Monday, March 31, 2014

Panties and ball harness today

This interesting combination holds Mistress's property up and out, barely able to be contained in the panties.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Follower

I want to say thank you publicly to a new follower to my humble blog.  Bid Dlils ... thank you for being interested enough to follow.  I would normally thank you personally by sending you a message but for some reason, Google doesn't seem to want to let me.

Thank you again and I hope you will enjoy it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wow, what an orgasm

On Wednesday, i was able to come home for "lunch".  Mistress was going to be home and didn't have any pressing matters on her plate.  i let her know of my availability and if there was use for me that She might want to take advantage of.  She texted me and said "get home then".

i sprinted home to find Her freshly showered and naked in the kitchen.  OMG!  As always, as soon as i came in the house i stripped naked and went to stand before Her.  She kissed me and told me to go shower and when i emerged, she was naked on the bed, legs open and demanding an orgasm.  But first, She wanted the ritual of my worshipping Her body and to place little soft kisses and tender bites all over Her.  i so much love doing that.  i swear i could orgasm just from worshipping Her body with my mouth. 

She rolled onto Her back, re-opened Her legs and said "I want my orgasm now".  i immediately went to work, burying my face between Her legs and relishing the honor of just being there.  Frankly there is no place i'd rather be.  After two tremendous orgasms (without the need of her little bullet vibrator i might add!) She simply said i want you inside me.

Now remember, the last full on, looking-in-Her-eyes orgasm for me was on Valentines day.  i immediately became nervous that i would come in a matter of seconds and also a bit nervous of the prospect of what i would feel like after orgasm, should be i be granted one.  Looking in Her eyes with love and admiration, i was instructed to orgasm while She looked at me with Her beautiful face and smiled.  She truly relished in the fact that She was allowing me to orgasm and i couldn't have loved any more than i did at that moment. 

After the best orgasm i had in years, W/we both laid there in exhaustion.  It was glorious.  Thank you so much Mistress!!!

i began to worry that now it would be a few days before my body craved the desire to pleasure her.  i am happy (and proud) to say that although the time was measured in mere hours, it didn't take long for my level of chemicals to return to the point that caused my unquestioned desire to please Her in any way.  That was my affirmation that our FLM is truly working to make our lives better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What would you do? Fantasy time

Imagine for a moment that you could script a scene/session with your Dominant or submissive an have the outcome be anything you desired. (You Dominants don't have to imagine it, now do you?)  There would be no restrictions on whether you could cum or not, or whether you could touch this or that.  No restrictions.  You would be able to set the script, set the scene and have pre-directed the action.  Anything you want.  For you dominants, there would be no limits (it's fantasy, right?)

What would it be?

For me it would be ...........

I receive a text while at work that instructs me to be home promptly at five.  The house will be empty so when I arrive, I stand in the garage and wait for the door to close, then remove all my clothes in the garage before entering the house.  On the door leading into the house is a note that says to shower and shave my face, cock, balls and ass very smooth.  After my shower, I am put this little fella on:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I am to put on her favorite cologne and then go stand in the living room, legs spread, hands on my head, eyes focused on a single spot on the wall and not allowed to move.  She would enter the room and sit in her throne like chair behind me.  I could hear sit and cross her legs.  In a determined, sexy, confident, feminine voice she explains "this is how this will go this evening".  She continues ... "one of two things will happen tonight.  Through actions, words and other things, you will be successful at arousing me to the point that I will want to take you to bed, have your service me to orgasm with your mouth, then I will seduce you and fuck you like the ass whore you are until you have an anal orgasm .... or you will fail at arousing me sufficiently at which point you will only watch me give myself an orgasm(s).  Then you will masturbate till completion immediately before being spanked harder and more sever than you have ever been spanked before.  There will be bruises and tears involved if this route is what inevitably happens.

Yep, that would be mine.  I have others in mine, but that would be mine.  Maybe I'll elaborate further in future posts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Balls Harness

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

There is something quite a bit different when wearing a balls harness that secures your balls at their base, rather than wearing a cock ring which goes around the balls and the cock. Mistress has had me wear our new balls harness under my clothes at work the last 2 days .... and i love it!  It also has a nice D-ring sewn in so when Mistress feels like a leash should be attached, it will be.

