Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I haven't had a real orgasm since Valentine's Day.  Since then, I have ejaculated once (ruined orgasm).  S of this writing it has been 18 days since I had an orgasm.  I had a random thought go through my head that for some reason I was going to have an orgasm soon, maybe even tonight ... and i don't want it too.  It might seem like i am complaining, but i assure you i am not.  Quite the contrary.

When you see the word chastity, you probably normally go right to a vision of a cock cage or other chastity device.  Although does make me wear one from time to time (CB6000), she only ever does it for punishment purposes anymore, and that is only when She is really pissed.  Anyway, chastity does not mean a cage exclusively.  Chastity is merely the act of preventing someone from having access to their own sexual pleasure.  That said, i live in chastity with occasional respites from it.  In this case, it has been 18 days.  Not a long time compared to some of the stories I read and see here and there, but for me, it is.  Mistress seems to be lengthening the period of time between my real orgasms each time.  For what purpose, i do not know but then again, who am i to ask?


  1. My David last came the same day you did. I wonder who will cum first. I too only use the CB device for punishment. I much prefer uncaged chastity that takes true will power.

  2. I wonder who will come first too.

  3. I would like to wear the device a little more frequently than I do. However, it's not up to me. My Queen wants me to wear it when we are apart overnight, which is very rare. There have been a few cases where she was staying with a relative overnight and she did not enforce it and as a sub I didn't feel right asking. I've said a few times that I would like to be locked up more (so, over a weekend), but I think I'm going to drop it.

    I have mixed feelings about the chastity device myself. When I am locked, all I can think of us getting out. I really only get satisfaction out of wearing the device when we are playing and I am aroused. The feeling of my cock straining against my cage as she is teasing me is very intense. Wearing it to work (totally non-sexual) is more of a chore, especially dealing with it in the gym locker room (I've had some close calls!). And, I'm a bit of a hygiene freak.

    I recently had a lockup fail where I had a business trip and she asked me to lock up, after I went through the airport. I was pissed that I was traveling on a Sunday and was a little tipsy when I packed, and simply forgot to pack the chastity belt. Mistress was not happy, and neither was I since I had a good opportunity to lock up and didn't take advantage of it. I was punished with longer chastity period (unlocked).

  4. Thanks for the comment lovetosubmit.

    Even though I do find comfort when I am wearing my device, and even though I really want to get out of it when I'm in it, the very thought of being required by Mistress to wear it arouses me. Its like other things I suppose, you know that you think about, maybe even fantasize about only because you are required to do it, even though it in and of itself isn't anything you'd desire doing as a lone act, especially after having had an orgasm.

    In the beginning I wore it waaaay more than I do now and one of my absolute favorite things was having sex with Mistress while wearing it. Sometimes, when we are having sex and I am not wearing it, I always believe there is a chance that she will get so horny that I will get to have an orgasm in her or on her, albeit a small chance, and even though she may have said ahead of time that there will be no cumming for me that night. When I am wearing my cage and pleasuring my Mistress, I KNOW there will be no cummies for me and in an odd way, the pain and stress of trying to get an erection inside my cage allows me to focus more on the task at hand .... pleasuring Mistress.

    Life is good

    1. I can totally related to the last paragraph. When I am locked during a sex session, it alters my focus. Pre-Femdom, my focus was on getting my rocks off. Yes, I cared that she came, but my priority was cumming. It really puts me in a totally different mindset when my cock is off the table. Much more focused on her, and her comments about "forgetting" where the key is are really hot.

  5. i've been locked for so long i'd feel lost without it. my Wife likes the absolute control locking me up provides. Since i met Her She has said that it is Her cock. It is a constant reminder of my place in our relationship and any sexual gratification i may get is totally at Her discretion. We both love this total control and i still hate when i have to show my locked cock to someone for the first time.


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