienced and was comporable to the kind of T&D session i had in my fantasy.  I can tell you that if Mistress had commanded that i fuck the air and then ordered me to orgasm from it, i could've.

The picture above is what I was certain was my fate last night.  It has been so long wince i had a real orgasm (well over a month) and i was certain that Mistress was bringing me closer and closer to the edge, intending for me and expecting me to fail to withhold my orgasm, at which point I expected she would ruin my orgasm and then inform me that i was now entitle to a significant punishment for failure to control my orgasm urges.  Instead, while Mistress was lying alongside, stroking my cock and simultaneously squeezing my balls, and once again, whil i was right at the very edge of orgasm, she looked at me with her stunningly beautiful face and said "you know what lover?  This is all for tonight and stopped.  She left the bed to tend to something in the kitchen for about 15 minutes during which time i was able to come back down to earth and actually fell asleep.  When Mistress returned, she looked over at me laying there naked, in exactly the same position i was when she left the room.  She crawled into bed to tuck me in, kiss me goodnight, only to then discover that I was asleep.  She was very pleased, very impressed that my cock was still ROCK HARD even while i was dozing and as an added treat, edged me 2 other times before sending off to sleep for the night.

Sadly, i was not able to have a ruined orgasm as depicted in the picture above.  Mistress seems to be incresingly interested in preventing me for having any orgasm more and more as time goes on.  Don't get me wrong, i am not complaining about that, i am merely making an obsevation.  If that is what Mistress wants for me, than that is what i want as well.

Thank you Mistress for the most incredibly evening of treats i cold imagine.  I love you Mistress.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Can I please fuck you?

I came home from the office yesterday to find Mistress all alone in the house.  It was miserable hot yesterday (117) and when I walked in and was bathed in the AC, all I could was let out a "mmm".  When I got to the kitchen, there she was.  The woman of my affection.  The Mistress of my domain, My Keyholder, the owner of cock and the one that controls my orgasms.  I am still thrilled to first put my eyes on her even though we may have only been apart for a few hours.

After the usual the greetings and salutations, I asked where the kids where.  She said that she was just about to leave to go get.  "So we are alone????", I asked.  "yes, we are alone", she said.  Of course, right there in the kitchen I began to remove my clothes when Mistress said she had to leave that minute.  I got pouty and begged for a little something.  Anything.  I asked Mistress if I could fuck her before she left (only half jokingly).  "Uh, no", was her response.  I unzipped my pants to show her, to remind her that I was still wearing the balls harness

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

she instructed me to wear (as if the idea of removing it without permission even occurred to me).  She looked at me a little amused, a little annoyed and summoned me over to wear she was standing next to the sink.  "Masturbate to the edge for me before I go" she said.  Quick like a bunny I fully unfastened my trousers and let them fall to the floor.  I was ready.  I like to wait until our eyes are locked together before I begin to masturbate for her.  When she looked in my eyes, I began to stroke.  I know she could sense the utter pleasure I had with complying with her command to masturbate for her. 

On this occasion, as I reached the edge of orgasm, I stopped moving my hand link I always do, only this time there was some pre cum that apparently needed to cum out.  I tried my best to keep it from coming because my first thought was it was going to be an unauthorized ejaculation (God help me).  Failing at keeping it from coming out, I quickly realized it was precum and was not the unauthorized cummies.

For a moment there, there was shock on both of our faces when it was thought that I very well may have just cum without permission for the first time.  Fear of what might happen was the first thing that I thought of.  Confusion and disappointment seemed to be what was on Mistresses' mind, but that is only supposition on my part.  I quickly informed that it was not cum but rather it was precum.  I showed her that the liquid that had gathered in three spot on the floor was water clear and not milky like semen.

She looked at me for just a moment and then seemingly agreed that I had in fact only lost a small amount of precum and I did NOT actually violate one of the most basic rules of our life together.  "clean your mess.  I have to go" ..... and out the door she went.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love these 2 Pictures!

For whatever it is worth, these are a few of my favorite things.  I don't often do this, but today, I felt compelled to share with you these pictures that are a fairly reasonable representation of a life well lived.

Have a nice day!!

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Oh, and these as well ...............

