Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Uh oh ......

Yesterday was Tuesday.  You may or may not know that I am required to wear my glass butt plug during waking hours every Tuesday.  It is a ritual that I enjoy very much.

Yesterday, when it came time to remove the plug, after thoroughly cleaning it, I carelessly failed to put it away.  It was discovered this morning by Mistress K., which of course has earned me a punishment.  "How would you feel if one of the kids were to find this left out?", she asked.  Of course I would feel awful placing the burden of the knowledge that we own one upon one (or more) of our unsuspecting children.  I feel just terrible.

This kind of infraction is especially troublesome for Mistress K.  I suspect the punishment will suit the crime.  Ouchy!

Friday, December 23, 2016

The end of another year is upon us

At the end of every year, we can't help but look back and reflect on the end that is coming to an end.  We'll assess it in many ways. We'll remember the good times and bad, the joys and the sorrows, the accomplishments and the disappoints.  We'll use those reflections as sort of a yard to measure where we think we are in life.

Over the years I've been blessed for being accustomed to feeling happy, proud, grateful and loved upon this annual reflection, and this year isn't any different.  My work is good, my kids are absolutely amazing (even that little fucking 13 year old.  13 year olds are the worst, but he is my last one) and my unwavering love and devotion for my beloved wife has grown another year deeper.  What an amazing place in life to be.  I am just so very grateful and thankful.

When it comes to reflection about the very intimate and wonderful lifestyle choice Mistress K. and I have chosen, it's also good to reflect on the year.  I have no complaints here either, not that complaining is even an option.  *smile   Of course there are things that make the daily grind less perfect, but most of these tiny disappointments (for me anyway) have mostly to do with what amounts to a selfish desire for something in particular at that very moment. 

Prior to our FLM, when I would come across something (anything) that would arouse me, make me horny, it was within the realm of my control to act upon it.  In the early days of our relationship, that usually manifested itself in impromptu sex with my then girlfriend, then wife, then Mistress (all the same wonderful, beautiful woman).  Then as the years went on, more and more of that satisfaction was me, jerking off and watching my sexual desire circle the drain.   Of course now, when I come across something (anything) that sexually arouses me, I absolutely DO NOT have the ability to do something about it and my sex life has never been better!

Year to date, Mistress K. has allowed or required 5 full orgasms with the very first one of those being at 6 am on 1/1/15.  In addition, there have been perhaps 12-15 ruined orgasms during the year.  Being reflective at this time of year, I realize that I have ejaculated nearly 100% more this year than any other since we began our FLM.  In the past I have written about how I have become conditioned to prefer to be denied a full orgasm.  If there is to be an ejaculation, I am always begging Mistress to make it a ruined orgasm because I long for that constant state of desire following sex with her.

In my last post I wrote about how my regular monthly milking session was a matter-of-fact type session where Mistress was more interested in just getting it over with quick.  Mistress was pressed for time in fact, that she held her hand out to catch my cum in order to avoid either of us having to clean it up off the floor (we were both way late getting our day started).  That description set off several comments (both in the post and on FetLife) about whether or not a male sub/slave should consume his own cum. 

Currently, the idea of me eating my own cum, is not at all appealing to Mistress K.  NOT AT ALL!  It's that benevolent streak that this beautiful Goddess has in her that will not allow herself to impose something upon her slave that she doesn't like herself.  Yes, she has swallowed my cum in the past, but only on very rare occasions and each time it was obviously that she had a great distaste for it.  As such, and even though she fully understands the symbolism behind a "a submissive husband must always consume ANY ejaculate he produces" concept as a standing rule, Mistress K. doesn't.  And for that I am grateful.  I've been there.  I've thought about it and before an orgasm (ruined or otherwise) the idea of being required to it is hot.  After orgasm?  Without fail, every time I've looked at the cum on my belly, her belly, the floor, the towel, in her hand .... I've thought to myself ...  Whew!  I'm so glad she doesn't make me do that.

Lastly, looking forward to 2017, Mistress K. has promised herself and me that she will have lessened the burdens that she places on herself and our family by not volunteering for every fucking project that comes along.  *smile

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and  here's to a prosperous and healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Monthly Milking

You may already know, but for those of you that don't .... every month, on the first Monday of every month, Mistress expects me to be milked.  On some occasions (although rarely .... insert pouty face here), that milking is accomplished via prostate stimulation.  On other occasions, Mistress K. will use a ruined orgasm as the method for draining the semen from my testicles. 

Sometimes that ruined orgasm even comes after a nice, long, slow love-making session where I am honored to have worshipped Mistress and to have witnessed her have an orgasm.  Still other times, my milking is very business like/matter of fact, with very little intention or concern for making it a pleasurable experience, but rather a "let's get this done" scenario.

This month (December 2016) went like this:

The first Monday of the month came and as is required of me, I notified Mistress the day before, and the morning of, that Milking-Day had arrived for the current month.  As often happens, the milking on that specific day did not happen because other things in life prevented it.  When this happens, Mistress has asked that I send her a daily reminder that the day for my scheduled milking for that month has passed, and remains due.  That's exactly what happened this month!

Mistress normally takes the kids to school and then heads to the office from there.  On this particular day a few days ago, Mistress wasn't ready for work and instead took the kids to school, then returned home to finish applying her makeup and fixing her beautiful red hair.  We were both kind of hurried for time when Mistress abruptly decided that this was the moment we would take care of my monthly milking.  I was already nearly fully dressed and ready for work when Mistress order my pants to be lowered.  She put some lube in her hand and summoned me to stand before her as she sat on her vanity seat.  I had assumed that Mistress merely wanted to give me a quick edging before we both went our separate ways for the days.    I shuffled over to Mistress with my now hard cock before her.  She started to stroke my cock without saying a word.

She didn't say a word, just kept stroking.  As the urge to cum approached, I let her know I was close, which of course I am always required to do.  But she get stroking.  Not only that, she placed her open hand under the head of my cock so that she could catch my semen, indicating to me that I was going to be ejaculating one way or the other.  I had forgotten all about the "didn't get to the milking yet" situation .... but Mistress hadn't.  She said that we "need to get your milking out of the way", indicating to me that this month's milking was going to be one of those business-like, get it over with quick milkings.  After all, we were both already a little late in our respective departures.  Mistress K., being the absolute expert on knowing when I am near an orgasm, knows exactly when to stop any stimulation in order to avoid or ruin my orgasm.  In this case, she opted for ruining my orgasm.

Mistress K. expertly achieved yet another ruined orgasm for me while accomplishing the monthly task of my milking.  Her expression and demeanor were very much like the woman in the pictures above.  One of disinterest and "let's get this over with" but with tons of love.  I hope that makes sense.

My ejaculation may have been slightly less robust than the young man depicted, and although the expression on Mistress K's face was almost identical to the woman depicted, Mistress K. did hold her open hand to catch my ejaculate in her hand.  This is something hardly ever, if ever does and it made me wonder why she was doing it.  I didn't suspect that she all of a sudden felt that I should consume my ejaculate, but I frankly didn't know.  Seeing and going through the range of emotions that accompanied that thought, I didn't know what to think.  I've talked about it before ... that battle between "holy fuck, it is soooo fucking hot to have to do something you'd never otherwise do, because you are required by your Mistress to do it" ..... and knowing that following an orgasm, I'd be in the "holy fuck, that seemed like a good idea before I came, now ... not so much".  But I digress ..... 
It turns out that Mistress merely wanted to avoid the time it would take to clean it up from the floor, for the sake of time. 

Following my emission, Mistress suddenly remembered that I was still due for a spanking for having recently leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  Although not as bad as receiving a spanking immediately following a full orgasm, receiving a spanking immediately following a ruined orgasm is not fun either.  So, still standing there, pants at my ankles, Mistress had me place my hands on the counter and efficiently administered my spanking before sending me off to work.

Friday, December 2, 2016

It hardly ever happens this way

Mistress K. is not a morning creature.  She loves to sleep and will constantly abuse the snooze button to the point of being late.  She loves sleeping in.

Yesterday morning, I heard her alarm go off, then the subsequent hitting of the snooze button.  I assume I had at least 9 more minutes before I was to have her coffee ready when she stumbled out of bed.  I don't dare assume she will rise after 1, 2, 3 or more snooze buttons because if I do, it can get cold sitting there waiting for her to eventually arise.  She must've awakened before the snooze alarm went off because I heard the toilet flush.  Uh oh, better get that coffee quick!  I hustled into the kitchen, quickly poured it the way she likes and hurried over to the bedroom door.  Just as I was about to go in, the door opened and there she was, standing there in all her sleep glory.  Her beautiful red hair was all mussed and she still had wrinkles on her beautiful face from the pillow and sheets.  I just love how beautiful she looks like this.  I leaned in to kiss her then tried to hand her the cup of coffee.  She pointed to the desk next to me as if to tell me to set it down, which I did.