It is comfortable so i can wear it all day and does a wonderful job of pulling my balls away from my body to a position in my pants that ensures i will feel them all day.  So far, this device is my favorite device to wear because it so deliciously keeps my balls in a place that i have no other choice but to feel them.  There are time when I wear a cock ring that i almost forget it is there.  Not this!

Thank you Mistress!

This yummy device still awaits it's inaugural use.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Monday, March 24, 2014

Something new to wear to today

This morning, Mistress instructed me to wear a new balls strap that i purchased last week.  This is the first time wearing this.  It is basically a Velcro strap that goes around the base of the balls and slightly extends the balls.  It also has a D-ring on it for easy attachment of a leash.  i have long wanted to be leashed by nothing but my balls.  Wearing this without a leash is an incredible tease. i wonder how many people would even think that i would be wearing the things i wear under my clothes while at work.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This was my treat

i came home from work Friday at 10:30 expecting Mistress's arrival shortly thereafter.  Then i stripped naked.  It is a standing rule in O/our house that i am to be naked at all times (when W/we are alone) unless otherwise instructed.  i was naked (except for my cage) and eagerly awaiting Her arrival.  Once i heard the dogs barking, i knew She was here.  i was soooo, excited because i was so ready to be at her disposal.  i had successfully avoided trying to steer Her into an activity that i might have wanted and it left me feeling as vulnerable and as excited to please as i have ever been.  i was also a little nervous ... like a slut that was there for one purpose, and one purpose only.  She had just come home from the gym and when i went to go kiss Her, She said no because She was "gross from sweat" as She put it.

She sent me to the shower even though i had showered 2 hours earlier.  She apparently had some calls to make which only took a few minutes.  When i emerged from the shower, i went right to Her and She said follow me, leading the way into the bedroom.  She pointed at the chair in the bedroom and said "sit", then disappeared into the closet.  She returned and placed a blindfold over my eyes after i had asked if i could watch the NCAA tournament while i waited.  She said "no, you won't be needing to watch TV".  After the blindfold was in place, She returned to the closet and placed a ball gag in my mouth.  It didn't take long before She was back placing Velcro cuffs with D-rings on my wrists and ankles.  Then, She placed a collar that i had bought for Her to wear a few years ago when we played and switch the dominant role in D/s role-play, which was before we started our FLM.  So there i was, gagged, blindfolded, Her cock caged and locked, cuffed and collared when She pulled me to my feet and led me to the closed door in O/our bedroom.  There She had placed a over-the-door hook.  She locked my ankle cuffs together, then my writs cuffs together, then attached the wrist cuffs to the top of the door, leaving me standing there, arms above my head, secured, vulnerable and unable to move.

She was rubbing my back and bottom and then started to give what amounted to a very substantial spanking.  It wasn't a punishment spanking, but it was a "good one" nonetheless.  After what seemed like an hour (probably 10-15 minutes), She told me She was getting in the shower and for me to wait here and not to go anywhere.  She giggled and walked away into the bathroom.  I heard the water running and some fumbling with drawers and cupboards when i felt a hand on my ass and kisses on my neck.  Once again She said "wait here while I shower" and proceeded to give me another 15-20 good spanks. 

i'll tell you, standing in that position, blinded, gagged, freshly spanked, naked, caged and not being able to move can cause you to go immediately into deeper subspace, which i did of course.  After Her shower, she returned, gave me several more hard swats to my red ass and asked if i was doing ok.  She unclasped my hands from above the door in order to allow the blood to go back into my arms.  She is so generous! She pressed my forehead to the door with instructions not to move.  Of course i didn't.

i stood there for (again, what seemed like an hour) another 15 minutes or so while i heard the sound of Her blow-dryer and other usual noise that come from the bathroom of a Goddess preparing her body to be worshipped.  I could even hear the sound of Her perfume being sprayed about a minute before smelling it. She finally returned to me, spanked me hard several more times and then led me blindfolded to the chair in the bedroom.

