Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Free Day Update

Mistress called me yesterday to have a talk.  She wanted to let me know a few things while they were fresh on her mind.  First, she wanted me to know that I was in deed going to be punished for failing to pleasure myself this past Sunday.  Mistress first was of the opinion that a punishment wasn't necessary but after further reflection, she changed her mind.  She said that knowing and hearing about the kind self pleasure I was engaged in is a source of pleasure for her.  Since I decided to have no self pleasure (other than inserting and wearing a butt plug that day), I had taken that pleasure away from Mistress K.  She understands that it wasn't my intention to deny her that pleasure (or any pleasure), but that n fact is what happened on that day.    So after further contemplation, I am in store for a punishment.

Also, we talked a few minutes about how we may have let some our "anchor points" in our FLM slide, and that Mistress was aware of that and has every intention of "righting the ship".  Her assertive manner and tone as she was describing how things were and were going to be gave me an instant hard on.  In fact, when she was done, I reminded her that being in service to her is what truly makes me happy and that letting me (or things) slide only had the effect of making me act out more.  Although never my intention, I tend to get bratty, snippy and possibly even a bit disrespectful when we get away from our core beliefs in our marriage.  In any event, Mistress has her eye on the ball. 

When I was done reaffirming my dedication to her and to her service, she said "I know you do my pet and I'll bet you cock is hard just thinking about it".   IT WAS.  We didn't talk about a sex act, or fantasy or anything like that.  We only talked about the foundation for our marriage.  BOING!  Love boner!

I am so much in love with this woman!  Thank you Mistress K. for loving me, owning me and trusting in me enough to allow me to be yours.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Free Day

Mistress and the kids are away for the whole day today.  When she kissed me goodbye while I was still laying in bed, she told me that she wanted me to play today with the only rule being that I was not allowed to orgasm.  

What to do?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Holidays friends

I know that every blog and blogger uses their forum to wish a widespread merry Christmas to their friends.  I am no exception.

I want to sincerely wish all my friends that I have made a very Merry Christmas and a successful, prosperous and happy New Year.  Bless you all.

Cheers to each of you dutiful, loyal, trusted submissives and slaves that give of yourselves without question.  Cheers to our beloved Doms, Dommes and Dominants, who carefully and skillfully receive our submission and love us for it.  Most of all, Merry Christmas and a heartfelt I Love You to my beloved Mistress, Goddess, Keyholder, Queen and Owner .... Mistress K. 

I give to you this single white rose, which you have taught is the symbol for the gift of loving submission.  I love you my beloved Wife more than I will ever be able to properly tell or show you. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

It was an incredible 90 minutes

It was an incredible 90 minutes of worshipping and orgasms.  3 for Mistress, 1 (ruined) for me.  I'll just leave it at that. It was wonderful. 

One thing of note, after Mistress had her 3rd orgasm, she asked me, legitimately asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm.  She left it entirely up to me.  I was allowed the rare freedom to decide my immediate orgasm fate.  I was conflicted.  Of course I wanted a full orgasm ... who doesn't want a full orgasm. 

But wait, I so love it when Mistress denies me an orgasm, especially when I am so very horny, you know, like now.  But wait, that's not what is happening here is it?  No, Mistress is not denying me an orgasm, in fact, she's allowing one.  I'd be denying myself an orgasm.  Hmmm, not the same thing.

I was kneeling in between Mistress' legs when she told me I would be deciding my own orgasm fate. I had decided that a nice, ho-hum ruined orgasm was needed now as I was looking down at my cock resting on her tummy.  How lovely it seemed if a nice pool of ejaculate was deposited there, I thought.  I had just  pulled my cock from her altar (that's what we'll be calling her pussy from now on in real life, we'll have to see if it translates well here) having just staved off an ejaculation that would've unauthorized.  I asked Mistress if she would assist me in having a ruined orgasm and she said "of I would pet".  With that, she simply placed her warm, cupped hand under my tights balls and just held it there.  She asked me "can you cum like this?  With me just holding your balls like this?"  I was just so deep in lust at that moment that I didn't answer verbally, my body just started make it happen.  At the mere suggestion of her question, my body began produce all the feeling that precede a man's ability to ejaculate.  It was as if my cock was pumping furiously in and out of any one of her beautiful body opening.  The feeling was cumming fast and as it became apparent that I was indeed about to cum without any direct stimulation to my penis, Mistress started to root for it to happen and said "this is so impressive" as semen began to leave my body onto her gorgeous belly. 

I fancy myself as someone who is becoming more and more qualified to judge a good ruined orgasm when I see one ..... this was the best ruined orgasm I've ever had.  So intensely satisfying like a full orgasm, yet all of the benefits of continued sexual desire of a ruined one. 

Afterward, I laid there, on my back, watching the ceiling fan spin, the very first things that entered my mind was "is that going to be the last orgasm for me for the year?"  I never thought I'd be this guy but I'm pretty certain that during 2014, I've only had 4 full orgasms.  The rest (I'm going to guess 6 or 8) were ruined orgasms. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

We get some alone time

Mistress and I are about to enjoy a couple of hours alone time in our house.  Mistress is showering as I write this and will be taking the kids to an activity that will keep them occupied for 2 hours or so.  As soon as she leaves to take, I am to prepare for her arrival which means I need to be clean, shaved and naked when she returns.  I am just so excited and for some reason, a little nervous.

Watching Her Sleep

It's nearly 8 am on a Sunday morning and I just went into our bedroom to see if Mistress might be stirring.  I wanted to prepare her coffee so I could hand it right to her literally seconds after she opened her eyes.   She wasn't stirring!  Instead she was still sleeping like a beautiful Angel Baby Goddess.  I couldn't help but stand there for a few moments and drink it all in.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Update to "Restless"

Earlier this month is wrote a post about being restless.  You can read is here.  Recently, while Mistress was sitting in her favorite chair in our bedroom watching her favorite program on TV, and I was watching football, I got up from the couch, walked into the bedroom, closed and locked the door behind and walked over to her chair.  I kneeled in front of her just simply say ... "Mistress, may I ask you something?  Of course you can pet, she said.  "I would appreciate it if you would consider testing my limits, even our limits within our relationship.  I am not complaining in any way because I have absolutely nothing to complain about, but I keep thinking about having my limits tested."  She then asked "In which ways do you want to test your limits?"  .... and the only thing I could say was that I didn't know specifically, which is why I asked if she would take some to consider it.  The unknown is what I seek I think.  Maybe we can explore together. 

With that, I leaned down, kissed her feet which were curled under legs on the chair, then I leaned in and kissed her, told her I loved her and left the room.  She's an amazing woman and I so very much want to explore life with her dramatically.

I've thought about it and maybe it is true that perhaps I am merely mistaking a desire interact in our acknowledged D/s roles more frequently, with wanting to "push limits", especially when I can't define them ... perhaps.  The idea of Mistress attaching a literal and figurative leash to my recently acquired collar, and leading us down a new road, is both exhilarating and scary.  Then again, maybe she just needs to paddle the fuck out of my ass and tell me to stop daydreaming.  *smile

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mistress Ivey's Post - Becoming a Mistress: For Him or For You?

Hi everyone.  Every so often I come across a collection of words that I find insightful, helpful or funny.  This link is to a post by Mistress Ivey that I think is essential reading for anyone involved in any Female Led Relationship. It's very possible that you are already familiar with Mistress Ivey's blog, but in case you aren't, take a look.

I really enjoy her blog mostly because it is a helpful resource for women who have had the suggestion of being dominant with their mate thrust upon them by their mate, who usually has spent a lot of time fantasizing and then building up the courage to reveal his feelings to his wife. It's practicable and useful information and not swimming in hyperbole or cheesy porno-like settings.  In addition to this particular post, I suggest you look at her other posts.  I think you'll like it.


Becoming a Mistress: For Him or For You?

UPDATED 12/22/14 at 8:05am   -   Additional post from Mistress Ivey:

Becoming a Mistress: Anything???

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Times like these

Lately, I have been a much more obedient pet and therefore able to deliver a more familiar level of service and pleasure to Mistress K.  I think she would agree.  I feel that way because this morning, while Mistress K. was taking the little ones to school, I was in the kitchen, naked, finishing the dishes and anything I needed to have done before going to get dressed for work.  Once I was done, I called her to tell her that I was ready to get dressed. I do this every morning of course as her preferred way of allowing Mistress K. to decide what I will on or in my body for that particular day.  She happened to be pulling into the driveway and simply said "I'll be inside in a minute.  Wait there". 

When she came in she put her purse down, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bed in our bedroom.  I was certain Mistress has decided that it would be a good time for a spanking.  I was wrong.  She told me to get on the bed and lay on my back.  When I did, she all but jumped on top of me and started kissing my body all over in a very loving, compassionate almost worshipping kind of way.  Kind of like I do when she tells me to worship her.  She made her way down my tummy and took my cock into her mouth for a second then proceeded to kiss her way back up my tummy and chest to my mouth and kissed passionately.  Then she rolled me over onto my tummy and started kissing and giving me light bites on my bottom.  She would run her fingers and kiss me very lightly over my crack in the most delicious teasing fashion, then continued to caress with her hands and lips.

