Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Uh oh ......

Yesterday was Tuesday.  You may or may not know that I am required to wear my glass butt plug during waking hours every Tuesday.  It is a ritual that I enjoy very much.

Yesterday, when it came time to remove the plug, after thoroughly cleaning it, I carelessly failed to put it away.  It was discovered this morning by Mistress K., which of course has earned me a punishment.  "How would you feel if one of the kids were to find this left out?", she asked.  Of course I would feel awful placing the burden of the knowledge that we own one upon one (or more) of our unsuspecting children.  I feel just terrible.

This kind of infraction is especially troublesome for Mistress K.  I suspect the punishment will suit the crime.  Ouchy!

Friday, December 23, 2016

The end of another year is upon us

At the end of every year, we can't help but look back and reflect on the end that is coming to an end.  We'll assess it in many ways. We'll remember the good times and bad, the joys and the sorrows, the accomplishments and the disappoints.  We'll use those reflections as sort of a yard to measure where we think we are in life.

Over the years I've been blessed for being accustomed to feeling happy, proud, grateful and loved upon this annual reflection, and this year isn't any different.  My work is good, my kids are absolutely amazing (even that little fucking 13 year old.  13 year olds are the worst, but he is my last one) and my unwavering love and devotion for my beloved wife has grown another year deeper.  What an amazing place in life to be.  I am just so very grateful and thankful.

When it comes to reflection about the very intimate and wonderful lifestyle choice Mistress K. and I have chosen, it's also good to reflect on the year.  I have no complaints here either, not that complaining is even an option.  *smile   Of course there are things that make the daily grind less perfect, but most of these tiny disappointments (for me anyway) have mostly to do with what amounts to a selfish desire for something in particular at that very moment. 

Prior to our FLM, when I would come across something (anything) that would arouse me, make me horny, it was within the realm of my control to act upon it.  In the early days of our relationship, that usually manifested itself in impromptu sex with my then girlfriend, then wife, then Mistress (all the same wonderful, beautiful woman).  Then as the years went on, more and more of that satisfaction was me, jerking off and watching my sexual desire circle the drain.   Of course now, when I come across something (anything) that sexually arouses me, I absolutely DO NOT have the ability to do something about it and my sex life has never been better!

Year to date, Mistress K. has allowed or required 5 full orgasms with the very first one of those being at 6 am on 1/1/15.  In addition, there have been perhaps 12-15 ruined orgasms during the year.  Being reflective at this time of year, I realize that I have ejaculated nearly 100% more this year than any other since we began our FLM.  In the past I have written about how I have become conditioned to prefer to be denied a full orgasm.  If there is to be an ejaculation, I am always begging Mistress to make it a ruined orgasm because I long for that constant state of desire following sex with her.

In my last post I wrote about how my regular monthly milking session was a matter-of-fact type session where Mistress was more interested in just getting it over with quick.  Mistress was pressed for time in fact, that she held her hand out to catch my cum in order to avoid either of us having to clean it up off the floor (we were both way late getting our day started).  That description set off several comments (both in the post and on FetLife) about whether or not a male sub/slave should consume his own cum. 

Currently, the idea of me eating my own cum, is not at all appealing to Mistress K.  NOT AT ALL!  It's that benevolent streak that this beautiful Goddess has in her that will not allow herself to impose something upon her slave that she doesn't like herself.  Yes, she has swallowed my cum in the past, but only on very rare occasions and each time it was obviously that she had a great distaste for it.  As such, and even though she fully understands the symbolism behind a "a submissive husband must always consume ANY ejaculate he produces" concept as a standing rule, Mistress K. doesn't.  And for that I am grateful.  I've been there.  I've thought about it and before an orgasm (ruined or otherwise) the idea of being required to it is hot.  After orgasm?  Without fail, every time I've looked at the cum on my belly, her belly, the floor, the towel, in her hand .... I've thought to myself ...  Whew!  I'm so glad she doesn't make me do that.

Lastly, looking forward to 2017, Mistress K. has promised herself and me that she will have lessened the burdens that she places on herself and our family by not volunteering for every fucking project that comes along.  *smile

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and  here's to a prosperous and healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Monthly Milking

You may already know, but for those of you that don't .... every month, on the first Monday of every month, Mistress expects me to be milked.  On some occasions (although rarely .... insert pouty face here), that milking is accomplished via prostate stimulation.  On other occasions, Mistress K. will use a ruined orgasm as the method for draining the semen from my testicles. 

Sometimes that ruined orgasm even comes after a nice, long, slow love-making session where I am honored to have worshipped Mistress and to have witnessed her have an orgasm.  Still other times, my milking is very business like/matter of fact, with very little intention or concern for making it a pleasurable experience, but rather a "let's get this done" scenario.

This month (December 2016) went like this:

The first Monday of the month came and as is required of me, I notified Mistress the day before, and the morning of, that Milking-Day had arrived for the current month.  As often happens, the milking on that specific day did not happen because other things in life prevented it.  When this happens, Mistress has asked that I send her a daily reminder that the day for my scheduled milking for that month has passed, and remains due.  That's exactly what happened this month!

