Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Something new to wear today

As most of you know, each morning, when I am completely naked and prepared to dress for the day, I will let Mistress K. know that I am ready to get dressed. Notice that I am not asking what, if anything, I am to wear that day under my clothes. I have made a very concerted effort to not "ask" for things, even if disguised as being a helpful question for my beloved Mistress. Instead of asking, each day I merely inform Mistress than I am ready to dress for the day, and without asking, I am offering Mistress the opportunity to decide what, if anything she would like for me to wear that day. Yesterday is was my favorite pair of panties (favorite because they truly do make me feel like a sexy, pretty slut when I wear them. probably mostly because they fit me) Some days last week it my balls separator while other days it was my cock ring. The week before that, it was my new (favorite) glass butt plug. As an aside, I wore the very same sexy panties on the day I wore my glass plug and feeling like a pretty, sexy slut in just my panties was magnified 100 times by the plug that was so firmly held in my willing ass under those pretty panties. Anyway, back to today .......... Finally, after threatening to do so for 2 weeks, Mistress "de-bear-ed" me. In other words, she trimmed (almost shaved) the body hair that was left un-groomed for almost 2 months. I don't know about you, but I feel my horniest/sexiest/sluttiest right after a fresh shave/trim. I love when she grooms me this way because it is a time where I am required to stand before her, completely naked and exposed, while she prepares my body the way she likes. I adore the objectification that goes along with it. Today, while grooming me, she was in regular old t shirt and panties that she slept in. She was also wearing a regular, normal robe that she left untied. Her beautiful red hair was disheveled and in a knotty pony tail. In other words, she didn't spend one second preening in front of the mirror before attending to the task of grooming me. Even so (maybe even especially so) when I looked down at her kneeling on the floor in order to be able to groom me, looking the way she did in her utter natural state, I was taken back by her beauty at that moment. Sure she is a beautiful woman when she prepares her makeup and clothes to make herself feel presentable to the outside world, but to me, in the just-woke-up condition, she is at her most stunning, her most beautiful. Needless to say, that when looking down at her like I was, my super hard, super erect cock kept blocking my view. So, on this particular morning, after having the bulk of my yucky body hair removed, and then after a fresh, smooth shave to my cock, balls, anus area and ass cheeks, I was feeling incredibly horny/pretty/slutty. Mistress could've done anything she wanted to/with me at that moment and I would've gladly gone along. When the time came for me to tell I was ready to get dressed, she had me follow her into the closet saying something like, "let's see, what should we have you wear today?" She had me sit on the stool then she straddled me, pulled her panties to the side and slowly lowered herself onto my rock hard cock. She leaned and in said today, "you will wear me". Those words got me as close to an unauthorized orgasm as I have ever been. With that, she stood up, pulled her panties back over her beautiful pussy and turned to walk out of the closet. She stopped to say "you will wear me on you today", and out she went. OMG! I touched my cock and balls, gathered her smell on my hand and put it to my nose. Honest to goodness, the smell of her sex was almost enough to allow me to orgasm right then and there. This woman owns me, in every sense of the word.


  1. I love that your posts so show your adoration and love for your Mistress, as well as the sexy and obedient sides. What a wonderful relationship you guys have. Hot, and full of wonders and love. I so love everything you share. xx


    1. Awww, geez! Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words Amber.


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