Friday, March 14, 2014

A free night

Mistress left town with the kids for spring break yesterday afternoon.  i am meeting them this evening.  On the way out the door Mistress informed me that i had free reign too ALL parts of my body to do whatever i wanted.  The only rule was that i could not have an ejaculation or orgasm.  Oh my what i night i had!


  1. I read a comment you made on Lockednkept's blog in which you mentioned your upcoming renewing of your vows ceremony. Will you use the word 'obey' this time? Will you stand or be on your knees?

    When Katie and I married we both didn't have the courage to do that publically but rather had our own ceremony at home in which I did all that and made those 'forever' promises to her. Although the state licensed our marriage and it was there that we stated basic vows, it is at home where I believe I truly committed my life to my Mistress. I'm sure you can't wait for that day to arrive. Truly life changing.

  2. Hi I'm heres. Thank you for the comment and question. We don't have the details all worked out yet but yes, there will most certainly be the liberal use of the word "obey" among other in our ceremony. I will most certainly be kneeling during the ceremony, but that could change. Also, as of now, I will be wearing only a collar, a cage and a plug for the ceremony.

    Our vow renewal ceremony will be totally private because like you, we don't have the "courage" to conduct our ceremony in public. We are just too much in need of discretion for that.

    Yes, you are right, I absolutely can't !

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. I love following your blog as well.


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