Thursday, July 30, 2015


Surprise.  "Today you will wear your chastity device", where the words that come from Mistress K.'s mouth after being summoned to her for instructions. 

Mere moments after leaving a comment on another blog about Mistress rarely ever tells me to wear my chastity cage, out of the blue came this instruction.  Here I sit, wearing my chastity cage for the first since we exchanged our vows and Mistress properly collared last fall.

It feels like an old friend that I haven't seen in a while.  A very distinct constant reminder of who owns my sex.  I love you Mistress.

Friday, July 24, 2015


We all have them.  Some deny having them.  Some relish in them, but we all have them.  During the course of my submission in my FLM, my fantasies have evolved.  The majority of them anyway.  I still have fantasies that involve Mistress taking a female sub of her own, fantasies of watching Mistress make love to another woman and just get lost in reckless sexual abandon.  Fantasies about being among like-minded people in a setting where we could openly be demonstrative in our respective roles.  That sort of thing.

I'll tell you this though, one thing that has happened to me (and I couldn't be happier about it) is that every single fantasy that have, in some significant way, includes Mistress K.  Whether it is her instructing me to perform a sexual act of her choosing, for her viewing pleasure or the pleasure of a guest of hers, being taken anally in the presence and full view of others, or being given a punishment spanking, my fantasies ALWAYS include her.  It was something I recognized a few months ago and when it occurred to me, a giant smile came over my face.  I happened naturally. I didn't coerce myself into it because I felt I had to.  It was something that just happened because, I suppose, of the happiness I fell in my love life with my wife.  What a great place to be!

My favorite current fantasy is really quite simple .... to be summoned into the bedroom by Mistress K.  Then to be allowed the honor of being able to worship her entire body with those soft, tender kisses that she loves so much.  When Mistress is satisfied with the adoration that she has received, Mistress would then inform me that I may do whatever I wish sexually with her, with zero restrictions on what it is I choose and no restriction on my ejaculation or orgasm.  I would choose to lay her on her back, spread her legs, look into her eyes and hold them there while I slid myself inside of her.  I would thrust slowly at first, never once removing my eyes from hers.  Then, gently, firmly and with all the love in my heart I would continue to make love to her without stopping, our eyes never leaving each others, right up to and past the point of orgasm, emptying me seed inside of her.  Boring ... I know ... but OMG so hot!

What fantasies are in your head right now?  I'd like to know.  It could be a fantasy that might likely happen, could maybe happen, will never happen but is still a fantasy, or ???  Please friends, let me know.

Off to the cool rainy mountains again this weekend.  Some but limited access to this blog there but at worst, I'll "see" you all again on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

She was reading my blog .......

The past two mornings, before starting her routine for getting for the day, Mistress K. sat in her Queen chair in our bedroom, cup of freshly poured coffee next (that I had just brought her), opened up her iPad and did a little reading on this blog.  I don't mind telling you what a thrill I get when Mistress will take the time to read my blog. 

A few moments later, Mistress called me into the room.  I didn't know why ... I assumed she needed her coffee warmed up.  I walked over to her and she sent me back to the bedroom door to close and lock it.  There were kids in the house still sleeping.  "Get some lube in your hand", were her instructions and with that I removed my shorts and my rapidly hardened cock sprang forward.  I went into the closet and placed lube in my hand and returned, standing in front of her.  She pointed to the floor and said "kneel there".  I kneeled .......  "Masturbate for me" were her next words.  So while she continued to peruse my blog and read the comments from my dear friends and readers, I slowly, methodically stroked myself with my right hand while my left hand went behind my back. 

