Monday, June 29, 2015

She comes home today

Mistress has been out of town for the past 4 days and is coming home today.  She texted me this morning and instructed me to wear panties under my clothes for her today.  I put on a nice, fresh, close, smooth shave in the shower.  

Does it make me sound like a slut to say that I hope she makes me present myself to her so that she can remove my panties and have her way with her?  No?  I didn't think so.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What did you wear?

Sitting at the computer this morning, reading the news, answering some email, Mistress walks over and leans into my ear and asks "what did you wear yesterday?"  I replied "nothing Mistress because you didn't tell me to wear anything".  "48 hours"!  She went to say "that's not how it works my love.  You are required to inform me each day that you are about to get dressed so that I can decide what you will wear.  Remember?"  Yes Mistress, I replied.

On this day, I am wearing panties and the glass butt plug that I wear every Tuesday.  I just Mistress a text that said the following:

"I apologize for not letting you know that I was about to get dressed yesterday. Even though I am not looking forward to the ramifications of that, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you hold me to my responsibility. Thank you for that."

It's these small moments of appreciation for all the hard work that Mistress is willing to do to keep our rituals and lifestyle relevant.  Without moments like these, the basic responsibilities can become taken for granted.  Thank you Mistress for preventing that from happening.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Revelaing ourselves

First and foremost, Happy Father's Day to all of you father's out there!

Last night, Mistress and I were at a party.  Well, it was a party for one our kids' sports team and so is was an obvious strictly vanilla setting.  The other parents there are all pretty close friends of ours so we had a great, casual time.  Even though it was a "team" party, there was adult beverages and the typical conversation and fun by the parents in such a casual setting.

At the end of the night, after most of the guests had left, we were saying our goodbye's to our friends and the hosts, hanging around in the kitchen.  It was 10pm and there was a frying pan on the stove and it was obvious that it had been used to cook eggs.  I asked at what time did she cook eggs during the party and she said that it was a frying pan that her husband used to eggs ..... that morning.  She went on to say that he will do that and leave the pan out, presumably for her to clean up.  She will often just leave it there for however long it takes for him to notice that it is his mess to clean up, even if they had been preparing for a party all day, and even when guests for that party begin to arrive.  Then she said she will often just clean it herself out of frustration.

Without hesitation, Mistress K. said "Hmmm, yeah, I don't do dishes in my house."  Her comment immediately drew the interest and praise of the 3 other wives in the room.  The hostess asked, kind of jokingly it seemed, "was it always that way or did you have to train him?".  Mistress K. said, "oh no, I had to train him."  There were giggles all around at what appeared to be double entendre and everyone laughed it off, but there was a definite air of hmmmmm, what does this mean.  Then the hostess asked if the training was by using a rewards system, to which I immediately replied, "rewards and demerits", which seemed to raise a palpable aura of intrigue.  She actually asked, kind of nervously, kind of eager to know .... "what kinds of rewards and demerits?".  Seeing as how maybe we might be getting a little close to a slippery slope, smiled wryly and said "you probably don't really want to know, so ........... "  Everyone laughed it off and there was no further references to it.

When we got and the kids were in bed, I mentioned to Mistress that we edge closer to the subject of a FLM in public than we had ever been before.  Mistress said "yeah, I know.  And I liked it".  Again this morning, after Mistress arouse and was presented with her cup of coffee from me, and while I was nuzzling her neck and wishing her good morning, one of the first things out of her mouth was a slightly nervous, slightly excited comment about how she enjoys revealing our lifestyle.  My equal nervous and excited reply was to giggle and say "yeah, me too".

Now, neither of us would really allow our lifestyle to be revealed in a setting like we were in last night because they were all people that are very close friends and people we socialize with n a routine basis.  It won't happen with them.  But .... Mistress and I both felt the excitement of being closer than we ever have been to being revealed in a public setting.  Do this mean that a hope and dream of mind to be openly submissive to her in a non-private setting, in full view of and under the scrutiny of others, is more likely now someday than before?  I hope so!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who loves Tuesdays?

