Friday, May 29, 2015

Wear the plug to bed tonight

She said .... "tonight, you'll wear your plug to bed".  Then she kissed me and left for work.  She knows that when I wear my plug to bed, sexy dreams ensue. 

Ain't she great?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back at it

Things are still hectic, but being home after a long weekend, things are starting to settle back to normal.  The kids are out school for the summer and while that makes the house a busy place during the day and well into the night, the early mornings are quiet and we have time to ourselves.

In my last post (yesterday), I mentioned that I have a spanking coming to me for having been snarky with Mistress K. before our long weekend.  This morning, after Mistress emerged from the shower, finished blow drying her hair, and right before she was about to get ready for work, she appeared at our bedroom door and summoned into the bedroom with the "come here" finger.  I was replying to some of my friends here and trying to get caught up on everyone's activities when I was summoned.  I reluctantly got up from my chair, fully expecting this:

or this

I walked into the bedroom and my glorious beautiful, naked Mistress was sitting in her reading chair when she pointed to floor at her feet.  I kneeled immediately, fully expecting to hear a stern explanation about why my punishment was necessary.  Instead, Mistress began to explain that I was going to get the lube and masturbate for her.  I immediately rose, went into the closet and retrieved the lube.  When I returned, again she was pointing at the floor while saying "strip".  I immediately removed my clothes and knelt before her.  She watched me stroke my cock for a minute or so before ordering me to all fours while she scooted to the edge of the seat and opened her legs.  Her beautiful, freshly shaved altar was before and I began to hope that she was going to have me worship her there.  So instead of being punished, this is what I was about to do:

I was ecstatic.  She informed me that I was to make her cum and that I was to remain on all fours and to not stop stroking my cock while I worked her to orgasm with my mouth.  Being prepared for a harsh spanking, I was thrilled to be able to worship her this way.  She immediately started to writhe and was loving the attention her sub husband was giving her but in the interest of time (at least that's what I'm telling myself), she ordered me to retrieve her wand vibrator, which I immediately did.  She informed me that my mouth was required on her pussy and anus while she placed the buzzing wand on her clit.  In a few seconds she was having a monster orgasm while I worshipped her and help her mechanical lover achieve it's goal, all the while stroking my cock and keeping myself at the very edge of orgasm.  When she was finished recovering, she merely pushed me away with her foot and told me to get dressed and clean up the area around her throne.

What a nice way to start the day, don't you think?  I am so in love with my Goddess Queen and thank God everyday for allowing us to find each other.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whew .....

Hi everyone.  First let me say that I have missed you all over the past couple of weeks.  Even though I mentioned it in my post last week, all is well in the SHIP house ... just busy.  I received a couple of emails inquiring and making mention that they understood how sometimes vanilla takes over, even in the healthiest FLM's.  I want to be perfectly clear ... Mistress K. and I have been living the very same lifestyle (happily so), I've just found it difficult to get in front of a computer and blog about it like I enjoy doing.  Trying to write a post on a smartphone or tablet is like gall bladder surgery, So I will usually wait until I can get in front of a computer. 

Nothing real too exciting has gone on since we were all together the last time except, um, let's see .... oh yeah Mistress allowed me to have a full on orgasm on Saturday night !!!!  That makes a grand total of 2 for 2015.  We were in the mountains of Arizona staying in a cabin with a number of friends and family.  We had our own bedroom but the walls are thin and the house was quiet.  I had gone to bed well before Mistress while she stayed up a little and chatted with the girls.  When she came to bed, I was naked (of course) and she climbed into bed and starting stroking my sleepy, limp cock (give me a break, I was sleeping)  She held my legs in a scissor lock with hers, held my hands above my head as I lay on my back, and started stroking me until she brought me to the very edge repeatedly (5 or 6 times).  Not surprisingly, i would've been able to cum if the breeze had changed direction when Mistress suddenly stopped what she was doing to me, and she started to remove her jammies pants and panties.  I knew that meant one of two things ............... she was either going to have me pleasure her with my mouth (which is what I always hope for), or she was going to tease me some more with the sight of her beautiful naked body.  She didn't pick either of those ........ Instead she picked the 3rd option (which I hadn't considered)  and ordered me inside of her.  "Get inside me now", she said.  I said "What?".  She said, (teeth gritted and a little frustrated) "GET INSIDE ME NOW"

AS you can imagine , that was both a treat and a burden.  I knew that Mistress was going to want a good fucking, but I also knew that the previous teasing would prevent me from giving that to her because I was on a constant edge of orgasm.  Being the dutiful husband that I am, I crawled in between her legs and slid my cock inside her.

