Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Putting Her Panties On

I have been recently been bestowed with the duty and honor of putting Mistress's panties on every morning before she gets dressed for the day. 

She summons me when she is ready ... I kneel ... she hands me her panties ... she steps into them and I pull them up and into place.

My favorite daily duty yet.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Watching her

Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I have been here, mostly because Mistress K. and I have been unbelievably super busy.  All is well in our little slice of heaven even though our FLM has waned a little bit.  The kinds of things that have kept us busy have been a direct imposition to our ability to practice our lifestyle.  Again, all is well.  We chalk it up to the expected ebbs and flows of life.

That said, unexpectedly this morning, Mistress K. called me into the bedroom.  She was naked and had just finished putting on her makeup and was on her way to the closet to dress for the office.  She led me to the edge of the bed, had me stand and lean over to rest on the bed.  Then she lowered my shorts and disappeared into the closet, emerging with her twin tale leather paddle.  I was not in trouble so was confused as to the reason for my impending paddling.  She sat perpendicular to my head on the bed and began to paddle away.  I did not notice that she has also retrieved her wand vibrator until I heard it buzzing after the paddling had begun.  It was soft paddling but nonetheless, the edges of that damn paddle always leave a super sting even with the lightest swings. 

At first I was not allowed to watch her masturbate with the vibrator while she continued to paddle my bare bottom.  Then she informed that I was allowed to watch her and she set paddle on the small of my back so she could use both hands on herself.  It had been sometime since I was required/allowed to watch her have her own orgasm and when I lifted my head from the pillow to watch, the sight was incredible.  I was required not to move a muscle while she made love to her wand.  Slowly (then faster) she was building toward an orgasm and I was reminded of just how incredibly sexy this woman is.  When she neared her orgasm, she paused for a moment in order to redden my bottom even more, then replace the paddle on the small of my back again.  She focused her attention back to her pending orgasm and required that I watch.  I have talked in the past about being able to actually orgasm from merely watching her have sexual pleasure, leading to an orgasm .... and this beautiful scene before was moving in that direction. 

I didn't cum (nor was I remotely even allowed to) while watching her, but boy did I want to.  I can't even begin to tell how hot it is to witness Mistress K. receiving sexual pleasure and not being allowed to do anything but watch.  That was an hour ago and she has since left for the office.  I have been rock hard since.  I asked her if I cold stroke in the shower and have at least a ruined orgasm and she said no.  She did instruct me to edge ... several times but I was strictly forbidden from cumming.  The combination of the sight of her receiving sexual pleasure, the infrequent recent opportunities for us to participate in our favorite FLM activities recently, and being prohibited from participating with her was just so fucking hot.  The thoughts that are now running through my mind ...............

Thursday, March 7, 2019

"I want to be taken"

Those words come of Mistress K's mouth every so often. Mistress K. is a beautiful, confident, sexy, courageous and in control modern woman.  She is married to the man of her dreams (me) of which she has complete and utter control.  Yet she is not married to a wimp or a sissie, but rather a strong, masculine, confident business owner/executive type that is dominant in every aspect of his life ... except for one.  She is able to enjoy sex and orgasms at her pace and at her pleasure and continues to find joy in controlling all aspects of my sex, including of course my orgasms. 

Long time readers already know that full-on orgasms for me are a rather rare thing (3-5 per year) and if I am allowed/required to ejaculate, it is almost exclusively via a ruined orgasm, which she will sometimes allow as a treat.  Mostly though, once Mistress is sexually satisfied with her orgasms, she will simply tell me to clean things up around the bed and put away the toys, or the lube, or whatever ... and then curl up in her comfy bed and tell me good night.  She loves it and so do I.  I relish in the frustration of remaining rock hard and horny as I drift off to sleep, but mostly I love the constant sexual that remains after we have sex.  Much preferred over the malaise and apathy that overcomes me after I have had an orgasm. 

