Saturday, January 30, 2016

I've missed it


I hadn't been spanked in nearly 6 weeks.  Not because I haven't deserved to be spanked, but because living the suburban dream seemed to have conspired against Mistress being able to dole out the punishment spankings when they were earned.  When I woke up on Friday morning, I had 2 harsh, punishment spankings coming my way for infractions I had along the way. 

Friday evening, after I came home from the office, we were waiting to head out to meet friends for dinner.  We had 45 minutes before we had to leave, and THE KIDS WEREN'T HOME!  After asking Mistress if the coast was clear, I began to remove my clothes while we waited, because I am required to be naked in her presence, unless told otherwise.  Mistress was watching and when my pants came down, she remembered that she had ordered me to wear pantie that morning and instructed me to leave the panties on. 

We were watching Nurse Jackie when Mistress summoned me over to where she was on the couch and had me lay across her lap.  For 30 minutes, Mistress enjoyed her television show while she spanked my bottom with her hand.  When I first laid across her lap, she very carefully adjusted my panties on my bottom so they looked cute for her.  She then proceeded to spank me with my panties on.  I laid there, saying nothing, and not moving.

A few months ago, I had said to Mistress that when I was being spanked, I had every intention not to move or attempt to overly influence her as she was dolling out the punishment. I wanted for Mistress to better be able to concentrate on the spanking she was giving, rather than having to deal with m shenanigans of moving or whining.  Obviously there reaches a point where it become impossible to NOT react when the sting of the paddle/hand/cane/wooden spoon reaches a certain level.  Nonetheless, it was/is my goal to be a better spankee for Mistress by sucking it up and accepting what she has to offer without unnecessary reaction.

As I laid there, I was in haven.  I was exactly where I was meant to be and how I was meant to be.  I was in my own beautiful home.  My beautiful wife happy and contented right then to be relaxing and watching her favorite show.  I was naked (well, except for my panties) because that's how I'm supposed to be.  My wife calls me over so I can lay my nearly naked body over her lap so she spank me.  The spontaneous moment was heaven!

I informed Mistress that it was time for us to leave if we were going to meet our friends in time at the restaurant.  Mistress agreed, but before telling me to get up, he lowered my panties to just below my bottom and gave me several really good smacks with her bare hand for good measure.  Panties still lowered, she ordered me "up" so she could go freshen up for our dinner out.  I stood before her, hands behind my back with my panties pulled down in the back yet still covering my hard cock in the front.  She said "you may thank me for your spanking now".  I dropped to my knees, exposed her yummy belly, planted some kisses there and laid my head down and sais "thank you for my spanking Mistress".

She shooed me away to freshen up and told me to get dressed, but not before taking this picture:

5 minutes later, I was helping my beautiful Mistress into the car, waiting by the open door with a freshly spanked bottom.  I smiled and thought to myself .... I'm a lucky man!

One of the two punishments I had coming to me was satisfied.  The other was not.  It was for smoking .... and Mistress was not happy about it.  I suspect that one will hurt!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nietzsche .......

"Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine"
-   Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's not what you want

"Please Mistress, may I please have a ruined orgasm?"

Last night, Mistress K. roused me from my slumber on the couch and informed me it was time for bed.  I got up, stumbled toward the bed, removed my clothes and climbed in.  The room was dark except for the light from the TV.  One of my favorite views ever is when Mistress K. is naked, walks in front of the TV in order to get into her side of the bed.  There is just something so thrilling about seeing that beautiful creature making her way to get in the very same bed I am laying.  I am always so honored at a moment like this, just to know that she is married to me.

On this night, she was feeling frisky and ordered me to lie on my right side, facing away from her.  She began to lightly stroke my ass, teasingly barely running a finger along the crack of my ass,  She likes to get near the spot I wish she would concentrate on (my bummy hole) no matter how much I arch my back offer it to her.  Her other hand went to my cock, which was already hard as a rock, and she began to stroke me repeatedly to the edge of orgasm.  I would try to turn and face her but she would have none of it, instead ordering me to remain on my side while she continued to run her hands over my body.  I was in heaven.