It is a big, comfy chair that She like to sit in when She relaxes and has become Her favorite chair to have me kneel before and worship Her ass and pussy.  She stopped me in front of the chair as i could feel here taking a seat in it.  Once seated She said, "kneel".  Once on my knees She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me between Her now spread legs and said "lick my pussy".   Holy shit .......... i was in heaven!!!!  Being deep in subspace, being given the honor of being able to put my mouth on Her pussy caused a good amount of pre-cum to dribble out of my cage and on to my legs.  That was entirely new for me.  The mere excitement of being allowed to worship her pussy caused precum to run from the end of Her cock.  i was shuddering with desire as i kneeled there and worshipped Her glorious, freshly shaved pussy.  After Her first orgasm (shit, that awesome), She unclasped my wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and had me resume my worshipping.  She would tell me exactly where She wanted my tongue, in what position and how fast She wanted it moving, and position my head with Her hands accordingly.  OMG it was awesome!

After another glorious orgasm, She told me to stand because She said She wanted me to fuck Her with "pinky" (our pink cock sleeve).  She told me to remove my blindfold and when i saw Her there on the chair, legs spread, i could've cum right there.  i was so in love, so wanting to please this Goddess and so much in love with Her, i didn't want to leave to go get pinky.  "GO" she said impatiently, and off i went.  i returned to the bedroom and there She was, lying on the bed on Her tummy/side with one leg pulled up to Her chest.  i installed pinky on my hard-as-a-rock cock and climbed up on the bed, straddled Her extended leg and took my position behind Her.  I lubed pinky and placed the tip and the entrance of Her glorious pussy and slowly watched it disappear inside Her.  She moaned in delight and i could tell it wouldn't be long before i was going to have the honor of watching Her have another orgasm.  She then turned on Her vibrating egg and placed it on Her clit.  That's when the trouble started.

It had been 36 days since my last orgasm.  All of this activity plus the site of my beloved Mistress writhing in pleasure before was just too much for me to handled and i just involuntarily began to ejaculate.  i pulled out hoping to avoid cumming without permission but to no avail.  Even thought eh pinky sleeve is pink, it's also translucent, and i could see it filling with gobs of cum.  i mean gobs and gobs of cum.  i was ashamed and embarrassed for having disappointed Mistress by ejaculating without permission.  She was in the throes of pleasure and told me to take pinky off and finish her with my un-sleeved cock.  i returned to the position behind and pushed my ultra-sensitive cock inside Her so She could achieve Her orgasm.  Once She had her third orgasm, She all but collapsed on the bed and rested to gather her strength.  i was left to contemplate what i had just done and began to apologize profusely to Her.  She simply said "Shhh" and led me back to the door where She meted out my immediate punishment for ejaculating without permission .......... and it hurt.  A lot!

If you've ever had a post-orgasm punishment you'll know it is the WORST.  Since my ejaculation amounted to only a ruined-orgasm, it wasn't as bad, but it was in no way pleasurable.  She gave me a very sound spanking on my already tender ass then She turned me around, grabbed my chin and said "don't pout about it.  We just took care of correcting the wrong you did now move on and quit sulking".  Afterward W/we went to lunch after i decided to take the rest of the afternoon off, and W/we had a lovely time. 

So, here i am 37 days since my last full-on, real orgasm.  Needless to say i was disappointed that i ejaculated without permission and i'm certain Mistress was disappointed with me also.  i was also disappointed that my abrupt, unauthorized ejaculation pre-empted whatever other plans Mistress had for U/us on Friday afternoon.  i had hopes and dreams about what plans she may have had for me, but alas it was not meant to be.  If i were honest, my hope was that she was going to seduce me and then fuck me, but i guess i'll never know.  my guess is (and it's only a guess) that She intended for me to have a full-on, real, glorious orgasm that day, but that She was going to put me through my paces before getting there.

On the plus side, it being only a ruined orgasm, i am has eager to please her as i was on Friday.  i told her that and she just smiled at me for several seconds and then said "Hmmm'. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

"My Treat"

my instructions are to be at home at 10:30.  On her way out the door this morning, Mistress said "wear your cage to work today.  I'll see you at 10:45".  I wasn't expecting that.

Now what?