She gets a little caught up with my thoughts here (although there is months worth of posts that she still hasn't had the time to read) and gets to see the comments left by my fiends and readers.  For example, she asked me "Who is K in New England"?  I asked her if she remembered me telling her about a small group of submissive wives that I had become close blog friends with, and how they had essentially accepted me as one of their submissive "sisters".  She said she did and then mention that K was one of those sisters.  She giggled and thought that was adorable.  She then went "Ewwww" when reading a comment from Mistress A. who suggested in a comment on my post "Eve of Milking Day", that I be required to consume my cum on my monthly milking day.  She went on to suggest that she knew that even though I have said it is not something that is appealing to either Mistress K. or me, that it was something that I wanted to be required to do anyway.  Mistress K. asked me "you don't want to do that do you"?  I said, those are her words Mistress, not mine.

I was in heaven.  Dutifully kneeling there while she sipped her coffee and read by blog.  (Did I mention that I so much love it when she reads my blog?)  I sat there in awe of her as she sat so confidently in her chair, reading my blog.  I wondered what she was reading and what she was thinking of what she was reading, never once ceasing to stroke my cock for her.  I went through at least a dozen trips to the very edge of orgasm while she continued her reading, letting out moans of delicious agony as I struggled to continue to stroke myself while simultaneously struggled to avoid having an ejaculation. 

Suddenly she said "go get my leather paddle".  I thought this was it.  I thought the dreaded, anticipated, significant punishment was about to happen.  Instead, Mistress had me stand in front of her and while continuing to stroke myself, she played with my ass and her paddle.  I instinctively knew that this wasn't the punishment I have anticipating with some dread and fear, and she confirmed that to be the case.  "No, I just wanted to have a little fun is all".  During this "play" spanking, Mistress discovered a way to be able to add a little extra sting with her paddle with a particular angle.  It's just an added bonus when Mistress can unexpectedly discover something new with our dynamic that she can use in the future.  After about 30 swats or so, she handed me the paddle, had me put it away and then told me to wash my hand, put my shorts back on and return to her.  When those things where completed, I returned to her, kneeled in front of her as she sat in her throne and she extended an arm to me, pulling me into her so I could relish in her tenderness.  I so very much love those moments after a paddling, even play paddling's like I had just received.  The words "thank you for my spanking Mistress" involuntarily came from my mouth and upon those words, she pulled in closer.

Shortly after, she excused me so she could continue her reading uninterrupted.  I am so in love with this woman!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here it comes I'm afraid

Yesterday, I blew up at Mistress.  Not because of anything she had done, or done wrong even.  It's just that I was at a peak of frustrations that had nothing to do with Mistress or our lifestyle.  Shit from work (people are sometimes just weasel-ass fuckers, aren't they?) and I was frustrated at a stupid faucet on a bathroom vanity that Mistress wanted me to install. 

In the several wonderful years that we lived in our FLR, I have so very rarely allowed my frustrations in things that don't include mistress, to come out in frustration for Mistress.  yesterday was one of those days.  I am so very proud of my Mistress Wife.  She knew the benefit of letting me blow off steam before she approached me to calmly ask me to settle down.  When I didn't settle down ... she had very little interest in accepting my behavior and very sternly let me know!  It took me a total of five minutes for me to come to senses and realize that not only did I blow up about essentially nothing, and certainly nothing to do with Mistress, but that my being pissy like I was is not something that should affect Mistress .... in any way  .... ever.

We are all good.  In fact, we are even better than we were because each of us continues to grow in our respective roles.  There was nothing sexual at all about my outburst, nor in her commanding that it end.  Nothing at all.  Recalling this non-sexual event however has me hard as a rock because the only thing I can focus on was how Mistress did not waiver, did not back down, did not engage in an argument with her lunatic submissive husband.  Instead ... she ended it!  I love you Mistress.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Mistress and I are planning to head back to the mountains this week for an 3 day weekend. 


P.S.  Mistress did mention after the episode was over that the punishment I am still waiting to receive from a previous infraction (because she said it requires enough space and time to be able to execute in the manner she had in mind), will now be "significantly more escalated as a result of our little episode".  After saying that to me, she kissed me on the head, patted me on the ass and left the room.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Milking Day

Hi everyone ... I hope you are all having a great week so far.  It's Wednesday morning and I have just come from the bathroom where Mistress was getting ready to go to work.  She was fully dressed and applying the finishing touches of make-up to those gorgeous eyes of hers. 