Then, abruptly, she turned me to my back and straddled me, guiding my cock inside of her.  She was using my cock and body for her pleasure as she continued to march toward her orgasm.  She reached into the night stand and retrieved the wand vibrator as she neared her orgasm.  Within seconds she was having the most glorious orgasm.  She then fell off of me and laid beside me as she recovered from her bliss.  I so much love that moment right after she's had an orgasm.  Seeing her in her euphoria is just so rewarding.  I began to worship her body and rub myself against her.  I was so full of desire, I actually began to beg Mistress to allow me to cum on this evening.  She was sweet about it but said "not tonight my love, although I do love to hear you beg".  Those words gave me hope as I continued to plead with her for relief.  I then begged for the kind of ruined orgasm that is my favorite ... straddling her naked body and allowing my come to gently land on her belly.  It seemed like she was considering it and I was getting excited at the prospect that she may allow it.  Her beautiful eyes met mine, and in angelic fashion, she once again said "not tonight"

Then, she looked at me and said "I'll tell you what.  If you can ejaculate without any stimulation to your cock or balls, you may ejaculate on my tummy."  I have been able to accomplish in the past and was so grateful at the opportunity.  The only stimulation I was allowed to use to achieve my ruined orgasm, was the air, and my mind.  I immediately straddled her body and set out to accomplish my goal.  As much as I tried, as much as I let fantasies run through my mind and as much as I was humping the air, I was not able to achieve a ruined orgasm this time.  I was desperate with desire and pleaded with Mistress .... "Please Mistress, I want to ejaculate so bad".   She touched my face and said "I know pet, but it's no what you want that matters."  She rolled onto her side facing away from me and ordered my to come spoon her to sleep.  I thanked her for allowing me to be present during her orgasm and for being strong in the face of my desperate pleading.  My cock stayed hard for 45 minutes as I laid there, holding my beautiful sleeping wife in my arms.  I am such a lucky man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Problem Solved

This morning I was feeling a little neglected.  I mentioned as much to Mistress then sulked off to the other room.  She summoned me back and said "There will be no whining!", and then dismissed me.

Problem solved!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bonus Day

Mistress K. asks, "what are you doing today?".  "I have a presentation in front of a pretty good sized group for people at the office", I said.   She replied, "You'll wear your plug again today."


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


No, not in the sense of two pieces of wood clamped over my balls to force them behind me, but in the more traditional sense of the word. 

I am so very honored and humbled by some of the incredibly nice and supportive comments I have received after my last post.  We are a close knit group of people and I am so delighted be associated with each one of you.  God Bless you all.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Are we there already?

Are we at that inevitable point in our relationship, where Mistress's pleasure naturally would/should include another man's cock?  Maybe one that isn't prone to erupt in seconds because it has been constantly teased and denied, for weeks on end, like mine can be?  Is it that time in our relationship already?  Is it inevitable?  Am I prepared?

Each of us has our own little worlds that we live in.  We want those worlds to be safe, warm and full of love.  My love for Mistress K. is undeniable and as deep as anything I know and feel.  I want to bring her pleasure in life.  I want for her to have access to and the ability to enjoy, as much pleasure in life as possible.  Not just sexual pleasures, but every pleasure that is available to her.  I trust Mistress K. to be a very good arbiter of common sense when it comes to determining which pleasures she can safely indulge in, and which ones she can't.  For example, there is pleasure in cake and pie.  Mistress K., I suppose, could decide that because eating cake and pie is indeed a pleasure, and because she is in charge of determining what pleasures she can indulge in, she can eat cake and pie as much as she wants without ramifications.  Right?  Of course not, and she, like any rational person, knows that. 

What about sex?  Ah, now that's a different story, right?  I mean after all, Mistress K. is among a select group of people in this world.  Like relatively few others, she is someone that lovingly owns the heart, mind and body of someone else, which of course means that she could have any kind of sex, anytime she wants, any way she wants, simply because she wants to.  She decides the if, the when, the how of sex.  She also is the one that decides the who.  How great is that? 

Like any other group of people, those of us the FLR/FLM world are sometimes subject to what is claimed to be "normal".  Newbies starting out are worried about whether or not they are "doing it right".  Experienced couples ask and are asked questions all the time, about "is it normal for us to do this, or normal to do that ....?"  Personally, I've never been a fan of worrying about where any of us actually do or should "fit in".  I get a bit weary at the natural inclination of people (me included) to constantly try to define everything into narrow definitions.  There are even those that will give unsolicited opinions of how you/we are doing it right or doing it wrong.  I have a commenter who is an anonymous "Mistress".  She will occasionally comment or email me to let me know that until Mistress K. requires me to consume my own cum, we really don't have a legitimate FLM because, well, you know, it's what everyone does in an FLM.  Although she's adamant about, she's pleasant enough and even humorous about it that I really can't take offence to it.  Besides, even if I did, unless a commenter is blatantly, obviously and needlessly offensive, I'll always leave their comments in place.  Thankfully, Mistress K. and I don't feel the need to allow anyone outside of our deep love for each other, to define the parameters that love.

Even though some things are never "always required" to define the kind of relationship Mistress K. and I have, there are undeniable commonalities to a D/s relationship.  Especially a Female Led D/s relationship.  Of course, one of those "not uncommon" things is for the Dominant Female to take on a male lover .....  be it a full-on cuckold relationship, with humiliation, forced bi and other things that serve to degrade and humiliate the submissive male;    or Her taking a random, nameless, faceless male, human sex toy, it's obviously not an uncommon thing in a FLM/FLR. 