I went back to her after setting it down and we kissed.  Deep and hard kissing (we don't do that enough).  My arms wrapped around her body and my hand cupped her beautiful ass when she did the same to me.  She aggressively shoved her into my sweat pants on my naked behind and pulled me into her body.  Then she lowered my pants and aggressively pulled at my ass, spreading my cheeks (she knows I love it when she does that) and I started to rub my hardening cock into her belly.  We were "making out" for another minute or so when she suddenly pulled me into the room, turned me to face the door, moved my hands to the top of the door and held me there in place.  Then she just started spanking me with her hand, then alternating between spanking and kneading my ass (she knows I love that too)  I was told not to move a muscle while she had her way with me. 

This lasted for about 5 minutes.  I was in heaven.  Then she abruptly stopped, turned me back around, ordered me to hand her the coffee cup still sitting there and then said  ...... "I'm done.  take the dog out to pee" and walked toward our kids bedrooms to wake them up.  I was breathing heavy and at a loss for words when I simply said "thank you Mistress" as she walked away.

After she left for the office, she texted me and said "wear your plug today", which was a bonus surprise because I am only normally allowed (required) to wear it on Tuesdays and this was a Thursday.  Yay!   As a another bonus, this morning (Friday) I asked her if I could wear the plug again today.  She said she'd think about it and let me know.

Here I sit, all plugged and happy, writing this story about a day in the life of a devoted, loving husband and his Goddess Mistress Wife.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Is it a coincidence? I don't think so

Just sayin ......  As you can see from the article here, the divorce rate in the US is at a 35 years low.  Of course I cannot prove it, but I believe that the rise in popularity of Female Led Marriages partly explains this phenomenon.  Then again, I could be wrong.  Your thoughts?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Subspace .... it's been a while

Because of our busy suburban lives, lives that are ruled and dictated by the schedules of our busy suburban and very socially active children, the time we have to practice and hone our FLM is scarce at best.  It's basically the core of the reason for my being AWOL for a few months there. 

When the opportunities and amount of time to "be ourselves" by being alone is precious and few, the benefits of a well practiced FLM begin to fade into the background and, characteristics of an old lifestyle of disorder begin to appear ..... such as my being disrespectful when we might have a disagreement. 

A couple of weeks back we had a disagreement.  It was completely unnecessary, but because some old characteristics started to creep back into my behavior, I was too stupid to realize it.  Mistress wanted to watch her new TV obsession (Pretty Little Liars) while we laid in bed and fall asleep.  I had a caniption (sp?) fit because I find the detestable, especially for a grown woman of grace, class and intelligence (that would be Mistress K.).

Instead of instinctively realizing that even though she was asking me to agree to watch it, she was actually telling me .... I battled.  I guess I thought I was intellectually entitled to be incredulous and throw a fit about, you know, because it's a sophomoric, moronic show.  Well, the night ended with Mistress being pissed off before she fell asleep.  Or so it seemed.  I was still wallowing in some misguided sense of righteousness, beginning to doze off into my slumber.  I had long assumed Mistress K. was fast asleep.   She wasn't!

Suddenly she popped up, wide awake and said .... "I will not stand for this.  Lay on your tummy and put your face in your pillow!"  Her words made instantly understand that she was invoking her right as the leader of our marriage to end this madness  ...... and she was pissed.  With that she removed the covers exposing my bare bottom (I always sleep naked) and immediately starting hard spanking my ass with her hand.  She was spanking me for probably 25-30 really hard spanks, then she abruptly turned over and then went to sleep.  Before dozing off she said "this is not over and neither is your punishment!.

Like I said, busy suburban lives ..... can't do this .... can't do that .... the kids are always around ... school .... PTA ..... sports .... you get the idea.  Mistress took Friday off from work.  On Wednesday she informed me that I would be going into the office "a little late on Friday" because we needed to fix the problem that I created the other night.   Gulp!

Knowing what was coming on Friday gave me an opportunity to reflect on what had happened and why, and as such I was able to process things and anticipate what was coming.  Or so I thought ......... Mistress came home from taking the kids to school.  I heard the garage door open then close.  She came into the house, I was naked (cuz, you know, I'm required to be) and nervous.  She slammed her purse on the counter and just said FUCK!  She had spilled her coffee in the garage.  She pointed to the garage and said "get out there .... now!".  So naked I walked into the garage where she proceeded to scold me for the clutter that was evident.   This went on for several minutes before she stormed back into the house, me following.  She told me to leave her be and she would summon me when she was ready for me. 

After about 30 minutes, she said "I'm ready for you" and summoned me to the bathroom where she was.  She was wearing only loose fitting, not flattering sweat pants and she was topless.  Her hair was a mess and in a pony tail and she had on no make up whatsoever.  She order me to the bed where she had arranged pillows in the middle of the bed.  "Lie on those pillow with your ass in the air and wait for me".  Gulp!

I waited for what seemed like 30 minutes until she finally came into the room.  What followed next was the longest spanking session with the most number of swats that I ever had.  It hurt.  All the while she was spanking me, she was lecturing me on the how things where going to change around here.  She told me that if I truly thought I was worthy of giving her my submission, I'd better remember how I needed to ALWAYS demonstrate that, and that it "includes more than just offering to give me orgasms!"  By the time it was over I'd guess 30 minutes had passed and I had received perhaps 250-300 whaps on my bare ass.  I had genuine tears.  It hurt like hell ............

Afterward, Mistress went and sat in her easy chair in our bedroom and called me over to kneel before here.  When I did, I was awash in something that I truly hadn't felt in months ...... deep subspace!  I begged her for forgiveness as she pulled my head into her breasts and told me that everything was going to be ok.  At that moment, I was swimming in one of my absolute favorite things about her ..... her smell.  The smell of her face, her head, her skin.  OMG it was pouring into my nose and covering like a warm blanket. 

After several minutes of adoration, worship and forgiveness, Mistress ordered to dress for work (wearing a cock ring) and prepare to go to the office.  The entire day was spectacular.  My punishment had refreshed me.  Cleared the slate.  Mistresses words of admonishment were ringing in my ears like music.  Mistress had reset our course and I couldn't love her more for it.

Mistress had errands to run throughout the day (mani/pedi, massage, Lulu Lemon, etc.) which I knew would keep busy and coming and going from the house throughout the day.  When I got home from work and walked into the bedroom, the pillows that were placed in punishments position on what had become the punishment bed, had not been moved from that morning.  I took a picture and sent it to Mistress K. and asked her if I should move the pillows back to where they belonged or not.  She replied and said "no, leave it that way until you go to bed tonight because when you go to bed, I want your spanking this morning to be the last think you remember before going to sleep." 

I gasped in utter devotion, respect and love .....

This picture because the woman reminds so much of Mistress K.

 This picture because, she reminds me of Helen Mirren, who I think is one of the hottest women on the planet

Thank you Mistress for re-setting our course.  I will strive to be the kind of submissive you want me to be!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Saturday Night

On Saturday night, Mistress K. left me at home to watch the World Series while she went out with some couple friends of ours.   My instinct told me that when she got home, she would be horny and would want to receive pleasure.  The kids were gone .... she would've been drinking.  The planets all lined up.

After the game was over, I set out to be there for her in what I suspected would be a wanton, lustful return home for her.  I showered and shaved (face and other places).  I put on the cologne she is always telling me to wear and sprayed a good amount of desensitizing spray to my cock .... and I waited.

She walked in the door, put her purse down and walked toward the bathroom.  On her way past me she said "you, come with me".  We entered the bathroom and I turned on the lights.  "Turn those off", she said.  She walked over to the counter, placed her hands on the counter and stuck her gorgeous ass toward me. 

"Lower my pants and panties, NOW!"  I knelt behind her, unhooked and unzipped her pants and slowly lowered her pants, taking her panties with them.  I tried to remove them but she said to them where they were (mid thigh).  "Fuck me now" she said.  Still kneeling, I was worshipping her ass, running my tongue over her beautiful pussy and bottom hole.  She usually doesn't allow me to do that unless she is absolutely sure she is clean down there.  On this particular occasion, she didn't mind and wallowed in the pleasure my face was providing her.  I then said "yes Mistress", stood and removed my clothes.  "Fuck me", she said again while widening her stance and arching her back.  I positioned myself behind and slowly entered her.  A gasp of delight escaped her lips as my well numbed cock was sliding in and out of her.  She told me to retrieve her vibrator from the night stand.  Almost running toward it, I retrieved it and handed it to her.  She hadn't moved and when I handed it to her she turned it on and placed it on her clit and repeated her earlier instructions. "Fuck Me!"