I was summoned into the bathroom with her.  "Masturbate for me", were the words that fell from her lips.  There she was, beautiful, dressed and ready to leave the house and rule the day.  I removed my shorts and started to masturbate behind her and off of her right shoulder.  She kept me masturbating for longer than normal.  When she could hear from my moans that I was getting close, she said "beg me not to let you cum".  I proceed to beg her because I was really close, but it wasn't convincing enough for her.  "Beg me like you mean it", she said, making me wonder if she was gong make me cum.  Then she told me to stop.  Standing, rock hard, my cock glistening from the lube, I waited motionless while she continued to apply her make-up.  "Continue", she said and continue I did.  I was held at the torturous edge of orgasm on at least 10 different occasions until she finally said "you are done.  Go wash up".  I was summarily dismissed.

All that on the heels of an exciting milking day Monday evening.  For those of you that don't know, Mistress has installed a ritual in our life that calls for me to milked on the second Monday of every month.  This past Monday was the second Monday of July.  The ritual requires that I remind her of my pending milking the day prior and the morning the milking.  Failure to remind her results in a sever punishment spanking.  Calendar management is very important here.  *smile

I reminded her Sunday and then again Monday morning.  She was pleased that I did as I was instructed.  On Monday evening, after putting me to work on several items around the house, Mistress told me to remove the glass butt plug that she had me insert hours earlier, and for me to get in the shower.  I was instructed to let her know when I was done preparing myself.  After my shower, I combed my hair, brushed my teeth and put a dab of her favorite cologne just below my belly button. 

I came out to the family room to report I was prepared.  She accompanied to our bedroom and told me to strip and to wait in her Queen chair, then disappeared into the bathroom.  She emerged wearing nothing and walks right past me and into our closet.  The vision of her naked body at that moment was almost too much to bear.  She emerged from the closet with the strap on harness that goes on her thigh and ordered me out of her chair.  She took a seat and unceremoniously put the condom covered dildo into the harness and secured it on her thigh.  I was instructed to go lube myself and retrieve her wand vibrator.  When I returned I was treated to one of them most beautiful, sexy vision I have ever seen.  She was naked, harness installed on her thigh and she had slid to past the edge of the seat in order to allow me to straddle her cock covered leg.  I handed her the vibrator.  Before turning it on she said "put yourself on my cock".  Facing her and with her looking into my eyes, I lowered myself onto her cock to the soft humming of the vibrator against her beautiful, smoothly shaved pussy.  It slipped right in without any hesitation or discomfort.  Like it belonged there. 

It was heaven.  Riding her cock while being able to watch her give herself an orgasm.  She was encouraging me by saying "come on babe, let's get you drained".  A few minutes later, while she was on her 3rd (?) orgasm and I was methodically riding up and down on her rubber cock,

she grabbed my cock, pumped it twice and expertly knew that my cum was about to cum out.  Slowly, it began to ooze from my cock and onto her leg and belly.  She used that energy to have yet another orgasm.  Then she asked ... " are you empty".  I said, "I don't know for sure bet I believe there is more in there".  I reached behind, held my own ass as I resumed riding up and down on her thigh.  I was soaking it all in.  It was just so awesome to be before, fucking her strap on like a slut while she eagerly awaited another round of cum from my desperate cock.  A short time later, more came out and covered her thigh and belly. 

