Thursday, February 20, 2014

Edge yourself for me

Update from yesterday .... I had just slipped on my panties and walked over to her to show them off before getting dressed and She remembered that She intended to have me edge myself while in the shower.  She admired my panties and then told me to lower them.  "Masturbate for me", she said and returned her attention to her computer screen for a moment.  The She turned back toward to watch as i neared the edge.  She had me hold myself on the edge for about 2 minutes by having me start and stop my rubbing of Her penis.  Then, abruptly She said "Stop.  Go get dressed for work" and then returned Her attention to Her work. 

I cleaned myself, pulled my thong panties back up into my bottom where they were moments before and got dressed.  On my way out the door, i kissed Her and thank Her for loving me.  She simply said "have a nice day at work" .......... and off i went.

Life is good


  1. I have not edged myself for her per se. But one time, we were in the basement playing and she told me to masturbate for her. It felt very humiliating to do so, for a number of reasons. My wife HATES the idea of me masturbating. So it was quite strange for her to direct me to do it. Also, I have an intense desire to be watched and it was really erotic for her to watch me jerk off (don't you normally jerk off specifically avoiding being watched?), and lastly, she was perfectly capable of doing it herself (either sex or a handjob ~ either way I am certain my orgasm would have been more intense with her at the helm) but simply wanted to watch me do it. I ejaculated and had to clean my mess up. I felt like the whole thing was humiliating, but in a good, submissive way. I would love to do that again :)

    1. Thanks for commenting lovetosubmit. I hope you enjoy my blog. I'm just learning how to blog so any suggestions would be appreciated.

      When i am edged, a slight majority of the time it is me doing it in the presence of my Wife Mistress. My Wife has always loved to watch me masturbate and before W/we started our WLM, i'd indulge Her once in a while if was super horny or if She in return did it in front of me.

      I remember the first time in our WLM that i was ordered to masturbate for her. It was embarrassing, but i was so deep in my subspace that just reveled in the act of being stripped naked and required to masturbate for my Mistress merely for her viewing pleasure. Now, it is not uncommon for her to simply order me to strip naked and masturbate for her. never am i allowed a real orgasm. Sometimes i am required to ruin my own orgasm. Most of the time i am merely to edge myself then stop. When she has tired of watching me she simply says "I am done with you" and walks off.

      I love Her!


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