Friday, February 28, 2014

We found our Officiant

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W/we met with her yesterday and she is lovely, opened minded and eager to help U/us re-formalize O/our love for each other in the context of O/our Wife Led Marriage.  W/we're both very excited.  Still would love to hear your suggestions for the ceremony.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today we meet our Officiant

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*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Today is the day W/we meet (for the first time) the officiant that will conduct O/our upcoming renewal of vows that will formalize O/our Wife Led Relationship.  She is aware of what W/we want to accomplish with O/our ceremony (generally speaking), but let's hope that she has an open enough mind to not freak out.  We'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We'd love your help ...........

Every five years, my Wife (now Mistress) and i renew O/our wedding vows.  This will happen again this fall, so there is plenty of time to plan for O/our special day.

W/we have searched (and believe we have found) an officiant that will be willing to provide U/us with a ceremony that commemorates O/our new lifestyle.  W/we are in the process of trying to determine some of the details of the ceremony, the day before, the day of and that night to consummate the renewed marriage.  It is not likely that there will any witnesses other than the officiant, but we'll see about that i guess.

W/we need your help with some ideas for the ceremony itself and the period of time before and after in order to help U/us do this within the context of a Female Dominant Marriage.  What should She wear?  What, if anything should i wear?  What symbol should W/we consider when placing a ring on ??? 

W/we are very excited and serious about this so please, let U/us know your thoughts.

Thank you everyone!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes it hurts more than other times

Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  From the kitchen She asks "what are you doing right now?"  Was about to get in the shower, I replied.  "Be naked and come here" She says.  Continuing She says "Masturbate for Me".  I stood there and in second got my cock hard for Her while She prepared dog food for O/our dog.  "I think I'd like it better if you were kneeling", She said .... so i dutifully knelt on the hard kitchen floor while not missing a beat with my stroking assignment (pun intended)."Turn and face the counter" was Her instruction.  With that She reached into the drawer and pulled out the dreaded wooden spoon.  While being told not to stop my stroking, She began to paddle my bottom with the spoon.  This would be the punishment i knew was due to receive for a few infractions over the recent couple of days. 

She didn't start off especially hard, but sometimes, a spanking just flat hurts more than other times.  Within the first 3 paddles, i was outwardly letting Her know how much this was hurting.  It was amazing to me how much it was hurting this time.  Maybe it was because it was impromptu and i didn't have the time to consider my fate at that particular moment.  i don't know.

Anyway, She didn't seemed so interested in giving mercy this particular morning.  Sometimes i notice that S he really enjoys inflicting pain on me and also loves to hear me beg Her to stop, which i was doing in no time.  After She felt satisfied that i received a sufficient punishment, She told me to stop stroking and stand.  She told me to kiss Her and tell me that i loved her, which of course i did in a heartbeat.  Funny thing about this FLM lifestyle, it is times like this that i feel the closest to Her.

She told me to wash go get in the shower and get ready for work, also telling me that today i was to wear a cock ring under my clothes. After i was done showering and was about to get dressed, i was required to come and model the cock ring for Her.  She said she was pleased and told me to get dressed.

Each time i am due a punishment, i always prefer to have it inflicted as soon as is possible after the infraction.  For a couple of reasons.  One, the nagging thought that lingers in the back of mine that i may have my ass reddened and sore at any given moment is unsettling (which i know She enjoys), but mostly because during the time between the infraction and the punishment which absolves it, i feel a genuine regret for having disappointed Her.  That's the worse part.

life is good!

P.S.  I probably should taken a picture of the aftermath of my spanking.  Sorry, maybe next time.

Edge yourself for me

Update from yesterday .... I had just slipped on my panties and walked over to her to show them off before getting dressed and She remembered that She intended to have me edge myself while in the shower.  She admired my panties and then told me to lower them.  "Masturbate for me", she said and returned her attention to her computer screen for a moment.  The She turned back toward to watch as i neared the edge.  She had me hold myself on the edge for about 2 minutes by having me start and stop my rubbing of Her penis.  Then, abruptly She said "Stop.  Go get dressed for work" and then returned Her attention to Her work. 

I cleaned myself, pulled my thong panties back up into my bottom where they were moments before and got dressed.  On my way out the door, i kissed Her and thank Her for loving me.  She simply said "have a nice day at work" .......... and off i went.

Life is good

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uh oh ....

Real life has been hectic these past few days.  Precious little time and privacy for Mistress and i.  Yesterday while at work i received a text.  It was simple picture of my "naughty stool".  No words, no other picture.  i knew what it meant.  i had given Her yet another reason for Her to punish.  i immediately felt two emotions .... regret for having disappointed Her and fear about my obvious pending spanking.