It was kind of like a ruined orgasm but not really.  There was pleasure for sure, but it was non-orgasmic pleasure.  It was more of the kind of pleasure that naturally comes for me by presenting myself to Mistress, and in this case performing for her by riding her cock like the ass whore I want to be for her.  She was magnificent in her dominant demeanor.  She was tender and loving but at the same time, very business like.  After all, we weren't there for tender love making.  We were there to drain the semen from my body.  That being said ........ OMG, it was wonderful.  The best part?  Being able to watch Mistress bring herself to several orgasms.  Oh yeah, the being fucked by her cock-wearing leg was nice too.  *smile

Sunday, July 12, 2015

on the eve of milking day

On this Sunday, the eve of my monthly scheduled milking, I am so eager, have so much anticipation for my milking that while I was in the shower, my cock and ball felt it when I squeezed body wash from it's bottle onto the scrubber.  This particular body wash looks like cum when it comes out of the bottle and while squeezing bottle and watching the cum-like soap ooze out, I felt a sensation in my groin that was similar to the feeling of being milked, or a ruined orgasm.  Hmmmmm

Friday, July 10, 2015


Here it is, July 10th and for the first time since our kids got out of school for summer vacation, our family's daily life is no going to be dictated by the sports schedule of our children.  Literally, everyday for the past month we have been subject to the schedule of our boys sports.  Being a coach, and Mistress K. loving all the aspects that go along with our kids' sports, we love it dearly and are sad to see it end ... for the time being.

I'd be lying if I wasn't equally excited about not having to adhere to a strict activity schedule that prevents our family from doing other things.  Of course that includes special "we time" for Mistress K. and I. We have so much to catch up on.  There are several punishments that have stacked up over the past 5 weeks that I look forward to having to endure, even though I know it will be quite stingy.  I am looking past the pain and directly to the moment in which the spanking is complete.  That tender moment where I am naked, sweating, kneeling and just holding on to Mistress while we (re)connect on the deep level that we both so very much love. 

The other day, Mistress texted me this:   "If u dare come a little closer and bare your soul to me a little more .... "   This comment was made after a stolen moment we had alone time together.  I had just come into the house, removed all of my clothes and was about wash the dirt, sweat and other things that were on my body from the field.  Mistress sat in her chair and had sit naked on the floor at her feet.  She told me to tell her something that was n my mind that I wanted to be able to reveal to her right then.  It didn't have to be one of those deep dark fantasies of something I wanted for us to do but maybe/probably we wouldn't be doing.  It could be anything.  Sitting on the floor at her feet, she told me to open my legs so she could use her foot to rub my cock and balls, sweaty as they were.  Naked and vulnerable I told her first thing came to my mind (which happened to be a favorite sex act of mine that we only sometimes do, but that I want to do more and more and more).  She smiled at me in appreciation (I love that), and thanked me, then excused me to get into the shower.  It was a magical moment, and like I said before, one that seems to have lingered in her mind to the extent she seems to want to delve farther into the baring of our souls.

I just so very much love being at a threshold of something that we both know will allow our love to find a deeper level.

Friends, I also look forward to having the time to stay in better contact with each of you.  I hope your summer is going well and you have a smile in your heart and on your face.

Much love.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Would Love your advice

Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend.  Mistress K., the kids and I all had a great time in the mountains of Arizona and are now safely back home in the Valley of Sun (heat).

Being away like we were, surrounded with family and friends at all times, meant that our alone time was essentially non-existent.  That obviously meant that there was no time for US, to do, you know , the things that a Dominant Wife and submissive husband like to do sometimes.  Purely vanilla all weekend long!

After we got home late last night, unpacked the car, settled the kids for bed, we finally got to be naked and alone.  I was laying in bed already when Mistress K. came into the bedroom, went to the closet and a few minutes later, emerged, tired and ready to get some sleep.  The only light in the room was the TV and when she walked in front of it to get into bed, wearing only a black thong, she looked absolutely gorgeous.  One of the favorite parts of her body (her torso) was illuminated by the dim light of the TV and I instantly got hard.  Even though I was already half asleep, I immediately got hard just by the sight of her nearly naked body.  She was checking her phone before putting it on the charger and then climbed into bed and ordered me to cuddle (spoon) her.  I immediately did so, pressing my hard cock against the other favorite part of her body ... her ass. 