I know Tuesday is probably at the top of the list of favorite day of the week for most people.  For me, it is!  It's butt plug day!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Never take it for granted

It's Monday morning.  The house is quiet and Mistress is in the bathroom getting ready to go to the office for the day.  There are some men working in the yard outside and we are busy with the things a normal couple does on a Monday morning. 

I had just handed Mistress a fresh cup of travel coffee for her trip to the office.  She had s few things in her arms and was leaning in to kiss me good bye when she suddenly set everything on the counter and said "oh, I almost forgot.  Let's get your spanking out of the way".  My involuntary response was "no, please".  Without batting an eyelash she said "Yes!  Let's go" and she pointed toward the bedroom. 

I knew I was due for a punishment spanking.  It was because I left the car a mess.  It being summer and the house always full of kids, she needed to delay the spanking until a suitable time could be found.  Apparently, now was that time.  She walked into the bedroom and a few seconds later I followed her in.  She was already in our closet (it's a huge walk-in closet which is where she likes to give punishments when the kids are in the house).  When she heard me come in she said, "lock the door and come in here." 

Her spontaneous declaration that the spanking would be now left me feeling regret and some fear.  There was no time to contemplate.  No time to think about what was about to happen because in a few seconds, it was about to happen.  When I walked in, there she in all of her magnificent, feminine glory.  She was fully dressed and ready to leave the house.  She was wearing a pretty dress that hugged her beautifully figure nicely, conservatively, yet still a little sexy.  She was wearing high heels and she had her arms crossed and was holding a paddle in her right hand.  Her spanking hand.

She pointed to the floor, told me to strip and to get on all fours.
There was nothing sexual about it.  I had disappointed my Mistress and it was necessary for her to correct that behavior. When I know I am about to be punished, even though I am NOT looking forward to receiving the paddle, I will often get an erection.  In the beginning, Mistress would sometimes think I was being disrespectful to her authority because I had an erection.  She thought then, that I thought it was all just a little sex game that I had convinced her to play with me.  I can't easily explain why I get an erection when I am about to be spanked (maybe a topic for another post someday), but I often do.  I did not have an erection this time. Nothing! I think it was because I was completely surprised and didn't have time to think about it, and was genuinely processing what was about to happen to me.  I thought about what I had done wrong.  I thought about how I had disappointed Mistress.  I thought about how this was going to hurt.  I was pouty in my head about .... "now Mistress?  really?  Now?"

Mistress me my spanking, and yes, it hurt.  She lectured me during about how she is determined to train me well enough that the need for these spankings will become less and less frequent.  When she was done, and with my ass on fire, she rubbed my red bottom with her tender hand and said "up".  I immediately rose to my feet, hands on my stingy ass when she said "I didn't say stand".  I knew to get to my knees.  When I did, she stepped toward me and allowed me to rest my head on her belly, hug her, tell her I was sorry for displeasing her and to thank her for my spanking.  It was at that moment when I began get hard.  After care!  After care always brings to some level of subspace, and I love to wallow in it.

There I was, kneeling before my Mistress, having just been paddled red.  She was stroking my head and asking me if I had a lesson.  She told me to stand, handed me her paddle and said he needed to get to the office. After I helped her to the car, kissed her goodbye, thanked her again for my spanking, I realized right then what a lucky man I was.  She started the car, put in reverse and told I would be wearing panties today.  Then she back out and off she went, me waiving goodbye in the driveway. 

I came back inside and stopped for a moment and thought ...... wow, I actually am living this life.  I am so much in love with my Wife, so genuinely so.  She accepted by gift of submission when I opened my heart to her in the beginning and asked her if she would.  She has grown, and continues to grow as the owner of my mind, my body, my soul and my sex.  Standing there, I put y hand to my neck as if to feel the collar she placed on me when she officially took me as hers in our ceremony.  A giant smile came over my face and the erection showed no signs of receding.

I will never take this life for granted.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monthly Visitor

It's that time of the month when Mistress is visited by, well you know ..........