I wondered what I had done to be such a lucky recipient of such attention from the most beautiful woman that ever lived.  I was in obvious heaven.  While still on my tummy, she positioned her legs between my and very forcefully spread them as wide as they would go.  She then began to grind her pussy against my anus area in a way that mimicked her fucking me.  I was in a different, better heaven.  She whispered in my ear "you want me to do this to you, don't you pet?"  My god yes Mistress, was my reply.  She mimicked taking me that for a minute or so more then rolled me over and pulled her PJ top down to reveal her gorgeous breasts.  She allowed me to worship, suck and kiss them for a few minutes and then abruptly said .... "that's enough.  get dressed now".

On my way to the office, I was so overcome with appreciation that when I got to my office, I texted her this. 

Mistress, I want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life, as my beloved wife and as the one person I so proudly call my owner. I truly relish being your husband and being the one you chose to wear your collar. Thank you Mistress for the loving attention this morning. In times like those there is truly no other things that exist in my mind other than the honor I feel being the recipient of your attention. I want nothing more than to be kneeling while being "warm and naked by your side". 
Love, your devoted husband
I am such a lucky man.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yes Today

Whereas Mistress declined to allow me to edge myself and finger my bottom while in the shower the day before, yesterday she did allow it.  Check that ... she did require.  OMG, when she told I got so excited like a little puppy that knows he is about to get a treat.  "Not only that", she said as she was walking out the door, "you will wear your glass plug today".   I just looked at her with those .... holy crap I love you eyes.

In the shower I did my required edging and did so with a finger firmly inserted into my bottom hole.  It was wonderful.  I wish my arms were longer so as to make that process easier, but this is how god made.  Still, having a finger inside me while edging is glorious.

After showering and before getting, I went through one of my favorite routines.  Inserting the plug.  Last night while laying in bed, Mistress asked how my 15 hours of wearing my plug went. I told her that it is my favorite constant physical reminder of her ownership of me and of my devotion to her.  Perhaps that is because it presses on my prostate all day, or perhaps it is because it appeals to my ever growing desire to be fucked there.  I replied by telling her that the glass plug was the best sex toy that we have ever bought.  She giggled and said, "well, maybe you think so, but why should I think so?" I joked and said I'd be happy to get it and help with understanding why.  She giggled again and declined the offer.  She wanted to sleep.  

But first, she grabbed my hardening cock.  I had just told her that the part of wearing the plug is the process of inserting it.  She told me to explain.  I told her first, I am naked as I always when receiving instructions from her on what to wear under my clothes on any given day.  Second, it makes me feel like her wanton slut to position myself in such a way to take her anal intruder.  I told that I slowly insert the tip and allow my anus to accept the intruder and then relax just a moment.  Being glass, it doesn't require much lubrication and so in order to help my bottom to relax and accommodate the plug, I will twist it slightly while pressing a little harder.  This relaxes the hole and allows it accept a little more.  Mind you, while doing all this, I am bent over while in a standing position with my right foot on a bench that is about 12 inches high and my head resting on a counter in our closet.  A very submissive position to be in and one that I love.  It presses my desire to be a slut.  Her slut, and I am in this position for the sole purpose of accepting an intruder into rear hole.  Yummy! 

I will continue to ease the plug inside of me as it continues to open me wider and wider.  Once I get to the widest part, I will hold the plug there for a moment or two and just relish in the fullness that it offers.  I have become familiar enough with both my rear hole and the plug that I can always seems to find the spot on the plug that I can naturally hold it in place with my anus at the widest spot, remove my hand from and literally pull it into it final resting place.  My ring securely surrounding the smallish base of the plug, while the widest part rests comfortably inside me.  I love that process.

15 hours later (last night), I asked permission to remove my plug and was told to do just that.  After giving it a thorough cleansing, I put it back in it's designated place in the drawer. 

Until we meet again old friend.  Soon I hope.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not Today

Yesterday morning Mistress told me I would be wearing panties under my clothes for the day, then she left to take the kids to school and run some errands, so she wouldn't be there when I left the house to go to the office.  I was thinking about having to wear panties during the day and got aroused.  These pink lace always make me feel like such a slut because they are so low in the front.  I enjoy feeling like a slut, I really do.  I've always enjoyed the notion that I would be called to present myself to Mistress wearing panties, only to have them removed from me in preparation for sex that I was going to be required to have.  Yum.  But I digress ..............

I texted her ... "May I edge myself and use a finger on myself while in the shower?"  Her reply was simply "Not Today", to which I replied Yes Mistress.  A short time later I thought I would be cute and texted "would it be pushing my luck to ask if I could wear my plug under my panties today?"  "No plug, not today" was her response.  The only thing I could think to do then was reply "OK, then I won't ask".   She simply replied with a wink.

I love how she regulates me!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

She needed it now

We have the greatest neighborhood.  We can spontaneously end up at any of our neighbors house, have dinner together, get our drink on and just have a great time.  Last night was one of those occasions.  We were dancing, listening to music and having a great time.  Mistress K. came over to tell me that I had an "infraction" that I would be punished for at a later time.  I asked her what for and she said "I don't know.  All I know is that Julie (not her real name) just told me that you were being a bad boy".  I'm certain it wasn't in the context of Julie actually knowing our FLM dynamic and that she was just kidding but nonetheless, it seems I have earned a punishment.  Even tough she was only joking, Mistress replied to Julie very loudly for everyone to hear that she was gong to spank me later for that.  This was while the girls were all dancing with each other.  Laughs all around and nothing else came of it.  We'll see if Mistress really does intend on giving me a true punishment.

Mistress and I came home around 11pm and after made quick work of a temporarily, emotionally, needy child, she pulled me into the bedroom, locked the door and proceeded to the closet where she told me to get out of my clothes.  It wasn't 10 minutes earlier that each of us was saying how we regretted having drunk too much earlier in the evening and how we each hoped it wasn't going to be one of those regrettable nights hugging the toilet.  Now, Mistress is getting out of her clothes, telling me to do the same and she had that unmistakable look of "you are going to fuck me hard" in her eyes. 

Honestly, I wasn't in the mood but the mere thought that I was being called upon to fuck my Mistress, hard and dirty like she wanted me too got my cock to begin to grow.  She told me to get pinky, which of course is our cock sleeve.  Wearing it means that I feel virtually nothing on my cock and so therefore I can fuck Mistress as long as she wants usually.  That being said, even though it is like wearing 1000 condoms, eventually the mere fact that I am sexually satisfying my Mistress in this way is eventually enough for me to eventually have to tell Mistress that an ejaculation is near.  That didn't happen for a good 15 minutes of hard "fuck me like a whore" fucking, but alas, the need to informed Mistress I was nearing the edge was upon me.  She forbade me from coming.

She had already had one orgasm and although she was also fighting off the effects of maybe too much alcohol, Mistress needed to orgasm again.   This time she wanted me to put a finger in her ass while she held the vibrator against her clit.  What an incredible scene it was being behind Mistress with her ass in the air, face on the bed, vibrator on her sex, finger in her ass and a pinky covered cock in her pussy.  She was completely lost in the abandonment of being fucked like a wanton slut and I wasn't going to anything but encourage her.  When my finger entered her bottom hole and she let out a guttural moan of delight, I knew she wanted more.   So I leaned to where her head was resting on the bed and while she was being fuck, fingered and vibed, I whispered a suggestion that she would probably prefer to have my cock in her ass than her finger.  No response.  Nothing.  So I continue fucking her hard, pressing her head in the bed as if to hold her down while she was being fucked and she was loving every second of it. 

With that she said "you're right, I do need your cock in my ass" and she lifted her head from the bed, ordering me to remove pinky and to put some lube on my cock.  By the time I remove the sleeve, applied the lube to my cock and returned, she was laying on her side with one leg extended and the other leg had her knee pulled up to her chest.  She was working the vibrator feverishly against her clit and was inviting me to enter her bottom by pulling her cheeks apart slightly.  As much as she tried, she just couldn't find my cock entering her ass comfortable in the position, which was too bad because it was the sexiest that I have witnessed in a long time  The sight of my Mistress inviting my cock into her most intimate orifice was just so amazing.  She told me to lay on my back and when I did, she straddled me with her beautiful ass hovering over my cock.  She wanted to be able to control the penetration and she slowly lowered herself onto my cock while keeping the vibrator right on the sweet spot.  I could feel my cock slowly enter her warm, tight hole and I could the primal lust on her face and in her body as she hovered over.  Once inside, she began to slowly move and while never allowing the head of the vibrator to leave her clit, and while my cock fully buried in her most intimate hole, Mistress began to have the most incredible, powerful, intense orgasm she has had in some time.  It was just so awesome to see.

