Thursday, November 23, 2017

Red Headed Women

I came across this ridiculous, bull shit click-bait thing about the sexiest redheads ... so naturally, I had to click.  Hey, it's redheads .... I can suffer through some idiotic webpage.  It's redheads.  You may already know that I am partial to redheads in part because my beloved Mistress Wife is a redhead.

These redhead celebrities are the 5 sexiest to me.  What about you?  Who are yours>

1.   Ellie Kemper  -  She's cute, adorable sexy, which is the best kind of sexy there is.  Just like Mistress K.

2.   Angie Everhart   -  Holy shit .... amazon goddess sexy.  This picture is one of the sexiest pictures ever taken of any woman, ever.  This also happens to be the very position that is my favorite position for spanking, sex, or ....  It's the "make love to the wall" position.

3.   Julianne Moore  -    Ultimate MILF sexy.  She has the look of the perfect combination of cuteness, graciousness, life experience and raw, base, hotness.  Rawr!!

4.    Emma Stone   -   The youthful, playful sexiness just oozes out of this girl.  Beautiful pale skin and holy fuck, that overbite!!  As an added bonus .... she happens to be from Scottsdale!  I have come to understand that Emma is a favorite among lesbian submissives.  I can see why.

5.   Faye Reagan   -   Yes, I know she is a porn star, but holy fuck is she gorgeous.  I have often encouraged Mistress K. to take on a female submissive to use as her own, personal plaything, Faye is who that should be.  Those freckles on that pretty but slutty face .... yum

Who are you favorite redheads?  I'd love to hear.  I'd also love to be able to show the sexiest redhead ever born here, but alas, she said no!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


There are so many things to be thankful for, big and small.

I am thankful to be married to a beautiful (and I do mean gorgeous), loving, thoughtful wife that enjoys owning every part of me.

This morning (the day before Thanksgiving) I am thankful that last night, Mistress K. woke me from the couch, walked me into bed and allowed me to lay my weary head on my pillow immediately after removing my clothes.  I was laying on my tummy, about to re-enter my peaceful slumber when I felt her place her leg over my legs, secure me tight with her right hand and proceed to spank my ass with her left.  An impromptu moment when she just wanted to spank me, and so she did.  Of course ....  It hurt and I begged her not to give me a hard spanking because all I wanted to do was sleep.

A hard spanking was what I got ... just because she wanted to.  Then, she ordered me to retrieve her vibrator.  After handing it to her, she instructed me to kneel beside her on the bed and masturbate while she made love to her vibrator.  It was an incredible sight, watching her build to an incredible orgasm while she watched her husband dutifully stroke his cock, and merely watch.  There is nothing better than to witness her have an orgasm, especially when she is with her electronic lover.

I am thankful that Mistress K. allows me to witness her orgasms.  Her orgasms are our orgasms and although I was not allowed to ejaculate, laying next to her in her post orgasm glow was incredible.

Thank you Mistress K. for allowing me to witness your orgasm.

Friday, November 3, 2017

You'll wear some pretty pink panties today

Every morning when Mistress leaves the house for the office, I walk her to her car, freshly poured coffee in hand, open the door for her, and watch her ease her beautiful body behind the wheel and get situated.  I hand her the coffee, than her for being my Mistress, kiss her goodbye and gently close the door for her.

This morning she rolled down the window as she began to roll backward out of the garage and she said "You'll wear pretty pink panties today".  Yes Mistress, of course was my reply.

These are the panties and they are my favorite for two reason;
  1. They fit because Mistress had purchased them specifically for me
  2. The thong part that rests on my bottom hole feels delicious .... all day long.
She went on to say that I was to wear panties to remind me that she owns me.   As if I need reminding ....