Like i said, I was on the constant edge of orgasm and Mistress kept pushing me away and pulling me into her, all the while telling me not to cum.  I told her that if she was going to continue doing that  that I wouldn't be able to prevent myself from cumming.   It's been awhile, but I was able to recognize that Mistress had every intention of having me cum inside her this night.  Once i recognized that was her intention, I began to beg for her to allow me to cum inside of her.  After a few no's, she finally said "stop begging and just fuck me until you cum."  It's been a long time since i had a full orgasm (early February) so my mind immediately went to the "oh no, what happens if my desire wanes after I cum inside of her" part of my mind.  That thought was immediately replaced with unmitigated joy of what was happening to me so when she said yes, I could cum inside of her, I started to fuck her with reckless abandon like a "regular husband" until I just had my orgasm.  it was glorious to be able to see the love of my life with her head turned to the side and my cock sliding in and out of her.  She did everything she could to make herself as sexy as possible for me while I fucked her.  I came like rocket and pumped my cock into her for what seemed like forever.  (was probably just over a minute)  I finally collapsed onto her, all sweaty and spent, and thanked her profusely for allowing me to be able to cum inside of her.  The rarest of treats in our marriage. 

Afterward, she got into bed, curled up next to bed and said "good night my love".  A few seconds later she said ............ "don't like I forgot about that spanking you have coming to you from before we left town"  AS of this writing, I haven't received that spanking, but it looks like I'll have something to tell you about soon.

I missed you all so very much. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Alive and well

Hi everyone.  I've had a couple of inquiries as to my whereabouts (and well-being) because of my uncharacteristic absence from this blog, and the blogs of my dear friends throughout the blogging world.

I thought I would check in and let everyone know (for whatever that may be worth to you) that all is well in the Loving, Female Led Household I am lucky enough to live in, in Phoenix, Arizona.  Busy, Vanilla real-life stuff is the reason, all on the "good" side of the ledger.  Kids, school, work, living in suburbia have all conspired against my ability to communicate with each of you, my dear friends.  I'll be probably back-to-normal on here after Memorial Day, checking occasionally until then.

Love to you all.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's time to be spanked again

I was out of town on a business trip last week for 3 days.  Unlike earlier in our marriage, being apart from Mistress K. is a rare appearance these days.  I just don't travel for business much anymore, which is a good thing.

I was in Miami and one day I went deep sea fishing.  On this particular day things were hectic and I just simply failed to communicate with Mistress K.    I texted her in the morning and let her know that I was about to go fishing and she responded by telling me that she thought it was awesome that I had a chance to go.  Long story short, several hours later she received a picture of fishing activities and then for the next 6 hours, she received nothing.  We had a banquet to attend at the conference I was at and on the way back to the hotel, traffic and other issues caused for us to return late.  I had to rush to shower, shave and put my suit and then hurry down to the banquet and schmooze with the other attendees.  Standing in the shower, I was thinking to myself .... I am beat and wish I didn't have to go to this dinner.  My phone battery was dead, so I left it on the charger and heading down to the ballroom.  Knowing I didn't go to Miami to sleep, I "pressed flesh and kiss babies" like I was running for Mayor or something.  When it was over (I actually left earlier than most and avoided the inevitable "let's go to the bar and get hammered" group that was forming.  I got back to my room, flopped onto the bed and fell asleep in my clothes.  I was beat!

