Monday, December 17, 2018

Simple Discoveries

Greetings everyone.  Happy Holidays to each of you.  I hope the season finds you happy and in the company of people that you love.

This past Saturday, Mistress K. and I found ourselves alone for the bulk of the day.  The kids were at places with friends and there was no risk of an impromptu return from any of them.  Yay!

I was busy performing handyman duties around the house when Mistress was walking by.  I felt the need/urge to ask her to stop, so I could kneel before her and declare my love for her on my knees.  Nothing big, nothing unusual for that matter ... it's something we both love dearly, especially when it is spontaneous.

I spent a minute or so just holding her, kissing her belly, thanking her for owning me and for being my Mistress.  We were both clothed and although it was not a sexual moment, it did cause my cock to sir and become hard (read ... love boner).  Sometimes I get hard from the sheer joy of being loved by this woman and for the opportunity to worship her ... even fully clothed.

It was a about 10 minutes later that she walked by again and simply said "follow me".  I followed her into the bathroom where she had her vanity chair pulled into the middle of the room.  I was tenderly ordered to strip naked and sit backward on the chair because she wanted to give me a maintenance spanking.  I was out of my shorts (no underwear) and t shirt in a nano second and took my position on the chair as instructed.  The below picture (clearly it is not me) was the position I was instructed to take, while Mistress went to the closet to get her leather paddle.

When Mistress returned to the room, she squealed with excitement.  Why?  Because she just loved how this position in a chair not only provided for clear, unobstructed access to my naked bottom for paddling, but it also very nicely showcased my bottom hole.  She was giddy with excitement.  She commented repeatedly how excited she was to have discovered this and was going to use this very same position for what she promised was an upcoming pegging. 

Mistress began with her paddling.  Each swat stung a bit more than it does when I am standing or laying on my tummy for spankings.  I suppose that is because the skin is so much more taut in this position.  Then Mistress began to land the paddle directly on my bottom hole ......  It was WOW and OW all at the same time, especially because Mistress kept commenting about how she couldn't wait to have me in this position more often.

It was a simple discovery ... one that most certainly will add some spice to future spankings, future fuckings, and perhaps other things that Mistress might have in mind.

I am a big believer in the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) philosophy in life because, well, it pays off.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

"The Book"

Hello my friends ... Long time no see.  It has been 6 months since my last post and I can't even explain why it has been that long.  I won't apologize only because I think that would be presumptuous on my part that what I/We do here is so important that I may have let people down.  That said ... I apologize for ghosting everyone.  Like I said, I can't even explain why.  Shit just happens I guess.

By way of an update, Mistress K. and I are living and loving our life as much and more than ever.  No big events to describe or monumental landmarks in our FLM lifestyle ... just two people that love each other tremendously, with devotion and joy. 

We still practice most of the same rituals we have always had.  I'm still required to wear my butt plug all day every Tuesday (I love Tuesdays) and wear panties under my manly clothes whenever Mistress feels like it. 

One thing that is new ... "The Book".  This is what "The Book" looks like.  It's simple, discrete and apropos for what we are doing ... Always Growing.

Yup, we now keep a journal and have regular, weekly reviews of the events of that week, be they record of good things/behavior on my part, or bad things/behavior on my part.  Either of us may post things in the book with the difference being that Mistress K. may post anything she wishes, for anything she wants, for any reason or purpose .... and I am limited to posting only when I am instructed to do so, and many of those times are simply as her scribe, or for recording of events like the completion of punishments, etc.

Being a "normal" suburban couple raising kids, we don't always get to adhere to a strict schedule for many things in our FLM that we would like, but Mistress K. (and I) have recently made the commitment to make the times for certain things sacred enough that we have a good chance of accomplishing it when we want.  Chief among those things is our weekly review of  "The Book".  On Sunday evenings (usually), Mistress will get the book, go sit in her high back padded chair in our bedroom, summon me to come and kneel in front of here, and we review the previous weeks activities. 

Last Sunday evening, after reviewing the book, Mistress had decided that during the coming week, I was to receive 2 punishments.  Like I said before, the book contains notes on good behavior and unacceptable behavior, and after reviewing the combination of both, there was 2 incidents that required corrective attention.  One serious enough, and the other way more serious.  Not 30 minutes ago, those punishments were delivered by Mistress and received by me.  I got inspired to "get back on my blog".  I sit here, on my significantly reddened ass, typing these words, and it feels so good to be back.

What were my infractions you ask?  The serious one was I failed to transfer the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer before I left for work.  Specific, necessary clothes that were expected to be available for the kids after they got home from school .... and they weren't.  The other, way more serious infraction was that I left my butt plug on the counter, IN THE HALL BATHROOM!  Holy shit!  Luckily it was only Mistress K. that saw it ..... but holy fuck .... that's the bathroom that everyone uses ... and what would've happened if one of the kids or their friends saw it?  Holy fuck. 

My ass burns ....................