Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review Time

Last night Mistress and i went to dinner to review things.  i love these times together because we review, discuss and talk about the tings we have in our life and our lifestyle.  There is only one thing wrong with this .......... having to be constantly reminded to "lower my voice".  *smile


  1. And what did you review? Be interesting to hear what it is that you two discuss. Being an outsider, looking in, it's always interesting to see how a couple functions at their core. Glad you two talk as you do. That would be a fun conversation to have.

    1. We reviewed everything. Made sure that each was happy in our respective roles. Reconfirmed that our marriage and our love for each other continues to be at the highest levels (and growing) since we first got together as bf and gf. Talked about any annoyances that may have happened or occur ... such as my sending her too many naughty pictures depicting the kinds of things that i found to be erotic (talked about that in an earlier blog entry).

      I did explain to her that i felt that i was getting off too easily with my punishments, even though i already felt the punishments i was receiving were substantive, albeit not painful enough to deter future abhorrent behavior. i did admit that i would probably severely regret having explained that to her when i receive a more harsh punishment (in that particular moment) in the future but i felt it was important that i be honest about it.

      We both agreed that we were very much looking forward to the external distractions that were in her life (work, school obligations, etc.) and were coming to an end, and how that will allow her to feel more in control of the household matters of being a mother to our children and a Mistress Wife more able to exist in a role suitable to our relationship.

      It was fun. Even though the conversations were by nature somewhat business like, i had an erection the time not because of anything sexual we did or talked about, but because we were so immersed in refining our love for each other in our lifestyle. i could not help, therefore, to be aroused and the mere joy of being married to this woman that so desperately want to please.

    2. Forgive me, i forgot to say thank you for you interest in our blog and for your comments. i really appreciate it.


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