Monday, March 17, 2014


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i was still working from home this morning when Mistress returned from running her errands and working out.  i had just emerged from the shower, freshly shaved (face too) hoping that She would change Her mind about me wearing "normal" clothes today when She said .... "you know what, time for your punishment".
Not knowing that it was coming was a good thing because i didn't have to fret over the anticipation of the pain. I knew it was coming, but i didn't know when.  i found out when.
When it was done, i thanked Her for my spanking and was told to leave her to go get dressed.  i always feel renewed after a punishment and relieved of the guilt of having displeased Her in the first place.  Neither of U/us could remember the actual reason for the spanking so now i have a new task.  Keeping track of the reason, date and time of the infraction, whatever and whenever it may be.
Not 30 minutes after i left the house for the office, i got text from Mistress with a picture of the dirty dishes in the sink.  Just before that i had texted Her thanking Her again for my spanking and telling Her that it really helps me when i receive them.  The comment in Her text that included the picture of the dirty dishes in the sink was "are you sure it helps?"  ..... gulp!!
Tonight we are going out on a date so we can review our rules, our relationship and to concentrate a little on making our vows for our upcoming ceremony in October.  During dinner, i believe it is my duty to let her know that the severity and frequency of my punishments needs to be increased.  i know i'll regret telling her that when it comes to actually administer the more severe punishment but i also know that it is my obligation to be honest and truthful with Mistress.  Punishment spankings are supposed to correct abhorrent behavior ... are they not?  i have not been brought to tears yet via a punishment spanking but todays spanking was as close as She has ever brought me.  Obviously however, the dirty dishes in the sink are really the only evidence that the punishment hasn't been severe enough to focus my mind on what my obligations in this relationship are.  I've mentioned to Her recently that i think She should consider pushing the boundaries that we are currently comfortably living in.  God help me ...........
i love her so much.  Life is good!


  1. We use a notebook to track my infractions (unfortunately there always seems to be a lot of them). My wife titled the notebook the BMP notebook for Behavior Modification Plan. Every night I hand her the notebook and kneel next to her and put coconut oil on her legs and she records any infractions I may have made.
    Then when it comes time to settle up. She reads off the infractions before the punishment.

    1. That's very efficient way to make sure that all transgressions are accounted for. I will explain to Mistress that a blogger friend (you) had described a ritual that you and your Mistress do because i think she may also think some variation of that will be a good idea for us.

      Thank you for your interest in our blog and for taking the time to leave a comment. i enjoy your blog as well.

  2. That is one very red ass, seems like she really punished you good :)


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