Friday, July 10, 2015


Here it is, July 10th and for the first time since our kids got out of school for summer vacation, our family's daily life is no going to be dictated by the sports schedule of our children.  Literally, everyday for the past month we have been subject to the schedule of our boys sports.  Being a coach, and Mistress K. loving all the aspects that go along with our kids' sports, we love it dearly and are sad to see it end ... for the time being.

I'd be lying if I wasn't equally excited about not having to adhere to a strict activity schedule that prevents our family from doing other things.  Of course that includes special "we time" for Mistress K. and I. We have so much to catch up on.  There are several punishments that have stacked up over the past 5 weeks that I look forward to having to endure, even though I know it will be quite stingy.  I am looking past the pain and directly to the moment in which the spanking is complete.  That tender moment where I am naked, sweating, kneeling and just holding on to Mistress while we (re)connect on the deep level that we both so very much love. 

The other day, Mistress texted me this:   "If u dare come a little closer and bare your soul to me a little more .... "   This comment was made after a stolen moment we had alone time together.  I had just come into the house, removed all of my clothes and was about wash the dirt, sweat and other things that were on my body from the field.  Mistress sat in her chair and had sit naked on the floor at her feet.  She told me to tell her something that was n my mind that I wanted to be able to reveal to her right then.  It didn't have to be one of those deep dark fantasies of something I wanted for us to do but maybe/probably we wouldn't be doing.  It could be anything.  Sitting on the floor at her feet, she told me to open my legs so she could use her foot to rub my cock and balls, sweaty as they were.  Naked and vulnerable I told her first thing came to my mind (which happened to be a favorite sex act of mine that we only sometimes do, but that I want to do more and more and more).  She smiled at me in appreciation (I love that), and thanked me, then excused me to get into the shower.  It was a magical moment, and like I said before, one that seems to have lingered in her mind to the extent she seems to want to delve farther into the baring of our souls.

I just so very much love being at a threshold of something that we both know will allow our love to find a deeper level.

Friends, I also look forward to having the time to stay in better contact with each of you.  I hope your summer is going well and you have a smile in your heart and on your face.

Much love.


  1. Seems like so many of us have had hectic schedules. It's been pretty quiet around here. Myself included! Enjoy your new found freedom from kid activities and the rekindled connection of baring your soul.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thank you my dear friend. Mistress and I are looking so forward to spending "us" time together, bare souls (among other things) and all.

    You have a great weekend too and thank you as always for stopping and commenting.


  3. It is true that for too many couples, they go through life afraid to bare their souls to one another. I'm sure the fear of rejection is at the top of the list of reasons so. We should trust our spouses with our lives and yet we hold back, limiting our own happiness and theirs. That is an excellent thing about a WLM, There is a certain baring of the soul just to get started and with time things only get better. I am convinced this is a better, more peaceful life.

    1. I couldn't agree more DLsKnight. Thank you as always for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  4. Hi sub hub, I love what you wrote about the moment you reconnected, and it sounds so wonderful that your Mistress and you are on a way that might bring you closer. This is so lovely! Wishing you a happy weekend.



    1. Thank you Ni Na. I'm looking forward to our journey together, like I always am. I so much appreciate it every time you stop by. Thank you.

  5. Hey buddy, glad to hear that life has returned to some normalcy - I remember those running around days. It's great to hear how well you and your beloved are doing. Take care and hugs. K

  6. I look forward to things slowing down for you, I answered your email but you never answered mine ;)...

  7. What a wonderful moment and connection between you sub hub, this made me smile :) How wonderful that you are deepening your connection, Baring one's soul isn't easy. Enjoy the less hectic period. Hope you and Mistress K find more opportunities to connect :)



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