I continued pumping away while her orgasm was building and when she knew she was right there, she ordered to me cum inside her.  That was something that I was absolutely not expecting and with my cock being numbed, I needed to now think of sexy things in order to be able to meet her orgasm with my own.  I didn't disappoint and starting to cum inside of her right when her orgasm came.  It was spectacular and I thanked her for allowing me to be present when she took her pleasure that way.  After we each recovered, she pulled up her panties and pants, fastened them and said "there, I got fucked in a bathroom", and then she smiled, kissed me and thanked me for fucking her so good. 

Wow .... just wow!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I've missed this and all of you

Dearest friends ...... After 4 months of basically being AWOL from these airwaves, I have received some incredibly thoughtful messages from several people that read this blog.  Each of them has reminded me of the unquestioned acceptance and love (yes love) I have come to relish and enjoy in this odd little community so many of us enjoy.  I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have come to know each of you.

I want to sincerely apologize for just disappearing.  I know that constant updates of Our/my existence is not like essential for anyone but Mistress K. and I, but I don't realize that there is a certain obligation to one's friends to, at the very least, not just disappear into the ether.  I promise I will try to avoid that behavior in the future.

I'd like to start by telling everything that everything in my world is JUST FINE!!!  I didn't disappear because of any trouble, or breakup in our marriage, or anything like that.  Which is a good thing.  Mistress K. and I are together, happy and continuing on the journey that we started 5 or 6 years ago.  In fact, we recently celebrated 2 anniversaries that fall on the same day every year.  One was for 17 years of truly wedded bliss.  I am just so proud to be married to the one person in the world that I truly adore more than any other.  The other was 2 years of truly FLM wedded bliss.  You may recall that on our 15th wedding anniversary, we used it as an occasion to formerly exchange vows and commitments to each other, that would specifically defined our FLM.

Even though I am a bit embarrassed and ashamed about the main reason for my absence (laziness), I am so incredibly thankful that it isn't for a reason that we sometimes see with our small but intimate group of blog friends.  It is sad every time something happens to cause a sadness in someone that otherwise always seemed to be wallowing in joy.  I miss those people and those times. 

I don't have any incredible sex stories to tell you (at the moment anyway) or any deeply spiritual thoughts and contemplations, but I can tell I am getting back to be in the mood to do so.  I hope that I haven't lost too many friends along the way during my absence.  I also hope that I get to see and hear again from some of those people that have gone to the dark side of the moon also.  Nyghtbird .... I'm looking in your direction!

Please accept my apology for having disappeared.  I am so excited about catching up with eac and every one of you!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I wanted to cum so bad and so hard ...........

On Monday evening this past week, Mistress K. had returned from being away for 5 days visiting a friend.  While she was away, I had made it a point to let her know that I adored her, that I missed her and that my lust and desire for her was always there.  Although I wanted to be sure she felt that from me while away, I also wanted very much not for her to feel the burden of my aching, absentee desires for her while she was gone.  I believe I accomplished both.

When I picked her up from the airport, and saw her walking towards me down the long hall that led to where I was standing, I actually got an erection from the sight her.  We had a lovely evening, a nice reunion dinner (pizza and wings), to which we were accompanied by one of our sons.  He missed her too. 

Later, I was laying in bed waiting (naked as usual) waiting for her to join me.  She walked into the bedroom, closed the door removed her clothing and went into the bathroom.  When she emerged she was naked and ready to climb into bed.  She was DEAD TIRED and just the feeling of our comfortable bed made her coo with delight.  We snuggled and kissed a little and settled into our usual spooning position.  I was tired too, kissing her neck, inhaling her scent, happy with the fact that my beloved Mistress Wife was there with me, naked, in our bed.  All of a sudden she turns to me and says "OK, you can be inside of me".  She was answering a question I hadn't even asked, but i didn't care. I immediately began to grow hard when she told me to go lock the door.  By the time i got back to bed, I was rock.  I think I set a record for how long it took me to get hard (had to be 20 seconds .... tops).

She threw the covers off of her to reveal her naked body, legs spread and hands motioning me to come close to her, to get inside of her.  It was heaven.  She started off by declaring that I would not be coming on this night .... not even a ruined orgasm.  I didn't care.  It allowed me to concentrate on what was happening, which was I was allowed to be inside of my Mistress.

I was very deep in my lust for her at that moment (for several moments that followed).  In my mind, it looked very much like this, although not on a bench in a locker room:

It was awesome.  I began to become overwhelmed with lust and desire for my wife that I wanted nothing more at that moment than to continue my making love to her to and including the desire to just pump my cum deep inside of her.  Even though Mistress had already informed me that I would not be coming this evening, I still felt the desire to so.  I wanted so much for this to happen:

I began to beg her to allow me to do just that.  I will sometimes "beg" Mistress to allow me to cum, knowing that in the end I don't really want to be allow (or required) to cum, but rather be told that I was not allowed.  This was different, I actually wanted to cum.  I wanted to experience the obvious feelings depicted in each of the above pictures. 

Mistress knows me very well.  She knew that I really, really wanted to cum.  I could see in her loving and deeply caring eyes that she was contemplating allowing me to do just that.  She deftly avoided answering me, instead enjoying the continued feeling of our connection while I was moving in and out of her.  I repeated my request to be allowed to cum deep inside of her because I was full of animal lust for her and was certain I wanted to experience the primal feeling of emptying my seed inside of her. 

We were face,  kissing, kanoodling and grinding away when she put her hand on my face and whispered to me ..... "I know you think you want to cum inside me lover, but you don't really.  The answer is no, you may not cum tonight lover" ... and then kissed me while holding my face.  My disappointment lasted about 2 seconds and then was immediately replaced by the pride I was feeling for my beautiful Mistress Wife.  I agreed with her that I didn't really want to orgasm, although I still kind of felt that I did.  In a last desperate attempt to at least ejaculate without orgasm, I asked Mistress if I could have a ruined orgasm and like before, her answer was "no my love, I am sorry but not tonight".   I was never more in more in love with the dominance of my Wife than at that very moment.  I was just in awe.

She, on the other hand, had every intention of having an orgasm and ordered me on my back.  She then reached into the night table, retrieved her magic wand vibrator.  She straddled me, lowering her beautiful body onto my harder-than-ever cock.  She placed the vibrator on her clit and began to rock on my cock on her way to her a very, very good orgasm.  The incredible vision above me ..... this exquisitely beautiful woman riding my cock.  Her beautiful, perfect breasts heaving.  Her tiny waist and flat belly moving in a way that you would expect for a woman on the verge of orgasm.  Her eyes closes and her beautiful head titled to the side, moaning in delight while her beautiful, long, red hair swayed with her body.  I could barely contain myself. 

She had her orgasm ... and then another one.  She stayed atop me as she composed herself and caught her breath.  She dropped the vibrator on my chest and got off of me to get some desperately needed water.  But before she left the bedside, leaned down and kissed very tenderly, thanked for me for her orgasms and told me how much she had missed me.  A minute or so later, she returned to our bed, climbed back into her favorite position, had me come in behind and spoon her again until she fell asleep.

My balls still ache and I texted Mistress to let her know how much they ached, and to thank you for allowing me to ache for her like I do.

Welcome home Mistress!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My most recent milking

As you may know, Mistress K. and I have a few rituals that are triggered by the calendar.  They are ....
  • Every Tuesday, I am to wear my glass butt plug, under my clothes until I am giving permission to remove before bed that night.
  • Every Wednesday, I am wear a cock ring under my clothes until I am given permission to remove it before bed that night
  • The second Monday of every month, I am to be milked by whatever method Mistress feels is necessary/appropriate at that moment.  Of course, she may even decide that just won't happen that particular month, which she has done in the past.
The goal of the monthly milking is to remove the semen from my body.  That can be accomplished in whatever fashion Mistress wants or doesn't want.  It was during one of these monthly milking session that I was given one of my 2 full orgasms that I have been allowed to have this year.  Being able to have intercourse with my wife, and being told ahead of time that I did not need to ask for permission to cum inside of her ... is a very rare treat indeed.  Even though I was specifically told I didn't need to ask for permission to cum, I still did.  Mostly out of habit and some because I have just become conditioned to do so over the years.