Of course, as I have written about in the past, the downside to being kept chaste and not having many orgasms is that I cannot last long enough to give Mistress K the good, hard, long fucking she occasionally desires when she is in a "I want to be taken" mood.  Of course that creates a dilemma.  My last post was about Mistress K wanting and getting a good, long, hard fucking with the help of our trusty cock sleeve we call "pinky".  Truth be told, even though pinky is quite thick (think wearing 10 condoms all at once), I am still very capable of building up and being on the edge of an orgasm.  Which is not at all favorable for Mistress K. when she in in the throes of getting fucked, and doesn't yet want it to end.  I know, it's crazy, what kind of a hair trigger does this guy have, anyway?  Well as I have explained in the past, I am actually capable of having a full on orgasm, without any stimulation to my/Her cock, simply by witnessing her in deep sexual passion, and especially in witnessing her orgasms. 

What to do you ask?  Well, some time ago we purchase a hollow dildo that is thick enough to absolutely prevent any stimulation to me, while she is getting everything she wants and can handle.  I am at home sick today, and in anticipation of "taking" Mistress K. in the next day or two, and since we have never used the hollow cock, I thought I would dress-rehearse putting it on, along with her strap on harness to better keep it in place when things get "rough".  Here it is:

Yep, that's me and that is what will be the source of incredible pleasure for Mistress K.  This should do the trick and the (2nd) best part will be that Mistress K. can get the fucking she desires while still preventing me from having an orgasm.  I can't wait!

I'll be honest, there is a real part of me that wants very badly to give Mistress K. what she occasionally wants (being manhandled and fucked real good), while keeping her from considering cuckolding me in order to get it, which I fully understand would be her prerogative if she some day changed her mind and wanted to explore that. 

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to hear your thoughts below.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Unexpected bliss

Something unexpected (and unexplainable) happened.  Yesterday (Sunday), I was sleeping on the couch watching golf.  Mistress was feeling frisky and came over to me and started to spoon me.  She was sheepish, demure ... and horny! 

The "unexpected" part was us being alone for an hour without the possibility of being interrupted.  While she spooning me, she was grinding her hips against my bottom and we were in the perfect position for me to explain to her that I wished she was wearing her strap on, and that her rubber cock was inside of me.  To my surprise, Mistress immediately and enthusiastically said "let's go".  I giggled because I was certain she was kidding and teasing, but she assured me she wasn't.  The "unexplained" part was me declining her offer because I had been working in the garage all day and I was exceedingly not clean enough to accept her cock.  I would be horrified if Mistress's memory of pegging me, of fucking me, included any degree of yuckiness ..... so I implored her to not consider it at this time .... much to my chagrin.  She agreed but then "asked" me if wanted to be inside her?  I hesitated, again, because I wasn't as clean I know she likes me to be.

It didn't matter .... she was horny and she wanted to get fucked.  Fucked good.  Fucked hard and fucked long.  After some cajoling, I rose from the couch and held out my hand to help her to her feet.  We went into the bedroom and she immediately became naked and got into bed.  I went into the bathroom to take a "whore's bath" to get as clean as I could, then immediately went into the closet to put on "pinkie" (our pink cock sleeve).  The reason for the cock sleeve was to ensure that Mistress would get the kind of fucking I knew she was craving at that point.  Of course the sleeve makes my cock long and wider, but more importantly it allows me to fuck her basically as long as she wants without the usual worry of me approaching the edge of orgasm sooner than she is ready for the action to stop.

I fucked her good and she loved every minute of it.  Just like this:

I had sent her this picture recently because I knew she would find it hot.  She was so happy to be able to reenact it.  Of course, so was I!

She had 2 glorious, loud orgasms in her favorite position (head down, ass up) and then collapsed to rest.  I rolled her over onto her back so I could worship her beautiful body.  Kissing her body all over, I thanked her profusely for allowing me to be present when she orgasmed and for owning me.  Sometimes when mistress is in a post-orgasmic state of bliss, she will ask me if I want to enter her and have an orgasm.  This was one of those times.  Now ... what man in his right mind would say no when presented with this opportunity?  Well ... a man that has been conditioned to savor the joy of remaining incredibly horny AFTER sex with his Mistress.  That's who.  I responded with "I would absolutely love to cum right now Mistress", but then immediately followed with begging her to deny me the ability to do so. 

