Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are you doing in the morning?

On Sunday night, Mistress K. asked what I had going on in the morning.  Earlier in the day she had mentioned that I was going to be pleasuring her later that night.  No specifics, just those words.  I don't normally need specifics and this was no exception.  The idea that I was going to have to (get to) pleasure Mistress K. was worth waiting for.  Then ...... I FELL ASLEEP ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF THE TV.  SHIT!

When I awoke it was late.  The hard floor made my back hurt and my hip, which was digging into the floor was throbbing.  I looked around and saw that Mistress had cleaned all the dishes.  I was thrilled.  Then I was worried.  Was I going to be in trouble for not having done the dinner dishes?  I walked into the bedroom and there was, getting the bed ready for sleep.  She was naked and gorgeous, but was clearly not in the mood for sex.  She wasn't angry ... at all, but it was late and she was tired.  So was I.  After that hard floor, the bed was a welcomed sight.  When we eventually got under covers, Mistress asked me what I had planned for the morning (work wise).  When I told that I didn't have much going, she told me to be prepared to be used for sex.

The next morning, while she was taking the kids to school, I showered and freshly shaved (face and the rest).  When I came out of the bathroom, I was naked and she was reading some mail.  I kissed her good morning and immediately went to the sink to take care of the breakfast dishes.  Mistress kept commenting on how wonderful a sight it was that was naked and at the sink doing the dishes.  If you didn't already know, when we are alone, I am required to be naked while in her presence unless she tells me otherwise.  Since our house is Grand Central Station for kids, we are rarely alone. 

She rose and went to the bathroom without announcing her departure.  I heard the shower running and that, all by itself, made my cock hard.  I knew she was preparing her body to pleasured.  When I was done with the dishes, she was just finishing drying off from the shower (she has great timing).  She handed me a bottle of lotion and said "follow me".  We got to the bed and she laid on her back with her feet hanging over the edge.  She had me kneel and with the lotion, massage her feet.  Doing so gave me another hard cock, only Mistress couldn't see it since I was kneeling on the floor beside the bed to attend to her feet, and she was laying on her back.  She asked me to get her something and when I rose to my feet to walk to the kitchen, she could she that I had a nice hard cock from massaging her feet, and that made her smile with pride.  Made me smile to see her smile at that.

I spent the next 30 minutes massaging her upper back and shoulders.  I was specifically not allowed to massage her lower back or ass.  I later found out why.  Mistress wanted me to worship those areas with my mouth after massaging her shoulders.  I got to worship her ass for 20 minutes or so and in doing so, I almost came .... twice.  I just want someone to take a picture of me worshipping her ass because it's where I always want to be!  My mouth eventually found it's way to her beautiful holes and clit she was loving it when suddenly she pushed me off and told me to go into the closet and grab the blue dildo that is used in the harness that straps to your thigh.  It's bigger than the cock that goes in her strap on, but is not ginormous.  I emerged with it and she told me to put it on the floor and she wanted to see me lower myself onto it while it went in my ass.  I struggled.  Not with getting it in there, but being able to lower my bottom hole all the way to floor, so I squatted and just used my hand to insert it.  She had moved the pillows to the end of the bed to get a better look at the show she had me give her.  I had mentioned that I usually needed too work up to getting a dildo in my ass and she just looked at me and said "I'm sure you'll be able to do this for me".  It slipped into my ass but it was accompanied by an uncomfortable pain.  Not too bad, but not at all comfortable.  Mistress said "take it out and insert it again".  I did, and this time ... she slipped right in and felt like she belonged there. 

She had me get on my knees and lower my head to floor and let her watch me fuck myself with the dildo.  OMG ... that was so hot.  I LOVED putting on a dildo show for her.  LOVED IT!  I want to do it more!  Did I mention I loved it?

She rose from the bed and went into the closet and emerged with the thigh mounted strap harness I mentioned earlier.  In it was the rubber cock she likes the most.  She told me to roll over on my back, not lose the plug in my ass and to be still while she mounted the harness to my thigh.  Once in place, she straddled my face and rode my face for a few minutes and then moved back, past my rock cock and to the rubber cock firmly in the harness, she lowered herself onto and fucked herself silly.  Then she ordered me to my knees while she went and got her new favorite vibrator, the wireless wand.  She got on her knees facing away from me backed herself onto the harnessed cock and fuck and vibrated herself to near orgasm.  All the while I was slowly moving the blue dildo in and out of my ass, daydreaming that Mistress was wearing it and was fucking me with it.  The sight before of Mistress kneeling, head on the floor, big rubber cock going in and out of her beautiful pussy, just below the sight of her gorgeous bottom hole between her spread cheeks, plus the feeling of sliding blue dildo going in and out of my ass was almost too much.  Mistress was close to orgasm when she ordered me to place my cock into her backward reaching hand.  She started stroking my cock because it was her intention that we would cum simultaneously.  We did!  Oh boy, did we!  It was awesome. 

Mistress had cum and was concentrating on what seemed some moderate post-orgasm torture of my cock.  I finally had to pull away from her hand.  There was a small moment of awkwardness because I couldn't tell if I had just gotten myself in trouble for pulling my cock away from Mistress, or if she wasn't sure if I had already had an orgasm.  I was fully expecting to spanked (post-orgasm spanked no less) for the act of pulling what was her property, away from her before she was done using it. 

I wasn't going to be spanked.  It didn't appear as though she was angry, although this is the second time in a row that Mistress has practiced some form of post-orgasm stimulation on me.  I wonder if she is ................


  1. You had a good time using the dildo on yourself as Mistress did ridding another one. when R is in the mood she will use our vibrating dildo on me and have me pump myself as she watches. Too bad you didn't get spanked to finish things off.
    you didn't say but I hope you licked her clean after.

    1. Hi archedone. Yes, you are correct. I had a great time performing for Mistress while she watched. We have a couple of suction cup dildos that are a bit too bog for me to accept comfortably. I wished at that moment it was able to, that it was attached to something so that I could give her a show that didn't require that I hold the dildo in my hand. Hopefully she will consider a training program for my ass to be able to work up to that dildo.

      Mistress usually only ever spanks me for punishment purposes. Occasionally she'll "play" with the paddle, but like the cock cage, it's usually only to punish.

      I did not lick Mistress clean. There was nothing to lick from her because most the cum that came from me went straight to the ground.

      Thanks as always for stopping by archedone.


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