Friday, November 3, 2017

You'll wear some pretty pink panties today

Every morning when Mistress leaves the house for the office, I walk her to her car, freshly poured coffee in hand, open the door for her, and watch her ease her beautiful body behind the wheel and get situated.  I hand her the coffee, than her for being my Mistress, kiss her goodbye and gently close the door for her.

This morning she rolled down the window as she began to roll backward out of the garage and she said "You'll wear pretty pink panties today".  Yes Mistress, of course was my reply.

These are the panties and they are my favorite for two reason;
  1. They fit because Mistress had purchased them specifically for me
  2. The thong part that rests on my bottom hole feels delicious .... all day long.
She went on to say that I was to wear panties to remind me that she owns me.   As if I need reminding ....


  1. I like when Rosa says stuff like that to me as well. It does seem like Dominant women have this 'thing' about putting their men in panties.

  2. Hi Sub hub, it's great to hear from you :) I love your morning routine with Mistress K. There's nothing like that reminer is there, delicious :) Very pretty panties :)


    1. Hi Roz ... I know I can always count on you to come in, say hi, leave some kind words and then offer a tender hub befre leaving. You're an amazing person.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when we are told what panties to wear. I'm sure you were nude when you helped her into the car.

    1. It is wonderful archedone, but no, I wasn't nude.

  4. I serve coffee in bed each morning and she does lay out any clothes I am to wear during the day. If we stay at home, I am kept totally nude. If we go out she lays out the clothes. Sometimes there are no underwear, meaning I must go commando that day. If there is underwear, instead of panties, I have to wear what we call spankers. Basically they are a thong with no center strap.

  5. I like the panties ! Do they make you feel submissive or perhaps sissy or even both ?

  6. It's nice that she likes you in panties. You obviously love heer control.



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