Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Ceremony news

OK, all of the preliminary plans and commitments have been made with our lovely officiant and we are go.  now we have until the ceremony in October to decide on all the little details that will go into making our commitment ceremony what we want it to be.

She had given us some sample vows for us to consider and tweak and I have to say it is a giant burden lifted off of our shoulders.  I often hate having to star at a blank "piece of paper" to start writing.  She was kind enough to provide us with wonderful words to start with and we are very appreciative of that. 

Some of my blogger pals had given a few suggestions (thank you) on some of the small details of the ceremony, like what to wear (or not wear) and that has been very helpful too.  Because our lifestyle is incredibly private, we will not be able to exchange our vows in front of friends or family, which is ok.  In our previous vanilla vow renewal ceremonies we were alone together then too. 

Venue (probably a suite at a resort), vows for each other, what to wear (me, probably only a cage, a plug and a collar - her ... whatever she wants of course) and deciding on how we will consummate our union are all the things left to consider. 

I am excited, a little nervous and so very eager to be there with the woman I love so much.

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