Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Cock Therapy

 First, that picture was borrowed from the internet so it's not me and it's not Mistress K.  It is, however, a semi-reasonable depiction of what Mistress K. currently has me going though.  it's call Cock Therapy.  I wouldn't waster your time looking it up on the ole google-trola, because it is something that Mistress K. came up with on her own as a way to train me to be able to last longer before finding myself on the edge of orgasm.

As you probably know or can imagine, when a man has his orgasms controlled, is in chastity, is teased to the edge and then denied, and receives very few full-on orgasms per year (2-3), and mostly only ejaculates via a less rare, but still rare ruined orgasm ... that man can easily have a hair trigger.  It comes with the territory.

Permission to cum is rare.  Just because getting to the edge of orgasm comes with the territory is not a reason why Mistress K. should be denied the good long PIV sex she wants when she wants.  After all, it's not her problem that I have to stop to avoid coming before she is even getting started sometimes.  It's clearly mine, seeing as how it is my obligation to provide or assist in providing her the pleasure she wants, when she decides she wants and how she wants it.

So what is Cock Therapy?  Well, for me it is being spanked harshly while I am repeatedly required to masturbate to the edge of orgasm.  The spankings get more severe the closer I get and then continue for few good hard strokes after I remove my hand to avoid spilling over.  The idea is for me to associate the pain of her paddle with my pending orgasm, or lack thereof.  And it works!  Mistress K. has applied this therapy to me in the past.

I have received Cock Therapy each morning for the past 3 mornings.  Every morning I am required to follow her into the closet when she is done in the bathroom and ready to get dressed.

She is naked, I am not, unless she required to get naked.  For Cock Therapy I am required to "lose the shorts" and kneel before her in the same position she usually is when I put her panties on for her.  She tells me to hand her one of two leather paddles, and I do of course.  She presses her naked body against me and bends over my back to get in to position, then tells me to stroke my cock to the edge of orgasm.  She begins spank me with the paddle, lightly at first and then harder and harder as I continue toward the edge of orgasm.  All the while she is telling me that she can't have me getting to the point of orgasm so quickly and continues to increase the intensity of the paddling.  Once I reach the edge, I release my cock from my hand from my hand and she gives a few extra good hard swats, then pauses for about d5 seconds.  This process repeats 4-5 times until she finally hands me the paddle to put back in the drawer, then she hands me the panties she has chosen for the day.  I open them, she steps in to them and I slowly pull them up into place.  

She then gives me some loving aftercare and then sends me off to prepare for her departure for the office.  Coffee, ice water, car started, purse in the care.

I'll keep you posted on how things progress

Sex Redefined For the Submissive - from Femdom Think Tank

Femdom Think Tank is an excellent blog.  Recent Mz Kaylee, the esteemed host and owner of FTT, posted the following blog about how sex becomes redefined for the submissive man.  It's excellent ... take a peek:

A blog to inspire and educate women to lead and men to submit. A place where practical ideas about femdom and Female Led Relationships (FLR) can be shared and discussed Guests are welcome to complete a profile questionnaire (refer to profile template on right side of blog for instructions)

Almost every bit of what she writes here resonates with me in very specific and accurate ways. Perhaps other submissive men in loving WLM/FLR relationships feel the same?  I'd love to hear your thought, comment and opinions.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

All submissive men should read

I came across this post on a website for a Mistress named Aleta.  I found it to be pretty amazing and absolutely true.  Give it a read.  Sorry it's a bit wonky, but it's how it would fit on the page.

My Slave Wrote this- All Submissive Men Should Read

The Submissive Man is a more Evolved Man. 

Regardless of whether we are true submissives or not, our approach to attracting a woman's attention is very similar. We all try to be chivalrous and personable. However, the true driver and motivations are very transparent and different. The true submissive is about pleasing the woman and feeding her pleasures. The non-submissive is in a quest to satisfy his own release and to feed his fleeting orgasm.  

For the non-submissive, the woman is the object for their pleasure. With a submissive their object is the pleasure of the woman. 

Submissive men focus their energies on the woman. They make themselves available by understanding the intimate needs of the woman. The happiness and pleasure of the woman is very important to them. They make themselves available emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, spiritually and in any other ways they can, solely to please the woman. This in itself creates a high level of intimacy. It is through this intimacy that he is able to service and submit to the woman. He has let go of his male ego and has accepted that he is here to serve the woman. This sort of relationship leads to both partners discussing the most intimate and depraved thoughts and acts honestly without any prejudices. He understands that there is a higher calling than his own fleeting orgasmic pleasure. He forgoes that fleeting pleasure for something far greater, the pleasure of his woman. That brings him joy and happiness. He places her needs over his , and that creates the holy union.  

The relationship between a Dominant Female and submissive man is deep. This cycle of Her pleasure and him pleasing Her, creates a cyclic chasm, that deepens. She's reaching new states of pleasure and him reaching deeper states of submission and devotion. This cycle inherently creates a bond in which both unleash their primal animal within them. This allows for a myriad of fantasies to manifest, wherein both are always in touch with their sexual and spiritual selves.

So to all submissive men, we are more evolved and are vibrating at a higher plane. 

This helps us to get in touch with the divine superior female and be there for her multiple pleasures. It sets us free. 


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The "T" Position

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and happy.

