Friday, December 19, 2014

Mistress Ivey's Post - Becoming a Mistress: For Him or For You?

Hi everyone.  Every so often I come across a collection of words that I find insightful, helpful or funny.  This link is to a post by Mistress Ivey that I think is essential reading for anyone involved in any Female Led Relationship. It's very possible that you are already familiar with Mistress Ivey's blog, but in case you aren't, take a look.

I really enjoy her blog mostly because it is a helpful resource for women who have had the suggestion of being dominant with their mate thrust upon them by their mate, who usually has spent a lot of time fantasizing and then building up the courage to reveal his feelings to his wife. It's practicable and useful information and not swimming in hyperbole or cheesy porno-like settings.  In addition to this particular post, I suggest you look at her other posts.  I think you'll like it.


Becoming a Mistress: For Him or For You?

UPDATED 12/22/14 at 8:05am   -   Additional post from Mistress Ivey:

Becoming a Mistress: Anything???

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  1. I like you follow Mistress Ivey and have commented many times on her blog. She is everything you said and more.


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