When she was done and after she recovered, she laid on top of me, holding me tight and with so much love I could feel it in my toes.  She left my cock in her bottom while we laid there for a while and then after a few minutes, she eased herself off the intruder in her bottom, rolled to the side and said, "go clean up.  It's time for sleep".  I did as I was told, cleaned myself, the toys and put everything away and waited for her to return to the bed after doing her thing in the bathroom.  She climbed in to bed naked and looking like a just ravaged Mistress that wanted to get some sleep.  I welcomed her in to bed, kissed her goodnight and laid there for a few minutes with my still rock hard cock, thinking how much I was glad that Mistress denied me any kind of ejaculation this night. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Balls Harness (stretcher)

One of my frequent commenters mentioned recently that he couldn't visualize what the "balls harness" or "balls stretcher" looked like, and asked that I post a picture.  Here are a couple:

This one is neoprene and is very comfortable, although it does not have a D-ring attached:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

A different one I have is similar to this except it uses Velcro to close (so it is adjustable) and has a D-ring, to which Mistress can attach a leash to lead me around with, or even a clasp that she can attach to the handle of a drawer (or?) to hold me in place.

Here is another version of essentially the same thing, although again, no D-ring:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Wearing my balls harness is probably my favorite thing to wear under my regular clothes (other than my glass butt plug).  It pulls and holds my ball comfortably away from my body in such a way that I always aware they are there, and therefore constantly reminded that they are the property of my beloved Mistress.

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.  They just make me horny  (smile) :

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Have a great weekend everyone.  Submissive brothers and sisters out there, love your Dominants!  Dominants, love your submissives.  We are all so very lucky to have each other in our lives.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Once again still

This morning, Mistress returned from taking the kids to school to find me working dutifully in the kitchens, taking care of all of the dishes.  Of course i was naked as I am required to be.  Mistress was very loving and when i finished, I walked over to her to let her know I was about to get dressed and was waiting for what to wear under my clothes.  She hugged me warmly and started to rub my ass with her hands and rub her body against my rapidly hardening cock.  She did something that is so much one of my favorite things.  With her arms around me and with both hands on my ass, she spread my ass cheeks, exposing my bottom hole.  I love it when she does that.  it makes me feels as though she is preparing my body for something to go in my ass. 

After getting me all heated up, she told me to wear the Velcro and neoprene strap harness that separates my balls from my cock.  She made a point to say, "you know, the one that has the D-ring on it".  I thought that last part was odd, but off I went to get dressed.  When I emerged fully dressed, she looked at me and said "oh no, no, no.  I did not want you to get fully dressed.  I only wanted you to put on the harness."  I apologized profusely but when i mentioned that she never told me that she wanted me to present myself to her wearing only the ring, she realized that was the case and told me it was ok.  Only a small misunderstanding. 

She told me to remove my clothes right there and come to her when i was done.  When naked, I came to her in the bedroom.  She commented on how cute I looked all naked and harnessed and then walked over to me, grabbed my cock and led me into the closet where she promptly attached a leash to the balls harness and went to the drawer where she keeps her paddle and pulled it out.  I asked why she had her paddle and she honestly had thought that there was yet another outstanding punishment that was due to me.  When she realized there wasn't one, she said that I probably deserved one anyway, and then proceeded to lead me into the bathroom by the leash.  She walked over to where my gym shorts and t shirt were laying next to the tub.  The same place they had been for several days.  Even before our recent "come to Jesus" talk and spanking that I had received in the previous 2 days.  She pointed at them with the leather paddle and said, very nicely I might add, that this was an example of something that she expected me to take care of on my own without having to be told to do so.  Basically put my stuff away.  She pulled me closer to the tub by tugging on the leash, and by my balls, I was led to where the offending clothes were laying.  She gave me 8-10 good hard swats with the paddle right there and without saying anything, led me back into the closet where is would be folding the clothes and putting them away.

While folding, she continued to spank my ass with paddle.  Standing like I was, several of the swats that were intended for one, allowed for the corner of the paddle to bridge over the crack of my and catch the other cheek.  Holy shit does that hurt!!!  Mistress was telling what a good boy I was while she was paddling and then she took some responsibility for me being the less than trained condition she felt I was in.  When she was done punishing me, she laid the paddle down and pushed me to my knees in front of her so she could she hug me and administer her aftercare.  It was wonderful and I felt a very deep connection with my Mistress at that moment.  Deeper than I usually feel during aftercare.

It's clearer to me each that Mistress K. is intent on dominating me more thoroughly and has no intention of letting there be the kind of slack that has existed recently.  My ass will likely be routinely reddened and stung more frequently in the near future, but we both know that it is for our own good.  I am so much in love with the woman!

As an aside, Mistress is on the verge of having her period.  As you may already know the only time Mistress will even entertain the idea of fucking me with her strapon is while she is on her period.  I do plan to respectively ask her to consider it, if for no other reason then to consummate the renewal of our vows and the placing of her collar on me.  I need to figure out how to effectively behave like a wanton slut, hoping to get fucked.  Wait, what, did i just say that?  *smile

Ouch ... again!

Yesterday I wrote about how Mistress K. gave me a surprise spanking on Tuesday morning.  It was because I did not follow the simple instructions of completed a form from an insurance company that would've taken literally 20 seconds.  Not only did I not do it, I didn't do it twice.  That surprise spanking was one of two I was to receive because, as Mistress put it, there isn't enough time to properly punish you a second time.  Yesterday morning, after emerging from the shower, I was giving that second spanking.  It was accompanied by a very serious talk about what appears to be a lack of commitment on my part, and how she will not be tolerating my behavior any longer. 

Before Mistress had me kneel on the floor to receive my spanking, she had me get lube.  Sometimes Mistress will have me masturbate while I am being spanked because she believes that the contrast of having to concentrate on maintain an erection and being dangerously brought to the edge of orgasm, is distraction enough to significantly increase the force of her swats.

Friends, I have heard your comments and suggestions and I do realize that your right.  I need to get my shit together and stop being a bad submissive husband.  My Goddess Wife deserves me at my best, and no less.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sometimes the spankings hurt more than others

Yesterday morning, I was naked, and ready to get dressed.  Mistress had not returned from taking the little ones to school and it was getting late.  I had to go to a meeting.  I called Mistress and she said to wait for her, she would only be a minute or two.  I waited patiently in the closet for her to arrive and instruct me on what to wear.  Instead, she bent me over the island in the closet and proceeded to spank me for not having completed some paperwork she had told me to do 2 days earlier.

From the very first swat of her leather paddle, I knew it was going to be one of those times when it hurt waaaaaay more than other times.  I was begging her to stop in no time.  She went very light on me because she knew I was in a hurry to make my meeting, but holy shit, every time that leather met my ass I was squealing like a pussy.

I think it may have been for 2 reasons,  One, I had just emerged from the shower and had given myself a touch-up shaving on my ass, so my ass was as bare as possible, but was also wet and warm.  The other reason I think is because I was totally not expecting to be spanked.  I don't, is that thing?

In any event, it was 2 hours later and I had to text Mistress to tell that I could still feel the sting on my ass.  Oh, that reminds me, I forgot to thank her for my spanking yesterday morning.  She'll be waking up in a few minutes .......... I'll get right on that.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are you doing in the morning?

On Sunday night, Mistress K. asked what I had going on in the morning.  Earlier in the day she had mentioned that I was going to be pleasuring her later that night.  No specifics, just those words.  I don't normally need specifics and this was no exception.  The idea that I was going to have to (get to) pleasure Mistress K. was worth waiting for.  Then ...... I FELL ASLEEP ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF THE TV.  SHIT!

When I awoke it was late.  The hard floor made my back hurt and my hip, which was digging into the floor was throbbing.  I looked around and saw that Mistress had cleaned all the dishes.  I was thrilled.  Then I was worried.  Was I going to be in trouble for not having done the dinner dishes?  I walked into the bedroom and there was, getting the bed ready for sleep.  She was naked and gorgeous, but was clearly not in the mood for sex.  She wasn't angry ... at all, but it was late and she was tired.  So was I.  After that hard floor, the bed was a welcomed sight.  When we eventually got under covers, Mistress asked me what I had planned for the morning (work wise).  When I told that I didn't have much going, she told me to be prepared to be used for sex.

The next morning, while she was taking the kids to school, I showered and freshly shaved (face and the rest).  When I came out of the bathroom, I was naked and she was reading some mail.  I kissed her good morning and immediately went to the sink to take care of the breakfast dishes.  Mistress kept commenting on how wonderful a sight it was that was naked and at the sink doing the dishes.  If you didn't already know, when we are alone, I am required to be naked while in her presence unless she tells me otherwise.  Since our house is Grand Central Station for kids, we are rarely alone. 

She rose and went to the bathroom without announcing her departure.  I heard the shower running and that, all by itself, made my cock hard.  I knew she was preparing her body to pleasured.  When I was done with the dishes, she was just finishing drying off from the shower (she has great timing).  She handed me a bottle of lotion and said "follow me".  We got to the bed and she laid on her back with her feet hanging over the edge.  She had me kneel and with the lotion, massage her feet.  Doing so gave me another hard cock, only Mistress couldn't see it since I was kneeling on the floor beside the bed to attend to her feet, and she was laying on her back.  She asked me to get her something and when I rose to my feet to walk to the kitchen, she could she that I had a nice hard cock from massaging her feet, and that made her smile with pride.  Made me smile to see her smile at that.