Today i get my treat

In a recent post i mentioned that because i did something Mistress asked me to do that a treat would be in store for me.  Today is the day i get that treat.  As i sit here and write this it is 5am and the whole house is asleep.  Normally when i know (or have a good idea) that something sexual is imminent, i get all amped up and my mind races with the thoughts of what might happen.  On this day .... i am excited yes, very excited, but only because i know that W/we will have some W/we time together and not because i am wondering about what the activity will be.  Normally, i'd be spending a lot of time and energy trying to find out or figure out what was going to happen, or worse, i'd be trying to steer into a direction of how i want it play out.  Just the idea of being present and presented to Her in servitude for whatever it is She has is the sole source of my excitement.  Alone time for U/us is so rare and i am excited about being alone with Her.

i'm convinced that my 35 days of denial (thus far) is the reason that my mind is not at all focused on trying to dictate (subtly or otherwise) what will happen today.  W/we shall see what happens.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can't Follow Bloggers

Is anyone else having a problem successfully following a blog that you run across and like?  When I try, I press the "follow" button, I get prompted to enter the usual username/password, and for the last 4-5 days I always get an error message. 

it's either global or there is a problem with my settings.  Any advice?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

i'm so excited

Any minute/hour/day now, Mistress will be reading and reviewing all the posts and comments on this blog ... for the first time.  She's very, very aware of the blog and most of it's contents but She hasn' actually ever seen and read the content herself.  I'm very excited and a little nervous.  Nervous not because I'd ever hide anything from Her, or say anything that i wouldn't say or admit to Her, but nervous because i want her to really like it.

It was one of the things W/we talked about last night.  She said that this blog was place to do and say anything i wanted because She is aware that it is really the only place that i have to be able to speak to like minded people (like y'all) about the obviously unique aspects of O/our wonderful marriage.

Also, we have talked about her being more than just a VIV (Very Important Viewer) of the blog.  i am hopeful that She will want to be a contributor as well.

Review Time

Last night Mistress and i went to dinner to review things.  i love these times together because we review, discuss and talk about the tings we have in our life and our lifestyle.  There is only one thing wrong with this .......... having to be constantly reminded to "lower my voice".  *smile

Monday, March 17, 2014


*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i was still working from home this morning when Mistress returned from running her errands and working out.  i had just emerged from the shower, freshly shaved (face too) hoping that She would change Her mind about me wearing "normal" clothes today when She said .... "you know what, time for your punishment".
Not knowing that it was coming was a good thing because i didn't have to fret over the anticipation of the pain. I knew it was coming, but i didn't know when.  i found out when.
When it was done, i thanked Her for my spanking and was told to leave her to go get dressed.  i always feel renewed after a punishment and relieved of the guilt of having displeased Her in the first place.  Neither of U/us could remember the actual reason for the spanking so now i have a new task.  Keeping track of the reason, date and time of the infraction, whatever and whenever it may be.
Not 30 minutes after i left the house for the office, i got text from Mistress with a picture of the dirty dishes in the sink.  Just before that i had texted Her thanking Her again for my spanking and telling Her that it really helps me when i receive them.  The comment in Her text that included the picture of the dirty dishes in the sink was "are you sure it helps?"  ..... gulp!!
Tonight we are going out on a date so we can review our rules, our relationship and to concentrate a little on making our vows for our upcoming ceremony in October.  During dinner, i believe it is my duty to let her know that the severity and frequency of my punishments needs to be increased.  i know i'll regret telling her that when it comes to actually administer the more severe punishment but i also know that it is my obligation to be honest and truthful with Mistress.  Punishment spankings are supposed to correct abhorrent behavior ... are they not?  i have not been brought to tears yet via a punishment spanking but todays spanking was as close as She has ever brought me.  Obviously however, the dirty dishes in the sink are really the only evidence that the punishment hasn't been severe enough to focus my mind on what my obligations in this relationship are.  I've mentioned to Her recently that i think She should consider pushing the boundaries that we are currently comfortably living in.  God help me ...........
i love her so much.  Life is good!

I get a treat

i did something over the weekend that Mistress said if i did, i would be rewarded for.  One day this, she will have lunch with me at which time i will receive my reward.  i don't know what exactly that will be but i am very excited to find out for sure.  i haven't had a full orgasm in over a month.  That little fact alone has me so very excited for some reason that i can't explain.  Frankly, i am hoping that my "reward" will include either outright orgasm denial or a ruined orgasm, while enjoying be able to witness her have orgasms. 

I am also conflicted because i know what i need to receive the punishments that have been building up over the past few weeks.  i'm conflicted because i know it something that i need plus i know it is something that will hurt.  i need to be "cleansed" of my transgressions. 