When Mistress is in her blooming phase each month, a few things happen.  First, I know that it will be several days before I even have the opportunity to worship her there, or anywhere near there because Mistress has a pretty strict "stay away policy" when she is, you know.  Mistress has always been very unwilling to allow my face to get anywhere near her there, even back before we were in our FLM.  Another thing that happens, or should I say has the potential for happening, is that Mistress will don her strap on and fuck me like the ass whore that I am.  Mistress has said in the past that during these times every month, is when it is most likely that she will take me that way.  *fingers crossed ....  oh boy, oh boy I hope.  Another thing that happens during these times monthly ..... Mistress is very horny.  Very horny.

Yesterday morning, Mistress had emerged from the shower and after having told me that today I would be edging myself a number of times, she ordered me to strip, retrieve the bottle of lube and to go sit in her chair in our bedroom.  She had me scoot to the edge of the seat, spread my legs and then told me to masturbate for her.  She stood there for a moment and watched, pleased with what she was seeing and then walked over the night stand and pulled out her vibrator.  She walked back over to the chair, climbed on the right arm rest, spread her legs and placed the now-humming vibrator directly on her clit, while she continued to watch me masturbate for her. 

She told me I could slow down if I felt I was close to coming, but was in no way allowed to stop.  I asked her how it felt to have another human being be owned and to be used at any given for sexual pleasure.  She simply replied "be quiet" and continued to work her vibrator.  She had an enormous, deep orgasm in seconds.  Those of you that know me know that just watching have an orgasm is almost enough by itself for me to orgasm, especially when I am laid out before her and masturbating.  I have been conditioned to have her orgasms be enough for the both of us and when she was finished, I felt like I wanted to collapse right along side her. 

I love her so much.  She is always thinking about me and that morning, this treat she gave was enough to have me walking on air all day. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Milking Ritual

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all having a good week so far.  Here in Phoenix ... we've been lucky and have been able to avoid the really hot heat, but it seems our luck has run out.  We'll be 110 or so for the better part of the next 2 1/12/ months with some occasional monsoon thundershowers thrown in for fun.  Enough about the whether.  You probably didn't come here for an update on the weather. 

In my recent post, I made mention of an upcoming milking session that is part of a few rituals Mistress K. implemented 6 weeks or so.  To summarize, this ritual is that I am to be milked (drained of the semen in my body) on the second Monday of every month.  "Milking", like so many other things in the D/s world means different things to different people.  For many, milking is the act of producing semen by stimulating the prostate and coaxing the fluid out without any stimulation to the penis.  To others, milking is merely a broad definition of a means to a goal, that goal being to drain the male of his semen, which could very well include penis stimulation most likely resulting in some sort of ruined orgasm event.  To still others, milking could be defined as having an ejaculation in whatever means available, including a full orgasm.

For the purposes of the new milking ritual Mistress K. has implanted, it is simply a means to a goal, and that goal being a draining of my semen on a regular basis.  Mistress K. has not said why she implemented this ritual other than to casually say that it is something she wants to do on a monthly basis.  She also made it very clear that there would be no routine defined manner in which my semen would be extracted each month.  The important thing seems to be that the extraction of my semen is what mattered and how she did that would depend on her mood at the time.

In our busy lives, even though there is a scheduled ritual, it doesn't relieve us of the constraints each of us has on our time together.  In other words, just because something has been scheduled doesn't mean that there will always be a lot of time at that moment to accomplish what she wants to accomplish.  As such, it will always be a "game day" decision as to how the milking will be accomplished.

This past Monday was no exception.  We both knew that the preferred time for a milking (in the evening after the kids went to bed) wasn't going to happen.  So, on Monday morning, Mistress decided that it needed to be done right then and right there.  Sort of a "let's get this over with" kind of thought.  Mistress called me into the bedroom (kids where elsewhere in the house getting ready for their own day), informed me that we were going to milk me right then.  She ordered me to strip naked and get the lube and the rubber butt plug.  I returned to her with both items and she instructed me to put some lube in her hand and then to insert the plug.  While I was inserting the plug, she began to stroke me.  The combination of inserting the plug in her presence and having her stroke brought me to the edge in record time.  I felt pressure to be able to get the plug in before the fluid started flowing from my cock.  Just as the plug plopped into place, I informed Mistress that I was about to cum.  Her demeanor went from "business like, let's get this over with", to "don't you dare" and she stopped stroking.  I was barely able to ask for permission and get it before the cum started dribbling out of my cock. 