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And this one too ....
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30 days of submission posts

Hi everyone.  One of things I have noticed since becoming a "blogger" is the trends that often get started and some of those that actually get traction and spread.  Liebster award (who is Liebster anyway?) is one that suckered me in recently.  It reminds of those posts you get on Facebook that say something like if you Love your child, your if you love Jesus, you'll repost whatever is being promoted on your timeline, as if somehow the only true way to determine whether one love Jesus, or your own children is to do what this friend (and I use that term loosely) on Facebook tells you.  For me, it's kind of the modern day version of the chain letter I suppose. 

A recent version of this was the Spanking A-Z thing where the blogger was expected to attach a word to each letter of the alphabet and then expound on what that word meant to them.  The current one of these is the 30 Day Submission Challenge.  I don't know where it originated or who decided what questions would be asked but I will admit that there are some intriguing questions in there, some of which I intended to answer.  In looking over the list of questions, many of them don't appeal to me because for me, they are overly general in nature and many of the questions don't necessarily apply to me or overly generalize position of a particular type of submissive.  For any of my friends that may be participating in this challenge, please don't take offense because certainly none is intended.  I can see how it would be fun for others, it's just not my cup of tea.  In fact, for a few of you, I genuinely look forward to each day's question and answer posting.

Some of the questions seems to assume that submissive are the same.  i.e. that all submissive act in a submissive fashion in all aspects of their lives.  I am a submissive husband n a loving Female Led Marriage ..... there is no question about that and I absolutely love it.  Does that mean I am submissive to anyone else other than my Mistress wife?  Hell no.  As a matter of fact, in all other aspects of my life, I am quite the dominant one.  The only exception to this would be if Mistress K. were to instruct me to behave in a submissive manner to another person.  That has not happened.  I will tend to seize control of and tend to dominate any scenario that I find myself that doesn't include interaction with my Mistress Wife.  Please don't confuse that comment with me saying that I am sort of asshole, because I'm not.  Quite the contrary ..... my natural instincts to control circumstances around appeal to my natural desire to help people.  That being said, I never to be allowed to "take the lead" in a private situation when I am alone with my Mistress.   I find an enormous amount of comfort in immediately transitioning into submissive husband mode the very second Mistress and I are alone. 

Please don't be unhappy with me if I tend to cherry pick the questions I prefer to have asked of me.  *smile

Here is "cherry-picked" question (chosen in no particular order) from the list that is going around:

Day 13: Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission? Why or why not? Are there limits to this?

Most certainly.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the cornerstones of our relationship in that I  genuinely get sexual pleasure from providing Mistress K. with sexual pleasure.  According the established rules that Mistress and I agree, I am to perform in any sexual manner that I am directed to my Mistress, at any time, without questioning her and without any expectations for how it will end up for me. 

Yes, of course there are limits.  What exactly each and every one of those limits are have not yet been realized or tested.  We have the usual set of limits that most other reasonable people have ....... no kids, animals, blood, scat, urine, severe pain for the sake of pain, anything illegal, anything that would cause or allow others in our community to know about the most intimate aspects of our lifestyle.  If either one of us were to approach a limit that hadn't been discussed between us, the other would have no problem stopping the action.  That has not happened yet.  I imagine that is the case because even though we are growing into this lifestyle more and more as time goes on, neither of us seems to have a need to "ramp things up" in order to maintain enthusiasm. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riding Crop