Recently I've begun the practice of asking Mistress K. if she would like me to assist her in having an orgasm every night before she goes to sleep, and every morning when he emerges from sleep.  I come to believe that she appreciates it and doesn't some sort of bullshit obligation to have sex simply because I am asking.  Notice I don't ask her for sex.  I'm not allowed to do that.  I'm asking her if she would like to have an orgasm, in whatever manner she might like.  

Of course orgasms for her could lead to sex for me.  Not orgasm, but sex.  Clearly her having orgasms is a very enjoyable experience for me.  I even tell her that her orgasms are my orgasms in the sense that watching her orgasm is an immense thrill for me.

On this very morning, when I asked Mistress K. if she would like to have an orgasm, at 4:45 am when she was awakened by the dog, she enthusiastically said yes!  Yay.

So, what is the "T" position?  It's this and slight variations of it ...

The above position is very helpful when Mistress wants to have an orgasm via masturbation, AND she wants insertion from me when I am expected to remain perfectly still while she has ready access to her beautiful pussy with her fingers, vibrator wand, whatever.  Me being made to remain still can still accommodate her desire to minimize my sexual pleasure via stimulation to my cock.  Even still, being allowed to be inside Mistress K. is immense pleasure in and of itself, so I have that going for me.  

This is a variation of the "T" position that allows a different kind of access for Mistress K.

Both are very effective.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Chastity - Caged or uncaged, it's a powerful force

In my last blog entry I spoke about a blog that I came across that I really enjoy.  The basics theme of the blog has to do with the real benefits that a couple gets when they live a life wherein the woman is the dominant and the man is submissive, and when the man gives control over his penis, sexual activity and orgasms to the woman in his life.  The benefits for real, long lasting and allow for the man and woman to life a deeply loving and long existence together.

In the beginning of our relationship, Mistress K. had me wear a chastity cage whereas now, I am in complete chastity without the use of a cage.  I'm on the honor system and so far (knock on wood) it has worked.  My ability to refrain from engaging in any unauthorized sexual activity without the use of a cage is something I am very proud of, and something that Mistress K. very proud of me.  We still have the cage, but now Mistress K. will only make me wear as punishment if she is especially disappointed in my behavior.  

Mistress K. and I believe in it so much that we used it as the basis for subtle decorating ideas in our bedroom.  This is a picture of what it looks like directly above the headboard of our bed.  

Clearly the one on the far left need to be straightened.  I'll get right on that.  Every night when I go to bed, I find myself taking a glance at these lock and keys knowing what they represent in my marriage.  I guess its a more subtle way of having the tradition that Notre Dame Football players have when they leave the locker for the field of play.

Maybe it's time to be less subtle and start tapping the pictures before I go sleep every night. 

Nonetheless, enforced chastity of the husband, in whatever form works for you, is an amazing thing.  Something which those that aren't familiar have a hard time understanding why ... until they have the opportunity to either learn more about how it works and why, experience it first, or both. I encourage every man and woman to consider it and to arm yourself with thoughtful, meaningful information about it.  Such as in this blog

Thursday, August 27, 2020

New Blog (for me) discovered

 Several days ago I came across a tremendous new blog called Evolving Your Man.

It is hosted by a wonderful woman named Emma and I highly recommend it because it is intelligent, very well written and the "members" (free) that participate are all marvelous and wonderful contributors.  It's NOT a porn-fueled blog with racy, detailed, intimate of sex and kinky adventures.  It IS a wonderful resource for those of us that are living, loving and learning the amazing benefits of the orgasm controlled male through chastity (caged or honor system) and is loaded with meaningful, intellectual and amazing content.  

I HIGHLY recommend you take a look and do what I am doing ... discovering it from soup to nuts.  If you do take a look and happen to like it enough to register (its free, really free), please be kind enough to let her know that I sent you.

Discovered something new

 I have rules and am expected adhere to those rules.  Among them, I am to have a fresh cup of iced water in Mistress K's Yeti cup on her nightstand when she comes to bed every night.  Last night ... it didn't happen.  "You will be punished in the morning" was all she said as she climbed into bed with whatever cool water was left over from the night before.

This morning I was punished and although forgetting the ice water is not usually considered a serious infraction, I got particularly hard spanking.  HARD I tell ya.  As you may know know, every morning after Mistress emerges from the bathroom, all made up and ready to go to the office, she informs me that she is ready to get dressed which is my cue that I am follow her into the closet, kneel before her gorgeous naked body and pull the panties she hands up her legs and into position.  It's the favorite part of her day.  On this particular morning, as I was about to get up, she held me on me knees with a firm hand on my shoulders and said "pull your pants down".  Then she told me to hand her her favorite paddle and from a standing position with me kneeling right in front of her nearly naked body, she proceeded to really redden my exposed ass.  Harder strokes and for a longer time was what was in store for me.  Did I mentioned that it really hurt.  

The thing that I discovered?  A really hard spanking does a much better job of centering me, clearing my deck, putting my feet back on the ground ... than a regular run-of-the-mill. less severe spanking.  As I walked Mistress K to her car, handed her a fresh cup of coffee for her drive, I thanked her for my spanking and let her know of what I discovered.  She smiled and said  "That's really good to know.  Expect more and harder from now on"

I truly love this woman!