On the second Monday in June, which was the 13th, Mistress instructed me to worship her naked body with gentle kisses all over it.  This is by far, her favorite way to relax, and among her favorite ways to get aroused.  After a sufficient amount of time, she rolled to her back, opened her legs and said "I want your cock inside me now!".  She pulled my ear near her mouth and gave me my milking instructions for this month.  I was fuck her like normal, but a few seconds before I would otherwise cum, I was to stop ALL MOVEMENT and allow the ejaculate that would come from me ruining my orgasm this way, to fill her. 

I love you Mistress!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

a completely unexpected "Hmmm, that's interesting" moment

For fun, I am a volunteer umpire and last night I had a game.  Part of my "gear" includes really long baseball socks that go well up over my knees to my thighs.  I wear them to prevent chaffing of my knees by the shin-guards I have to wear.

When I returned home, Mistress was all alone in the house and as I peeled away the sweaty umpire clothes (it's Phoenix.  It's hot!), I found myself standing there in only my "thigh highs".  I had never considered them to be thigh highs before, nor part of any sexual fantasy.  They were always baseball socks.  I was naked except for those long socks and I happened to be standing in front of a mirror.

Unexpectedly, I became aroused at what i saw in the mirror.  I'm not the kind of submissive husband that dreams of wearing women's clothes for the sake of wearing women's clothes.  In and of itself it does nothing for.  When Mistress requires that I wear a piece of women's clothing (usually panties), I am incredibly turned on by it.  These socks made me feel slutty all of a sudden and unexpectedly.  I walked out to wear Mistress was watching TV to see what her reaction would be.  As you know, I am required to be naked in her presence when we are alone together, so i was risking violating that rule.  But, I wanted to see what she would say.  She catcalled me!!!  As a result, I got an instant erection. 

This morning as I was dressing for work, and after she informed my that I would be wearing my leather cock ring with balls-splitter, I asked her what she thought of my thigh highs i was wearing last night.  She turned it right around and asked me what I thought.  I told her they made me feel "slutty".  She asked if I liked to feel slutty and I told her that I loved to feel slutty for her.  I went on to tell her that when i was wearing those long socks, I had this incredible urge to also be wearing panties, have her bend me over, lower those panties and have her way with me.  (I should've been specific and said that I wanted her to fuck me with her strapon, because was truly how I was feeling).

She smile in approval, kissed me passionately while rubbing my cock and sent me off to work, my cock and balls straining against the cock ring/splitter.  It's going to be a good day.

Monday, June 6, 2016

It's hot here ......

It's June.  It's Phoenix, Arizona.  It's hot here!

This past weekend, Mistress and I were in different states.   I was in the mountains of Arizona, enjoying relaxing cool weather and some golf, and Mistress was in SoCal, escorting child #1 and some pals around the Happiest Place on Earth.

Whenever we are apart, I miss my wife very, very much.  At some point over the weekend, I came across a pot on a blog about the submissive husbands desire to be use the occasion of their wedding anniversary to commemorate their FLM.  (I was I could remember/find the blog in question).  Nonetheless, it got me to thinking about my own ceremony, on our 15th Anniversary, where Mistress K. placed her collar on me and officially "took me" as hers.  When I stop and think about that ceremony and how impactful and meaningful it was to me, I miss her even more when we are apart.

We both got home from your respective trip last night.  I a little earlier than she. I showered, shaved (yes, there too) and prepared for the arrival of my Mistress.  I had eagerly awaited being with her, thinking about how I involuntarily started humping my sheets as I thought about her when nodding off. 

Mistress wanted to get right into bed after arriving home.  She was TIRED!  I was naked, smooth and smelling pretty good when we got into bed.  She was wearing only panties (that time of the month).  When she got into bed, she wanted some quick worship of her body to help her get to sleep.  I absolutely love to worship her, and especially so when she commands it.  After a short while she was ready to fall asleep and commanded that I stop the worshipping and cuddle her so we could both go to sleep.

After a minute or so, and after recalling how I longed for her while we were apart (humping my sheets), I asked Mistress if I could do something before she feel to sleep.  I asked her if I could hump her body.  Hump me?, she said.  Yes, hump you, I replied.

She obliged and rolled onto her back as I straddled her, so eager.... so excited to be able to recreate the thoughts in my head just 1 night prior.  Looking down on the most beautiful female creature there is, under me, and being allowed to rub my cock against her body was a thrill, a treat and I was so appreciative that Mistress would indulge me, knowing how tired she was.  Then she surprised me with a small treat.  She told me to go get a towel and some lube (then looked me in the eye quickly and said ..... don't get excited .... you will not be cumming) and bring them to her. 

I had been rubbing my cock against her lower tummy, right above the panty like.  Mistress took the lube, poured some on her upper belly and between her gorgeous breasts, then slid down the bed a little and invited me to straddle her body once again and hump the smoothness of her lubed skin.  Then she held her breasts together and made me fuck her between her tits.  By this point I was so close to cumming I needed to stop.

Mistress told me my "playtime" was over and that we were going to go to sleep.  Although I can't say I dreamed about the sight of her body under me during sleep last night, I can tell you that it was the very first vision that filled my head when woke this morning.

Today is my monthly milking day.   I am so glad we are back in the same bed.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I was sent shopping

In previous posts I have talked about Pinky.  Pinky is a wonderful cock sleeve that is pink (of course) and is basically nothing more complicated than just a really, really, really, really thick condom.  Literally it slides over my erect penis and stays in place because of the suction created.  It is thick enough that it essentially prevents me from feeling any direct stimulation to my penis.  There is zero feeling of friction/direct stimulation to my penis when I am wearing it and pleasuring Mistress with my cock.  This is especially so when my cock is also been sprayed with a desensitizer spray prior to entering pinky.

Pinky has become one of favorite sex toys.  It does a couple of things for us.  One, it allows Mistress to get the joy of being fucked hard and long on those occasions when she desires it, without having to stop because I may be nearing orgasm.  There are times when Mistress wants to be ravaged and taken sexually with continued and deep penetration, and pinky allows for me to be the man that provides that for her, while still maintaining one of the basic ingredients of our marriage and the other thing it does for us .... orgasm denial.  That being said, there is still the undeniable joy that comes from witnessing my beautiful Mistress Wife writhing in pleasure of continuous and deliberate sexual penetration, followed by the rapture of her orgasm.  I have discussed in the past that I can sometimes ejaculate via ruined orgasm by merely witnessing her in sexual pleasure.  The use of pinky (even with desensitizing spray) doesn't necessarily guarantee the preventing of an ejaculation/orgasm, but it sure helps.

Another item purchased was a strap on harness that has a hollow dildo attached to it.  This was just something that caught my eye while I was shopping and my thought was it would be fun to try.  When I got it home and read the instructions, I realized that this device was made for men that erectile dysfunction but still wanted to pleasure their woman with penetrative sex.  As such, the opening is small (too small) because it is intended to accommodate a flaccid cock.  Not being able to get an erection is not a problem in my house so I expected that pinky will primarily be used to satisfy Mistress's penetrative needs, but now Mistress has the option of a good hard fucking even after I have had an orgasm, rare as that is. 

The last thing I bought was this strap on harness.  One of Mistress K's new favorite shows is "Weeds".  In an episode, there was a scene where an obvious dominant woman lured a horny man to her bedroom for some fucking.  he thought he would be fucking her but instead, her intention was to put on her strap on and fuck him.  She had a harness that Mistress LOVED.  So much so that she had me find the episode and scene in question, determine what that harness was, and get her one.  By all accounts, it was the Spare Parts Joque Harness (pictured) above.  When I texted Mistress after the purchased, to let her know I had it, I got an immediate reply about how excited she was that I found it.  EXCITED, hardly describes how I feel about this purchase.  To me, there is nothing more intimate, or a better demonstration of her Dominance and my loving submission, than to accept her penetration.  I can't wait.

When I walked into the Adult "Superstore", a nice middle-aged woman asked if there was anything she could help me with.  I told her no, I'd like to look around first and then if I needed her help, I'd ask.  When she saw me looking for the New Pinky in the penis extension section, she mentioned that there were others in a different part of the store if were interested in looking at those, and then used the occasion to ask if I had used a penis extension before.  I told her yes, but at that moment I felt I needed to defend my manhood and explain that it wasn't because my wife was dissatisfied with the size of my penis, but it was used as method with which to deny my orgasms while still allowing her to get the penetrative pleasure she wanted.   She said, calm as could be, "Oh, you're in a wife led marriage then?"  To which I replied .... "Yes".  It was comfortable and pleasant, but also matter-of-fact and business like.  Although there was zero, fantasy fueled sexual tension at that moment between the saleswoman and me, there definitely was a great deal of comfort in just being, existing and having been revealed as a submissive husband, in "public".  It was nice.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bad Boy

I was a bad boy ......