That being said, there are many, many monogamous FLM's, and my marriage is one of them.  Neither Mistress K. nor I have previously expressed a desire in the past for a separate male lover to sexually service Mistress K.  We are both very, very protective of the core elements of our love, and would never do anything to risk that.  It's a key reason why we never actually did engage I a threesome with other women when we had the chances in the past.  Safeguarding our love. 

One of the effects on me that has evolved from our FLM is that is I get an ENORMOUS amount of joy and pleasure from seeing Mistress K. having intense sexual pleasure and orgasm.  It is a genuine thrill for me.  It really is.  I've even been able to have a ruined orgasm by simply watching my beloved wife having a orgasm.  I am also so grateful that Mistress allows me to see her have her orgasms.  I know that isn't always the case for many submissive husbands.  Witnessing her having an orgasm will usually put me into immediate and deep subspace.  Our evolution has brought me to now get as much sexual pleasure from her orgasms, as I could get from having one on my own.  It is just that much of a joy to be a part of and to witness my beloved Wife having such pleasure. 

One of the realities of a FLM, is daily teasing/edging, followed by orgasm denial. For many couples, it's a key component in their recipe for happiness.  I know it is in mine.  As such, the male is in a nearl constant state of arousal, which means that he often a hair trigger penis, and can usually come in a matter of seconds when his penis is pressed into service (pun intended).  I'm sure there are some men out there than can do it, ..... that can go from a teased/denied, constant state of edge-of-orgasm arousal, to a porn-star like man that can fuck as long as she wants, and cum on command.  For the rest of us mortal humans, that kind of thing is usually not possible. 

There are times when suddenly Mistress feels the desire to be fucked, good, hard and for as long as she wants. When the times comes, and because of my constant state of arousal, it usually requires some numbing cream, a cock sleeve and waiting time for the cream to numb the cock. Should she have to be concerned about her sub cumming without permission, or worse, having to stop altogether to avoid ejaculation? This doesn't seem fair for any Mistress not to have a hard cock available to fuck her like she wants.

Last night I was having many random, crazy dreams.  In one of them, Mistress K. was getting fucked by another man, she was loving every second of it.  Not only that, I was there, naked, sitting behind her, holding her legs apart.  Not only that, I helped this strange man him fuck my wife by grabbing and holding his cock, and guiding it into her pussy, then watched as he brought intense pleasure from being fucked long and hard.  (In my dream, he didn't have a big, giant cock like that depicted in the picture below, but there are only so many pictures of husbands holding their wife's legs apart so she can fucked, and except for the giant cock, it's pretty much how I remember the scene in my slumbering head. * smile)

Not only that, when recalling that portion of the dream, I got a huge erection, and then I got another huge erection telling Mistress K. about it.  Wait, what?  Did I just say that?  This is something new.

How could this be?  The last time I had a sex dream that included any other man, it caused me to wake up in a panic.  It was one of those .... "oh good, it was only a dream, but I still need some reassurance from you right now" kind of dreams.  And in this particular dream, all she did was barely handle a guy's cock that happened to be lying next to us in bed, for some reason. 

With these things in mind and being a bit jealous by nature, how could I go from near panic about a dream where Mistress K. briefly touches another man's cock, to waking up as hard as a rock and very  aroused because another man fucked her?  How could this be?  I'd say the biggest difference between the two "mind-fuck" dreams, was that the man in my latest dream was merely a faceless, nameless human sex toy.  There was no intimacy between him and my Mistress.  No kissing, no typical cuckold fodder about how I was a useless man when it came to sex.  There was none of that.  He wasn't there to steal her, or replace me in her life in any way.  Mistress seemed very intent on making sure I knew that, during the dream.  In fact, there was a great deal of gratitude and intimacy that was directed solely at me while she was being well fucked by this other man. 

Are we there already?  Are we at that milepost on our journey?  Are we growing up?  Are we growing into our journey?  Oh boy ..........  What's next?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Way more Orgasms in 2015!!

Day 1 ... 2016.  The start of a whole new year.  In 2015 I had 20% more orgasms than I had in 2014, and for that I am so grateful to my beloved Mistress Wife.  Yep, it's true.  In 2015 I was allowed 5 orgasms and in 2014 I was allowed 4.

Immediately after midnight last night, I dropped to my knees before Mistress K. and told her that I will continue to serve her better and in more fulfilling ways.  We had a great 2014, our love for each other is stronger than it was before that and continues to grow.  As a new year dawns, I am so very grateful to have you in my life Mistress.  I am honored that you have accepted me as your husband, your willing, strong, and submissive partner.  I so very much look forward to continuing our journey, wherever it is you decide to take us.

God Bless all of you and congratulations on making it to the new year.