I was awakened by the beeping of the phone which turn out to be a number of texts from Mistress K.  At this point she was not happy that I had not checked in to tell her that I hadn't fallen into the ocean or some other miserable fate.  Shortly after I woke, the phone rang and Mistress K. read me the riot act for allowing her to worry like that.  She said that my not checking in with her after my return to the shore, and before going to the banquet was not acceptable, that she was not happy and in the stupor of deep slumber I heard her say emphatically .....  "48 hours from the moment you get home". Then she hung up the phone after telling me that she was glad I wasn't dead.  Of course that means that I am to receive a punishment spanking within those 48 hours and that it is my responsibility to allow time and a space for that to happen within those 48 hours no matter what!  Failure to do so will elevate the punishment to whole different level .... the kind of level that neither of us wants to have happen!  This 48 hour period expires tonight (Sunday night) at 11pm, so I am certain that I will be sent to bed with a sore and red bottom.

That's not all.  The day after I returned from my trip, I asked Mistress a question about her job that was snarky and wise-assey.  Immediately before leaving for my trip, Mistress had scolded me about my being snarky sometimes when I communicate with her, or in the way I ask her questions.  "Another 48 hours" was her reply to my snarky question.  That 48 hour period expires at 10pm on Monday evening.  It looks like Monday evening will be busy because recently Mistress introduced a new ritual that will be a part of our life into the future, until future notice.  From now on, the second Monday of every month will be "milking day".  On milking day, I am required to remind Mistress on that morning that it is milking day.  I am to remind her again in the afternoon and that I am to see to it that it happens on that, which means clearing any obstacles (family or otherwise) that may conflict with our new ritual.  It's going to be a busy Monday for sure.

Forgive me for being "off the grid" the past several days.  I have so much reading and catching up to with all my blogging friends and others.  It's good to be home!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Love and Affection

Recently, my dear friend from K in New England posted about the joys of "vanilla" love.  It was an excellent post and you can read about it here:

