Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I wanted to cum so bad and so hard ...........

On Monday evening this past week, Mistress K. had returned from being away for 5 days visiting a friend.  While she was away, I had made it a point to let her know that I adored her, that I missed her and that my lust and desire for her was always there.  Although I wanted to be sure she felt that from me while away, I also wanted very much not for her to feel the burden of my aching, absentee desires for her while she was gone.  I believe I accomplished both.

When I picked her up from the airport, and saw her walking towards me down the long hall that led to where I was standing, I actually got an erection from the sight her.  We had a lovely evening, a nice reunion dinner (pizza and wings), to which we were accompanied by one of our sons.  He missed her too. 

Later, I was laying in bed waiting (naked as usual) waiting for her to join me.  She walked into the bedroom, closed the door removed her clothing and went into the bathroom.  When she emerged she was naked and ready to climb into bed.  She was DEAD TIRED and just the feeling of our comfortable bed made her coo with delight.  We snuggled and kissed a little and settled into our usual spooning position.  I was tired too, kissing her neck, inhaling her scent, happy with the fact that my beloved Mistress Wife was there with me, naked, in our bed.  All of a sudden she turns to me and says "OK, you can be inside of me".  She was answering a question I hadn't even asked, but i didn't care. I immediately began to grow hard when she told me to go lock the door.  By the time i got back to bed, I was rock.  I think I set a record for how long it took me to get hard (had to be 20 seconds .... tops).

She threw the covers off of her to reveal her naked body, legs spread and hands motioning me to come close to her, to get inside of her.  It was heaven.  She started off by declaring that I would not be coming on this night .... not even a ruined orgasm.  I didn't care.  It allowed me to concentrate on what was happening, which was I was allowed to be inside of my Mistress.

I was very deep in my lust for her at that moment (for several moments that followed).  In my mind, it looked very much like this, although not on a bench in a locker room:

It was awesome.  I began to become overwhelmed with lust and desire for my wife that I wanted nothing more at that moment than to continue my making love to her to and including the desire to just pump my cum deep inside of her.  Even though Mistress had already informed me that I would not be coming this evening, I still felt the desire to so.  I wanted so much for this to happen:

I began to beg her to allow me to do just that.  I will sometimes "beg" Mistress to allow me to cum, knowing that in the end I don't really want to be allow (or required) to cum, but rather be told that I was not allowed.  This was different, I actually wanted to cum.  I wanted to experience the obvious feelings depicted in each of the above pictures. 

Mistress knows me very well.  She knew that I really, really wanted to cum.  I could see in her loving and deeply caring eyes that she was contemplating allowing me to do just that.  She deftly avoided answering me, instead enjoying the continued feeling of our connection while I was moving in and out of her.  I repeated my request to be allowed to cum deep inside of her because I was full of animal lust for her and was certain I wanted to experience the primal feeling of emptying my seed inside of her. 

We were face,  kissing, kanoodling and grinding away when she put her hand on my face and whispered to me ..... "I know you think you want to cum inside me lover, but you don't really.  The answer is no, you may not cum tonight lover" ... and then kissed me while holding my face.  My disappointment lasted about 2 seconds and then was immediately replaced by the pride I was feeling for my beautiful Mistress Wife.  I agreed with her that I didn't really want to orgasm, although I still kind of felt that I did.  In a last desperate attempt to at least ejaculate without orgasm, I asked Mistress if I could have a ruined orgasm and like before, her answer was "no my love, I am sorry but not tonight".   I was never more in more in love with the dominance of my Wife than at that very moment.  I was just in awe.

She, on the other hand, had every intention of having an orgasm and ordered me on my back.  She then reached into the night table, retrieved her magic wand vibrator.  She straddled me, lowering her beautiful body onto my harder-than-ever cock.  She placed the vibrator on her clit and began to rock on my cock on her way to her a very, very good orgasm.  The incredible vision above me ..... this exquisitely beautiful woman riding my cock.  Her beautiful, perfect breasts heaving.  Her tiny waist and flat belly moving in a way that you would expect for a woman on the verge of orgasm.  Her eyes closes and her beautiful head titled to the side, moaning in delight while her beautiful, long, red hair swayed with her body.  I could barely contain myself. 

She had her orgasm ... and then another one.  She stayed atop me as she composed herself and caught her breath.  She dropped the vibrator on my chest and got off of me to get some desperately needed water.  But before she left the bedside, leaned down and kissed very tenderly, thanked for me for her orgasms and told me how much she had missed me.  A minute or so later, she returned to our bed, climbed back into her favorite position, had me come in behind and spoon her again until she fell asleep.

My balls still ache and I texted Mistress to let her know how much they ached, and to thank you for allowing me to ache for her like I do.