It was spectacular episode of witnessing Mistress orgasm.  Watching her writhe in sexual bliss and when she denied me the right to orgasm, or even ejaculate, I was in the most glorious state of subspace, having felt like I was able to give my Mistress the kind sexual pleasure she wants and deserves.  She wanted to get up out of bed and I helped her to her feet, then immediately kneeled in front of her to worship her and to thank her again for being my owner, being my Mistress, being my wife for allowing me to be present when she had her orgasms.  

Unexpected Bliss indeed!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Simple Discoveries

Greetings everyone.  Happy Holidays to each of you.  I hope the season finds you happy and in the company of people that you love.

This past Saturday, Mistress K. and I found ourselves alone for the bulk of the day.  The kids were at places with friends and there was no risk of an impromptu return from any of them.  Yay!

I was busy performing handyman duties around the house when Mistress was walking by.  I felt the need/urge to ask her to stop, so I could kneel before her and declare my love for her on my knees.  Nothing big, nothing unusual for that matter ... it's something we both love dearly, especially when it is spontaneous.

I spent a minute or so just holding her, kissing her belly, thanking her for owning me and for being my Mistress.  We were both clothed and although it was not a sexual moment, it did cause my cock to sir and become hard (read ... love boner).  Sometimes I get hard from the sheer joy of being loved by this woman and for the opportunity to worship her ... even fully clothed.

It was a about 10 minutes later that she walked by again and simply said "follow me".  I followed her into the bathroom where she had her vanity chair pulled into the middle of the room.  I was tenderly ordered to strip naked and sit backward on the chair because she wanted to give me a maintenance spanking.  I was out of my shorts (no underwear) and t shirt in a nano second and took my position on the chair as instructed.  The below picture (clearly it is not me) was the position I was instructed to take, while Mistress went to the closet to get her leather paddle.

When Mistress returned to the room, she squealed with excitement.  Why?  Because she just loved how this position in a chair not only provided for clear, unobstructed access to my naked bottom for paddling, but it also very nicely showcased my bottom hole.  She was giddy with excitement.  She commented repeatedly how excited she was to have discovered this and was going to use this very same position for what she promised was an upcoming pegging. 

Mistress began with her paddling.  Each swat stung a bit more than it does when I am standing or laying on my tummy for spankings.  I suppose that is because the skin is so much more taut in this position.  Then Mistress began to land the paddle directly on my bottom hole ......  It was WOW and OW all at the same time, especially because Mistress kept commenting about how she couldn't wait to have me in this position more often.

It was a simple discovery ... one that most certainly will add some spice to future spankings, future fuckings, and perhaps other things that Mistress might have in mind.

I am a big believer in the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) philosophy in life because, well, it pays off.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

"The Book"

Hello my friends ... Long time no see.  It has been 6 months since my last post and I can't even explain why it has been that long.  I won't apologize only because I think that would be presumptuous on my part that what I/We do here is so important that I may have let people down.  That said ... I apologize for ghosting everyone.  Like I said, I can't even explain why.  Shit just happens I guess.

By way of an update, Mistress K. and I are living and loving our life as much and more than ever.  No big events to describe or monumental landmarks in our FLM lifestyle ... just two people that love each other tremendously, with devotion and joy. 

We still practice most of the same rituals we have always had.  I'm still required to wear my butt plug all day every Tuesday (I love Tuesdays) and wear panties under my manly clothes whenever Mistress feels like it. 

One thing that is new ... "The Book".  This is what "The Book" looks like.  It's simple, discrete and apropos for what we are doing ... Always Growing.

Yup, we now keep a journal and have regular, weekly reviews of the events of that week, be they record of good things/behavior on my part, or bad things/behavior on my part.  Either of us may post things in the book with the difference being that Mistress K. may post anything she wishes, for anything she wants, for any reason or purpose .... and I am limited to posting only when I am instructed to do so, and many of those times are simply as her scribe, or for recording of events like the completion of punishments, etc.