In it she spoke eloquently about the unmitigated joys of existing with the one you love and how important intimacy is in her relationship with her husband.  In this post, the beautiful intimacy they shared was not defined by the type or frequency of kink, but rather by just being together, enjoying each and having it culminate in the kind vanilla love making that is needed from time to time in every relationship.
I promised myself in the beginning, when I decided that I had enough courage to ask my beautiful wife to accept my submission , that I would never lose sight of the reasons I wanted to pursue the lifestyle we currently have.  For those that are late comers to this blog, it all started out  with a casual comment/question about how our life would be after our children had flown from the nest to live their own adult lives.  She wondered if after all of the trials and tribulations of raising children and running our family, would we still have the intimacy and genuine fondness for each other that we'd enjoyed thus far, and especially in the beginning.  Would we look upon that time with excitement about being able to spend all of your time almost exclusively together, or, would we go the route of so many other lovers/parents/spouses that were well intended and in love but somehow found that they had slowly drifted apart without even noticing.
That one comment made me think.  I already knew that I so very much loved this woman I was married to, that I very much loved just being with her.  In fact, after my first marriage that ended in divorce, I knew that when I married again, it would be with someone that I was able to genuinely worship for the beauty that existed in her whole being.  It would be with someone that I truly wanted to always be with rather than someone I felt I needed a break from occasionally.  I found that woman in Mistress K. and have always felt honored and blessed to have her in my life as my beloved life mate. 
I was not about to let the potentially mundane existence of suburban family life define the nature of our future intimate time together, and thus I began to research ways to help ensure that we would not drift apart.  I came across an article that explained the virtues of a Female Led Relationship and how it saved many marriages.  The article was more clinical than sexual.  The references to sexual activity were not detailed heavy, in depth, erotic writing, but rather a practicable explanation about the virtues of the various aspects that are inherent with a FLM/FLR.  Orgasm denial, orgasm control, discipline, punishment, etc., were discussed, but in such a way as to explain their importance to a successful and true FLM.  It proved to me that such a relationship was just what the doctor ordered.  It showed me that in general, a FLM would naturally and automatically provide the kind of energy and intimacy that I knew I wanted to always have.  I adored this woman with all of my heart, so why not ask her to accept a role in our marriage that would allow her to be openly adored and worshipped in such a way that truly intended to make her life more, well, enjoyable? 
It made perfect sense and once I was convinced that I wasn't trying to introduce as lifestyle to my beloved wife solely in order to indulge a kink, but rather to ensure that the joy and intimacy of our marriage would always be there, I took a big gulp and decided to reveal what was in my heart to her.  I was never really worried that she would reject the idea (or me) because, well I know her that well.  I was confident that she would see this as something very beneficial to our marriage and to her overall happiness in life.  I also knew that if she accepted my submission, that I would need to understand that she was going to need to be able to find her own way in her style and preference of leadership.  Even with that knowledge, being the kind of "helpful husband" that we husbands can sometimes be, there was topping from the bottom which she was able to recognize quickly, and was quickly able to put a stop to.  She told me that if we were going to be successful at this lifestyle, I would have to allow nature to take it's course and to trust her to be able to find her way without subtle input from me (topping from the bottom).  That was a benchmark in our relationship.  Our FLM really began to grow.  The love honor, respect, devotion and joy all grew in such a way that continues to grow to this day.  
Mistress K. continues to settle in and find more and more comfort and more and more pleasure in her role in your marriage. And so do I. In turn, the pleasure and joy she seems to have oozing from her pores causes me to be drawn closer and closer into her.  In thinking back on what my hopes and dreams were in the beginning, a happier wife in a happier life for the two of us was the goal.  That journey has taken us to even use our recent 15th wedding anniversary to formally commit to our roles in our marriage by the exchange of vows in front of an officiant, and a formal offering of and acceptance of Mistress's collar.  It was a beautiful and emotional moment for both of us.
Our evolution as a FLM couple continues to being us more happiness together and as we continue to explore our lifestyle together, we continue to look toward the future wondering NOT if we'll still like to be together, but instead where our hand-in-hand journey will takes us.  During this journey, I am hopeful to always be able to talk about it here.  I realize that most of my post are about how Mistress K. and I interact with each other kink/sex wise, but I will never lose sight of the underlying reason we are we are.
Thank you K in New England for your very inspiring post and for reminding all of us of what is really important in each of respective relationships. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A stolen moment

It was Saturday (yesterday).  One of our kids had a friend over and the house was filled with the joy of children at play.  We had a kid's sports related event to go to at 5pm, followed by a gathering of the team at one of the parents house.  At around 3:30, the kids ended up going over to the friend's house before going to the event.  Mistress put them in the car and ran them over.

Then, at 3:50, this text string began ... MK: "Lover, get naked.  I will be home in a few minutes.  I want a glass of ice water waiting",  SHIP:  yes Mistress   MK:  Are you empty?  SHIP:  Not really   MK:  Can you be in the next 5 minutes?   SHIP:  Yes   MK:  Do it.

Mistress arrived.  I was naked and empty.  I just love being told to be naked in order to greet her when she comes home.  She came into the house, put her purse down and started kissing me passionately, rubbing her hands all over my exposed body.  She confirmed that I was "empty" and then pointed to the bedroom and said "in there ... go".  Once inside, she removed her pants and matter-of-factly instructed me to get the thigh harness and whatever I wanted to put into that would end up in my bottom.  

She told me to hurry because we didn't have much time.  While is was in the closet getting the harness and the dildo that would fuck me, Mistress retrieved her wand vibrator.

When I returned, she was sitting in Queen chair, vibrator in hand and instructed me to kneel between her legs and install the harness on her left thigh.  She promptly scooted toward the edge of the chair.  I put a condom on the rubber cock and slid it into place in the harness, and then secured the Velcro harness to her thigh.  She spread her legs wide, turned on the vibrator and placed it on her panty covered clit.  She pointed to the cock sticking up from her leg and said "come on, get over it and lower yourself on to it".  I straddled the rubber cock, smeared lube all over my bottom hole and it, positioned it at it's intended target and lowered myself on it.  Mistress was rapidly approaching the first of two orgasms she would have as I slowly lowered myself onto her cock.  After just a few seconds to allow myself to comfortable accept the intruder, she ordered me to fuck myself on her cock.  I moved my and down while watching her have an incredible orgasm.  The sight before me and the realization that this actually happening to me had brought me to the very edge of orgasm.  It was so hot.  I felt so very objectified and as you know, just witnessing Mistress having an orgasm can almost produce an orgasm for me and with my ass filled, facing her and witnessing an especially fast and strong orgasm, I was right there.