Just like that, we had completed this month's milking ritual.  In a very businesslike manner, Mistress said "good boy", kissed me and instructed me to clean up because we were through.  Mistress seemed content this particular ritual had been satisfactorily accomplished for this month and she moved on to the busy part of her day. 

A couple of thoughts:  It was very clinical how the ritual had been accomplished.  Other than the absolute joy of presenting myself to Mistress for such an act, there was no "sex" involved.  There was no orgasm (yes, there was ruined orgasm, but those don't count), there was no tenderness and exchanges of lovey-dovey words that usually accompany our naked time together.  it was just business-like.  At first, I didn't know how to feel about that but in no time, I began to fully appreciate the mere fact that my Mistress would take the time to accomplish a ritual that she had establish.  My submissive heart soared and after I clean everything up, I went to her, placed my face in her neck, hugged her deeply and thank her for my milking. 

I can't wait until next month!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some ouchy and some beautiful subspace time

On Saturday, Mistress and I found ourselves with about 3 hours of alone time!  Holy fuck - Alone time!!  Mistress was out with the kids, running them around when they concocted a plan to have her drive them to the waterpark.  They swindled her into doing because they now how much she loves them.  *smile

While out, I texted her to confirm that when she returned home, that she would be alone.  She confirmed and told me she'd be home around 3.  At 2:45, I removed all of my clothes in anticipation of her arrival.  For those of you that don't know, there is a standing rule that when we are alone, confirmed alone, I am required o be naked in her presence without having to be asked or told.  Earlier that morning, Mistress told me to wear the ball splitter leather cock ring for the day, that looks like this, although on me, it was synched up tight!

Mistress walked in the door and we some delightful conversation like nothing was happening.  I so very much love that my being naked for her, and even when wearing a harness, that it is "normal". 

She walked by me on the way to the bedroom and casually ran her hand over my harnessed cock and balls and without saying a word, disappeared into the bathroom.  I continued to do whatever it is I was doing.  A few minutes later I saw Mistress walk out of the bathroom, past the open door to our bedroom/bathroom and toward our bed .... naked.  "Come here pet", she said.

I came bounding over like a dog looking for a treat.  She laid her gorgeous nakedness on the bed and instructed me to go insert my rubber butt plug and then to come over there and worship her with soft kisses and tender little bites all over her body.  I was in heaven and within seconds, my cock and balls where testing the strength of the already synched-tight leather harness.  Mistress allowed me to worship her for probably 20 minutes when she raised her head and informed me that I would be receiving my punishment spanking that was still due.  She said "but it will have to wait a few minutes because this feels so good".  After a few more minutes of mutually blissful worshipping, Mistress instructed me to stop and to go to the kitchen and get this evil thing:

Tis fucking thing hurts, even with the lightest swat.  I think Mistress discovered yesterday that when she uses this bamboo spoon, she can get maximum ouchy without having to spend too much energy.  The rounded nature of this medieval torture device/kitchen utensil concentrates the ouchy in one very specific location when it lands on my poor bottom.  I'm pretty sure Mistress was collecting data and conducting research for future punishments because she made me count the strokes, which is something I haven't done since the very beginning of our FLM.  When I reached 150 ... she stopped.  When she stopped, this is what it looked like:

Pictures never really do it justice when it comes to a freshly paddled ass, but trust me .... ouchy.  Especially with that fucking spoon!
When Mistress reached 150, she was ready for me to resume with her soft kisses and tender bites.  "Give me some soft bites on my ass", she said.  Mistress is always conscious and aware of whether she is "clean enough" for my face or mouth to be anywhere near her front and back down-there regions.  Even though I have told her that it is not possible for that to be the case in my mind, she nonetheless is aware and sensitive about.  That doesn't stop me though from sneaking a firm tongue between her beautiful cheeks every so often.  Unless she strictly forbids me from doing, I will always try to get away with whatever she will let me. 
"Stop", she said, while she moved to the edge of the bed and hung her les off the side so that her feet were dangling just above the ground.  She spread her legs in that familiar "I want to be fucked now" pose and ordered me to stand between her legs behind her.  She ordered my cock into her pussy.  This time, before I found myself dangerously close to the edge, I asked Mistress if it would be ok to fuck her with "Pinky" (our friendly cock sleeve) on.  At first she said no but I convinced that right then, she needed a good, hard fucking and not have to get less than she wanted because her pet was going to be on the edge.  She agreed (why wouldn't she?) and sent off to get Pinky. 
With my big, fat, hard, now sleeve-covered cock in front of me, I resume my position behind her legs and positioned the intruder at the entrance of her sex.  She told me to hold her feet in my hands while I fucked her so I reached down and held the like I was holding a wheelbarrow.  I fucked her slow and deep, then fast and deep until she was having an incredible orgasm.  As you probably already know about me, there is just something so spiritual for me to see Mistress K. having an orgasm.  It just makes me so happy to see her experience such incredible pleasure.  Standing there, hold her up by her feet as she is face down on the bed, her beautiful ass and pussy right at the edge of the bed, me holding held up and apart, a rubber butt plug inserted and watching the thickness of my sleeve covered cock going in and out of her, was almost too much for me to handle without cumming myself.  I have been able to spontaneously orgasm in the past by merely witnessing the sheer beauty of my Mistress having an orgasm.  This close to one of those times.
Today is Sunday.  Tomorrow is the second Monday of the month and in my house, that means milking day.  I am required to remind Mistress tonight that tomorrow is milking day.  I am also required to remind Mistress that it is milking day while I am assisting her alarm clock in awakening her at 5:55 am in the morning.  Mistress never decides the manner in which I will be milked (anally or by ruined orgasm) because she doesn't want to limit her preferences.  In any event, being milked by Mistress is just such an honor and I can't wait.
Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Punishment Spanking on my mind

Over the past few days, I've had punishment spankings on my mind.  Not fantasies (well not all fantasies), not questioning it use or importance in my life with Mistress K. (I never have a single doubt about), but more along the lines of how and in what context.

I told Mistress K. about a very short dream I had the other night that mostly included a spanking wall.  We were somewhere (I don't know where) and we were with people (I don't know who) that we were with in a banquet room (I don't know why) eating dinner or something at a table that probably sat 10.  The chair next to me was empty (Mistress K.'s seat I presume) but the rest of the table was full.  Oh, and I was naked and wearing a ball harness that is basically a Velcro secured piece of rubber that wraps around the base of my balls and separates them from the rest of my body.  Mistress will sometimes have me wear this under my clothes.  Also, it has a "D" Ring attached to it.  Even though I was naked, it didn't seem at all out of place.  I was engaged with everyone else at the table in witty banter when all of a sudden Mistress comes up to me, grabs me by the ear, pulls me to my feet and begins to scold me for something.  I don't what for though.  She is NOT happy (thank God it was just a dream).  She attached a leash to my balls harness and roughly pulls on it indicating that I should follow her.  She leads me into a room and on the far wall there are three hooks.  Two of them are high and have cuffs attached to them and the other on is the same height as my balls harness.

She leads me to this wall, still obviously not happy with me for some reason.  She secures my wrists in the cuffs and attaches them to the hooks in the wall.  It fully stretched my arms and body although my feet are still comfortably on the floor.  She attaches my balls harness tightly the third and by doing so, it pulls the entire front of my body flush and tight up against the wall.  I'm scared shitless.  Not because it appears that I am about to get a punishment but because she is obviously not happy with, I mean really, really not happy) and I don't know why.  Standing there, securely bound and pressed to the wall, she whispers behind me in an obviously angry voice .... This is going to test your boundaries, your devotion to our marriage and your courage.  With that she left the room, closing the door behind her, leaving me all alone in that position.  Then I WOKE UP!

When I woke up I was so relieved that it was a dream because I never, ever want for Mistress to be angry like that toward me.  I told her about it briefly and we haven't had any time alone to discuss it further other than for her to say "I like the sound of that wall".

