Thursday, December 18, 2014

Times like these

Lately, I have been a much more obedient pet and therefore able to deliver a more familiar level of service and pleasure to Mistress K.  I think she would agree.  I feel that way because this morning, while Mistress K. was taking the little ones to school, I was in the kitchen, naked, finishing the dishes and anything I needed to have done before going to get dressed for work.  Once I was done, I called her to tell her that I was ready to get dressed. I do this every morning of course as her preferred way of allowing Mistress K. to decide what I will on or in my body for that particular day.  She happened to be pulling into the driveway and simply said "I'll be inside in a minute.  Wait there". 

When she came in she put her purse down, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bed in our bedroom.  I was certain Mistress has decided that it would be a good time for a spanking.  I was wrong.  She told me to get on the bed and lay on my back.  When I did, she all but jumped on top of me and started kissing my body all over in a very loving, compassionate almost worshipping kind of way.  Kind of like I do when she tells me to worship her.  She made her way down my tummy and took my cock into her mouth for a second then proceeded to kiss her way back up my tummy and chest to my mouth and kissed passionately.  Then she rolled me over onto my tummy and started kissing and giving me light bites on my bottom.  She would run her fingers and kiss me very lightly over my crack in the most delicious teasing fashion, then continued to caress with her hands and lips.

I wondered what I had done to be such a lucky recipient of such attention from the most beautiful woman that ever lived.  I was in obvious heaven.  While still on my tummy, she positioned her legs between my and very forcefully spread them as wide as they would go.  She then began to grind her pussy against my anus area in a way that mimicked her fucking me.  I was in a different, better heaven.  She whispered in my ear "you want me to do this to you, don't you pet?"  My god yes Mistress, was my reply.  She mimicked taking me that for a minute or so more then rolled me over and pulled her PJ top down to reveal her gorgeous breasts.  She allowed me to worship, suck and kiss them for a few minutes and then abruptly said .... "that's enough.  get dressed now".

On my way to the office, I was so overcome with appreciation that when I got to my office, I texted her this. 

Mistress, I want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life, as my beloved wife and as the one person I so proudly call my owner. I truly relish being your husband and being the one you chose to wear your collar. Thank you Mistress for the loving attention this morning. In times like those there is truly no other things that exist in my mind other than the honor I feel being the recipient of your attention. I want nothing more than to be kneeling while being "warm and naked by your side". 
Love, your devoted husband
I am such a lucky man.


  1. WOW I don't think I could have taken all that without shooting my load. She is so good to you I'm sure you had a smile all day. I had mentioned a football spanking and you asked what it was. I select one implement, she will select 1 or 2 implements. I then pick the team I want. Then a chair is set up. For every penalty my team gets I get one spank from each implement such as 10 yard penalty = 30 spanks. I must lay over the chair hands flat on the floor keeping my back straight. My pubic area is on the chair seat and that does not give my bottom much room to give. It's not a punishment spanking but sure stings and when the game is over I'm very well spanked.

    1. You know, I've been trying to find a way to get Mistress K. interested enough in football to watch a whole game with. Perhaps this is just what I am looking for. Thanks old buddy!

  2. SHIP, now that sounds like a wonderful way to start a day.... but.... but.... BUT.... "your tummy"? Tummy? What has gotten into you? Did you take a few estrogen pills? Did you suddenly become an avid bowling fan? Did your chastity device cut the flow of testosterone from flowing through your body? Tummy? SHIP, you are a guy, a man, a dude - may I suggest.... "6-pack", "abs", "loins", "the area below my massive pecs" or something other than tummy. Get off the hormone therapy friend! Merry Christmas

    1. You slay me IH! you're absolutely right. I should've said gut or something like you suggested although using the option of "6-pack" would make me a liar. I mean I'm trim, thin and sexy and all, but 6-pack days are long gone. I guess I was just in a bit of slutty mood when I wrote that and perhaps that was the reason it came of as a little, well, you get the idea.

      I appreciate you always looking out for me and defending my manhood. Now, let's see, where are those panties she wants me to wear today?

  3. I like the way she is using you for your pleasure and making you more of an obedient pet. Sounds like she is taking more control. Will be curious to see what she has planned next.


    1. I'm with you FD, I can't wait to see what she has planned next either. It's amazing how much life is when you just do what is expected of you.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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