Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes it hurts more than other times

Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  From the kitchen She asks "what are you doing right now?"  Was about to get in the shower, I replied.  "Be naked and come here" She says.  Continuing She says "Masturbate for Me".  I stood there and in second got my cock hard for Her while She prepared dog food for O/our dog.  "I think I'd like it better if you were kneeling", She said .... so i dutifully knelt on the hard kitchen floor while not missing a beat with my stroking assignment (pun intended)."Turn and face the counter" was Her instruction.  With that She reached into the drawer and pulled out the dreaded wooden spoon.  While being told not to stop my stroking, She began to paddle my bottom with the spoon.  This would be the punishment i knew was due to receive for a few infractions over the recent couple of days. 

She didn't start off especially hard, but sometimes, a spanking just flat hurts more than other times.  Within the first 3 paddles, i was outwardly letting Her know how much this was hurting.  It was amazing to me how much it was hurting this time.  Maybe it was because it was impromptu and i didn't have the time to consider my fate at that particular moment.  i don't know.

Anyway, She didn't seemed so interested in giving mercy this particular morning.  Sometimes i notice that S he really enjoys inflicting pain on me and also loves to hear me beg Her to stop, which i was doing in no time.  After She felt satisfied that i received a sufficient punishment, She told me to stop stroking and stand.  She told me to kiss Her and tell me that i loved her, which of course i did in a heartbeat.  Funny thing about this FLM lifestyle, it is times like this that i feel the closest to Her.

She told me to wash go get in the shower and get ready for work, also telling me that today i was to wear a cock ring under my clothes. After i was done showering and was about to get dressed, i was required to come and model the cock ring for Her.  She said she was pleased and told me to get dressed.

Each time i am due a punishment, i always prefer to have it inflicted as soon as is possible after the infraction.  For a couple of reasons.  One, the nagging thought that lingers in the back of mine that i may have my ass reddened and sore at any given moment is unsettling (which i know She enjoys), but mostly because during the time between the infraction and the punishment which absolves it, i feel a genuine regret for having disappointed Her.  That's the worse part.

life is good!

P.S.  I probably should taken a picture of the aftermath of my spanking.  Sorry, maybe next time.


  1. Don't you just love being made to get all Worked up and then sent On your way... Throbbing and horny and Can't do anything but endure it.

    1. Yes Mistress, I enjoy that very much because Mistress K loves it so. Thank you for reading my blog an commenting. I really do enjoy reading yours.


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