Years ago, before we entered into our current, acknowledged Female Led Marriage, we bought a riding crop.
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We would use it when we role played/s scenes during our "vanilla" days. It has some sentimental value to me because I remember it being one of the first D/s - BDSM style accessories and I can remember the complete and utter thrill that went through my body standing in line at the adult super-shop, waiting to pay for this. After, that person at the register was going to know that I was going to somehow engage in kink after my purchase. How naughty. How scandalous. Fast forward to yesterday when, after cleaning some things in the closet, Mistress K. came across our old buddy he riding crop. She laid it on top of my shorts so I would be sure to notice it when I changed clothes after work. And yes, I did notice, even slapping my hand hard several times, and then trying it on my ass, trying to anticipate what this thing would feel like during a (now) real punishment spanking. Fast forward again to this morning, after Mistress summoned me to the bathroom to be groomed, but before the actual grooming. She entered the bathroom with crop in one hand, a devilish smile on her face and lube in her other hand. She started jerking my cock, teasing it, trying to get it harder than it already was (not possible). She starting teasing me with the crop, She started slapping various parts of my body. My ass of course. I think she too wanted to know what it was going to be like to use the crop for a future "real" punishment. She slapped my erect cock quite often with soft swats from above, and she swatted by ball several times with softs swats from below. She used the crop to indicate that I was to spread me legs. Then spread them wider and wider till they were nearly as wide as the would go and still allow me to be able to stand. Then she used the crop to guide my hands to be placed behind my head. I was in the most vulnerable position and she was just beginning to explore various parts of my body with her newly re-discovered toy. She was having a ball alternating firm but gentle swats with crop with deliberate, slow stroking of my lube covered cock. I'll tell you. I believe that she is slowly trying to associate the urge to orgasm with the pain of a spanking. I told her once of a story I read where the Mistress was trying to achieve the ability to train her slave to be able to orgasm merely from receiving a spanking. Mistress K. didn't say that is or would be her intention, but I do remember she seemed to have great interest in hearing that story. As I mentioned in a recent post (the one previous), I thoroughly enjoy being objectified by Mistress. Standing there, arms behind my head, naked, legs spread wide, vulnerable and knowing that I am about to be positioned in such a way to be groomed, was wonderful. I could not keep my eyes off my Mistress while she was walking around my body having her fun with her crop.

Something new to wear today

As most of you know, each morning, when I am completely naked and prepared to dress for the day, I will let Mistress K. know that I am ready to get dressed. Notice that I am not asking what, if anything, I am to wear that day under my clothes. I have made a very concerted effort to not "ask" for things, even if disguised as being a helpful question for my beloved Mistress. Instead of asking, each day I merely inform Mistress than I am ready to dress for the day, and without asking, I am offering Mistress the opportunity to decide what, if anything she would like for me to wear that day. Yesterday is was my favorite pair of panties (favorite because they truly do make me feel like a sexy, pretty slut when I wear them. probably mostly because they fit me) Some days last week it my balls separator while other days it was my cock ring. The week before that, it was my new (favorite) glass butt plug. As an aside, I wore the very same sexy panties on the day I wore my glass plug and feeling like a pretty, sexy slut in just my panties was magnified 100 times by the plug that was so firmly held in my willing ass under those pretty panties. Anyway, back to today .......... Finally, after threatening to do so for 2 weeks, Mistress "de-bear-ed" me. In other words, she trimmed (almost shaved) the body hair that was left un-groomed for almost 2 months. I don't know about you, but I feel my horniest/sexiest/sluttiest right after a fresh shave/trim. I love when she grooms me this way because it is a time where I am required to stand before her, completely naked and exposed, while she prepares my body the way she likes. I adore the objectification that goes along with it. Today, while grooming me, she was in regular old t shirt and panties that she slept in. She was also wearing a regular, normal robe that she left untied. Her beautiful red hair was disheveled and in a knotty pony tail. In other words, she didn't spend one second preening in front of the mirror before attending to the task of grooming me. Even so (maybe even especially so) when I looked down at her kneeling on the floor in order to be able to groom me, looking the way she did in her utter natural state, I was taken back by her beauty at that moment. Sure she is a beautiful woman when she prepares her makeup and clothes to make herself feel presentable to the outside world, but to me, in the just-woke-up condition, she is at her most stunning, her most beautiful. Needless to say, that when looking down at her like I was, my super hard, super erect cock kept blocking my view. So, on this particular morning, after having the bulk of my yucky body hair removed, and then after a fresh, smooth shave to my cock, balls, anus area and ass cheeks, I was feeling incredibly horny/pretty/slutty. Mistress could've done anything she wanted to/with me at that moment and I would've gladly gone along. When the time came for me to tell I was ready to get dressed, she had me follow her into the closet saying something like, "let's see, what should we have you wear today?" She had me sit on the stool then she straddled me, pulled her panties to the side and slowly lowered herself onto my rock hard cock. She leaned and in said today, "you will wear me". Those words got me as close to an unauthorized orgasm as I have ever been. With that, she stood up, pulled her panties back over her beautiful pussy and turned to walk out of the closet. She stopped to say "you will wear me on you today", and out she went. OMG! I touched my cock and balls, gathered her smell on my hand and put it to my nose. Honest to goodness, the smell of her sex was almost enough to allow me to orgasm right then and there. This woman owns me, in every sense of the word.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Familiar things

