Thursday, March 6, 2014

a punishment is due

currently, I am in line for a punishment.  As I wonder about how, where, when and how badly it will  hurt, I find myself thinking about the various positions that could be used to facilitate my spanking.  Will it be spontaneous when we find ourselves alone?  Will it be planned for a specific time?  Will it be one of those spankings that for some reason stings very badly from the very first swat?

Each of the different positions offers a unique experience to receiving a punishment.  Likewise, I'm sure it provides unique experience for Mistress as well.  Any preferences that I may have, although unimportant in the grand scheme of things vary depending on whether I am pondering my fate, that moment right after realizing that it will happen that minute or just fantasizing about. 

Best position for maximum punishment spanking effect in my opinion?  Standing!  Particularly with the front of my body purposely pressed against the wall.  Also, standing with hands on my head.  There is an added element of humiliation that helps drive the point home.  Kneeling upright while being required to stroke my cock while being punished. It adds the element of tease and denial while being corrected.  By far, the ultimate and most effective for of punishment spanking is post-orgasm spanking.  It has only happened once.  She was really not happy with me and she ordered me to our room, told me to strip, kneel and masturbate to completion.  Immediately after I came, she paddled my ass hard.  Let me tell, the last thing you want right after having an orgasm is a punishment spanking!  Only once so far and I hope to avoid one in the future.

Fantasizing about it?  Isn't it suppose to hurt?  Yes.  Isn't it supposed to correct a behavior?  Yes.  Isn't it something you wish would be over soon after it starts even though there will be more pain than you might want?  Yes!  Then why the fantasy?  A good question that I don't know that I have answer for except to say that a punishment spanking is the cornerstone of a WLM.  That, in and of itself is something of a blunt reminder (when it is happening) of what my place in my loving marriage is and as such, is comforting.  The stinging redness of my ass notwithstanding, being in the moment is both necessary and cleansing.  When it is over, so is the matter that was being corrected. 

I find that in being a submissive, punishment spankings are very much like those things you see or read about in the "lifestyle" that are arousing to fantasize about but when it I happening, you may feel entirely different.  We do not participate in what we consider extreme D/s behavior.  We don't cuck, she does not feminize me (although she does make me wear panties from time to time).  I don't have to consume my cum after I ejaculate (she thinks it's gross), etc........ Yet at some point in previous fantasy thoughts, those things and others may have been in that little black box of deviant thoughts each of has inside us.  Spankings happen and will continue to happen because that is what Mistress wants.  As for those other things .... one of them will never happen (hard limit) and it is not likely that either of the other two will, but then again, that's not up to me.

OK, now back to wondering the when, where, how and how bad it will hurt.


  1. It's interesting how you are feeling waiting for your punishment. I don't normally use spankings for punishment, but I love to give them for my own sadistic pleasures. I tend to punish in other ways that suit the crime committed, but whatever the punishment they are vital to help the sub grow and become even better.

  2. Thank you as always Mistress Marie for your comments. I was kind of all over the place there huh?


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