  • Mistress had to make her own coffee this morning, and
  • I left my subhubphx blog up on our computer while the kids were around.
I won't do either of those again!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's how it is in my house

I came across these two things while perusing the internet today, and each of them had a some very real truths about how things are in our happy home.  Although I am long since past the point of no longer asking for release, and have even progressed to the point of eagerly asking NOT to orgasm or ejaculate, the love, desire, respect, devotion and constant state of desire for my beautiful Mistress only grows.

Since I'm showing you naughty pictures from the internet that have inspired me, I'll show you two more.   This one oozes (seems to anyway) with genuine, primal lust. 

And this one is merely something I want to do badly ..........

Have a great rest of the weekend my friends!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unexpected moment of joy

This morning, Mistress was running late while getting ready and needed to rush the kids to school before she was done.  That meant she would be coming back home to finish getting ready.

Its times like this that provide an unexpected moment of joy.  I showered and was naked while doing the morning dishes when she returned home.  Just being able to be naked in our home, in her presence is a moment of joy for us. 

Mistress was late so she didn't have a lot of time, but she rubbed my cock hard while ordering me to not stop doing the dishes.  She slowly ran her finger up and down the crack of my bottom and in seconds I was hard for her.  She was pleased.

Later, while applying her makeup, she summoned me to stand beside her and masturbate while she put her face on.  It was glorious.

Unexpected moments of joy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I don't understand why

Why is it so important for so many people in the D/s, FLM, BDSM, Fetish worlds (and frankly all other areas of life) to ask others to define for them, the boundaries they should fit within.  On Fetlife (you should come visit me there - listed as subhubphx), in nearly every "group" I am a part of, a never ending stream of questions comes through asking others to define how they or someone they are with should behave or act or feel.  I get it, beginners have a never ending desire to "do it right". 

It happens here too at times.  I'll get the occasional comment or email from someone that will ask my why I am not doing this or that, like every other submissive husband does.  For example, I occasionally her from an anonymous "Mistress" that contiguously complains to me that until Mistress K. requires me to consume every bit of ejaculate that comes from my body, I am not truly a submissive husband.  She even goes on to suggest that if Mistress K. doesn't like that, or want me to do it, she isn't a "true" Mistress.  Others have contacted Mistress K. or myself asking to be included in our kinks, as if it is a foregone conclusion that Mistress K. is some kind of leather-clad Mistress  who is constantly on the prowl for misguided and unattached submissives out there (male and female).  Others somehow believe that because her husband is her submissive, that her sexual needs aren't being met and that perhaps she may not even know it, and of course they are more than happy to satisfy those unmet sexual needs.  I even got an email from someone that lives locally, a submissive man, informing me that he had just sent Mistress K. an email asking for her permission to "date" me.  As if that was, again, some kind of foregone conclusion that such a thing was even possible. 

I understand that people, when they are immersed in their kink thoughts, have certain hopes, dreams and expectations, and for the most part, most people are very courteous when making those assumptions about us.  One of the misconceptions is  ....  Because I am a submissive husband to my beautiful, sexy redheaded Goddess Mistress Wife, that I am also a submissive in other areas of my life.  Well, I'm not.  In fact, I am an unabashed dominant in every aspect of my life except for one, and I think we all know what that is.  I am dutifully at the ready to participate in pretty much any activity that Mistress K. might find enjoyable, within our already known limits.  She and I have talked through our likes, dislikes, preferences, soft limits and hard limits and we pretty much stick to those things because, well, that's how Mistress K. wants it. 

In my dedicated servitude to Mistress K., I realize that there is relatively very few things I wouldn't do for her if she were so inclined.  If Mistress K. were to ever change her mind and say, require that I consume my ejaculate .... I wouldn't like doing it.  Not at all.  However, I would do it dutifully and happily because I would be required to do it, and only because it would be something that she would then find pleasurable.  There are plenty of aspects of servitude in my role as a committed, collared, and dutiful submissive husband that I do that I would never (in a million years) do (or accept) on my own and outside the realm of our singular and monogamous relationship. I don't much like being responsible for all of the dirty dishes in the house.  I wouldn't wear panties if I wasn't told to do so by Mistress K.  I would never, ever allow someone o punish me by spanking my ass red until it hurts.  I would never, ever kneel naked before someone and profess my adoration and love for them.  All of those things (and may others) happen frequently, and for one reason and one reason only .... because the one person in the world that I have committed my gift of submission to, likes it. 

Conversely, there are plenty of things in the FLM lifestyle that I would love to do, or do more often.  In the past, Mistress would constantly hear about may of those because of my incessant asking or cajoling (topping from the bottom).  Mistress K. put an end to that behavior early on by simply demanding that I understand that one of the core tenants of our mutual commitment to each other is that is is NOT at all about what I want, but simply and only about what she wants.  When it is all said and done, I am either able to get my ultimate source of pleasure by seeing to it that Mistress K. gets her pleasure (in whatever way she sees fit), or I am not.  If I am not, then the basic ingredient of our FLM would be a lie. 

I recently read a story on Literotica that made the point very clear.  I can't find it again, otherwise I would direct you to the story.  I won't bore you with the details, but briefly, it was a story about a married couple that was living a FLM.  The Mistress wife in the story eventually evolved into wanting to take additional lovers, essentially cuckolding her husband.  Not something I would want at all, but for him, and his relationship with his Mistress wife, it was acceptable.  During one of her trysts with her lovers, a man that dominated her sexually while in his presence, he assumed that simply because it was ok for him to fuck his wife, it would also be ok for her husband to suck his cock.  In the story, the wife's lover instructed the husband to come to the bed and suck his cock clean after he was finished with his wife.  The husband walked over, completely and utterly demonstrated to her wife's lover that he had no right, no capacity to suggest or demand any such thing from him.  When the woman's lover continued to attempt to dominate the husband, the husband drug him to the ground, completely immobilized him with force and informed him that his participation with his wife in the future was over and for him to get his clothes and "get the fuck out of here".  That he did not accept instructions from anyone other than his wife and that his servitude was only to her.  In the absence of any instructions from his Mistress Wife to perform with him sexually, it simply wasn't gong to happen and that just because his wife had agreed to submit to the man sexually, it did NOT mean that he would as well.  I almost literally cheered out loud for the man.  For his Mistress Wife, it was a supreme demonstration of her submissive husband's willingness to make her happy and a such, loved him and respected him that much more. 

Folks, we are all different and as such I believe that if each of us didn't depend so much on others interpretation or "definition" of how each of us should behave or what we might be required to "accept" in our respective lives, we'd have so much less unhappiness and so much more joy in what it is we do.  Be that in the world of kink or life in general.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Punished for what I did while being punished

Hi gang!  It's been a while since I was last here to post about the goings on in my blissful live as submissive husband in suburban Phoenix.  If it matters to you, I apologize for such a delay in posting.  Life has been nuts.  It's been really good, but it's been nuts and as such I haven't been able to get here much.

On Thursday morning this past week, Mistress decided to come home after taking the kids to school rather than go to the office like she does most every morning.  When she arrived home, I was naked (of course) and had just finished doing the morning dishes.  When she walked in the door, she came over to me, hugged me and thanked me for being dutifully naked for her arrival.  Then she ordered me to the bedroom because I had a spanking punishment due and she felt that it was the perfect time for it.  I was instructed to retrieve her paddle and join her on the bed.

She began to administer my punishment but it was not particularly hard.  She wasn't necessarily in the mood for a harsh punishment.  In fact, she alternated spanks with a tender, gentle rubbing of my upturned bottom while I was lying on the bed.  She would give a series of spanks and then gentle rub my bottom and alternate running her nails lightly over my reddened ass.  She would my exposed balls and anus with her finger and her nails.  I just felt OMG sooooo good.  While she was rubbing my balls and teasing my bottom hole, she suddenly began to stroke my cock.  The wonderfulness was just so overwhelming and although I was trying to get away in order to avoid ejaculation, I couldn't help myself and cum starting to ooooze out of my cock involuntarily. 

It's hard to explain but a enormous feeling of shame and regret immediately came over me.  In our marriage, one of the most sacred rules we have is that may NEVER, EVER ejaculate without her consent.  But .... this accident happened.  I laid there gathering my thoughts and apologizing profusely.  All she said to me was "Uh oh, you shouldn't have done that. You're in trouble now pet".  I begged her for forgiveness and she said that forgiveness would come when I had received my punishment.  Until then, she would remain disappointed. 

