Sunday, May 14, 2017

Glorious Anticipation

There are several kinds of anticipation.  There is the anticipation when you are summoned for a spanking.  The moment following being ordered to strip naked, and having to wait those few seconds or minutes in anticipation of receiving what's coming to you. 

Then there is other kind ... the kind a submissive husband gets when his gorgeous Mistress Wife informs him that he is to shave his face smooth this afternoon because he will be expected to orally service her.  I've said it before, being allowed to place my mouth on Mistress K.'s sex is such a glorious moment that I often will just sit there for a moment and relish in what I am about to be allowed to do. 

To anticipate being expected to deliver such a service hours ahead of time is just so wonderful.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Almost nervous

My wife and I are attending to an out-of-town sporting event for one of our children this weekend.  IN VEGAS! 

I'm leaving in a few minutes, she and the child will arrive tomorrow night.  I am at home, alone, now, waiting for my ride and before I got into the shower, I texted her to ask if I could ruin an orgasm while I was in the shower.  While waiting for her reply, it occurred to me, I hadn't masturbated to ejaculation without being in her presence in 5 years.  5 YEARS!  I got a little nervous, and I don't know why.

Anyway, her reply was no, but I could edge myself to "the peak", but no ruin. 

Probably for the best.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Some sex

On Saturday night, Mistress and I had returned from a lovely dinner with friends, in which we had imbibed a few adult beverages and had hours of fun conversation with our guests and each other.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Upon arriving home, each of us had mad the comment how tired we were and that getting into bed and going to sleep to was going be great.

When we got into bed, we did a little seemingly innocent cuddling where Mistress was laying on her side, facing me and we were kissing and canoodling prior to what was going to be sleep.  Perhaps it was the way Mistress looked as she strode toward the bed, naked is the soft blue light that being given off by the TV.  She just looked gorgeous and as I often do, I began to feel grateful that this beautiful, naked woman was my Wife, my Mistress and was about to lay in her bed with me.

When she got into bed, I made a casual apology for not asking to be allowed into her bed.  Asking to be allowed into her bed is not required of me, but is a sometimes habit I have gotten into after reading about another submissive husband that IS required to obtain permission to join his Mistress in HER bed.  She giggled and told me it was ok and that yes, I had her permission to be in her bed.

When she arrived in bed, positioned her 17 pillows like she likes and then laid on her side facing me, my cock was already hard, given the feeling I was having watching her come to bed.  It was just tender, genuine loving kissing going on when she wrapped her hand around my cock.  While kissing her, I involuntarily began pumping her hand, which as it turns out, was something that inspired Mistress too instruct Mistress to allow more of this from me.  A minute or so into pumping her hand, she said "you love fucking me, don't you?", to which I replied, "more than anything Mistress". 

She positioned herself to a more comfortable position, never letting go of my now rock hard cock and said "continue".  I repositioned myself slightly so that I could properly thrust her hand, intending to fully enjoy this impromptu opportunity to bring myself to the edge in her hand and perhaps even ejaculate, or maybe even orgasm and ejaculate.  I love doing this because it allows me to feel as though I am performing for Mistress because she was motionless, gently holding onto y thrusting cock, and simply watching me. 

It seems as though she was getting aroused at what she was looking at and instructed me to get inside of her right away.  You could literally she the lust building in her and it was clear that she had every intention of having her own orgasm (or two) this evening.  There is nothing more special to me than to be allowed inside of Mistress.  Every time I am allowed inside, I am filled with a rush of gratitude and wallow in the moment of being so privileged to be there.

Even though there was plenty of hand thrusting previous to being told to enter Mistress, I was able to give her what she needed without feeling the need to inform her that I was close to cumming.  She was the epitome of gorgeous as she laid there, accepting my thrusting cock inside of her, biting her lower lip while moaning, rubbing her breasts, then finally reaching down to rub her clitoris.  It was an amazing thing to behold and with what was before me, and with all the awe and gratitude welled up inside, I all-of-a-sudden was right there at the edge of cumming.  Sensing this, and without hesitation she said "get one of my dildos".  

I hopped to it and return in record time with a nice big dildo to finish the job.  She was a wanton women, intent on "getting there" while she was full.  When she rolled to her side and pulled herself apart, I knew what to do with the "other man" I was holding in my hand.  On several occasions she was at he edge of orgasm herself but purposely held herself there.  It was one of the sexiest thing I have ever had the privilege to watch as the love of my life, my Mistress Wife, was lost in the lust of the moment.  She had an incredible orgasm that seem to last forever, as I stood there and watched in awe.

When she was done she laid there, exhausted from the workout she just had.  Given the fact that Mistress K. has been requiring orgasms for me too of late, I admit that I was hopeful that this was going to be one of those times.  We I asked her if I cold ejaculate, she softly opened her eyes and said "no cumming for you tonight".  "yes Mistress" was my response and as she rolled slightly to side to continue to recover, I went to clean her dildo. On my way back to bed from the bathroom she was walking, no stumbling toward the bathroom herself, looking like a freshly fucked, freshly satisfied woman.  She stopped so I could kiss her, then proceeded to bathroom herself while I put her rubber lover back in its place.

Even though I was denied an orgasm, even a ruined orgasm, I was awash in a feeling of gratitude, arousal and love for Mistress K.  It was unbelievable ..........