No matter how nice vacation is, it's always good to get back home too. It's nice to be able to rediscover all the familiar things in your hoe that one tends to take for granted. One of the things I was most looking forward to was being able to shave my cock, balls and ass smoothly, the way I am supposed to always be fore Mistress L. Among the familiar comfort things that were at home were all the things that use for shaving. The biggest thing that wasn't available to me while on vacation was SOFT WATER. Every-time I have tried Mistress's property in the mountains, I would always look like a wounded soldier when it was done because of all the nicks from using hard water. In fact, Mistress thought long and hard about whether to punish me for merely assuming that I somehow had a hall pass from keeping myself smooth for her at all times. She very well may still be considering it. Back at home, in my shower with soft water last night, using my pink razor, I was able to give myself an incredibly close shave (without any nicks) in all areas in and near my cock, ball and ass. I usually feel sexy and slutty right after an especially close shave, and last night was no exception. After I was done in the shower, and was ready to go to bed, I walked naked over to Mistress to say goodnight, strutting my newly recent smoothness and was prepared in case there was to be an impromptu inspection. Frankly, I was hoping that once she got a look at me all freshly showered and shaved, that she would see me for the available slut that I am and take right then. Alas that was not to be the case. The kids were still awake and clinging all over her. So off to bed I went .... alone. This morning, Mistress awoke about an hour after I did and was milling around the house earlier than usual. As required each day, I prepared her coffee and delivered it to her. I thanked her for all of the "attention" that she had paid during our vacation and let her know that it has had a noticeable positive impact on my outlook in life. She was feeling generous and told me to edge myself in the shower this morning. We have a big walk-in shower that has no doors. She walked tot he edge and summoned me over and instructed me to fill her hand with lube from the bottle we keep in the shower. I walked over to her, filled her hand full of lube, placed the bottle down, widened my legs, place my hands behind my hand and presented myself for her. There is just something special about looking right into her eyes when she edges me. In this particular tease and denial, I came as close to having an accidental orgasm as I ever have in the past. Luckily, I was able to hold it off. She edged me three more times (took like 60 seconds I was so horny) and turned and left telling me to get ready to go to work. I was instructed to wear my balls separator harness to the office this morning. Another familiar thing I miss, wearing the neoprene harness that gently but firmly separates my balls from body. I love you Mistress.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Take off your pants and stand right there

I walked into the bathroom in the cabin we are renting and Mistress was about to get in the shower so she was naked. I came up behind her and rubbed her bare ass and started kissing her neck. She pulled away, turned around to face me and said "take off your pants and stand right there", pointing to a spot on the floor. She put some lube in her hand and started strokig my cock while watching us both in the mirror. When it came time for me to tell her i was nearing orgasm she said "you had better not. You are not going to be having an orgasm". She stopped, then did it again ... and then again ... and then again. Then she told me to clean up my oily cock and get back to getting ready for the drive home. What a great vacation! Still hoping she will let me post the selfie she sent me yesterday.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tap on the shoulder