Mistress normally takes the kids to school and then heads to the office from there.  On this particular day a few days ago, Mistress wasn't ready for work and instead took the kids to school, then returned home to finish applying her makeup and fixing her beautiful red hair.  We were both kind of hurried for time when Mistress abruptly decided that this was the moment we would take care of my monthly milking.  I was already nearly fully dressed and ready for work when Mistress order my pants to be lowered.  She put some lube in her hand and summoned me to stand before her as she sat on her vanity seat.  I had assumed that Mistress merely wanted to give me a quick edging before we both went our separate ways for the days.    I shuffled over to Mistress with my now hard cock before her.  She started to stroke my cock without saying a word.

She didn't say a word, just kept stroking.  As the urge to cum approached, I let her know I was close, which of course I am always required to do.  But she get stroking.  Not only that, she placed her open hand under the head of my cock so that she could catch my semen, indicating to me that I was going to be ejaculating one way or the other.  I had forgotten all about the "didn't get to the milking yet" situation .... but Mistress hadn't.  She said that we "need to get your milking out of the way", indicating to me that this month's milking was going to be one of those business-like, get it over with quick milkings.  After all, we were both already a little late in our respective departures.  Mistress K., being the absolute expert on knowing when I am near an orgasm, knows exactly when to stop any stimulation in order to avoid or ruin my orgasm.  In this case, she opted for ruining my orgasm.

Mistress K. expertly achieved yet another ruined orgasm for me while accomplishing the monthly task of my milking.  Her expression and demeanor were very much like the woman in the pictures above.  One of disinterest and "let's get this over with" but with tons of love.  I hope that makes sense.

My ejaculation may have been slightly less robust than the young man depicted, and although the expression on Mistress K's face was almost identical to the woman depicted, Mistress K. did hold her open hand to catch my ejaculate in her hand.  This is something hardly ever, if ever does and it made me wonder why she was doing it.  I didn't suspect that she all of a sudden felt that I should consume my ejaculate, but I frankly didn't know.  Seeing and going through the range of emotions that accompanied that thought, I didn't know what to think.  I've talked about it before ... that battle between "holy fuck, it is soooo fucking hot to have to do something you'd never otherwise do, because you are required by your Mistress to do it" ..... and knowing that following an orgasm, I'd be in the "holy fuck, that seemed like a good idea before I came, now ... not so much".  But I digress ..... 
It turns out that Mistress merely wanted to avoid the time it would take to clean it up from the floor, for the sake of time. 

Following my emission, Mistress suddenly remembered that I was still due for a spanking for having recently leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  Although not as bad as receiving a spanking immediately following a full orgasm, receiving a spanking immediately following a ruined orgasm is not fun either.  So, still standing there, pants at my ankles, Mistress had me place my hands on the counter and efficiently administered my spanking before sending me off to work.

Friday, December 2, 2016

It hardly ever happens this way

Mistress K. is not a morning creature.  She loves to sleep and will constantly abuse the snooze button to the point of being late.  She loves sleeping in.

Yesterday morning, I heard her alarm go off, then the subsequent hitting of the snooze button.  I assume I had at least 9 more minutes before I was to have her coffee ready when she stumbled out of bed.  I don't dare assume she will rise after 1, 2, 3 or more snooze buttons because if I do, it can get cold sitting there waiting for her to eventually arise.  She must've awakened before the snooze alarm went off because I heard the toilet flush.  Uh oh, better get that coffee quick!  I hustled into the kitchen, quickly poured it the way she likes and hurried over to the bedroom door.  Just as I was about to go in, the door opened and there she was, standing there in all her sleep glory.  Her beautiful red hair was all mussed and she still had wrinkles on her beautiful face from the pillow and sheets.  I just love how beautiful she looks like this.  I leaned in to kiss her then tried to hand her the cup of coffee.  She pointed to the desk next to me as if to tell me to set it down, which I did.

I went back to her after setting it down and we kissed.  Deep and hard kissing (we don't do that enough).  My arms wrapped around her body and my hand cupped her beautiful ass when she did the same to me.  She aggressively shoved her into my sweat pants on my naked behind and pulled me into her body.  Then she lowered my pants and aggressively pulled at my ass, spreading my cheeks (she knows I love it when she does that) and I started to rub my hardening cock into her belly.  We were "making out" for another minute or so when she suddenly pulled me into the room, turned me to face the door, moved my hands to the top of the door and held me there in place.  Then she just started spanking me with her hand, then alternating between spanking and kneading my ass (she knows I love that too)  I was told not to move a muscle while she had her way with me. 

This lasted for about 5 minutes.  I was in heaven.  Then she abruptly stopped, turned me back around, ordered me to hand her the coffee cup still sitting there and then said  ...... "I'm done.  take the dog out to pee" and walked toward our kids bedrooms to wake them up.  I was breathing heavy and at a loss for words when I simply said "thank you Mistress" as she walked away.

After she left for the office, she texted me and said "wear your plug today", which was a bonus surprise because I am only normally allowed (required) to wear it on Tuesdays and this was a Thursday.  Yay!   As a another bonus, this morning (Friday) I asked her if I could wear the plug again today.  She said she'd think about it and let me know.

Here I sit, all plugged and happy, writing this story about a day in the life of a devoted, loving husband and his Goddess Mistress Wife.

Have a great weekend everyone!