On this, when being told what to wear to work, i have to admit to being disappointed a great deal when told to go "normal" today.  i made a pledge to myself not to question Mistresses' decisions so i will dutifully wear normal, vanilla clothes today after giving myself a fresh shave in the shower.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

30 days

It's been 30 days!  30 days since my last full orgasm.  This is the longest i have ever gone without an orgasm in my life and it feels wonderfully frustrating.  On one hand, of course i'd like to be able to have a full orgasm everyday (if Mistress wanted that), or course, who wouldn't.  On the other hand, the dull ache in my balls is a constant reminder of the gift of my submission that gave to my Mistress Wife nearly 2 years ago and a reminder of my position in our marriage.  Life is good!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A free night

Mistress left town with the kids for spring break yesterday afternoon.  i am meeting them this evening.  On the way out the door Mistress informed me that i had free reign too ALL parts of my body to do whatever i wanted.  The only rule was that i could not have an ejaculation or orgasm.  Oh my what i night i had!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Been away for several days

Hi everyone.  We've been away for several days and haven't been able to post, or even read the blog while we were away.  We were on spring break with the kids so alas, there is very little to report on the FLM front.  We're back now and intend on catching up on the things that have been lingering such as punishment for the several things that i have done wrong in the past 10 days or so. 

On March 16 it will be 30 days since my last full orgasm (there has been 1 ruined orgasm in that time)  30 days is by far the longest i have ever gone without having an "O" in my life.  Mistress is well aware of this fact and it seems she is relishing in that fact.  We'll see how that goes.

I see i picked up 3 more followers while i was gone.  So thank you to Subby Hubby, In-servitude to my Wife and cornboy1.  I really do hope you will enjoy following this blog as my mistress Wife and i venture through our WLM journey.  i tried to send you a message to thank you personally but for some reason i can't.  i guess that has mostly to do with not really knowing everything there is to blogging.  In any event, thank you for being interested enough to want to follow.  i look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Why don't you go put your plug in?

It wasn't a question!

I immediately went and put my plug in.  When I came to report that it was in, She said "masturbate for me". Walked over to her at the computer where she was working and started stroking and she said "stop". She placed a towel on the desk and patted it, telling me to sit on the desk facing her. I knew what to do and climbed on the desk put a foot on each arm rest and began to stroke her cock for her viewing pleasure. I was exposed, plug firmly place with my Goddess enjoying the show. I was near cumming very quickly and was reminded that I was not allowed to cum.  She then said stop and shooed me away so she could get back to work. She was done with me.

There is hardly anything I enjoy more than "performing" for Mistress. Sitting the desk like, fully exposed and with the plug in place was wonderful.

So here I sit, naked, plugged and waiting for what Mistress may want next.

March is Questions month? Who knew

Being still new to blogging, who knew that March is Question Month?  Apparently many other bloggers knew, that's who.  Not wanting to be a blogging Maverick, I suppose I'll ask you to ask me/us any question you would like to have an answer to.  It's my desire to have this blog be a place with interesting content and not be one of those blogs that is, well, full of shit.  So please, ask away.

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

a punishment is due

currently, I am in line for a punishment.  As I wonder about how, where, when and how badly it will  hurt, I find myself thinking about the various positions that could be used to facilitate my spanking.  Will it be spontaneous when we find ourselves alone?  Will it be planned for a specific time?  Will it be one of those spankings that for some reason stings very badly from the very first swat?

Each of the different positions offers a unique experience to receiving a punishment.  Likewise, I'm sure it provides unique experience for Mistress as well.  Any preferences that I may have, although unimportant in the grand scheme of things vary depending on whether I am pondering my fate, that moment right after realizing that it will happen that minute or just fantasizing about. 

Best position for maximum punishment spanking effect in my opinion?  Standing!  Particularly with the front of my body purposely pressed against the wall.  Also, standing with hands on my head.  There is an added element of humiliation that helps drive the point home.  Kneeling upright while being required to stroke my cock while being punished. It adds the element of tease and denial while being corrected.  By far, the ultimate and most effective for of punishment spanking is post-orgasm spanking.  It has only happened once.  She was really not happy with me and she ordered me to our room, told me to strip, kneel and masturbate to completion.  Immediately after I came, she paddled my ass hard.  Let me tell, the last thing you want right after having an orgasm is a punishment spanking!  Only once so far and I hope to avoid one in the future.

