Saturday, December 1, 2018

"The Book"

Hello my friends ... Long time no see.  It has been 6 months since my last post and I can't even explain why it has been that long.  I won't apologize only because I think that would be presumptuous on my part that what I/We do here is so important that I may have let people down.  That said ... I apologize for ghosting everyone.  Like I said, I can't even explain why.  Shit just happens I guess.

By way of an update, Mistress K. and I are living and loving our life as much and more than ever.  No big events to describe or monumental landmarks in our FLM lifestyle ... just two people that love each other tremendously, with devotion and joy. 

We still practice most of the same rituals we have always had.  I'm still required to wear my butt plug all day every Tuesday (I love Tuesdays) and wear panties under my manly clothes whenever Mistress feels like it. 

One thing that is new ... "The Book".  This is what "The Book" looks like.  It's simple, discrete and apropos for what we are doing ... Always Growing.

Yup, we now keep a journal and have regular, weekly reviews of the events of that week, be they record of good things/behavior on my part, or bad things/behavior on my part.  Either of us may post things in the book with the difference being that Mistress K. may post anything she wishes, for anything she wants, for any reason or purpose .... and I am limited to posting only when I am instructed to do so, and many of those times are simply as her scribe, or for recording of events like the completion of punishments, etc.

Being a "normal" suburban couple raising kids, we don't always get to adhere to a strict schedule for many things in our FLM that we would like, but Mistress K. (and I) have recently made the commitment to make the times for certain things sacred enough that we have a good chance of accomplishing it when we want.  Chief among those things is our weekly review of  "The Book".  On Sunday evenings (usually), Mistress will get the book, go sit in her high back padded chair in our bedroom, summon me to come and kneel in front of here, and we review the previous weeks activities. 

Last Sunday evening, after reviewing the book, Mistress had decided that during the coming week, I was to receive 2 punishments.  Like I said before, the book contains notes on good behavior and unacceptable behavior, and after reviewing the combination of both, there was 2 incidents that required corrective attention.  One serious enough, and the other way more serious.  Not 30 minutes ago, those punishments were delivered by Mistress and received by me.  I got inspired to "get back on my blog".  I sit here, on my significantly reddened ass, typing these words, and it feels so good to be back.

What were my infractions you ask?  The serious one was I failed to transfer the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer before I left for work.  Specific, necessary clothes that were expected to be available for the kids after they got home from school .... and they weren't.  The other, way more serious infraction was that I left my butt plug on the counter, IN THE HALL BATHROOM!  Holy shit!  Luckily it was only Mistress K. that saw it ..... but holy fuck .... that's the bathroom that everyone uses ... and what would've happened if one of the kids or their friends saw it?  Holy fuck. 

My ass burns ....................


  1. Hello and welcome back. I enjoy reading about your exploits. Today, Dec 1 is special here too. We were away for the Thanksgiving Holiday with family, so no spankings were possible. Today, I face the music. Several spankings during the day with a final administered during the SEC title game between Alabama and Georgia. My blog details all maintenance spankings and todays episode will be there soon. The blog is at I'd like to communicate with you more often, perhaps in another method, e-mails etc.

    1. Hi Spanked Cowboy and thank you for the kind words. I've been there ... several spankings during the day .... they are the worst because they hurt the most.

      I'll go over and check our your entries on your blog and say hello there. I'd love to communicate more often. My email is Feel free to say hello.

  2. Welcome back sub hub! What a wonderful surprise to see you pop up in my blogroll :)

    So glad to hear you and Mistress K are doing well. I love the cover of you book! We too years ago used to keep a journal so things didn't get forgotten as we often had to wait a while before a spanking could happen.


    1. Hello my Dear friend. Thank you for the love. You know what isn't a surprise? You being in my comments with lovely and meaningful words. I adore you for that! Thank you

  3. Welcome back sub hub, you and Mistress K were missed. We must remember to put our "toys" away shouldn't we. I can see one of your kids bringing it to you saying what is this?

    1. Thanks archedone. Or worse, knowing what it is (they are 17 and 15) and wondering why it was there, who left and which one of his parents likes to use it?

  4. Welcome back to Blog sweet Boy. I am so happy to hear that you hadn't fallen off the face of the earth like so many others than profess to be happy.

    Coincidently, I was just talking with a friend about you and your Mistress. My friend (a Dominant Wife as well) also doesn't require her husband to consume all of his ejaculate as a standard rule in the relationship. She occasionally makes him do it because she knows he doesn't like it but in general, she doesn't.

    I told that I had been lovingly chiding you over the years to convince your Mistress to require that from you, and that Mistress that do require it from their subs are in the majority.

    I thought that was odd that I'd be telling her about you and then a notice pops up that you've decided to rejoin the blogosphere.

    Welcome back dear boy

    1. Mistress A? Is that you? I've missed you ............

  5. HI Sub HUb,
    Welcome back! You had always been such a steady blogger that it was odd to have you just stop.
    But it appears fairly common for bloggers to run out of steam after a few years. I know that I have.
    My FLR with my wife is apparently on an upswing right now. She has found it "amusing" to snap her fingers, point to the floor and have me immediately drop to my knees. I love it too and enjoy showing her the rise in my pants that this brings for me.
    Last night she had no problem bringing herself to orgasm while I "helped". No sex for me since I had put my cage on the day before.
    Enough about me.
    I love the idea of keeping the journal which helps keep the FLR alive when there are so many distractions in life.

    1. Thank You MrBillSails. It's good to "be back" and in touch with some of my old friends like you.

      Congratulations on the "upswing" of your FLR. Life just seems so much better in my house during those upswings, which for us have also included being summoned, pointing to the floor and the requirement to kneel. Odd (not for some) how such a thing can also cause an erection for me.

      There's hardly anything I enjoy more than witnessing Mistress help herself to an orgasm while in my presence, and cherish the ability to lend a helping hand. Sometimes it includes sex for me but very rarely includes an orgasm for me, including even a ruined orgasm, which I beg for every time.

      Thank you again for dropping by. So nice to hear from you.

  6. better be careful with that book. I can only imagine what might happen to your ass if you leave it lying around like you did with the butt plug. We have been wondering what happened to you and glad to see another posting!

    1. OMG, can you imagine what would happen if the kids (or anyone else) found it? Thanks for wondering what happened, and especially for being glad to see another posting. Be well my friend.


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