I spent the next 30 minutes massaging her upper back and shoulders.  I was specifically not allowed to massage her lower back or ass.  I later found out why.  Mistress wanted me to worship those areas with my mouth after massaging her shoulders.  I got to worship her ass for 20 minutes or so and in doing so, I almost came .... twice.  I just want someone to take a picture of me worshipping her ass because it's where I always want to be!  My mouth eventually found it's way to her beautiful holes and clit she was loving it when suddenly she pushed me off and told me to go into the closet and grab the blue dildo that is used in the harness that straps to your thigh.  It's bigger than the cock that goes in her strap on, but is not ginormous.  I emerged with it and she told me to put it on the floor and she wanted to see me lower myself onto it while it went in my ass.  I struggled.  Not with getting it in there, but being able to lower my bottom hole all the way to floor, so I squatted and just used my hand to insert it.  She had moved the pillows to the end of the bed to get a better look at the show she had me give her.  I had mentioned that I usually needed too work up to getting a dildo in my ass and she just looked at me and said "I'm sure you'll be able to do this for me".  It slipped into my ass but it was accompanied by an uncomfortable pain.  Not too bad, but not at all comfortable.  Mistress said "take it out and insert it again".  I did, and this time ... she slipped right in and felt like she belonged there. 

She had me get on my knees and lower my head to floor and let her watch me fuck myself with the dildo.  OMG ... that was so hot.  I LOVED putting on a dildo show for her.  LOVED IT!  I want to do it more!  Did I mention I loved it?

She rose from the bed and went into the closet and emerged with the thigh mounted strap harness I mentioned earlier.  In it was the rubber cock she likes the most.  She told me to roll over on my back, not lose the plug in my ass and to be still while she mounted the harness to my thigh.  Once in place, she straddled my face and rode my face for a few minutes and then moved back, past my rock cock and to the rubber cock firmly in the harness, she lowered herself onto and fucked herself silly.  Then she ordered me to my knees while she went and got her new favorite vibrator, the wireless wand.  She got on her knees facing away from me backed herself onto the harnessed cock and fuck and vibrated herself to near orgasm.  All the while I was slowly moving the blue dildo in and out of my ass, daydreaming that Mistress was wearing it and was fucking me with it.  The sight before of Mistress kneeling, head on the floor, big rubber cock going in and out of her beautiful pussy, just below the sight of her gorgeous bottom hole between her spread cheeks, plus the feeling of sliding blue dildo going in and out of my ass was almost too much.  Mistress was close to orgasm when she ordered me to place my cock into her backward reaching hand.  She started stroking my cock because it was her intention that we would cum simultaneously.  We did!  Oh boy, did we!  It was awesome. 

Mistress had cum and was concentrating on what seemed some moderate post-orgasm torture of my cock.  I finally had to pull away from her hand.  There was a small moment of awkwardness because I couldn't tell if I had just gotten myself in trouble for pulling my cock away from Mistress, or if she wasn't sure if I had already had an orgasm.  I was fully expecting to spanked (post-orgasm spanked no less) for the act of pulling what was her property, away from her before she was done using it. 

I wasn't going to be spanked.  It didn't appear as though she was angry, although this is the second time in a row that Mistress has practiced some form of post-orgasm stimulation on me.  I wonder if she is ................

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I'm restless and I can't figure out why.  Mistress is as loving, caring, attentive and beautiful as ever.  I couldn't be more pleased to be subject to her whims.  I still yearn for something dramatic.  I don't know exactly what might quench that desire, but I feel like I need to subject to something that absolutely pushes my limits and I would have no say in it.  A dangerous comment, I know, but ...................

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Switching roles today

Mistress K. most certainly has placed the "clip on the drawer", which is our private way to communicate that Mistress wishes to temporarily taste the submissive side of things. The amount of time we will be in reversed roles will be determined solely but Mistress K. and at her complete and absolute discretion.  Those are the rules. 

Before we were a FLM, Mistress K. and used to switch roles when we played D/s games.  Plus, Mistress K. keeps hearing me prattle on and on about how awesome subspace is ............ when in the presence of someone that you love more than anything.  I don't think it will be possible for that deep subspace feeling to happen in such a short period of time, but it will be my goal for her. Whether I have 10 minutes or 10 days in a temporary dominant role, that will be my goal.

Not surprisingly, the things that I want to do with/to her are many of the same things she enjoys having me do in my normal sub role.  I feel like having her allow me to worship her pussy and her ass.  Maybe worship her whole body with those all-over baby kisses that she loves (I love them too) so much? 

As an aside, Mistress lost a bet we made the day.  The wager was 5 spanks, meaning I would give her 5 spanks if she lost the bet.  She lost the bet!  I think I'll be incorporating that into my temporary Dom-ness. 

There will a point where she hands over the dominant reigns but before doing so we will have discussed what amounts to limits.  Both limits of where she is willing to go, and limits of where I am ALLOWED to go.  For example, regardless of our temporary status, I will not have the right to unilaterally decide that I am allowed.  Specifically, I will not be.  Also, I will be operating with the understanding that if I were to cross any previously discussed limits line during our role-reversal play, Mistress K. would likely think long and hard about ever wanting to do this with me again.  In short, I'll be required to figure out on my own, where the sweet spot (so to speak) is between my natural sub husband role and my temporary Dom role.  After it is over, it must end up being a thrilling, exciting, sexy adventure for Mistress to want to ever do it again with me, but I will have to be able to figure how get her there on her own.  I can't ask her to tell me what she wants.  She wants to be brought there.

Lastly, I came across this stunningly beautiful picture. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

It is not Mistress K., but if I already didn't know that it wasn't her, I would be wondering when it was taken of her.  The resemblance is uncanny.  MMMMMMMM

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Does she read my blog?

I don't know if Mistress K. reads my blog anymore or not.  I suspect that she hasn't in some time.  I know that she hasn't (or at least I think I know) since we exchanged our marriage vows to include her placing her collar on me.

I wish she would read it more.  When I ask her about it she does point out that she has FAR less time to do such things than I do.  Also, I sense a hesitation to see my thoughts in their rarest form.  The "open kimono" if you will.   Mistress K is the kind of person that doesn't feel the need to be able to get an insight into someone else's mind.  She'd rather experience for what it is, such as it is.

This doesn't help my sometimes pouty, worrisome topping from the bottom tendencies.  I want for us to communicate better and more thoroughly than we currently do.  I want to talk about testing our boundaries and possibly extending them in some ways.  What ways in particular?  I don't know exactly.  There just never seems to be enough time.  My previously mentioned dysfunctions then tend to make me wonder if she is losing interest, even though there is no reasonable basis for which I should come to that conclusion. 

Don't get me wrong ....... life is great in the Mistress K. house!  I don't for some reason, in the dark before the dawn this morning, after a restless night, it just feels good to say these things here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yep, it's that time again

Being Thankful ......................

there are so many obvious things in each of our lives to be thankful for.  Our families, our friends and everyone that we love and that loves us.

That being said, I think it is important to say who and what we are thankful for.

  • I am thankful for my beautiful family.  I have the most amazing kids, the most amazing wife and live a life that I only dreamed of when I was a young man, and was wondering how my life would be when i was the age that I am. 
  • I am thankful for being a completely loved husband in a loving Female dominated marriage with Mistress K., and all of the joy that comes with it.
  • I am thankful for having been officially collared by my wife, the beautiful Mistress K. just one short month ago.
  • I am thankful that Mistress K. owns my orgasms and owns all my sexual activities.
  • I am thankful that Mistress K. is not the kind of Mistress that restricts visual and physical access to her beautiful body.
  • I am thankful that Mistress K. loves me enough to correct me with punishments each time she believes it is necessary to do so.
  • I am thankful for being kept in constant, voluntary chastity.
  • I thankful for the ability to be able to express myself in this blog, and for the it's ability to be able to create new friends along the way.  Even though as a group, we are (kind of) "weird", we are a very loyal, lovable and intelligent group and I adore my time spent with each one of you
  • I am thankful that each day Mistress decides what I will wear or in my body that will be a constant reminder of my dedication of servitude to her that day.
  • I am thankful that today Mistress K. has instructed me to wear both my glass butt plug and my favorite pair of red, lacy thong panties.

I am so looking forward to the future as Mistress K. and I continue to discover the depths of our love and dedication to each other.  I am excited to continue to learn and to continue to have my/our limits tested and expanded.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, my beloved friends, followers and lurkers!

Post Script edit .... I've reached a milestone of sorts.  this is my 200th post.  yay!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Encrypto Virus is a nasty thing

Yep ..... I had it, and it's a nasty thing.  Let me just say thank goodness for Carbonite.

It's the main reason I've been away for a while.  that and the fact that I went on a nice 4 day fishing trip with the fellas.  