After her orgasm subsided, Mistress ordered me to place some lube in her hand.  I was almost whimpering at the prospect of her slippery hand on my cock while all this was going.  I was certain that her hand would take past the point of no return in seconds.  Seconds later, while she was stroking me, telling me to fuck her cock and warning me not to come .... I begged her to let go because I was a second away from not being able to control it.  She did let go and just then, clear pre-bum oozed from the tip of my cock and onto her thigh.  Her eyes got huge, thinking I had disobeyed her allowed an ejaculation without permission.  I took every ounce of strength I had to prevent that from actually happening, but in the end it was only clear pre-cum. 

My thighs were killing me but I was still bobbing up and down on her thigh, fucking myself when she put the vibrator back on her panty covered pussy.  I asked her if I could turn, facing away from her while fucking myself on her leg and she said yes.  I came off of the rubber cock, turn facing away from, held the cock at my bottom and lowered myself back on it.  In this position, Mistress got a front row view of the cock going in and out of my ass and in seconds was having a second massive orgasm.  After recovering from her orgasm, she told me to stop, get off of her cock and clean everything up and put everything away.   Ughhhh!   I was just getting started but the clock is also an un-yielding Mistress.   I cleaned everything, put everything away and hastily left to the kids sports event.  I was wanting so much more so very badly, but also wallowing in the appreciation of the treat Mistress just gave me.  Later, after the sports event, I returned to the house to pick Mistress up for the after event.  She was naked and had just completed showering and putting on her makeup and was about to get dressed, but before doing so, came right up to me and said ... "you may worship me for a few seconds before we go" while pushing me to my knees.  She had just put a fresh shave on her pussy and it was as smooth and as beautiful as I have ever seen, felt or tasted.  After about 30 seconds, she pulled away and told me to get ready for the party. 

Thank you Mistress!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Masturbate for me!

This morning I was working away on the computer.  It was early and only Mistress and I were awake in the house, and she was in the shower.  I heard the shower turn and just then I was summoned.  "Lover ... ? come here please!"  I marched into the bathroom and she was just emerging from the shower.  She was naked (yay) and wet and while she was beginning to dry herself, she said "take off your pants and masturbate for me".  I removed my shorts, reached for the bottle of lube and started to walk toward her. 

She pointed to the big Jacuzzi tub we have and said "there.  Sit there on the edge of the tub and masturbate for me while I dry myself.  I want to watch you".  I began my task but since I was only 20 seconds or so into it, my cock was getting hard, but wasn't fully hard.  She said "I want to see it hard!"  "Yes Mistress".  Those words were all it took and I was hard as a diamond in another 15 seconds.  It didn't take long for me to arrive at the edge, and it coincided with her finishing drying her hair.  She merely said .... "you may go now" and pointed to the bathroom door.  It's the little things!

It's the little things.  Last evening I was standing at my sink in my bathroom after just changing out of my fancy work clothes'.  I was wearing loose shorts and a t shirt when she walked up behind me, and while pointing at the counter in from of me, said "hands".  She pulled my shorts down just past my ass and began spanking me with her hand.  There were no words and although this wasn't a punishment spanking, it was still firmer than before Mistress decided to amp up the paddling.  She spanked my bare bottom with her hand about 12-13 times and promptly pulled my shorts back up and walked over to her sink on her side of the bathroom, which is about 20 feet away.  On my way out of the bathroom, I walked over to her and stood for a second while she exposed her neck, indicating that is where i should kiss her.  I did just that and then said "Thank you for my spanking Mistress", then left the room.

It's the little things.