Then, when browsing this morning, I came across this story from Femdomous:

Take a moment and read it.  It's a fantasy site that has all kinds of Femdom stories, but I mostly like it because there is always a sexy drawing accompanying the story.  This story happened to be about what I believe to be the absolute worst kind of punishment spanking there.  The dreaded post-orgasm story.  If you are a submissive man, and have ever been required to an orgasm immediately preceding a harsh punishment spanking, you know what I am talking about.  It's the worst!

Mistress K. has done this to me on only 2 occasions in the past.  I can tell you I high degree of certainty that is never something I want to have happen to me again.  Did I mention it was awful?

Submissive men .... do what you are told and behave yourselves soyou can minimize the chances of this ever happening to you. 

Dominant Wives/Women  .... if you ever want to really emphasize the punishment part of a punishment spanking. this will do it.

I'm pretty sure that these two things are a primary reason that I have had spankings on my mind the last few days.  Oh, that and the fact that Mistress owes me 2 punishment spankings.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FLR coming into their own

Hi gang.  I wanted to talk a bit about my morning worshipping, my Monday morning and also about my glass butt plug, but first, I happened upon this article entitled "BDSM Is The New College Hookup".  You can read it here:

I went there expecting to read a story about how BDSM in general is becoming more and more mainstream, common acceptable in our society as choice for sexual expression.  When I read the story, I realized that nearly every part of the article had to do with the Femdom side of BDSM.  Yes, I did realize that the story was written for a decidedly woman's site, which would explain the Femdom leaning slant in the article, but I got me to thinking ......... there just seems to be more and information and discussion about Femdom/Female Led relationships and Marriages.  Maybe my observation exist because I tend to gravitate toward Female Led articles and blogs, but it just seems that the "traditional" idea that BDSM is only male dominant/female submissive is becoming revealed as being less so.  Personally, I am glad to see it and hope there is more and more traction for conversation/blogs/articles about the beauty of Femdom life.  I also happened to come across an article (I can't find it to post a link) asking the question (paraphrasing here) "Where is the Femdom version of 50 Shades?"  A question many of us would love an answer to.

On to the other stuff.  As you may be aware, each morning, at 5:55am, I am required to assist Mistress' alarm clock in its attempt to wake by gently applying soft kisses to her sleeping body.  She wants to start each day with an overt demonstration of my love and devotion.  This has gone on for about 2 months now and I have to tell you, there is hardly anything I do in my role and a submissive husband that I enjoy more.  Those tender moments in the early morning are almost spiritual for.  Arriving bedside at the appointed time, removing my clothes, reaching over hit the snooze button on her alarm clock, climbing into bed to worship her body while she wakes is just so wonderful.  In the beginning, I'll admit it, it seemed like a chore.  Something I did (of course) because she decided that's what would happen, but with each day doing this, it has become more and more a cherished part of my day.  This ritual makes me as hard as anything else we do sexually and it is all the more satisfying because it is a worship ritual. 

On Monday morning, after Mistress emerged from the shower, I was called into the bathroom and was told ... "masturbate for me while I get ready".  I locked the bathroom door, removed my clothes and proceeded to provide a show for Mistress by steadily stroking myself for her viewing pleasure.  After a few minutes, she dismissed me.  I washed my hand and my penis, put my clothes back on left the bathroom.  Not a word was spoken but plenty was said.  I appreciate it so much that Mistress would find pleasure in watching me do that for her.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I wore my glass butt plug all day.  Another weekly ritual (every Tuesday) that Mistress instituted.  When I first started wearing my plug, it would take several minutes of preparation with lube and my finger for my bottom to relax enough to be able to accept the plug.  Now, my body (and bottom) no longer considers the plug an intruder, but more of a welcomed, highly anticipated guest.  I wear the plug ALL day and each Tuesday it becomes less and less noticeable and more and more like a natural part of my body.  When I first put it in in the morning, it just slides right in without pain, without resistance and without hesitation.  When putting it in, I like to pause as the fattest part of the plug is entering my body and dream a little about how it might be Mistress K.'s strapon and being objectified by her.  Yesterday, the plug was inserted at 7 am and was not removed until 10:30 pm and was supremely comfortable for that entire time.  Throughout the day, the full but comfortable feeling in my bottom reminds me of my role as her submissive husband and a smile will come across my face.  Who looks forward to every Tuesday?  I do!

