Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not Today

Yesterday morning Mistress told me I would be wearing panties under my clothes for the day, then she left to take the kids to school and run some errands, so she wouldn't be there when I left the house to go to the office.  I was thinking about having to wear panties during the day and got aroused.  These pink lace always make me feel like such a slut because they are so low in the front.  I enjoy feeling like a slut, I really do.  I've always enjoyed the notion that I would be called to present myself to Mistress wearing panties, only to have them removed from me in preparation for sex that I was going to be required to have.  Yum.  But I digress ..............

I texted her ... "May I edge myself and use a finger on myself while in the shower?"  Her reply was simply "Not Today", to which I replied Yes Mistress.  A short time later I thought I would be cute and texted "would it be pushing my luck to ask if I could wear my plug under my panties today?"  "No plug, not today" was her response.  The only thing I could think to do then was reply "OK, then I won't ask".   She simply replied with a wink.

I love how she regulates me!


  1. Pantie wearing is wonderful. I'm in panties 24/7 and love it. We buy my panties from Winter Silks they have a wonderful selection. Also some of the styles have a little pocket sewn on the inside that one can insert a vibrating bullet into. But be careful I've found one will cum quite hard and leave the panties very messy. Sounds like Mistress just wants you to think of having your plug in and wants the edging left for her to enjoy. I had a wonderful football spanking last Sunday. It left me deep in sub space and a wonderful sore bottom. If you wish I can tell you how it works.

    1. Yes, I'd love to know how a football spanking works.

      I love wearing panties too. Not because I want to feel feminized (neither does she) but for me, it brings out the inner slut in me. I so much want to be used as her slut.

      Anyway, yes, please do tell about a football spanking.

    2. Football Spanking. The sub picks a team. Then picks one implement to be spanked with. Mistress will pick another implement or two. A chair is set up in the family room. Every time your team gets a penalty say 5 yards you will then receive 5 spanks from each implement. You stand b end over the seat of the chair hands on the floor. If they receive a penalty of 15 yards it's 15 spanks with each. They are not super hard spanks as in punishment but hard enough to make you moan and holler. At the end of the game you have a wonderfully well spanked bottom. A submissives delight.

    3. Ah, sounds like fun! I'll have to present it to Mistress and see if she as interest. Thanks archedone.


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