I've missed you all while I was gone and can't wait to get all caught up on all of your adventures.  Not much new going on in my world, other than I already fucked up after coming home from my trip by leaving for work with dirty dishes in the sink.   Damn it!

As an aside, Mistress has told me to pay attention to the handle on my underwear drawer.  That's the place that would indicate that Mistress desires to temporarily reverse our roles so that she too can experience the unmitigated joy of sexual surrender and servitude.   In other words, she will submit to me ...... albeit in an acknowledged temporary manner and with previously decided boundries (by her) in place.  If I am lucky enough to play the Dom role with her, I'm certain there will still be a moratorium on cumming for me. 

Glad to back everyone.  "Talk" to y'all soon I hope.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

She Thinks I'm Superman

Today, Mistress K. was very pleased with me.  I was able to leave the office for a few hours, come home and fix the washing machine.  I will be leaving town tomorrow to go fishing with my buddies and Mistress was going to use a lot of that time to wade through the piles of laundry that exist.  The "Maytag Repairman" wasn't going to be available until after Thanksgiving.  That prospect was causing Mistress some undue stress.

Flying in to save the day was Mistress's pet boy.  You see, I'm pretty a pretty handy guy and frankly, I love to work on stuff.  In a matter of 45 minutes, the washing machine was working like new and Mistress was very pleased, which of course is what it is all about.  Pleasing her in all ways just makes me warm and fuzzy.  Orgasms are fantastic, but a smooth running washing machine ain't bad either.

I couldn't resist maybe suggesting that perhaps she was so pleased with me that she might agree that a treat would be in order.  She just smiled that beautiful smile and said, "hmm, we'll see"

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pictures of Mistress

One I've shared this particular one with you before .......... from this past summer:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

And this one, which was from the night we had our vows renewal and collaring ceremony.  In this picture, Mistress was giving me one of my gifts right before I was allowed the honor of worshipping her. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Isn't she gorgeous???

We're going mainstream

Here's a little article that was just posted in Cosmopolitan.  For the rest of the world, this cause a bunch of titillation.  For some of us, it just makes smile with pride knowing that we are living this dream already.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cock Therapy

Last night, while cooking dinner, Mistress walked behind me, patted my butt and whispered that in the morning, after she returned from taking the kids to school, we would resume my Cock Therapy.  I stoppped what I was doing, stood up straight and with a big smile on my face, turned my head toward Mistress, who was looking at me over her shoulder as she was leaving the room, sipping her wine and giggling.  I winked, nodded and indicated that I had heard her and that I understood.

For those of you who don't know what "cock therapy", at least as been described by my Mistress, you can read about it here:

The goal, of course, is to train me to be not so susceptable to coming so quickly, even though Mistress will tease and deny/edge me often and usualy denies an orgasm for me.  Like most sexual women, Mistress K. will often like to be able to have her man make love to her and frankly fuck her long and hard, whenever she wants.  She shouldn't have to hear ... "I'm close to cumming Mistress" ... before she is anywhere near getting the kind of sexual pleasure she is entitled to.

Yes, things like desenstizing spray help, especially applied under a condom and then under a cock sleeve.  Mistress K. gets the kind of fucking she really wants when we are able to plan that.  But soetimes, Mistress K. wants that kind of thing spontaneously.  That means I have to go from someone that has been probably teased and denied and held at the edge of orgasm, to someone that forget all that and resist the urge to come in order to pleasure Mistress.

This training goes essentially like this.  Mistress will say a number.  It can be 20 or it can be 100 or it can be ???  That number represents he number of thrusts I am required to make into whatever Mistress has decidd I must thrust my cock into.  It could be her hand, or it could be her pussy or mouth.  Whatever it is, i am to count how many thrusts I am actually able to consecutively complete without stopping or coming.  Oh, and God help me if I come because I aboslutely am prohibited from having any kind of ejaculation during this excercise.  If the number was 100 and my thrusts had to stopp at 50, then I am to receive 50 hard swats of her paddle.  Like this!  (That's actually me, and yes, that is a butt plug ... *smile)

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

After that paddleing, the training will resume just a few minutes later under the same rules.

I am so happy to be resuming this training.  It was working before whe we were doing, although there was much more to do.  That said, we were making real progress.  It's hard work trying to prevent yourself from coming, and yes the spankings hurt.  At the end of the day I so much appreciate that Mistress is willing to train me the way she wants me to be. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I awoke this morning at 4:48 am because the dog was restless.  Frustrated, I decided I would rise for the day and when I did, I woke Mistress from her slumber.  She asked me if I was up for the day or if i intended to go to the couch and try to fall back to sleep.  When I told her I was up for the day, wihtout hesitating and mere seconds after behind awakened, she told to go put on some pink lace panties and that beginning at 5am, I was to go into the bathroom every 15 minutes, lower those panties and edge myself, until 16 am.  It is 5:53 as I write this and I can tell you that my cock is so eager to cum that it almosr goes of when the light shines it. 

I love how my Mistress uses me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Perfect Morning

What with Mistress' friend just leaving town and a very busy weekend schedule wise, we are finally getting back to a normal schedule.  This morning Mistress suggested that I go in to the office late in order for us to spend some "quality time" together.  That always makes me smile.

Mistress took the kids to school and while she was gone, I showered and got a fresh shave (only my cock, balls and ass - I'm doing the No Shave November thing) and awaited her return.  She returned and immediately walked past me and into the bedroom as I was working (naked of course) on the computer, which is right next to the entrance.  She left the door opened and in a minute or so, I heard "we can start by cuddling.  Come here"  I smiled and immediately rose and dutifully walked into the bedroom to find her laying on the bed, under the covers, I pull the covers back to and climbed in behind her to spoon her.  She was wearing her t-shirt and light sweater still but i was thrilled to see that she was only wearing panties below the waist.  I climbed in and snuggled with her and we just laid there for several minutes.  Then she pushed the covers down and told me "you will rub my legs now.  They are sore".  For 20 minutes or so, i tenderly rubbed her sore legs while she moaned in delight.  I kept trying to remove her panties but she was having none of that!  Then she started to get a little horny so she pulled her shirt up and told me to start kissing her "favorite part" which I know to be her side from her breasts to her bottom.  It was heaven.  I was feeling that familiar urge to maybe even have a hands free orgasm by the sight of her while i worshipped her.  Then she abruptly removed her panties and ordered me to enter her.  It was all i could to keep from coming while she pulled me inside of her.  She sternly said "don't you dare even think of cumming". 

She had me rub on, bite on, kiss on her back and bottom for another 10 minutes when i made an error in judgment.  I slapped her ass.  Harder than I intended.  I will do that sometimes and she will love it.  This was not one of those times.  I must've just done it too hard and she immediately turned, ordered me across her lap and proceed to punish my left butt cheek solely with her hand.  It hurt and I was begging her to stop and telling that I was only trying to make her feel good.  She responded by saying "what, do you mean like this?" and proceeded to punish my ass some more. 

When she was done with the impromptu punishment, she then told me to get the vibrator and return to her in the very same position I was in then, which was me laying on my side, perpendicular to her with my cock buried inside her.  We looked like a large X from above I am sure.  She was particularly happy with position because she could pull me into rather easily while she was working herself to orgasm (rather quickly I might add).  i loved the position because i could view her building toward her orgasm from the side, an angle I don't get very often.  It was magic.  It is always magic to be allowed inside of Mistress to begin with but to be allowed to stay inside of her while she is having an orgasm is almost to much to bear without cumming myself.  Just beautiful.  I was starry eyed in love at that moment.

When she was done, she told me to get out of bed, put in my butt plug and get dressed to go to work.  Mistress will usually ask me what I have in store that day and if it includes meeting or gatherings that include several women, she like to know that I there with a plug in my ass.  So glass butt plug it is.

In closing, Mistress was telling me last night that she and her friend had some pretty intimate conversations about our lifestyle, and her friend's lifestyle changes that she is hoping to incorporate into her own marriage.  The weren't many details of their conversation revealed to me but suffice it to say, I can't wait to hear more.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wear your plug today

Mistress' bestie arrived last night and they spent plenty of time cathcing up, giggling and just having plain old fun.  They just left to go to an overnight activity that will keep us apart until tomorrow night.  Booo!  Mistress' friend that arrived in town is the other other person that knows all about our FLM.  There was no conversation about it that included me and frankly I am not aware that they even talked about it last night.  This morning there was a couple of casual remarks in direct reference to my being controlled by Mistress K. with her friend and they seemed competely natural and without any embarrasement...on anyone's part.  I don't know if there will be any conversation (or ?) or not once they return and before her friend leaves to go back home or not.  I will of course leave that entirely up to Mistress K.  I am prepared to demonstrate of role in our marriage in any way (subtle or otherwise) that Mistress K. might deem appropriate (or not).

This morning, after i got out of the shower and before they left, Mistress came into the closet where I was waiting for her, naked and in anticipation of her instructions on what to wear under my clothes today.  She seemed unsure about what she wanted me to wear and asked me directly what is most comfortable to wear under my jeans.  I'll give you two guesses as to what I told her, but you'll only need one.  My glass plug.  She agreed and ordered me to wear the plug.  yay! 