Being a "normal" suburban couple raising kids, we don't always get to adhere to a strict schedule for many things in our FLM that we would like, but Mistress K. (and I) have recently made the commitment to make the times for certain things sacred enough that we have a good chance of accomplishing it when we want.  Chief among those things is our weekly review of  "The Book".  On Sunday evenings (usually), Mistress will get the book, go sit in her high back padded chair in our bedroom, summon me to come and kneel in front of here, and we review the previous weeks activities. 

Last Sunday evening, after reviewing the book, Mistress had decided that during the coming week, I was to receive 2 punishments.  Like I said before, the book contains notes on good behavior and unacceptable behavior, and after reviewing the combination of both, there was 2 incidents that required corrective attention.  One serious enough, and the other way more serious.  Not 30 minutes ago, those punishments were delivered by Mistress and received by me.  I got inspired to "get back on my blog".  I sit here, on my significantly reddened ass, typing these words, and it feels so good to be back.

What were my infractions you ask?  The serious one was I failed to transfer the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer before I left for work.  Specific, necessary clothes that were expected to be available for the kids after they got home from school .... and they weren't.  The other, way more serious infraction was that I left my butt plug on the counter, IN THE HALL BATHROOM!  Holy shit!  Luckily it was only Mistress K. that saw it ..... but holy fuck .... that's the bathroom that everyone uses ... and what would've happened if one of the kids or their friends saw it?  Holy fuck. 

My ass burns ....................

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fear and sometimes loathing ...........

Fear comes in different forms, of course.  Recently and currently I've been subject to two different kinds of fear, and as is usually the case, one form of fear is directly to and comes from the other. 

In this context, the fear I experience was because I had previously printed out the vows that I wrote for Mistress K. when we had used the occasion of our 15th wedding anniversary to have our, well collaring ceremony", for the lack of a better description.   (I'll be happy to share those vows .. just ask email a note and provide an email address)  I had every intention of handing to Mistress K., the printed version of the vows that wrote for her for that beautiful day.  As is sometimes the case, I got distracted and left sitting on the desk, next to the computer monitor.  You know, so I wouldn't forget to give it to her. 

Well ..... I forgot to give it to here ... and there it sat.  For all the world to see.  Not just all-the-world-to-see, but specifically our children and theirs friends to see.  You see, the day following my printing of the vows, Mistress and I left town for the weekend, while the teenage children stayed at home.  Mistress discovered the printed version of the vows, laying there in all its glory, out in the open, for all to see.  Again, by all I specifically mean our children and their (lots of) their friends that paraded through the house while were gone.  FEAR .... Oh my fucking God!  Did our kids actually read our Collaring Ceremony Vows?  Holy shit.  Did they actually see that dad wrote words, promising mom that she could punish dad however she deemed appropriate.   FEAR .... 

We don't actually know if our kids (or their friends) saw the vows.  We don't think the did because frankly, and lets be honest, kids would not be able to act like they didn't see something like that, and fool their parents.  Yet the FEAR remains that they may have read them.   FEAR .... Oh my god -  FEAR.

The other kind of FEAR that I am currently wallowing in is the anticipation of what has promised to be a severe, painful spanking!  FEAR!!!  Mistress K. was not at all happy that my careless actions led to the potential of our private, intimate life was essentially on display for all to see.  NOT AT ALL HAPPY! 

I've written about how much I cherish the fact that I am married to the Mistress of my dreams.  That my Mistress Wife loves me enough to spank me.  To demand and expect for me to bare my bottom at her command, at her whim, whenever she believe it is warranted ... or even if it isn't warranted.  The depth of trust I have for this woman allows me to want to please her to no end, and to accept whatever correction measure she deems appropriate to make me a better slave husband.  That said, there are times when I know, I can tell that the punishment I will receive will be a very, very hurty-type of spanking.  This is one of those times I am afraid, especially since we recently had a discussion about the benefit of "spanking to tears", which is something we have never done.  I'm nervous to say the least, but I am also ready to receive what is coming to me.  Even though that fucking leather paddle hurts like fuck, there is such a deep emotional re-connection I have with my beloved Mistress that begins one second after the final swat stings my red ass. 

At the end of the day, I just hope she isn't angry enough to require me to wear my chastity cage!