Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I still Love Tuesdays

For those of you that remember, this is what I wear every Tuesday.  All day, every Tuesday.  the good news is that TODAY IS TUESDAY!

I miss blogging ......  I'll try to be here more often. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Spring Everyone


I've always felt a little uneasy about apologizing for being away from bloggie-land for such a long time.  There have been a few people reach out to me privately, just to see if everything is ok, and I can't tell you how warm that makes my heart.  Who doesn't like to cared about anyway?

I casually mentioned to Mistress the other night that it has been 6 weeks or so since I last posted on my blog.  There was an immediate, audible gasp followed by a narrowing of the eyes and furrowing of the brow.  She was not happy about it!  As she put it ... "you have an obligation to stay in contact with those nice people that take the time to be your friend."  You know what .... she's absolutely right.  And so, I apologize my friends.  Although I haven't been writing, I have been reading and I love being there with you in each of your lives.

Mistress asked why I hadn't been writing recently.  I just that I hadn't been inspired, and so ..........  It wasn't meant personally against, but I believe she may have initially taken it that way.  I know that all relationships have ebbs and flows as far as activity goes, and we certainly are no different.  But the core feeling are always there .... after all, I am a collared husband!

You see that thin strip of wood?  It is a piece of unfinished wood trim.  It is flat on the bottom and has rounded edges on the top.  The flat bottom is just less than 3/4 of inch wide and the whole thing is less that 1/4 inch thick. 

See that countertop it is laying on?  That is an island in the our closet that Mistress will often have me lay on to receive spankings.  But, that's not what happened this morning.  What did happen this morning was Mistress called me into the closet after getting out of the shower and before getting dressed.  When I arrived, she told me to fetch the stick pictured above.  I did so, handed it to her and was told to lower my pants.  Instead of having me lay on the table, Mistress instead had me stand against the wall with my hands on it, above my head.  She reintroduced me to the "stick" and proceeded to elicit some yelps as she administered my punishment for not washing the dishes one night.  Right about when she was done, she reached for my cock and giggled a bit to find it rock hard.  I mean rock hard! 

Now I realize that there is indeed a kinky, sexy element associated with received a bare-bottom spanking.  I get that.  But for me, the actual act of being spanked is NOT what arouses me.  What arouses me when I am being spanked is the incredibly intimate attention that my Mistress Wife is giving me in that moment.  Her willingness and ability to adjust and correct my behavior in such a ways as to please her, touches me on a very deep, emotional level.  I think most subs can appreciate what I am saying here. 

I could tell.  Mistress was about finished punishing me when she discovered my super hard cock.  Mistress likes to incorporate spankings with edgings and this morning was no exception.  Mistress would stroke my cock and get me so dangerously close to coming, then give me several hard swats with the stick/paddle/hand, and she will repeat that process several times.  As always, after being punished, I was ordered to my knees in front of her so I can lay my head on her tummy, thanks her for my spanking and so she can administer after care. 

Over the past couple of months, episodes like this have been few and far between.  Sometimes real life takes you in that direction.  Mistress and I have recognized that and have both acknowledged that we need to make our FLM a more primary part of our life again.

I've come to realize two things:  First, I really miss you guys  and second, I really need spankings.  I am going to ask Mistress K. if we can have a spanking boot camp.  Have any of you done a spanking boot camp?  Can you enlighten me/us on how to do it?