With that she stood up and reached for the lube and grabbed my flaccid cock and ordered it to get hard ... IMMEDIATELY.  I don't need to be told twice and in a matter of seconds it was hard.  She put lube in her hand and started stroking me.  She then looked me in the eye and apologized for not having edged me in quite some time.  Once i got close to orgasm and told her so, she held her hand firm and ordered me to fuck her hand.  She likes to watch he stand there and thrust into her slippery hand.  It was amazing as she continued to hold me at the edge for quite a while before she decided it was time to stop.  I have to admit that it was rather exciting to know that she was doing that to me with her friend in the guest room sleeping.  Once she was done, she told me to put my plug in and gave me an added bonus by standing there to watch while i put one foot up on a stool, bent over and worked the plug into my ass.  She smiled and said, "you enjoy putting things in your ass while I watch, don't you"?  All I could do was whimper a "yes I do Mistress".  My goal is to wear my plug the entire 30 hours or so before i see her again.  We'll see how that goes.

I can't wait till she gets home.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Annual Physical

Today, I go and get my full annual physical with a new doctor that posted about before here:

At my request, Mistress K. will be present for my physical.  Now I know what you are thinking, and that is not why I asked Mistress to be there.  I want Mistress to be there so she can hear first hand the things that the female doctor will be saying to me about my health.  Mistress cares very much about being in the know when it comes the physical health of her beloved submissive husband and frankly, like most guys, I fail to communicate the information shared between my doctor and myself. 

Since it is a full physical, I am sure there will be a moment where my nudity will be necessary and yes, being a man of a certain age, i fully expect to have my prostate checked.  What remains to be seen is whether or not the doctor will feel comfortable enough to allow my wife to stay in the examination room for that.  AS much as I have no intention of turning this into anything sexual, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't fantasize about that. 

Wish me well.  Let's hope the doctor give me (and Mistresses collared and owned husband) a clean bill of health.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Please, will you?

It's been two weeks since our ceremony.  There has been very little anything for us since that wonderful.  Real life has a way doing that and over the last two, that's exactly what happend.  I have been silently longing for Mistress to edge torture me and last night I got my wish.  Mistress had a couple of glasses of wine last night and was feeling a little frisky.  She had been watching TV on her throne in our bedroom when I came and asked her if she wouldn't mind switching places with me.  She could watch TV in the family room, and I could go to bed.  When she said yes, I lowered my pants and showed her that I was still wearing the leather cock-ring with the balls splitter and strap that was held in place by a stout piece of leather that wrapped around my shaft and held in place by snaps.  Anyway, I had worn it all day and presented myself to Mistress and asked permission to remove it before bed.  She said yes and so I slowly removed, almost strip-tease style.  She liked how the whole thing looked and soon she was tucking me into bed. 

Before any of this and before I got into bed, I had asked Mistress this question "if I were to ask you if I could wear my butt plug to bed and sleep with it tonight, what would you say?"  (see what I did there?)  She reminded me that just a few minutes previous that was a wise-ass and such the amswered would be an emphatic NO!

Long story short, even though Mistress was slightly annoyed with my previous wise-ass remark, she  had a couple of super great orgasms with the help of her Hitachi.  I had been beggin her all night to allow me to ejaculate with a ruined orgasm.  She continullay would stroke me while she said that it wouldn't this night all the while warning that if I had an accident that my ass would regret it. 

Mistress is having her monthly blossom moment.  During this time she doesn't want me to get anywhere near her pussy.  It's also the time during which I may (or may not) get fucked by Mistress' strap on.  So ........ I asked her to fuck me.   It's been 3 months since I have taken her strap on and I was feeling so desperately horny and vulnerable.  She said no, that she just wasn't feeling it.  She also said that sometimes (like that moment) that she just gets oo much pleasure from seeing me beg, then denying me the thing that I am begging for.  She told me this while stroking and edging me andthen asked me what I thought about that.  I told her honestly that the mere fact that she would get pleasure from specifically denying for no other reason than she wanted to see me beg, was better than any selfich pleasure i would get otherwise. 

I also reminded her that she gets pleasure from hurting me sometimes.  That she always talks about wanting to draw blood, either from her bites or from heavy spanking.  With that, she agreed and immediatley proceeded to tqake my nipples between her teeth and bite.  Hard!  She knows I hate to have my nipples bitten, even softly, but she didn't care, she was in one of those moments where inflicting actual pain on me was pleasing to her.  So she continued to require me to offer my nipples to her so she could bite them.  She even confessed that once, in a fit of intense passin, she even considered biting the tip off but thankfully thought better of it. 

After edging and denying me a couple more times, she was finally ready for sleep.  I was laying on her, looking into her eyes and dry humping her leg when she abruptly said, "i am done with you, get off and go to sleep".  I continue to hump a couple more times but knew that if i pressed my luck it would be a bad thing.  I got off her, completely and utterly sexually frustrated.  Deep, deep, deep in subspace when she whispered ... "tomorrow, you will wash your body, you will clear out the inside of your body and you wear your plug all day".   Here I am this morning, about to begin that very process.  I love days like this.

Last thing, tomorrow, the one person on this planet that knows of our discrete lifestyle, Mistress K.'s best friend, will be coming to stay with us for a couple of nights.  She has been aware of our lifestlye for nearly a year now, but lives in a different city far away and since being made aware of our lifstyle, hasn't seen or been with Mistress.  You may recall that I posted about how Mistress had a friend that was having marital troubles with her husband and Mistress K. thought FLM would be something her friend could use.  On that day she called me a what seemed like a panic to ask me if it would be ok for her to reveal our lifestyle to her friend in an attempt to help save their marriage.  I said "yes, I trust you" and so she told her bestie everything.  I even had a few conversation with her bestie because she wanted the sub husband's perspective on what a FLM was all about.  In any event, that fried is coming to stay with us.  Oddly, Mistress and I have had zero discussions about her coming and the fact that she is the only person on the planet that is aware of the intimate details of my submission, her dominance and our lifestyle.  It is a situation ripe with many things to consider.  I don't have any expectation that there will be any sex play involving Mistress's bestie while she is here, but I do have an expectation that there will be plenty of conversation.  She is a bold, outgoing type of personality and not the kind to linger and wait for someone else to start a conversation.  Our FLM will be the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.  I fully intend to ask Mistress K. how she would prefer I behave.  Other than the obvious answer of "be nice", I will specifically ask her if I am to avoid all references to our FLM and if a conversation begins, I may participate?  Or, can i originate the conversation because the suspence will be killing me?  We shall see.  At the very, very least, I intend on not embarrrasing Mistress while she is with her friend.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cock Therapy will return

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I was just informed that the cock therapy sessions that we started (and unfortunately stopped), will begin once again.

If you are unfamiliar with what Mistress's cock therapy program is all about, you can read about it here:

and in the two subsequent posts.

I want so badly to be trained to be able to fuck Mistress in the manner she deserves.  Looking forward to my training.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

She made me wear my favorite thing under my clothes

On Friday morning, I was about to get dressed and head out the door.  I went to her, naked, to ask what I was to wear under my clothes that day.  She was laying in bed, watching TV.  She summoned me up onto the bed and had me lie next to her and we held each other for a few minutes.  We both love to do this.  She was clothed in her jammies and robe, I was naked.  it was heaven.  Then she abruptly pushed me away, untied her robe and took down pajama bottoms and panties.  Oh boy, I thought, she was going to push my head down there and let me worship at her altar. 

No, she had something else in mind.  I was instructed to get her vibrator and put some lube on the end of my cock.  I did so, and handed her the vibrator.  She turned in on and ordered my cock inside of her.  My instructions were to fuck, but I would not be cumming.  If I felt the urge to cum, I could stop thrusting but i could not remove my cock from inside her.  At all costs, I was not allowed to cum!

It didn't take long before I knew if I kept thrusting I'd be cumming soon so I stopped.  Mistress held the vibrator against her clit and had a massive, beautiful orgasm right there before my eyes.  It was wonderful.  When she was done she told me to clean up the toys and to get dressed.  I cleaned up the toys and before getting dressed I went to Mistress and reminded her that she hadn't told me what to wear under my clothes that day.  She whispered very softly that she wanted me to wear the juices that were ow drying on  my cock from her orgasm.

Thankfully I know better than to wash my cock without permission.

I should've been spanked

On Halloween, we hosted a party for most of the people on our block.  It was blast.  The kids had fun, the grown-ups had fun and everyone got their drink on.  Mistress K. worked her ass off all day to prepare the house for our guests and did a great job.  She enjoys entertaining so even though it is a lot of work, it's something she enjoys doing.  All of the other wives would bring food and things and even though everyone "helps", it's the hostess that carries the bulk of the burden.   Of course I help, and I help by doing what I am told (it's all very vanilla looking whan this happens) but as I said earlier, Mistress enjoys it.