When i got home, She immediately led me over to near the sink and hugged me very seductively, turning me so that i was facing the sink.  "What do you see"? She asked.  "A sink full of dishes" was my response.  "Yes" was Her only response, then she abruptly ended O/our embrace and went to tend to one of O/our children.

The rest of the evening found me out of the house at meetings.  It was hard to focus knowing what was in store for me.  When i returned home around 10:30, the whole house was still up, so alas there would be no facing my punishment, which i was hoping to have last night in order to rid myself of my feelings of regret.

This morning, as the whole family rushed around some more, She simply said to me that my drawer was full of clean panties and that i was to be in a pair of them today.

i know what is coming ........... the worst part is waiting.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Expected Punishment Spanking delayed ... darned ruined orgasm

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*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

It's early, early on a Thursday morning.  It's dark outside and everyone else is asleep.  Mistress K looks so beautiful all curled up in the blankets.  my thoughts go back to the ominous words She said to me before rolling over to nod of to sleep, and after the nightly required kisses on Her beautiful neck beforehand.  More on this in a minute.

On Tuesday morning, Mistress K told me, on my way to take a shower, that i would be giving myself a ruined orgasm that morning.  Normally, She edges me several times before, during and after a shower, so my first thought was that this was going to be an unexpected treat.  i went into the shower and cleaned myself, then had to wait in the water until She arrived to witness my ruined orgasm.  Her presence for my ejaculations is not a specified rule in O/our house, although since beginning O/our FLM, i have yet to ejaculate without Her being present to witness and supervise.  i told Her the other day that when i was old, wrinkled and standing there with a cock ring or cage on, a plug in my ass or in panties (or all of the above), i wanted to still then be proud of the fact that i hadn't had an ejaculation for the past whatever years that She hadn't witnessed and supervised.

One of my favorite things is to masturbate for Her visual amusement so when She arrived and held the bottle of lube out for me to fill my palm with, i was already almost "there".  It didn't take long for my building orgasm to arrive right at the edge.  She is a expert on knowing when i am about to cum and this moment was no exception.  She instructed me to stop rubbing myself and I began to ejaculate without any stimulation to Her/my cock.  It was so wonderful and frustrating.  After i was drained, Mistress told me to finish up and get ready for work.  Which i did.  On that day, i was instructed to wear "normal" (nothing sexual ... not panties, cock ring, butt-plug).  On Wednesday i was told to wear my cock ring all day, and today i am wearing a pair of lacy, aqua-blue thong panties.

As i have mentioned in previous posts, sexual-eagerness-recovery after a milking is measured in minutes or just a few hours.  Recovery after a ruined orgasm is usually hours, maybe even a day and after a full orgasm it can be as many as 3 days (which is why, of course, that sub husbands in a FLM do not get to come very often).  The recovery time after my ruined orgasm was going into my second day.  During recovery for me, i can be bitchy, smart-assish, pouty, inattentive, etc..... 

Tuesday and Wednesday for me was especially hectic at work.  Although not an excuse, it left precious little time for me to get my mind "right" in order to be able to naturally behave and give the kind of devotion Mistress K has come to expect.  Earlier in this post, when i mentioned ominous words, those words were ..............  "I can see that you can't seem to appreciate well enough the orgasms that I allow you to have.  You've been a smart ass and have been inattentive ever since I allowed you that ruined orgasm.  This will be corrected!", and then She rolled over to go to sleep.  my heart just sank.  Not so much at the prospect of the obvious punishment spanking that i was now in for, but because She had genuine disappointment in my behavior toward her and i just hate that.  i truly do.

Well i was certain that i was in for a harsh spanking this morning after the kids had gone to school.  i was genuinely nervous and began to contemplate whether i should begin a campaign asking for lenience.  That's when Mistress K informed me that today our housekeeper would be arriving shortly and as such, i shouldn't risk her coming in the door finding me naked. 

Whew!  punishment averted ..... for now.  Now comes the waiting ................

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday monring!

Around O/our house, Monday's have a way of clearing the deck, so to speak.  O/our weekends are usually harried for several reasons, not the least of which is running O/our kids around to their various activities.  This past weekend was no exception and as sometimes happens, Mistress and i don't get many (if any) opportunities to be alone to talk about O/our life together, let alone act anything out.  Then comes .................. Monday morning!