Bonus ... While writing this, on her way into the shower, Mistress called me into the bathroom, told me to kneel and to remove her clothes for her shower.  Before entering the shower, she had me kneel at the shower entrance, kneeled down naked in front of me and started to stoke me with her lube filled hand ................. Oh God I wanted to cum so bad!

Have a great day and a great week everyone!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Just returned

Hi everyone.  I hope each of you had a lovely weekend.  Our family just returned from another visit to the mountains of Arizona where we really enjoy going in the summer.  Gets hot in Phoenix in the summer you know!

While there, we stayed with friends and there were kids running about as well.  There was a particular moment where we would have 15 minutes or so of known alone time.  I was in the garage on my way into the house when Mistress opened the door, poked her head out and said "get hard and come put yourself inside".  At first I didn't think I heard her correctly because I wasn't expecting it so when she repeated herself, the getting part was accomplished in about 2.3 seconds.

Once inside, I found her in the bedroom was had just removed her pants and was lowering her panties.  Side note .... seeing Mistress bottomless while still wearing something on top has always been one of my favorites visions of her.  She has such a sexy and hips area and when being bottomless, it is perfectly accentuated.  But I digress ............

Mistress leaned over the bed and ordered me to put my cock inside her.  In instants like this, when something so sexy is unexpected, I can sometimes last for a good long time.  This wasn't one of those times and it wasn't even a minute or so before I had to pull out and fight real hard not to cum, or ejaculate.  As much as Mistress is aware that the orgasm denial lifestyle and frequent edgings that I am subject to do a good job of keeping me in a constant state of arousal, she also knows that it plays hell on my ability to last long enough sometimes for her to get the kind of pleasure she wants in spontaneous moments like this.  She didn't express too much disappointment, but I could tell that she had some.  At least a little.  I offered to put pinky (cock extension) on and give her a good, hard fucking but she felt we were running out of "safe alone time".  She stood up from the bed, turned to face me, kissed me tenderly and told me I was not allowed to clean her juices from my cock. She also said, "we are going to have to work on you lasting longer".  I reminded that not too long ago we were doing cock therapy for this very reason.  You can see some of the posts regarding cock therapy by clicking on "cock therapy" under the Labels section on the right side and at the bottom of the page here.  Basically though, cock therapy was an exercise she would put me through by declaring a certain number of thrusts inside I was expected to complete without stopping and without having to pull out.  Any number less than the prescribed number meant that was how many hard paddle swats I was to receive immediately.  Say the number she gave was 100 and I go only go (nonstop) to 30.  I'd get 70 spanks right then!

She smiled, kissed me again and said, "yeah, maybe we'll start that again and went to the bathroom.  when she returned, she was instantly reminded that I was still scheduled for a 48 (a spanking she declared was due within 48 hours because of an infraction).  Actually, I was due for 2 of them.  Still naked, I was ordered to the close and told to wait.  A few seconds later she entered, fully clothed and  started spanking my bottom with her bare hand.  She's a strong girl and packs a wallop, even with her hand, but Mistress prefers an implement and asked if I had packed her paddle.  After saying no, because she hadn't told me to, she spotted the belt still in my shorts in a clump on the floor.  She immediately pulled the belt from the shorts and proceeded to redden my ass with the belt.  I always my best to remain still because i want Mistress to see me being brave for her paddlings but sometimes the paddle (in this case the belt) stings like a mother and I'll instinctively move away.  After being ordered back into position, Mistress resumed then completed my spanking and had me kneeling on the floor, red assed and naked, for some after care.  She pulled my face into her belly and lifted her shirt so that I could kiss and nuzzle in her belly.  She knows that it is my happy place to be after a spanking.  I apologized for my behavior and thank her for giving me my spanking.  Just I was about to ask Mistress if I could ask her for something special in the punishment department,  everyone starting returning to the house, which require that discussion to happen at a later time. 

What I wanted to ask her was .... while we are in the mountains and when we are with so many others, which is most of the time, when Mistress declares that's a spanking was necessary, could we take a drive into the forest and have my punishment be executed there? 

More to come bur for now, real life needs my attention.