Without a few minutes to spare, Mistress decided to have an orgasm and opted to delay the punishment until there would be sufficient time.  She ordered me to get her vibrator so she could have a nice cum before going to work.  I was instructed to kneel sitting up beside her and just watch.  (It was spectacular!)  That was Thursday. 

Today, on the eve of me laving on a business trip to Miami, Mistress teased me to the edge on 3 separate occasions in the morning.  Twice as I was kneeling before her while she sat in a chair, she would lube her hand and slowly stroke me to the edge, linger there a bit, then stop.  The third time I was immediately following the harsh spanking she gave me for my previously described unauthorized ejaculation.  I was standing and so was she.  She walked into the bedroom with her vibrator in her hand and had me pour lube into her other hand.  She faced me and was stroking my cock while she put one foot on a chair and placed the vibrator against her glorious, panty-covered pussy.  In no time she was having a wonderful orgasm.  I, of course, was instructed not to cum which for me, is hardest when Mistress is in the throes of her own glorious orgasm.  In her post orgasm stupor, she instructed me to insert my plug and she left the room. 

We have activities with the children all evening.  I have to be at the airport for a midnight red-eye flight to Miami.  Lord only knows what, if anything is in store for me before I go.  Here I sit, glad to be able to reconnect with my friend while my ass is filled with it's very familiar glass friend. 

It's not likely I'll be able to post again until I get back from Miami on Thursday.  In the meantime, be well my friends and stay in touch.

Much love!


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Is your Mistress available?

I occasionally get inquiries from people (almost always men) asking if Mistress K. would like to take them on as an additional slave, as a bull lover or for a discipline spanking, or help her dominate me, or ......... etc., etc., etc.  I understand that not everyone here and on FetLife fully understands the dynamics involved in our life, or in the life of others.  Some clearly see the word "Mistress" and automatically assume that my Wife is a sex craved whore that is always on the lookout for more and more slaves in a never ending quest to find that one person that can cure her of the burden of her unfortunate dominant existence in our marriage.  I get it. 

I don't mind that there are other men (and women) that want to have sexy time with my wife. She is a sexy, beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, strict, sensuous woman.  Not only that, she has RED HAIR, so, you know .... who could actually resist all of that?  Don't let that statement confuse you into believing that I want that to happen, but the idea that there are many others (men and women) that sexually desire my Mistress Wife is exciting.  She has never given any indication that she has any interest in anything or anyone outside of our beautiful love-filled marriage, yet I suppose the mere fact that this blog exists and my account on FetLife exists (here)  might lead some to believe that the definition of what a Mistress is (in their own heads) includes an obvious desire for multiple sex partners.  As such, I suppose the constant parade of pursuers will continue. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday's are good too

We all talk about how we love those unexpected special moments.  Like this morning! 

Mistress K. takes the kids to school on the way to her office every work day.  On this day, she needed to return to get some "work done on the computer" before going to the office.  She dropped the kids off and returned home.  She was already showered and beautified for the day and when she returned, I had just finished showering and was shaving.  She rushed into the bathroom in a great hurry because "OMG I have to pee."

After she finished peeing, she opened the door and went to my sink to wash her hands.  I had finished shaving and just had applied the cologne she loves me to wear (she recently ordered me to start wearing it again every day).  After she dried her hands, she faced me and knelt before me to take my cock in her mouth.  As you can imagine, when this happens it is such a welcomed and unexpected surprise. I was hard as a rock in no time.  Looking down, watching this beautiful creature show me such intimate love was awesome. 

I have been sending her this GIF picture a few times in the past couple of weeks because I think it is MAD HOT .... mostly because the woman in the picture looks very much like by beautiful Mistress Wife.

I'd like to say that I look like the fella in the picture, but truth be told, he might be a tiny bit younger than me, and maybe a tiny bit larger, but nonetheless, it's still hot!

When Mistress K. brought me to the very edge, she lingered a tiny bit longer and I almost did the unthinkable.  I almost came.  Of course i was not allowed to.  Those of you that have read here long enough know that cumming without permission is about as serious of an offense as there is in our marriage.  By the grace of God, I was able to avoid ruining a perfect gift from my Wife this morning. 

She rose and hugged and kissed me very passionately, and told me how much she loved me.  She then suddenly decided it was a good time to give me a spanking that she had determined was due me.  She ordered me to the closet where she administered that spanking.  When she felt I had had enough, I had me kneel before her to administer aftercare.  I just love the aftercare.

She told me to get dressed.  I was told I was to wear panties today and when I had them i was to come and model them for her.  I picked out a cute fitting pair of pink and white thong panties and went to model them for Mistress.  She approved very much and giggled at the fact that the cute panties could not contain my hard cock, which was sticking out the top of the panties.  When she was done looking at me in my panties, she patted me on my red bottom and sent me off to get dressed for the workday. 

What a great way to start the day.  I almost skipped toward the closet and got dressed.  When I went to kiss her goodbye, I told her that I liked wearing panties for her and  I thought it would be a good time to ask her if she would be interested in a spanking Boot Camp.  Not knowing what this is (frankly, I only have a general idea too but i do know that it means a rather sore bottom for the spankee for a couple of days).  She asked and i explained at least what I thought i knew about it, and mentioned that I thought be a good thing for us to help re-establish the Domestic Discipline aspect of our life together.  She said she would think about it and i said I would see if I could come up with a clearer description of what it is.

READERS:  Please help, if you know what an itinerary for a spanking boot camp would be, or know where I could find it, please let me know!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.  For me, I am very excited because it is opening day for Major league Baseball!  Yay!

Friday, April 1, 2016

What is it?

A question to you, my dear readers ..........

Whether you are a dominant or a submissive, what is your favorite, purely sexual act that you often/occasionally/sometimes/rarely engage in with your Dominant/sub/slave?  It can be something that is being done to you, or something you are doing in service to your Dom/Domme, or to you submissive/slave. 

I've been thinking about this and for me, it is the act of being required to (able to) worship my Wife when she has the need to feel worshipped.  For me, there is simply nothing more erotic that having direct physical access to her gorgeous body.  The act of kissing her entire body softly is sometimes just overwhelmingly wonderful.  The act itself, plus her natural scent is something that I cherish.  Usually while doing so, Mistress K. will become aroused enough to allow me to perform oral sex on her.  That moment, when it becomes apparent that I will be honored with having my mouth on her pussy is a spiritual thing for me.  I just love it.

What say you?  Please, tell me what is your favorite sexual act with your sub/slave/Dom/Domme.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I still Love Tuesdays

For those of you that remember, this is what I wear every Tuesday.  All day, every Tuesday.  the good news is that TODAY IS TUESDAY!

I miss blogging ......  I'll try to be here more often. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Spring Everyone


I've always felt a little uneasy about apologizing for being away from bloggie-land for such a long time.  There have been a few people reach out to me privately, just to see if everything is ok, and I can't tell you how warm that makes my heart.  Who doesn't like to cared about anyway?

I casually mentioned to Mistress the other night that it has been 6 weeks or so since I last posted on my blog.  There was an immediate, audible gasp followed by a narrowing of the eyes and furrowing of the brow.  She was not happy about it!  As she put it ... "you have an obligation to stay in contact with those nice people that take the time to be your friend."  You know what .... she's absolutely right.  And so, I apologize my friends.  Although I haven't been writing, I have been reading and I love being there with you in each of your lives.

Mistress asked why I hadn't been writing recently.  I just that I hadn't been inspired, and so ..........  It wasn't meant personally against, but I believe she may have initially taken it that way.  I know that all relationships have ebbs and flows as far as activity goes, and we certainly are no different.  But the core feeling are always there .... after all, I am a collared husband!

You see that thin strip of wood?  It is a piece of unfinished wood trim.  It is flat on the bottom and has rounded edges on the top.  The flat bottom is just less than 3/4 of inch wide and the whole thing is less that 1/4 inch thick. 

See that countertop it is laying on?  That is an island in the our closet that Mistress will often have me lay on to receive spankings.  But, that's not what happened this morning.  What did happen this morning was Mistress called me into the closet after getting out of the shower and before getting dressed.  When I arrived, she told me to fetch the stick pictured above.  I did so, handed it to her and was told to lower my pants.  Instead of having me lay on the table, Mistress instead had me stand against the wall with my hands on it, above my head.  She reintroduced me to the "stick" and proceeded to elicit some yelps as she administered my punishment for not washing the dishes one night.  Right about when she was done, she reached for my cock and giggled a bit to find it rock hard.  I mean rock hard! 