Our family vacation has been awesome. Relaxing in the mountains of Arizona. Perfect weather, the kids are having a blast and my Mistress had been happy, beautiful and awesome. Last night, it was late, almost 11pm. She was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and thekids were playing on their xBox. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Mistress standing there in her regular nightgown (which i think she is incredibly gorgeous in) giving me the "come here" finger and disappeared into the bedroom Before our FLM began, i would've asked he what she wanted. Now, of course i know better than to ask her "why" about anything. i assumed that i was about to be given a spanking ... but for what i wondered. All my previous infractions had been settled and mistress and i had just returned from a lovely dinner with friends where we had a ball. When we got home from dinner, she even kissed me softly and said "thank you or a lovely evening". Why was i about to be punished, i wondered. I got up from the chair and quickly cleaned up around me. i went into the bedroom and Mistress was lying on her back with her nightie pulled up past her waist, legs spread wide, revealing the sexiest, prettiest pussy on any woman ever. I stood there and stared for a minute. Then she said "come here". I was wearing a light jacket and quickly took it off before trying to climb on the bed. "Take your pants off" she said. I took off my pants and underwear and climbed on the bed and crawled between her legs. Often i am overwhelmed with lust, appreciation and utter joy in that moment before i am about to be allowed to pleasure her pussy with my mouth. This was one of those times. I licked her pussy lovingly, tenderly and with purpose for several minutes, then she said "enter me with your fingers while you do that" i slide one finger then another into her then continued to savor and pleasure her pussy. She was nearing orgasm and she told me to put my cock inside her so she could orgasm with me inside her. It didn't take long for the urgent need to orgasm was upon me. She told me to stop and "get pinky" (the pet name we have for our cock sleeve). Quickly i got pinky, some lube and a towel and returned to find her feverishly rubbing her clit, keeping herself at the edge of orgasm. I lubed my cock and put pinky in place and it was then that noticed the towel. "You won't be needing that tonight lover", she said, which of course meant that i was not going to be ejaculating this night. Undaunted, i got in between her legs and slowly pushed my now sleeve covered cock inside of her while she continued to rub her clitoris. She told me to not fuck her slowly, instead she wanted me to fuck her fast. Even though i was wearing the cock sleeve (that feels like i am wearing 100 condoms), i very easily could've orgasmed right there at the sight that was before me. I've said it before ... i'm certain i could orgasm merely by watching my beloved Mistress wife have an orgasm. For some reason however, i was able to fight off any urge to come and was able to give her the long, hard, fast fucking she wanted without having to stop in order to either ask permission to cum, or prevent myself from cumming. She had a glorious orgasm and of course i did not. This morning, when i was dutifully delivering her morning coffee, i enthusiastically thanked her for summoning me for her sexual use. She didn't wonder or care what i was doing or if i was willing. She didn't have to. Even now, as i write this, i am basking in the afterglow of my love and devotion for her. I am hoping that Mistress will be wanting similiar treatment tonight, our last night of vacation. I can only hope. As an aside ... yesterday during the day, Mistress sent me a naked selfie of her before she got into the shower. I thought it was stunning and of course told her so. Since the picture did not reveal her face, i (only a little) jokingly asked her if i cold post it here, on my blog. I told if I was allowed to tha i would be bragging. *smile She said she would think about it and as of now, is thinking about it. We'll see what she decides.


On Thursday night, Mistress and i were getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends while we are on vacation in the mountains. I walked in to the bathroom to get in to the shower when i saw Mistress standing there in one of the poses that i love to see her in most ... naked with her arms above her head, drying her beautful red hair. To me it is the sexiest pose my Mistress can take. Maybe it's because when we would switch roles when we role-played D/s before our FLM, and when i was in the dominant role, my favorite bondage position was her standing, arms tied above her head. Anyway, she looked sooooo sexy standing there, looking at herself in front of the mirror, arms above her head working the hair dryer, wearing only her sexy, lace, thong panties, trying to get ready on time. I walked up behind her, removed all of my clothes, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into my no w naked body, my hard cock pressing against her nearly naked bottom. I slowly (subconsciously) started to hump her and slide my cock up and down the crack of her bottom when she shut off the blow dryer, pulled away from me andturned to face me. I didn't know if she was frustrated, angry, being playfull or ..... ? Sidebar - I am always thankful that Mistress K. does not require me to ask permission to touch her. I know that there are a lot of submissive husbands that must ask permission to touch and some that must ask permission to even look. My Mistress enjoys it when feel the urge to hold, hug, rub, kiss, hump or just genereally touch her, naked or ootherwise. When she turned to face she had a smile on her beautiful face and she a comment about what a horny little dog i was. She told me to sit down naked, on the edge of the cold bathtub, and spread my legs. Mistress got her hands all soapy then started stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. What a treat it was to be told to sit, spread my legs just so Mistress could tease and edge me. At least i thought she was going to edge me. She did bring me to the edge on a few occasions (which only toook seconds because i was already so horny for her). After a few edgings, Mistress started again and when i was telling her is was at the edge again, she looke dme straight in the eye and forbid me from coming, yet she still kept stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. i was pleading with her to stop so i wouldn't have an accident, but she wasn't about to. Finally, she knew that had reached the point that was just barey beyond return and stopped stroking and stood up to watch my cock begin to slowly pump out its cummies. i was the epitome of the classic ruined orgasm (in my opinion). It was so frustratingly near a full on orgasm and although a bit of cummies did get pumped out, it was all of it. Mistress, stood, returned to the sink, was washing her hands and looking at me in the mirror wanting so badly for to "finish" me when she said .... "clean up your little mess and go get ready" Having my Mistress kneeling naked between my legs, hair and makeup perfect smelling more beaautiful than any woman ever, stroking my cock for what turned out to be a ruined orgasm will be a vision that will be etched in my mind's eye forever. Love her!