When she realized that she had forgotten to set her alarm, she shifted and moved to reach for her phone on the nightstand.  By doing so, she stretched her arms to reach for the hone, rolling slightly onto her tummy, exposing her beautiful back and ass to me.  While setting her alarm, I couldn't resist so I started rubbing her ass and back and started kissing her all over.  Something came over me and I started to act in a dominant fashion by telling her (not asking her) that I was going to fuck her right then.  I started thrusting my cock into the fleshly part of her bottom, mockingly fucking her while she fiddled with her phone.  When she finished and rolled onto her back, I "ordered" her to remove her panties and spread her legs.  She just looked at me.  Not defiant or disappointed that I was assuming a somewhat dominant role for a moment, but just looking at me.  I immediately just pulled her panties down and removed, throwing them to the floor beside the bed.  I "ordered" her open her legs, not knowing how she would respond to me talking to her like this.  Almost immediately she opened her legs with a smile on her face.  I grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head and positioned myself to enter her.

I had been without much sex for almost two weeks, save for a few stolen moments when Mistress would stroke my cock through my shorts, or the day last week when Mistress ordered me to edge myself at (am, noon and 3pm precisely, regardless of where I was that day.  Being a chaste husband and having very few orgasms, I am usually in what amounts to a constant state of arousal.  Just the way Mistress K. likes to keep me.  It's July and so far this year I have had only 2 real orgasms and probably as little as 10 or 12 ejaculations (ruined orgasms).  There are times that I know Mistress K. wants to be taken and just fucked.  Fucked hard.  This was one of those times.  The downside of being chaste and in a constant state of arousal is that I can be brought to the edge of orgasm in a very short time.  After a short time of slowly moving my cock inside of restrained Mistress, the need to orgasm came rushing toward me and I had to stop in order to avoid an unauthorized orgasm.  I tried to start again and last longer but it just wasn't going to happen.  The disappointment on Mistresses face was obvious even though she did her best not to show it.  I offered to get "pinky" (our cock sleeve) and put it on so I could fuck her longer, but she said no.  She just ordered me to retrieve her panties so she could put them back on.  After helping her back into her panties, she said "that's all for you tonight so lay down and go to sleep". 

So, what advice do I need?  Well, if you haven't figured it out already, I need your advice on how to be both chaste and in a constant state of arousal, while also being able to satisfy my Mistress with my cock when she has the desire to be fucked, without having to stop to avoid orgasm.  Stamina! 

My friends ... what advice to you have for me to be able to give Mistress the good hard fucking she wants/needs/deserves, without being a typical feeble male that wants to ejaculate too soon?  I know that this very conundrum is the reason that Dominant wives will often cuck their husbands, or otherwise take on other lovers ... and this seemingly natural progression is what I hope to avoid.  This morning Mistress and I talked again about "cock therapy", which is Mistress K.'s idea to help prevent premature ejaculation.  If you don't already know, Mistress K.'s "cock therapy" goes like this ....  Mistress K. will give a number.  Say that number is 100.  I am then required to give Mistress K. as many full thrusts as I can leading up to that number, without stopping.  Let's say I get to 25 but need to stop in order to avoid cumming.  That leaves 75 ... the number of hard swats I will receive from Mistress' paddle.  After the paddling, I am immediately required to make another attempt, with the same outcome.  We have used "cock therapy" in the past and it was beginning to work, especially at the time when Mistress K. decided that if she was going to go through the trouble of paddling me, each swat was gong to be meaningful  (ouchy). 

Anyone have any advice for me?  I would especially love to hear from Mistresses out there that very well could be having to deal with the same issue.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Weekend Everyone !!!

Mistress and I will be taking the family to the mountains for the weekend.  I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend.  See you back here next week.

God Bless America !