Now I realize that there is indeed a kinky, sexy element associated with received a bare-bottom spanking.  I get that.  But for me, the actual act of being spanked is NOT what arouses me.  What arouses me when I am being spanked is the incredibly intimate attention that my Mistress Wife is giving me in that moment.  Her willingness and ability to adjust and correct my behavior in such a ways as to please her, touches me on a very deep, emotional level.  I think most subs can appreciate what I am saying here. 

I could tell.  Mistress was about finished punishing me when she discovered my super hard cock.  Mistress likes to incorporate spankings with edgings and this morning was no exception.  Mistress would stroke my cock and get me so dangerously close to coming, then give me several hard swats with the stick/paddle/hand, and she will repeat that process several times.  As always, after being punished, I was ordered to my knees in front of her so I can lay my head on her tummy, thanks her for my spanking and so she can administer after care. 

Over the past couple of months, episodes like this have been few and far between.  Sometimes real life takes you in that direction.  Mistress and I have recognized that and have both acknowledged that we need to make our FLM a more primary part of our life again.

I've come to realize two things:  First, I really miss you guys  and second, I really need spankings.  I am going to ask Mistress K. if we can have a spanking boot camp.  Have any of you done a spanking boot camp?  Can you enlighten me/us on how to do it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 1st time

For the first time ever in our loving Female Led Marriage, I know ahead of time that I will be having a full on orgasm, which will be later tonight later tonight.  Mistress has informed me that we will be having sex because she is horny, and because I am leaving town for 4 days on a fishing trip with my buddies, she has decided that I will be having a full orgasm. 

That's the first since we started our beautiful lifestyle that I have been aware ahead of time that I will be cumming.  I feel like a nervous schoolgirl.  He he!

She has instructed me to bring out "pinky", which is the cock sleeve that she likes me to wear sometimes.  She also has instructed me to numb my cock with desensitizing spray well enough ahead of time so that my cock is good and numb.  She wants to gets fucked really good it seems.

I'm a lucky boy!

Friday, February 12, 2016

at the core of our being

The other day, Mistress K. and I got into an argument.  We were talking about something that happened at school with one of our kids and it escalated into frustration for me about how Mistress was telling me the story.  The detail are unimportant, but eventually Mistress ended the conversation and left the room.  I was not happy about how the conversation seemed to end, but that is how it goes.

I was in our closet a short time later and she returned to start up the discussion again.  Being still hot, I was passionate and the volume of my voice was elevated.  During this time, Mistress K. told me that I was right in what I had described to her as being my problem with how the conversation went.  Being a stubborn moron sometimes (like now), I didn't let it go and the conversation continued, and so did the high volume of my voice.  I was still hot.

Suddenly, she sneered at me, turned on her heels and left me alone in the closet.  I thought she was walking off again and ending the conversation again by just abandoning it altogether.  I was wrong.  She left the closet to lock the bedroom door.  Then she stomped back into the closet, ordered my hands on the island in the middle of the closet and went for her paddle.  Now she was hot and she was about to put an end to it.  I hesitated in putting my hands where she ordered me to and that only added to her frustration. 
With my hands on the island in the middle of our closet, she came behind me, pulled down my shorts and proceeding to blister my ass with the leather paddle.  She had made her point in short order, returned the paddle to her drawer and left the closet. 

Even as upset as I was, I instinctively yielded.  Yes, my stinging red ass helped me focus on what had happened, but nonetheless, she ended my bad behavior.  I am just so grateful that the lifestyle that we live gives us the opportunity to be able to settle disagreements quickly, justly (by her determination) and with no lingering hard feelings.  It is at the core of our being.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I've missed it


I hadn't been spanked in nearly 6 weeks.  Not because I haven't deserved to be spanked, but because living the suburban dream seemed to have conspired against Mistress being able to dole out the punishment spankings when they were earned.  When I woke up on Friday morning, I had 2 harsh, punishment spankings coming my way for infractions I had along the way. 

Friday evening, after I came home from the office, we were waiting to head out to meet friends for dinner.  We had 45 minutes before we had to leave, and THE KIDS WEREN'T HOME!  After asking Mistress if the coast was clear, I began to remove my clothes while we waited, because I am required to be naked in her presence, unless told otherwise.  Mistress was watching and when my pants came down, she remembered that she had ordered me to wear pantie that morning and instructed me to leave the panties on. 

We were watching Nurse Jackie when Mistress summoned me over to where she was on the couch and had me lay across her lap.  For 30 minutes, Mistress enjoyed her television show while she spanked my bottom with her hand.  When I first laid across her lap, she very carefully adjusted my panties on my bottom so they looked cute for her.  She then proceeded to spank me with my panties on.  I laid there, saying nothing, and not moving.

A few months ago, I had said to Mistress that when I was being spanked, I had every intention not to move or attempt to overly influence her as she was dolling out the punishment. I wanted for Mistress to better be able to concentrate on the spanking she was giving, rather than having to deal with m shenanigans of moving or whining.  Obviously there reaches a point where it become impossible to NOT react when the sting of the paddle/hand/cane/wooden spoon reaches a certain level.  Nonetheless, it was/is my goal to be a better spankee for Mistress by sucking it up and accepting what she has to offer without unnecessary reaction.

As I laid there, I was in haven.  I was exactly where I was meant to be and how I was meant to be.  I was in my own beautiful home.  My beautiful wife happy and contented right then to be relaxing and watching her favorite show.  I was naked (well, except for my panties) because that's how I'm supposed to be.  My wife calls me over so I can lay my nearly naked body over her lap so she spank me.  The spontaneous moment was heaven!

I informed Mistress that it was time for us to leave if we were going to meet our friends in time at the restaurant.  Mistress agreed, but before telling me to get up, he lowered my panties to just below my bottom and gave me several really good smacks with her bare hand for good measure.  Panties still lowered, she ordered me "up" so she could go freshen up for our dinner out.  I stood before her, hands behind my back with my panties pulled down in the back yet still covering my hard cock in the front.  She said "you may thank me for your spanking now".  I dropped to my knees, exposed her yummy belly, planted some kisses there and laid my head down and sais "thank you for my spanking Mistress".

She shooed me away to freshen up and told me to get dressed, but not before taking this picture:

5 minutes later, I was helping my beautiful Mistress into the car, waiting by the open door with a freshly spanked bottom.  I smiled and thought to myself .... I'm a lucky man!

One of the two punishments I had coming to me was satisfied.  The other was not.  It was for smoking .... and Mistress was not happy about it.  I suspect that one will hurt!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nietzsche .......

"Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine"
-   Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's not what you want

"Please Mistress, may I please have a ruined orgasm?"

Last night, Mistress K. roused me from my slumber on the couch and informed me it was time for bed.  I got up, stumbled toward the bed, removed my clothes and climbed in.  The room was dark except for the light from the TV.  One of my favorite views ever is when Mistress K. is naked, walks in front of the TV in order to get into her side of the bed.  There is just something so thrilling about seeing that beautiful creature making her way to get in the very same bed I am laying.  I am always so honored at a moment like this, just to know that she is married to me.

On this night, she was feeling frisky and ordered me to lie on my right side, facing away from her.  She began to lightly stroke my ass, teasingly barely running a finger along the crack of my ass,  She likes to get near the spot I wish she would concentrate on (my bummy hole) no matter how much I arch my back offer it to her.  Her other hand went to my cock, which was already hard as a rock, and she began to stroke me repeatedly to the edge of orgasm.  I would try to turn and face her but she would have none of it, instead ordering me to remain on my side while she continued to run her hands over my body.  I was in heaven.