Friday, July 18, 2014

There (pointing to the floor)

I just returned from dropping off the kids at the daily activity while we are on vacation. It means that we have the house to ourselves for about an hour. Eagerly i pulled up in front of the small cabin we are renting in the mountains, threw it in park and rushed inside. Once the door closed behinf me, i kicked off my shoes and slid my gym shorts to the floor whille pulling my tshirt up over my head. I knew to become naked the second i was in the house. I found Mistress in the bathrooom, freshly showered and applying her makeup for the day so she was slightly leaning over the coubter. She was naked except for a pair of super sexy lace, thong panties. i wen't up bhind here, pressed my now hardening cock against her ass and tried to be playful with her. She said, we don't have much time before we have to go so ......... i interupted and said "well then can I cum inside you then?" "No you may not, but thank you for asking", was her reply. Will you edge me? will you ruin me? Can I masturbate to the edge??? Please , anything ............ "No, we barely have enough time for you to receive your spankings that are coming to you. My eyes widened. i wasn't expecting that at all. "THERE" She pointed to the floor at the foot of her sink in the bathroom. "Get on all fours there". As i got down on all fours, she went to the sink, ran some water and rubbed all over my ass. She obviously felt like we truly didn't have enough time and wanted the full benefit of a spanking to be realized sooner rather than later. She started spanking my wetted ass with her wet hand. In just a few minutes she told me to stand and get dresses. "Before you go, you may look at your ass in the mirror" Even though the spanking wasn't painful hardly, my ass was as red as it ever was after a spanking. After looking at my red ass in the mirror and the image of Her in her panties right next to me in the mirror, i couldn't help but ask if i could cum right then. Go get dressed was all she said.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cum Eating

ROBERT_ANTHONY'S CHASTITY & FEMDOM BLOG, is one of my favorite blogs to follow. One of the things that Robert Anthony has in common with several other sub/slave husbands in established FemDomme Marriages is being required to always/occasionally eat or ingest their own cum. The idea of eating my cum makes me have to hold back a gag reflex. But, i must now admit that i find when i am reading a blog entry that is describing the sub husband being required to eat his own cum, gives me a hard-on. I know that it isn't the act of eating cum that has any appeal whatsoever, it doesn't. Rather it is the symbolic submissive gesture of always/sometimes being required to perform an "unpleasant act" as the price for orgasm that is arousing. Recently i commented on a blog entry by Robert Anthony. In it are some of my thoughts on this topic. You can find it here In his story, he talked about having to eat his own cum after a surprise orgasm that he was given, that his Mistress smeared on her ass for no other purpose than for him to clean with his tongue. My cock was hard as a rock reading that story and i soon realised that the cum eating description was part of it. Now, i want to reiterate here that Mistress K. finds that me being required to eat my own cum is gross. The idea of doing it, in and of itself alone is gross to me too. However, the idea that as a submissive, there is a "high price" to pay for right to be able to ejaculate is extremely exciting. Skin-in-the-game so to speak. I know this falls under the category of "be carefull for what you wish for", like mentioning that i think Mistress should spank me harder and longer, even to the pint of bruises and possbily tears if need be, in order to more firmly establish her dominance and to better deter undesireable behavior. i know that if i were ever presented with having to eat my own cum, expecially following a full orgsm, that it would something i'd try and talk her out of, but i would still do it if it were something that Mistress required. i know Mistress K. will read this post and i know that it will be something i will need to talk about with Her in more depth about it. On one hand, it's not anything like eating shit or drinking piss (2 hard limits for me and Mistress K., thank God), it's just kind of yucky. I think Mistress may also associate a male eating cum as being too closely assocaited with male homosexual behavior, which i believe is something that she doesn't find sexually arousing. On the other hand, because we both agree(d) that eating my cum was gross, we both agreed that it woldn't be a part of our play, although it was never discussed as a hard limit like other , more obvious hard limit items like scat, blood, animals, incest, etc ................... At the end of the day, it isn't ever up to me what types of activities or play we engage in, or if we do at all. It is always (and always will be) at the discretion of Mistress K. Since this blog is all about my ability to express myself honestly and communicate with others, i felt it was important enough to note that i was getting erections from reading how other sub husband were required to eat their cum, and i wasn't sure why. Perhaps this will be considered as the "shit is out of the horse" now, or Pandora's box is officially open. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

