Monday, December 22, 2014

It was an incredible 90 minutes

It was an incredible 90 minutes of worshipping and orgasms.  3 for Mistress, 1 (ruined) for me.  I'll just leave it at that. It was wonderful. 

One thing of note, after Mistress had her 3rd orgasm, she asked me, legitimately asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm.  She left it entirely up to me.  I was allowed the rare freedom to decide my immediate orgasm fate.  I was conflicted.  Of course I wanted a full orgasm ... who doesn't want a full orgasm. 

But wait, I so love it when Mistress denies me an orgasm, especially when I am so very horny, you know, like now.  But wait, that's not what is happening here is it?  No, Mistress is not denying me an orgasm, in fact, she's allowing one.  I'd be denying myself an orgasm.  Hmmm, not the same thing.

I was kneeling in between Mistress' legs when she told me I would be deciding my own orgasm fate. I had decided that a nice, ho-hum ruined orgasm was needed now as I was looking down at my cock resting on her tummy.  How lovely it seemed if a nice pool of ejaculate was deposited there, I thought.  I had just  pulled my cock from her altar (that's what we'll be calling her pussy from now on in real life, we'll have to see if it translates well here) having just staved off an ejaculation that would've unauthorized.  I asked Mistress if she would assist me in having a ruined orgasm and she said "of I would pet".  With that, she simply placed her warm, cupped hand under my tights balls and just held it there.  She asked me "can you cum like this?  With me just holding your balls like this?"  I was just so deep in lust at that moment that I didn't answer verbally, my body just started make it happen.  At the mere suggestion of her question, my body began produce all the feeling that precede a man's ability to ejaculate.  It was as if my cock was pumping furiously in and out of any one of her beautiful body opening.  The feeling was cumming fast and as it became apparent that I was indeed about to cum without any direct stimulation to my penis, Mistress started to root for it to happen and said "this is so impressive" as semen began to leave my body onto her gorgeous belly. 

I fancy myself as someone who is becoming more and more qualified to judge a good ruined orgasm when I see one ..... this was the best ruined orgasm I've ever had.  So intensely satisfying like a full orgasm, yet all of the benefits of continued sexual desire of a ruined one. 

Afterward, I laid there, on my back, watching the ceiling fan spin, the very first things that entered my mind was "is that going to be the last orgasm for me for the year?"  I never thought I'd be this guy but I'm pretty certain that during 2014, I've only had 4 full orgasms.  The rest (I'm going to guess 6 or 8) were ruined orgasms. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I always find it amusing to give my sub husband a "choice". Such confusion! A sub is just not used to having a choice and your description of your ensuing uncertainty is a perfect example. A sub is much more comfortable following orders than when he is forced to make up his own mind. Thus, giving him a choice is yet another tool that can be used by his Dom to keep him off kilter and uncertain, which in my opinion is a proper place for a sub to be. Do you think your Mistress would agree?

    1. Lady Grey, I very much appreciate comments from anyone, but in particular from a Domme. Thank you.

      Yes, I do believe that Mistress K. would agree with your premise and opinion. I will tell her what you have and ask her. I don't know if that was her intention or not, but perhaps now it will be in the future. Thank you again for stopping by.

  2. You made a great choice and it seems had the perfect ruined orgasm. Maybe next year you should do an orgasm tracker so you can keep better track of how long your denial is. :)

    1. It was the perfect ruined orgasm Mistress Marie. I think that's a great idea and will suggest it to Mistress K. Thank you.

  3. I need your official ruling. I made my Man cum with only using the vibrator on the underside of the head. He came w/o any stroking/sucking and so on. Is that a "ruined" orgasm??

    Don't feel that you have to say yes if it isn't... BUT...when I told him what a ruined orgasm was a while ago he said something to the effect of "That sounds like a dumb idea, don't ever do that".

    He VERY much enjoyed himself, whatever it was! Now, I am NOT a completely naughty sub I did still swallow every drop. But, did I just doop him into a ruined orgasm!?!?

    Thanks friend!
    And, just a little note...if your Mistress K does have you keep a tracker, KEEP A TRACKER! My Man asked me to do this for the year, I was very lazy and lost track the past few months. He was NOT at all happy with me (which turned out to be part of our disconnect recently). I am learning, more every day.

  4. Hi Pearl. My ruling would be its a ruined orgasm if the the stimulation of the vibrator was removed BEFORE he started his orgasm, yet close enough for him to continue on to ejaculation without any other stimulation. So probably not a ruined orgasm.

    On the other hand, you are indeed a good sub, and not a naughty one because you did make him feel good and you did consume his cum, which I assume is something normally required of you?

    For whatever it is worth, I would agree that a ruined orgasm for a male Dominant is probably a bad idea.

    Thanks always for stopping by.

  5. sub hub what a great description of what happened and how you felt. I feel you did the right thing in asking for a ruined orgasm and they way she did it WOW. I've never had an orgasm by her just holding my balls. You had to be real horny for that to happen. Maybe Mistress was testing you to see if you really wanted ruined orgasms? My football spanking went great. The Vikings did there normal good job of breaking the rules and I spent a lot of time over the chair seat. I picked the belt, Mistress picked the paddle and strop so my bottom was so very well spanked and sore by the end of the game. But all the spanking made Mistress horny so she sat back on the sofa and ordered me between her legs and let me lick and suck her to two climaxes. All in all a very good day


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