Then, abruptly, she turned me to my back and straddled me, guiding my cock inside of her.  She was using my cock and body for her pleasure as she continued to march toward her orgasm.  She reached into the night stand and retrieved the wand vibrator as she neared her orgasm.  Within seconds she was having the most glorious orgasm.  She then fell off of me and laid beside me as she recovered from her bliss.  I so much love that moment right after she's had an orgasm.  Seeing her in her euphoria is just so rewarding.  I began to worship her body and rub myself against her.  I was so full of desire, I actually began to beg Mistress to allow me to cum on this evening.  She was sweet about it but said "not tonight my love, although I do love to hear you beg".  Those words gave me hope as I continued to plead with her for relief.  I then begged for the kind of ruined orgasm that is my favorite ... straddling her naked body and allowing my come to gently land on her belly.  It seemed like she was considering it and I was getting excited at the prospect that she may allow it.  Her beautiful eyes met mine, and in angelic fashion, she once again said "not tonight"

Then, she looked at me and said "I'll tell you what.  If you can ejaculate without any stimulation to your cock or balls, you may ejaculate on my tummy."  I have been able to accomplish in the past and was so grateful at the opportunity.  The only stimulation I was allowed to use to achieve my ruined orgasm, was the air, and my mind.  I immediately straddled her body and set out to accomplish my goal.  As much as I tried, as much as I let fantasies run through my mind and as much as I was humping the air, I was not able to achieve a ruined orgasm this time.  I was desperate with desire and pleaded with Mistress .... "Please Mistress, I want to ejaculate so bad".   She touched my face and said "I know pet, but it's no what you want that matters."  She rolled onto her side facing away from me and ordered my to come spoon her to sleep.  I thanked her for allowing me to be present during her orgasm and for being strong in the face of my desperate pleading.  My cock stayed hard for 45 minutes as I laid there, holding my beautiful sleeping wife in my arms.  I am such a lucky man.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Problem Solved

This morning I was feeling a little neglected.  I mentioned as much to Mistress then sulked off to the other room.  She summoned me back and said "There will be no whining!", and then dismissed me.

Problem solved!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bonus Day

Mistress K. asks, "what are you doing today?".  "I have a presentation in front of a pretty good sized group for people at the office", I said.   She replied, "You'll wear your plug again today."


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


No, not in the sense of two pieces of wood clamped over my balls to force them behind me, but in the more traditional sense of the word. 

I am so very honored and humbled by some of the incredibly nice and supportive comments I have received after my last post.  We are a close knit group of people and I am so delighted be associated with each one of you.  God Bless you all.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Are we there already?

Are we at that inevitable point in our relationship, where Mistress's pleasure naturally would/should include another man's cock?  Maybe one that isn't prone to erupt in seconds because it has been constantly teased and denied, for weeks on end, like mine can be?  Is it that time in our relationship already?  Is it inevitable?  Am I prepared?

Each of us has our own little worlds that we live in.  We want those worlds to be safe, warm and full of love.  My love for Mistress K. is undeniable and as deep as anything I know and feel.  I want to bring her pleasure in life.  I want for her to have access to and the ability to enjoy, as much pleasure in life as possible.  Not just sexual pleasures, but every pleasure that is available to her.  I trust Mistress K. to be a very good arbiter of common sense when it comes to determining which pleasures she can safely indulge in, and which ones she can't.  For example, there is pleasure in cake and pie.  Mistress K., I suppose, could decide that because eating cake and pie is indeed a pleasure, and because she is in charge of determining what pleasures she can indulge in, she can eat cake and pie as much as she wants without ramifications.  Right?  Of course not, and she, like any rational person, knows that. 

What about sex?  Ah, now that's a different story, right?  I mean after all, Mistress K. is among a select group of people in this world.  Like relatively few others, she is someone that lovingly owns the heart, mind and body of someone else, which of course means that she could have any kind of sex, anytime she wants, any way she wants, simply because she wants to.  She decides the if, the when, the how of sex.  She also is the one that decides the who.  How great is that? 

Like any other group of people, those of us the FLR/FLM world are sometimes subject to what is claimed to be "normal".  Newbies starting out are worried about whether or not they are "doing it right".  Experienced couples ask and are asked questions all the time, about "is it normal for us to do this, or normal to do that ....?"  Personally, I've never been a fan of worrying about where any of us actually do or should "fit in".  I get a bit weary at the natural inclination of people (me included) to constantly try to define everything into narrow definitions.  There are even those that will give unsolicited opinions of how you/we are doing it right or doing it wrong.  I have a commenter who is an anonymous "Mistress".  She will occasionally comment or email me to let me know that until Mistress K. requires me to consume my own cum, we really don't have a legitimate FLM because, well, you know, it's what everyone does in an FLM.  Although she's adamant about, she's pleasant enough and even humorous about it that I really can't take offence to it.  Besides, even if I did, unless a commenter is blatantly, obviously and needlessly offensive, I'll always leave their comments in place.  Thankfully, Mistress K. and I don't feel the need to allow anyone outside of our deep love for each other, to define the parameters that love.

Even though some things are never "always required" to define the kind of relationship Mistress K. and I have, there are undeniable commonalities to a D/s relationship.  Especially a Female Led D/s relationship.  Of course, one of those "not uncommon" things is for the Dominant Female to take on a male lover .....  be it a full-on cuckold relationship, with humiliation, forced bi and other things that serve to degrade and humiliate the submissive male;    or Her taking a random, nameless, faceless male, human sex toy, it's obviously not an uncommon thing in a FLM/FLR. 

That being said, there are many, many monogamous FLM's, and my marriage is one of them.  Neither Mistress K. nor I have previously expressed a desire in the past for a separate male lover to sexually service Mistress K.  We are both very, very protective of the core elements of our love, and would never do anything to risk that.  It's a key reason why we never actually did engage I a threesome with other women when we had the chances in the past.  Safeguarding our love. 

One of the effects on me that has evolved from our FLM is that is I get an ENORMOUS amount of joy and pleasure from seeing Mistress K. having intense sexual pleasure and orgasm.  It is a genuine thrill for me.  It really is.  I've even been able to have a ruined orgasm by simply watching my beloved wife having a orgasm.  I am also so grateful that Mistress allows me to see her have her orgasms.  I know that isn't always the case for many submissive husbands.  Witnessing her having an orgasm will usually put me into immediate and deep subspace.  Our evolution has brought me to now get as much sexual pleasure from her orgasms, as I could get from having one on my own.  It is just that much of a joy to be a part of and to witness my beloved Wife having such pleasure. 

One of the realities of a FLM, is daily teasing/edging, followed by orgasm denial. For many couples, it's a key component in their recipe for happiness.  I know it is in mine.  As such, the male is in a nearl constant state of arousal, which means that he often a hair trigger penis, and can usually come in a matter of seconds when his penis is pressed into service (pun intended).  I'm sure there are some men out there than can do it, ..... that can go from a teased/denied, constant state of edge-of-orgasm arousal, to a porn-star like man that can fuck as long as she wants, and cum on command.  For the rest of us mortal humans, that kind of thing is usually not possible. 

There are times when suddenly Mistress feels the desire to be fucked, good, hard and for as long as she wants. When the times comes, and because of my constant state of arousal, it usually requires some numbing cream, a cock sleeve and waiting time for the cream to numb the cock. Should she have to be concerned about her sub cumming without permission, or worse, having to stop altogether to avoid ejaculation? This doesn't seem fair for any Mistress not to have a hard cock available to fuck her like she wants.

Last night I was having many random, crazy dreams.  In one of them, Mistress K. was getting fucked by another man, she was loving every second of it.  Not only that, I was there, naked, sitting behind her, holding her legs apart.  Not only that, I helped this strange man him fuck my wife by grabbing and holding his cock, and guiding it into her pussy, then watched as he brought intense pleasure from being fucked long and hard.  (In my dream, he didn't have a big, giant cock like that depicted in the picture below, but there are only so many pictures of husbands holding their wife's legs apart so she can fucked, and except for the giant cock, it's pretty much how I remember the scene in my slumbering head. * smile)

Not only that, when recalling that portion of the dream, I got a huge erection, and then I got another huge erection telling Mistress K. about it.  Wait, what?  Did I just say that?  This is something new.

How could this be?  The last time I had a sex dream that included any other man, it caused me to wake up in a panic.  It was one of those .... "oh good, it was only a dream, but I still need some reassurance from you right now" kind of dreams.  And in this particular dream, all she did was barely handle a guy's cock that happened to be lying next to us in bed, for some reason. 

With these things in mind and being a bit jealous by nature, how could I go from near panic about a dream where Mistress K. briefly touches another man's cock, to waking up as hard as a rock and very  aroused because another man fucked her?  How could this be?  I'd say the biggest difference between the two "mind-fuck" dreams, was that the man in my latest dream was merely a faceless, nameless human sex toy.  There was no intimacy between him and my Mistress.  No kissing, no typical cuckold fodder about how I was a useless man when it came to sex.  There was none of that.  He wasn't there to steal her, or replace me in her life in any way.  Mistress seemed very intent on making sure I knew that, during the dream.  In fact, there was a great deal of gratitude and intimacy that was directed solely at me while she was being well fucked by this other man. 

Are we there already?  Are we at that milepost on our journey?  Are we growing up?  Are we growing into our journey?  Oh boy ..........  What's next?