She let me watch

We had an hour or so where the kids where occupied with activities that allowed us to be alone.  I dropped off the kids and walked back into the cabin and Mistress said "go downstairs and get naked".  Yes Mistress, was my response and i walked downstairs.  She quickly followed and removed her clothes.  She told me to go put "pinky" on.  In case you don't already know, pinky is a cock sleeve that makes me thicker, longer and basically allows me to fuck her without any feeling on my cock whatsoever. 

She climbed on the bed and summoned me between her legs.  "I want you inside me", she said.  I moved closer and eased the my thicker, longer cock inside her slowly.  Once She felt comfortable with how it felt inside her, She rolled over onto her tummy and told me to fuck her.  Since i was selfish and forgot to bring her vibrator, She had to use Her fingers to get herself off quickly (we don't have much time).  It wasn't 2 minutes before She was having a deep orgasm with me inside.  i have to admit though, even though pinky is thick (like 100 condoms thick), the urge to orgasm was upon me.  frankly, i can almost orgasm by watching my beloved Mistress have an orgasm and even with my cock securely encased in rubber, having it inside her while She has an orgasm was almost too much.  i asked for permission to have a ruined orgasm and She said "that won't be happening today".

When She was finished, i asked if i could slide myself inside her for one slow thrust in the missionary poisition because it is one of my favorite things to be looking into her eyes when i enter her.  She said "no, not today".

She shooed me awa so She could get ready and told me to do he same.

Maybe tomorrow.

Thank you Mistress K. for allowing me see your naked body, for allowing my cock to be inside you and for allowing me to witness your orgasm.  If the day was over now (it's 11:30am), my day would be complete. 

i just love Her.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Selfish me

Last night, while on vacation, the kids were sleeping in the other room and Mistress wants pleasure.  She demanded the kisses all over her back and bottom that she loves.  While worshipping her this way, my hand wandered over her glorious naked body.  My hand lingered on her naked bottom and my fingers would individually graze up and down the crack of her bottom, as if knowing that heaven existed there.  Mistress moaned when my fingers lingered there.

Finally .... Thud ... There was a noise. We both thought it was one of the kids about To invade our privacy but instead it turned out to be thunder. She pulled the covers over herself and turned on her side, back facing away from me.  I was about to pout when suddenly she grabbed the cock she owns ( the one attached to my body) and started rubbing her pussy with it.  She told me to to "work it in".  Once inside, i was already near the edge of orgasm but she said that there will be no cumming for me this night.  She knew I brought several toys.  Toys like cock/ball harnesses, butt plugs, cock sleeve, etc.  She assumed I brought her vibrator too so she asked for it.  Problem was, I didn't bring it and she was none too pleased. She tried to find an orgasm with her fingers while my cock was buried inside her glorious pussy. She tried to get me to fuck her but if I started to thrust I would surely orgasm, which of course I was already forbidden from doing.