On this particular night, I had too much to drink and fell aslepp on the couch.  That, in and of itself wasn't the problem.  Mistress will often allow me the luxury of falling asleep on the couch.  After the guests left, she went to work putting everything away, cleaning everything up and when I woke the next morning, the house looked like there hadn't been a party the night before.  When she woke up, she pridfully asked if I noticed how clean the house was and of course i said yes.  I had an appoint away from the house on Saturday morning so Mistress told m she was going to sleep in.  Made perfect sense. 

About an hour later I received a call from Mistress.  All that was said was "I stay up late and clean the house and all I leave for you to do is clean 2 pans, and they are still here when I wake up.  You are in big trouble".  With that i started in on my spiral of shame and began to fret what was to come of this.  yes, I knew a punishment was in my future but that is always secondary to the regret that I have when I hear that kind of disappointemnt in the voice of my Mistress.

Before she even woke up, i sent her this picture

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

She didn't see it until after she called me about the dirty pans.  When she did see, she texted me to tell me how this made her love me even ore and that now I was off the hook for my pending punishment.  I thought about it and on one hand, great, I am able to avoid having my bottomed burn for something I did.  But ... on the other hand, there would be no absolving of the disappointment Mistress had in me and no punishment for my blatant demonstration of apathy.  Ten minutes later I texted her back to tell her that I felt I still deserved to be punished for what happened.  She did not reply.  Later, when I came home and saw her, I asked her if she got that text and she said "oh, yeah, I got that", but did not make any other reference to it, and as of this writing still hasn't.

Um ........................... I admit, this has me a bit off center.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day I was Collared - final

After our officiant left, Mistress K. and I were alone for the first after the collaring.  I have never been more in love and more in awe of my beautiful wife than I was at that very moment.  She was the epitome of beauty and strength.  She stood there in her incredibly perfect outfit.  Her hair and makeup was impeccable and her scent filled the room.  I was standing, staring at this Goddess, reveling in th eknowledge that she had just, officially accepted ownership me as hers.  For me it was a very beautiful, emotional moment to be in that moment with the knowledge of what had just taken place.  I was owned.  I was a slave to the one person I loved the most in this.  To the one person whose pleaure and happiness was what I lived for ... and there she was, standing before me with the obvious intention of using me for sex.  Mmmmmmmm

She was standing in the doorway of the bedroom in our suite.  Again she was the vision of female perfection.  The vision opf lust, strength, power, vulnerability, beauty, grace and love.  She called me over to her.  I walked to her, bare footed wearing my cock cage, the pretty black lace panties that Mistress insisted i wear for the ceremony and the black silk boxers that covered it all.  Also, of course i was wearing the very symbol of my submission and devotion to this Goddess .... my collar.  When i arrived at the doorway, she moved toward me to accept me into her arms.  She could I was wallowing in the joy of the moment and held my head against her breast and hel me tight for a few moments.  It was beautiful.  She was wearing these incredibly sexy, incredibly tall balck heels that made her taller than I was in my bare feet.  She broke our embrace, held my face while looking down on me and whispered instruction in my ear to remove my clothes.  I did and was standing there, looking up to her eyes, wearing only the symbols of my ownership.  My cock cage and my collar.  I moved toward her and she pushed me to my knees and I knelt before her.  She put her hand on the back of my hand and led my face to the parts of her body that she wanted me to tenderly worship with the gentle kisses that she loves so much.  The depth of devotion and love for this Goddess was undescribable.  I get goose bumps right now even just recalling that moment.  It was the afterglow of the ceremony that I had waited so long to have. 

There was so much tender love making that followed that if i were to describe it all here, it could very well be the longest post in the history of posts.  There were of course some moments that I will vividly remember for the rest of my life.  While kneeling before her, she had me remove her garter that held her stockings while I was worshipping her legs and ass with my kisses.  She told me to remove the incredibly sexy and beautiful panties that she was wearing.  After having ceremoniously and slowly lowered them to the ground and as I was gazing at the alter of joy (her beautiful pussy), she pulled me to my feet by my collar and led me to the bed had me stand there while she entered our marital bed.  She subtley indicate that she wanted me to join her on the bed and when i did she grabbed me by the collar and forced my head between her legs.  I had often told Mistress K. that i thought she would enjoy reciving cunnilingus by sitting on my face.  I was never her favortie position in the past, but we had done it a few times recently and she enjoyed it very much.  On this particular night, she was going to enjoy it a whole lot more!!!  It has become one of my favorite things to give her.

After several orgasms Mistress was wanting a small rest so she laid back on the pillows of our incredibly luxurious resort bed and just rested.  She was looking at me with those beautiful eyes and I could tell she was conjuring up something.  Exactly what, i didnt know.  I was returning from the bathroom with a glass of water for her and I and she pulled a pillow into the middle of the bed and motioned me to join her on the bed with the "come here" motion of her finger.  At that moment I was certain that Mistress was going to give me what I had hoped i would receive the most on this most special night.  I was certain that the pillow she had placed in the middle of the bed was for me to on in order to put me in the perfect postion for her to consummate our marriage by penetrating me ass.  My cock grew to rock hard status as best it could being confined in its caged.  I was telling myself that this night couldn't get any better.  My beautiful Mistress was about to symbolically claimed what was hers.  My ass.

It wasn't to be.  Mistress, at that moment had felt that a sound spanking was in order.  I'm guessing that a nice red, sore, stinging bottom would be the third leg of the submissive stool (to go along with the collar and cage I was wearing).  Perhaps Mistress just felt that she wanted to created a certain visual memory in her mind that she could recall upon in the future.  Whatever the reason, it of course did not matter.  I did not display a single ounce of disappointment when I realized it was going to be an ass whipping I was about to receive, and not the tender ass fucking I was hoping for.  It's my place to question her motives.  Especially on this night.  Mistress proceeded to give me a very, very sound spanking.  Probably the stingiest spanking I had had in weeks, and she was enjoying every minute of it.  She seemed to relish in pushing the her own limits when it came to putting the ting in my ass.  It hurt!  When she was done spanking me, she had me walk around the room show she could take in the visual of my red bottom, my cage, and my beautiful new collar.

We made beautiful, tender love for another 45 minutes or so, wherein Mistress had a few more orgasms, mostly while I fucked her with the nice, big dildo she enjoys so much.  When she was spent, she then said to me, get up, get out of the bed and remove your cage. I eagerly got up, went into the bathroom and while was watching, I ceremoniously snipped the numbered plastic locking tab on the cage and slowly removed the tube from my rapidly growing cock.  It was at that moment that I began to wonder what was going to be my fate that night.  Would I be dompletely denied?  Would I be teased unmerciful and then be denied.  Would I be allowed a ruined orgasm.  OMG, shit .... was I about to be required to have a full on orgasm?  That was it.  That's what she wanted from.  I began to panic a little, because full on orgasms are such a rare thing for me, that i frankly much prefer a ruined orgasms if I am lucky enough to be allowed to ejaculate for Mistress.  On this night, Mistress wanted me to come to her in her marital bed, on the night of ceremony, with my new collar on and my freshly reddened ass, make love to her as her husband.  She wanted me to penetrate her and lower mysef onto her and to fuck slowly at first then faster, all the while keeping my eyes on hers.  She knows that doing this is my absolute favorite thing to do.  I love looking directly ito her eyes while I am penetrating her.  She was tender, she was beautiful, she was almost submissive in the way that she commanded me to fuck her until I orgasmed.  I begged her to deny me a full orgasm and if she was going to require an orgasm from, could it be a ruined orgasm?  She just did the shooosh motion with her mouth and reiterated what she wanted from me.  I could feel the pending explosion and at that point, I asked Mistress K. for permission to orgasms, even though she had just told me to.  She smiled with what seemed like pride at my asking for permission when she said "yes you may my pet".  I had never had a longer, better, more intense orgasm in my life than the one I had at that moment.  It was glorious, spiritual even. 

It as every bit of the glorious evening i could've hoped for.  I was emotional for the ceremony because I was so happy and pridefule to be there, in that position, with this glorious woman who was willing to accept ownership of me.  Frankly, I wish all of you could've been there to witness it.  I will be honest, there were a few things that i was hoping would take place that night that didn't.  I had hoped Mistress would've required I wear my but plug during the ceremony.  Actually, I had even hoped that Mistress K. would insert (or require me to insert) my plug during the ceremony as a submissive gesture.  I had hoped that Mistress K. would've required that I be naked during the ceremony, wearing only my cage.  I think she was considerig that, but as I have said before, Mistress K. is very much about keeping our most intimate moments discrete.  Lastly, I was really hoping that Mistress K. would've donned her strap on and then penetrated my ass in what is a very tender, loving and obviously symbolic fashion.  Don't get me wrong, I mention these things only because they were things I had previously hoped for in MY mind.  As we all know though, it is not at all about me, but it is ALL about Mistress K.   That being said, there is not a single thing about that night I would change.  It was among the single most proud and loving moments of my life.  I am married to the woman I love and I am her proud submissive husband in a beautiful, loving marriage.  Life couln't be any better.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The day I was Collared - part 2

..........  Once we arrived back at our beautiful suite, all three of us could feel the excitement building.  I might even be able to call it nervousness.  I know I was getting a bit nervous, but not at all in a bad way.  I had been looking forward to this day ever since we decided we were going to do it 9 months ago.  Our officiant seemed a little nervous as well.  Although she was fully aware of the nature of our ceremony and what it all meant, and although she had been very excited in anticipation as well, this was going to be the first time she had ever presided over a vows renewal ceremony that was meant to memorialize the official union of a Dominant and a submissive. 

