Sunday, February 23, 2014

We'd love your help ...........

Every five years, my Wife (now Mistress) and i renew O/our wedding vows.  This will happen again this fall, so there is plenty of time to plan for O/our special day.

W/we have searched (and believe we have found) an officiant that will be willing to provide U/us with a ceremony that commemorates O/our new lifestyle.  W/we are in the process of trying to determine some of the details of the ceremony, the day before, the day of and that night to consummate the renewed marriage.  It is not likely that there will any witnesses other than the officiant, but we'll see about that i guess.

W/we need your help with some ideas for the ceremony itself and the period of time before and after in order to help U/us do this within the context of a Female Dominant Marriage.  What should She wear?  What, if anything should i wear?  What symbol should W/we consider when placing a ring on ??? 

W/we are very excited and serious about this so please, let U/us know your thoughts.

Thank you everyone!



  1. I am assuming the officiant is aware of your lifestyle correct?

    1. Yes. Very aware. We were smart enough (I guess) to make that little fact well known at the threshold of any conversations with any potential officiants.

    2. Oh, and i almost forgot ..... thank you for checking in on my blog.


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