Fantasizing about it?  Isn't it suppose to hurt?  Yes.  Isn't it supposed to correct a behavior?  Yes.  Isn't it something you wish would be over soon after it starts even though there will be more pain than you might want?  Yes!  Then why the fantasy?  A good question that I don't know that I have answer for except to say that a punishment spanking is the cornerstone of a WLM.  That, in and of itself is something of a blunt reminder (when it is happening) of what my place in my loving marriage is and as such, is comforting.  The stinging redness of my ass notwithstanding, being in the moment is both necessary and cleansing.  When it is over, so is the matter that was being corrected. 

I find that in being a submissive, punishment spankings are very much like those things you see or read about in the "lifestyle" that are arousing to fantasize about but when it I happening, you may feel entirely different.  We do not participate in what we consider extreme D/s behavior.  We don't cuck, she does not feminize me (although she does make me wear panties from time to time).  I don't have to consume my cum after I ejaculate (she thinks it's gross), etc........ Yet at some point in previous fantasy thoughts, those things and others may have been in that little black box of deviant thoughts each of has inside us.  Spankings happen and will continue to happen because that is what Mistress wants.  As for those other things .... one of them will never happen (hard limit) and it is not likely that either of the other two will, but then again, that's not up to me.

OK, now back to wondering the when, where, how and how bad it will hurt.

More Ceremony news

OK, all of the preliminary plans and commitments have been made with our lovely officiant and we are go.  now we have until the ceremony in October to decide on all the little details that will go into making our commitment ceremony what we want it to be.

She had given us some sample vows for us to consider and tweak and I have to say it is a giant burden lifted off of our shoulders.  I often hate having to star at a blank "piece of paper" to start writing.  She was kind enough to provide us with wonderful words to start with and we are very appreciative of that. 

Some of my blogger pals had given a few suggestions (thank you) on some of the small details of the ceremony, like what to wear (or not wear) and that has been very helpful too.  Because our lifestyle is incredibly private, we will not be able to exchange our vows in front of friends or family, which is ok.  In our previous vanilla vow renewal ceremonies we were alone together then too. 

Venue (probably a suite at a resort), vows for each other, what to wear (me, probably only a cage, a plug and a collar - her ... whatever she wants of course) and deciding on how we will consummate our union are all the things left to consider. 

I am excited, a little nervous and so very eager to be there with the woman I love so much.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a ring and panties

My required attire this morning was a cock ring and a pair of lacey pink panties.  mmmm, yeah!


I haven't had a real orgasm since Valentine's Day.  Since then, I have ejaculated once (ruined orgasm).  S of this writing it has been 18 days since I had an orgasm.  I had a random thought go through my head that for some reason I was going to have an orgasm soon, maybe even tonight ... and i don't want it too.  It might seem like i am complaining, but i assure you i am not.  Quite the contrary.

When you see the word chastity, you probably normally go right to a vision of a cock cage or other chastity device.  Although does make me wear one from time to time (CB6000), she only ever does it for punishment purposes anymore, and that is only when She is really pissed.  Anyway, chastity does not mean a cage exclusively.  Chastity is merely the act of preventing someone from having access to their own sexual pleasure.  That said, i live in chastity with occasional respites from it.  In this case, it has been 18 days.  Not a long time compared to some of the stories I read and see here and there, but for me, it is.  Mistress seems to be lengthening the period of time between my real orgasms each time.  For what purpose, i do not know but then again, who am i to ask?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Butt plug while sleeping

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Question ... Have you ever worn a butt plug while sleeping?  Last night, before bed, Mistress instructed me to remove the plug and come to bed.  While i was laying there and as She drifted off to sleep, i wondered what it would be like to sleep with my plug (pictured) snugly in place.  i have heard that wearing a plug while you sleep causes intense erotic dreams.  Is that true?  Are there any dangers involved? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What to wear?

Hopefully you know by now that before i get dressed each day, i wait for instructions on what to wear under my clothes.  This day, i was told that for the errands W/we need to run today i was to dress "normal" but that when W/we get home, i will be instructed to wear something.  Exactly what remains to be seen.  The anticipation is killing me.