We walked around the suite together, giving her a tour and explaining where in the room that we thought would be the place that would serve as the altar.  She agreed and after a few minutes, Mistress K. and I retreated to the separate bedroom to dress for our ceremony.  Mistress had decided that I would wear the cock cage that I was wearing, the pretty lace black panties that I was wearing and a pair of black, silk boxers that she had purchase specifically for the ceremony.  She supervised me getting dressed and then excused me from the room to go and keep our officiant company while she dressed herself in private.  At that point I had no idea what, if anything, she was planning on wearing.  Nor did i know to what extent Mistress was going to reveal to our officiant what I was required to wear under my silk boxers.  Frankly, if i were to be honest, I was hopeful at this point that Mistress was going to have me remove my boxers in order to openly display the pretty panties I was wearing, and then even have me remove those as well in order to be able to display the cage that imprisoned my cock.  I was deep into subspace at this time as was allowing my imagination to run free.  I even went so far in my imagination as to hope that Mistress was going to have me insert my glass butt plug as an integral part of our ceremony.  In my mind, the implied symbolism was obvious so, you know, it made sense to me.  A boy can dream right?  Being revealed in that manner of dress (or undress if you will) has been and will be a fantasy of mine, especially in a manner that calls for my direction demonstration of my commitment, love and dediction to my beloved Mistress.  That being said, I didn't really believe that those things would become a reality because I know that Mistress is a very private, very discrete Mistress, and feels very strongly that our intimate moments are just that  -  private. 

I was standing alongside the officiant wearing only my cage, my black lace panties and my silk boxers, talking about, oh the "weather".  I wanted so bad to tell her what I was wearing underneath but instinctively knew that it would in direct violation of what Mistress K. would've wanted me to do.  Hence the conversation about the "weather".  About 10 minutes, the door to the bedroom opened.  I was standing there fully immersed in my sub space, eagerly awaiting the opportunity for my beautiful wife to stand next to me and accept my vows of loyal, devotion and submission, and filling the doorway was a vision beauty, grace and awesomeness that literally made me gasp in excitement.  She was stunning.

She was wearing sheer, black thigh-high stockings held in place by a beautiful garter belt and clasps.  She was wearing very tall, black high heels that had jewel incrusted straps that went around her ankles.  She was wearing a pair of panties that I had never seen before and that matched her outfit impeccably and were so incredibly sexy.  She wore a beautiful black bra with lace trim that held her beautiful breasts perfectly.   Her red hair was brushed and laid beautifully straight over her shoulders and down her in the fashion she knew I loved the most.  Her make-up stunning and her lips red, she strode toward me and our officiant.  Even our officiant made a reactive comment about how stunning this Goddess was at that moment. 

She came to and we began the ceremony.  The officiant read from her script, which beautifully written and very apropos to our devotion and our lifestyle.  It was beautiful.  The we came to the part where we exchanged our own vows and revealed them to each other for the first time.  A beautiful thing the officiant did in her script was to ask Mistress two questions before i would give her my vows.  First, did she want to allow me, as a submissive, to participate in a ceremony that would culminate in the ownership of me by her.  She said yes.  Then she asked Mistress K. if she would be willing to listen to and consideration vows and declaration of my love and devotion to her, before I was allowed to begin. 
Sidebar .... when it came time for Mistress to give me her vows, no such consideration of my acceptance was considered.  I loved that.
Once Mistress had agreed to allow me to make my vows, I kneeled before her and handed her one white rose.  Mistress K. had previously requested that I do that because she had read somewhere that it was a universal symbol of the act of giving one's submission.  On my knees and looking up at the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, I proceeded to her my vows of devotion, love, servitude and ownership.  Tears of joy were welling in Mistress' eyes as i spoke my words, which in turned caused me to choke up a little.  I stayed strong and finished my vows without any emotional interruption.  Then Mistress K. gave me her vows and it was a similarly emotional moment for each of us.  (as I've mentioned before, Mistress K. is a very private person and as such, I will not reveal the words that we exchanged in our most intimate time.  I'm sure you can imagine though).
When we were finished with our vows, and the officiant was finished with her Benediction, she said "I now re-declare you as Wife and husband and declare you as Mistress and submissive.   Amen"
With that, Mistress K. walk over to me as I knelt before her, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her abdomen, which is the symbolic position that we have for punishment aftercare.  We held together for about 60 seconds and as she began to release, I couldn't help but plant soft kisses on her belly between her navel and the top of her low cut panties.  It is my most favorite part of a woman's body, in particular Mistress's body.
With that we called for a car to come pick up our dear sweet officiant and while we waited, we all hugged and told each other how beautiful everything was.  our officiant thank Mistress K. profusely for allowing her to preside over our ceremony.  (She knows who's boss, right?)
To be continued ....................

Monday, October 27, 2014

The day I was Collared - part 1

It feels awesome.  There is a significant depth of joy and contentment knowing that Mistress K. felt enough about me and our lifestyle to want to officially collar me.  For many years I've read stories abut subs being collared by their Master/Mistress, and I always thought I could understand the truly wonderful feeling of accepting the collar from someone that truly loved you enough to place it on one's neck, and everything it symbolizes.  During those times, I never considered that i would be lucky enough to actually experience the joy of receiving a collar from the person I love most in the world.

OK, here are some details of our day.  On the day that we were to exchange our vows for our (what turned out to be) collaring ceremony, Mistress K. ordered me to be shaved smooth and in my cage right away.  I thought that it probably had something to do with the collaring ceremony later that evening but i wasn't sure because the only times Mistress would put me in the cage is when i was being punished.  I did as i was told and soon was in my cage.  Before putting it on, i worked really, really hard to be sure that I had the closest, smoothest shave I ever had.  I stayed home from work that day and since we wouldn't check into our room until 3pm, we went about our business as if it were a normal day.  That is until Mistress was reminded that I had 2 unpaid punishments coming my.  She stopped what I was doing, came over to me and informed me that I was going to receive at least one of my 2 punishments right then.  I was required to strip naked, go to our bedroom, retrieve the paddle and wait for her.

She walked into the bedroom, laid a large body pillow across a stool and told me to lie down over it.  I had sent her a GIF of a punishment that I thought she would enjoy and it turns out she enjoyed it very much ... because she was about to recreate it!  here it is:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Instead of a belt, she used her paddle.  IT HURT!!!!  There were no tears but there was absolute and genuine begging for Mistress to stop.  Eventually she did.  While receiving this spanking, I was certain that Mistress felt it was necessary for there to be bruises on my bottom for our ceremony.  Come to think of it, what a beautiful sentiment.  Sadly (gladly), there were no bruises on my bottom later that night, but it did hurt to touch my bottom for a while after being punished.

While packing for our trip to the resort, I asked Mistress what tools, toys and others implements did she want for me to pack.  "Everything", she said.  So, one suitcase was devoted almost exclusively to items we would need for our evening.

Once we arrived we discovered that the hotel upgraded us to one of their finest suites because it was available and because it was our anniversary.  That was such a nice thing to do because it gave us multiple rooms which would come in handy when it was time for the officiant to join us in our room later.

We checked in and then invited our officiant to join us for happy hour prior to the festivities.  Before we left for the nice bar, Mistress handed me a lovely pair of black lace panties to wear over my cage and under my shorts for our trip to the bar.  She informed me then that i would be wearing them during the ceremony, which confirmed in my mind that i would also be wearing my cage during the ceremony.  I'll be honest, i was not-so-secretly hoping that Mistress would have me wear my glass butt plug as well.  After putting on the panties and allowing Mistress to see me before I got dressed, she walked over to me and rubbed my caged cock through the lace material.  It strained to become erect but alas, it was going to happen.  She then whispered ..... "you want to wear your plug during the ceremony, don't you pet?"  I responded quickly and eagerly with a "YES".  She said "we'll see.  now get dressed" 

We met our officiant in the bar and she was a tiny bit nervous because this was the first "one of these" she had ever done and even though we had talked through the ceremony several, she still wasn't quite sure what to expect.  We'd have a cocktail or too, have some lovely food, chat awhile, get to know each other way, way, way better, and to ask and answer any questions any of us may have had.  She joined us and we had a lovely time.  She is such a nice lady and for someone that was almost literally a complete stranger, she made us feel completely at home and soon we were chatting openly about the most intimate aspects of our relationship.  She even asked for some advice on how to get her husband to be more attentive.  I offered 4 words ..... "Orgasm Control and Punishments".  We all giggled but we also acknowledged that it was advice and not a joke.

Soon we retired to our suite to prepare for and have our ceremony .................  (to be continued)