Welcome home Mistress!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My most recent milking

As you may know, Mistress K. and I have a few rituals that are triggered by the calendar.  They are ....
  • Every Tuesday, I am to wear my glass butt plug, under my clothes until I am giving permission to remove before bed that night.
  • Every Wednesday, I am wear a cock ring under my clothes until I am given permission to remove it before bed that night
  • The second Monday of every month, I am to be milked by whatever method Mistress feels is necessary/appropriate at that moment.  Of course, she may even decide that just won't happen that particular month, which she has done in the past.
The goal of the monthly milking is to remove the semen from my body.  That can be accomplished in whatever fashion Mistress wants or doesn't want.  It was during one of these monthly milking session that I was given one of my 2 full orgasms that I have been allowed to have this year.  Being able to have intercourse with my wife, and being told ahead of time that I did not need to ask for permission to cum inside of her ... is a very rare treat indeed.  Even though I was specifically told I didn't need to ask for permission to cum, I still did.  Mostly out of habit and some because I have just become conditioned to do so over the years.

On the second Monday in June, which was the 13th, Mistress instructed me to worship her naked body with gentle kisses all over it.  This is by far, her favorite way to relax, and among her favorite ways to get aroused.  After a sufficient amount of time, she rolled to her back, opened her legs and said "I want your cock inside me now!".  She pulled my ear near her mouth and gave me my milking instructions for this month.  I was fuck her like normal, but a few seconds before I would otherwise cum, I was to stop ALL MOVEMENT and allow the ejaculate that would come from me ruining my orgasm this way, to fill her. 

I love you Mistress!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

a completely unexpected "Hmmm, that's interesting" moment

For fun, I am a volunteer umpire and last night I had a game.  Part of my "gear" includes really long baseball socks that go well up over my knees to my thighs.  I wear them to prevent chaffing of my knees by the shin-guards I have to wear.

When I returned home, Mistress was all alone in the house and as I peeled away the sweaty umpire clothes (it's Phoenix.  It's hot!), I found myself standing there in only my "thigh highs".  I had never considered them to be thigh highs before, nor part of any sexual fantasy.  They were always baseball socks.  I was naked except for those long socks and I happened to be standing in front of a mirror.

Unexpectedly, I became aroused at what i saw in the mirror.  I'm not the kind of submissive husband that dreams of wearing women's clothes for the sake of wearing women's clothes.  In and of itself it does nothing for.  When Mistress requires that I wear a piece of women's clothing (usually panties), I am incredibly turned on by it.  These socks made me feel slutty all of a sudden and unexpectedly.  I walked out to wear Mistress was watching TV to see what her reaction would be.  As you know, I am required to be naked in her presence when we are alone together, so i was risking violating that rule.  But, I wanted to see what she would say.  She catcalled me!!!  As a result, I got an instant erection. 

This morning as I was dressing for work, and after she informed my that I would be wearing my leather cock ring with balls-splitter, I asked her what she thought of my thigh highs i was wearing last night.  She turned it right around and asked me what I thought.  I told her they made me feel "slutty".  She asked if I liked to feel slutty and I told her that I loved to feel slutty for her.  I went on to tell her that when i was wearing those long socks, I had this incredible urge to also be wearing panties, have her bend me over, lower those panties and have her way with me.  (I should've been specific and said that I wanted her to fuck me with her strapon, because was truly how I was feeling).

She smile in approval, kissed me passionately while rubbing my cock and sent me off to work, my cock and balls straining against the cock ring/splitter.  It's going to be a good day.

Monday, June 6, 2016

It's hot here ......

It's June.  It's Phoenix, Arizona.  It's hot here!

This past weekend, Mistress and I were in different states.   I was in the mountains of Arizona, enjoying relaxing cool weather and some golf, and Mistress was in SoCal, escorting child #1 and some pals around the Happiest Place on Earth.

Whenever we are apart, I miss my wife very, very much.  At some point over the weekend, I came across a pot on a blog about the submissive husbands desire to be use the occasion of their wedding anniversary to commemorate their FLM.  (I was I could remember/find the blog in question).  Nonetheless, it got me to thinking about my own ceremony, on our 15th Anniversary, where Mistress K. placed her collar on me and officially "took me" as hers.  When I stop and think about that ceremony and how impactful and meaningful it was to me, I miss her even more when we are apart.

We both got home from your respective trip last night.  I a little earlier than she. I showered, shaved (yes, there too) and prepared for the arrival of my Mistress.  I had eagerly awaited being with her, thinking about how I involuntarily started humping my sheets as I thought about her when nodding off. 

Mistress wanted to get right into bed after arriving home.  She was TIRED!  I was naked, smooth and smelling pretty good when we got into bed.  She was wearing only panties (that time of the month).  When she got into bed, she wanted some quick worship of her body to help her get to sleep.  I absolutely love to worship her, and especially so when she commands it.  After a short while she was ready to fall asleep and commanded that I stop the worshipping and cuddle her so we could both go to sleep.