In the end, I don't know if she orgasmed or not.  I do know that she was not happy that was so selfish as to not bring her fave vibrator with us on vacation.  She rolled over and simply said 48 hours, which in this marriage means that I have a punishment spanking coming and I have 48 hours to sure that Mistress executes it.  She reached over and grabbed cock and started stroking it again until i was teetering on the edge, then she released me and rolled over to sleep.

This morning, just now is when my spanking took place.  It's kind of chilly where we are.  I don't know if that had an effect on my already naked body, but when Mistress put me on the bed on a pile of pillows so my ass was in the air, and when she delivered the first blow, I hurt like hell!  Right away, ouch!


Sorry for not being around. We are on vacation for another week, so participation will be sporadic here. That being said, the day before we left, Mistress was with her monthly visitor.  Mistress had previously said that any pegging activity would be limited to when she was on her period.

She summoned home from the office.  Her words were "be clean, be empty and be willing". Long story short (I'll tell more later), she had me put on pink lace panties.  "Get me my strap on".  When I returned, she got up up, pointed to the bed, told me to lie on my back and after her cock was securely in place, she said "pull your panties aside".  She settled in between my legs, placed the head of her cock against my opening, put her eyes on mine proceeded to expertly make me hers while she fucked me.  Her eyes didn't leave mine, which made me feel like her tender lover girl, while she also made me feel like her willing ass slave.

I love this woman.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Special Day today

Today is a special day for U/us.  The reason is really not that important but nonetheless, it is special.  i had a meeting this morning that i had to rush out the door while She was sleeping.  Naked, standing by the bed, i told Her i was about to get dressed and She told me to wear my balls-stretcher and panties today.  She fell back to sleep.  once dressed, i leaned over to kiss her goodbye for the day and She told me to show Her my cock.  i unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the ground, revealing my panty clad body that couldn't contain my erection that emerged in 2.3 seconds. 

Sidebar ..... over the holiday weekend, we were with family in a cabin in the woods.  Close quarters meant there would be no D/s activities whatsoever.  During that time, it was natural to not want for attention because of the close quarters and family around, but once we got home, those needy feelings returned. 

Anyway, standing there with my cock jutting out, She returned from locking the bedroom door and walked over to me and knelt.  She took my cock into my mouth and started sucking it while massaging my harnessed balls.  needless to say, i was on the edge in less than a minute.  i thought She was going to have me ejaculate on this special day, if not a full orgasm, then certainly a ruined orgasm.  Neither was to be as She removed her mouth from my purple cock and said, "you won't be cumming today".  Now go to your meeting".  On the way out the door she told me that She was going to be alone in the house for at least 3 hours today and grinned.  i told her i would do what i could to get there during the day.  Perhaps lunch.  We'll see.  Gees i hope .....................

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Questions for you. Kindly reply with an answer

In a previous post (the one right before this one), I posted a few pictures of sub men being pegged in various positions.  I used these particular pictures because I felt that each of them had their own apects that made them unique, yet similar, and all of them erotic and not "pornish" so much.  You may disagree about the lack of "pornish" qualities.  Each of them was an image that depicted the some of the following:
  • loving pegging between a male sub and his Domme
  • genuine arousal and desire from the sub male at being taken this way by his Mistress
  • a romantic, sensuous quality that seemed less "pornish" and more of a realistic portrayal of the desire and joy a sub male feels when being penetrated by his Mistress, unless of course the sub is being pegged harshly as a punishment.
  • a variety of positions that promoted sensuality and total, unquestioned, loving domination and genuine submissive desire
Then I posted a question (although I see now that I failed to include a question mark) that asked subs what their favorite position was when being taken anally by their Mistress.  One of my favorite followers/commenters (Anonymous Mistress A.) left a comment expressing her disappointment and not being asked what favorite position(s) she (and other Dommes) prefer to place their subs in when taking them with a strap on.  And she makes a very good point.

Apologies to Anonymous Mistress A. and to all the other Dommes that follow/read/comment on this blog for considering that you too may wish to weigh in.  So, here goes .....If you are a dominant, what is your favorite position to place your sub in when taking them anally?  and .....If you are a submissive male, what is your favorite position to be in when you are taken anally.

I eagerly await your input.  Thank you