The kids go to school and i will often work from home in the morning responding to emails and such.  This morning, Mistress was taking the last child to school and after 15 minutes of Her being gone, i realized that i was alone in the house, that i was still dressed and that She would walk through the door any minute.  Holy shit!  Quickly i adorned myself as i am required to be whenever Mistress and i are alone in the house.  i quickly became naked. Whew ............ almost got myself into a little trouble there.

After She walked in the door, She was very proud of me that i was (un)dressed as required.  i was just finishing my work on the computer when She asked if She could use it.  i told that it was good timing because i was just about to get into the shower and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  While doing so, She walked up behind to remind that i failed to remind that i had a punishment coming, but She couldn't remember the reason.  So she asked me .......... Oh fuck, i couldn't remember the reason either.  She left the room telling me to remain the, hands on the countertop and wait for Her to return.  When She did, She was holding her pink leather paddle.  She proceeded to paddle my willing bottom while introducing something She has never done before .... making me look at myself in the mirror while i received my punishment.  It was a bit shame inducing i might say.  i felt embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated, especially at first.  As a little time went on, and as She continued to redden my ass, a calm came over me as i stood there, looking into my own eyes and realizing what a wonderful life i had with my wonderful Wife/Mistress.  The mere fact that i could stand there, contented and safe in my humiliation brought a feeling of comfort over me.  the kind of feeling i had always fantasized about having in my subspace and in the presence of my Mistress Goddess.  Btw, the picture in my profile, although not taken this morning, was a perfect representation of the result of Mistresses efforts this morning.

When She felt i was punished enough, She released me from my position and instructed me to get in the shower.  As the water was running, She said .... "Hold on" and proceeded to pour lube into Her hand.  She then (uncharacteristically) began to aggressively masturbate me to the edge of orgasm, all the while warning me of the dire consequences should i have an accident and cum.  i didn't ...... whew

i got in the shower, during which i put a fresh shave on Her cock, balls and ass.  Afterward, i walked over to where She was working and thanked her for my earlier punishment and edging, informed Her that i was ready to get dressed.  She decides everyday what i am to wear under my clothes before i get dressed.  This particular morning She felt that a pretty pair of lacey pink panties would nicely compliment my freshly shaved bits and man hole. 

So, how was your morning?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Instructions on what to wear today

As i have said before, each morning i receive instructions from K on what i am to wear under my clothes for that day.  Today, She instructed me to wear my butt plug and an immediate look of worry came over my face.  For the past 2 weeks or so, someone in O/our house has been sick, including my beloved Wife.  i'm not sure if it is my turn, but my stomach has been grumbling and moaning all morning so i asked her if it would be ok if i didn't wear it today.  being the benevolent Domme She is, She scowled at me, said yes but that it would necessitate a punishment for non compliance, which i fully understand and expected.

Feeling yucky is one thing.  Feeling shame for not being able to answer the bell for my Domme is AWFUL, and it makes difference as the reason i can't answer the bell.


Yesterday morning i emerged from the shower, freshly clean, freshly shaved and ready to receive my instruction on what i was to wear under my clothes that day.  Mistress had other ideas.  "Go in the bedroom and assume the position".  i didn't know exactly what that meant but i had an idea, so i got on all fours on the floor.  She placed a towel underneath me and without speaking, proceeded to lube my ass, cock and balls.  Shortly, i could feel the Aneros enter my eager opening.  With her very well lubed hands, and with the Aneros device inserted, She began to alternate between edging me and spanking me.  Spanks from hands that covered with lube sting in a very distinctive way.  Soon i could feel the Aneros doing it's work and in no time a steady stream of ejaculate was flowing from my cock.  No orgasm, no pleasure, just the odd feeling of being drained without any control over it.  When i was empty, She got up, walked to the bathroom and simply said "get ready for work". 

Being kept denied essentially means that my arousal is constant.  Being milked means that my arousal is less for a very short time, then returns to the level immediately preceding the milking within a matter of minutes.   Being given a ruined orgasm is very similar to a milking with the only difference being a diminished arousal level for an hour or so, then right back the level of arousal immediate preceding.  Being given a full, glorious and complete orgasm means that my arousal all but abandons me and may not return for a day or two.  At the risk of sounding like Captain obvious, full, glorious orgasms are few and far between because Mistress knows that i am so much more obedient, compliant and loving when in a constant state of arousal.

Life is good!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


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I've never been in a humbler and am intrigued.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, February 3, 2014

What happens when you slack off on your chores

It's really quite simple.  It is Her pleasure that matters.  Obviously She would've preferred something different than cleaning the dishes after W/we had guests for the SB.  That's my job, and it wasn't getting done.

Here is the result:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I hear that it never looks as bad in a picture that it does in person.  I understand now why "they" say that.