After a minute or so, and after recalling how I longed for her while we were apart (humping my sheets), I asked Mistress if I could do something before she feel to sleep.  I asked her if I could hump her body.  Hump me?, she said.  Yes, hump you, I replied.

She obliged and rolled onto her back as I straddled her, so eager.... so excited to be able to recreate the thoughts in my head just 1 night prior.  Looking down on the most beautiful female creature there is, under me, and being allowed to rub my cock against her body was a thrill, a treat and I was so appreciative that Mistress would indulge me, knowing how tired she was.  Then she surprised me with a small treat.  She told me to go get a towel and some lube (then looked me in the eye quickly and said ..... don't get excited .... you will not be cumming) and bring them to her. 

I had been rubbing my cock against her lower tummy, right above the panty like.  Mistress took the lube, poured some on her upper belly and between her gorgeous breasts, then slid down the bed a little and invited me to straddle her body once again and hump the smoothness of her lubed skin.  Then she held her breasts together and made me fuck her between her tits.  By this point I was so close to cumming I needed to stop.

Mistress told me my "playtime" was over and that we were going to go to sleep.  Although I can't say I dreamed about the sight of her body under me during sleep last night, I can tell you that it was the very first vision that filled my head when woke this morning.

Today is my monthly milking day.   I am so glad we are back in the same bed.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I was sent shopping

In previous posts I have talked about Pinky.  Pinky is a wonderful cock sleeve that is pink (of course) and is basically nothing more complicated than just a really, really, really, really thick condom.  Literally it slides over my erect penis and stays in place because of the suction created.  It is thick enough that it essentially prevents me from feeling any direct stimulation to my penis.  There is zero feeling of friction/direct stimulation to my penis when I am wearing it and pleasuring Mistress with my cock.  This is especially so when my cock is also been sprayed with a desensitizer spray prior to entering pinky.

Pinky has become one of favorite sex toys.  It does a couple of things for us.  One, it allows Mistress to get the joy of being fucked hard and long on those occasions when she desires it, without having to stop because I may be nearing orgasm.  There are times when Mistress wants to be ravaged and taken sexually with continued and deep penetration, and pinky allows for me to be the man that provides that for her, while still maintaining one of the basic ingredients of our marriage and the other thing it does for us .... orgasm denial.  That being said, there is still the undeniable joy that comes from witnessing my beautiful Mistress Wife writhing in pleasure of continuous and deliberate sexual penetration, followed by the rapture of her orgasm.  I have discussed in the past that I can sometimes ejaculate via ruined orgasm by merely witnessing her in sexual pleasure.  The use of pinky (even with desensitizing spray) doesn't necessarily guarantee the preventing of an ejaculation/orgasm, but it sure helps.

Another item purchased was a strap on harness that has a hollow dildo attached to it.  This was just something that caught my eye while I was shopping and my thought was it would be fun to try.  When I got it home and read the instructions, I realized that this device was made for men that erectile dysfunction but still wanted to pleasure their woman with penetrative sex.  As such, the opening is small (too small) because it is intended to accommodate a flaccid cock.  Not being able to get an erection is not a problem in my house so I expected that pinky will primarily be used to satisfy Mistress's penetrative needs, but now Mistress has the option of a good hard fucking even after I have had an orgasm, rare as that is. 

The last thing I bought was this strap on harness.  One of Mistress K's new favorite shows is "Weeds".  In an episode, there was a scene where an obvious dominant woman lured a horny man to her bedroom for some fucking.  he thought he would be fucking her but instead, her intention was to put on her strap on and fuck him.  She had a harness that Mistress LOVED.  So much so that she had me find the episode and scene in question, determine what that harness was, and get her one.  By all accounts, it was the Spare Parts Joque Harness (pictured) above.  When I texted Mistress after the purchased, to let her know I had it, I got an immediate reply about how excited she was that I found it.  EXCITED, hardly describes how I feel about this purchase.  To me, there is nothing more intimate, or a better demonstration of her Dominance and my loving submission, than to accept her penetration.  I can't wait.

When I walked into the Adult "Superstore", a nice middle-aged woman asked if there was anything she could help me with.  I told her no, I'd like to look around first and then if I needed her help, I'd ask.  When she saw me looking for the New Pinky in the penis extension section, she mentioned that there were others in a different part of the store if were interested in looking at those, and then used the occasion to ask if I had used a penis extension before.  I told her yes, but at that moment I felt I needed to defend my manhood and explain that it wasn't because my wife was dissatisfied with the size of my penis, but it was used as method with which to deny my orgasms while still allowing her to get the penetrative pleasure she wanted.   She said, calm as could be, "Oh, you're in a wife led marriage then?"  To which I replied .... "Yes".  It was comfortable and pleasant, but also matter-of-fact and business like.  Although there was zero, fantasy fueled sexual tension at that moment between the saleswoman and me, there definitely was a great deal of comfort in just being, existing and having been revealed as a submissive husband, in "public".  It was nice.