Monday, September 29, 2014

Ruined Orgasms

Here is a link to a very informative post recently on a blog I enjoy reading called "Becoming a Mistress":

It is written by Georgia Ivey Green, better now perhaps to some as Mistress Ivey.  It's an excellent blog to check out, especially for woman who want practicable information related to being in Female Led Relationship/Marriage.

Any, the topic was about ruined orgasms of course, which is something that seems to be constantly on my mind ... especially when it comes to being the default method that I would prefer to have an orgasm, of course if i were given the chance.  There are times when Mistress K simply wants me to have a full-on, shake the ground orgasm, and i don't have the choice. 

The reason i now prefer to have a ruined orgasm is obvious to those that use them (or experience them) in the FLR's.  There is little, if any, waning of desire that usually accompanies a full on orgasm.  Most men, hell every man, loses his sexual desire immediately following an orgasms.  I won't go in to explaining why here because there are plenty of other resources from more intelligent people than me that can explain it.  After a ruined orgasm however, my desire is still usually right there and as we all know, a submissive husband that is horny is way more attentive than a submissive husband that has recently had an orgasm.  I truly love being in that constant state of desire.  I truly have come to crave, as my primary sexual release, the non-pleasurable feeling of having my semen drain from my cock.  Frankly, for me, it's very much like being milked anally.  The semen just comes out of your body without the usual pulsing that accompanies a "real" orgasm.

My "real" orgasms are more and more rare as time marches on in our FLM.  On the surface that might sound like I'm complaining about that very thing.  I absolutely am not.  My devotion to My Wife, to my Mistress naturally and lovingly also increases during that same time. 

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Then, when Mistress has decided that I've had enough, I get up, I clean up and we go on about our day.  Sometimes there is a lull in desire afterward but not usually.  If there is, it is very short lived and it is measured in hours.  I don't know how I survived all these years without the knowledge of ruined orgasms.  Frankly, this is something that should be taught in school! *smile    OK, maybe not yet.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don't forget the coffee

Submissives everywhere ..... do what you are told. Having her coffee ready when she wakes in the morning is not that difficult. 

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That particular wooden spoon is like a cane.  Especially when Mistress concentrates on 2 small areas.  It's hard to see but I am also wearing my glass plug.

Oh what a night!

When I came home from work last night, I intended to pour myself a cocktail and settle in for a nice, relaxing Friday night.  Mistress K. had other ideas about how my night was going to go. 

She said, "Here's what you will be doing tonight" .....................  She went on to explain how I was going to be her driver and deliver her to a friends house because there was going to be several women there for "happy hour", and she had decided she was going.  Then she said that after I delivered her to her party, I would then be gathering and shuttling kids to place across town for them to have an evening for themselves.  The kids would be at this place until 10pm, at which point they would be picked up and returned by the parents of one of the other kids.  After delivering the kids, I was return home and prepare myself for the return of Mistress from the party at around 8pm. After properly preparing myself, I was to drive to the party, naked under my loose clothes, and pick her up.  She would have been drinking and would be in no condition to drive.  By prepare myself, she meant be ready (and more importantly able) to give her multiple orgasms that evening.  I also knew it meant that I must be clean, clean-smelling, clean-shaved (face, cock, balls and ass) and to be prepared for whatever sexual adventure Mistress K. was in the mood for when I came to pick her up from the party. 

By this time, was fully immersed in subspace.  The very idea that I was to do these tasks, then to prepare myself like a slut-in-waiting for Mistress to return from drinking with her friends, and to be prepared for sexually pleasuring her in a yet-to-be-determined fashion, was the reason why I was in subspace. 

I'm not going to go into the intimate details of our play last evening because I don't want to cheapen how emotionally important it was to us.  I will tell you that I have never been as deep in subspace, as deep in love and as much in awe of the Goddess that owns me as I was last night.

However, the second we walked into the empty house and the second I was in my required naked condition, and present before Mistress K., she did feel the overwhelming desire to do this to me .............

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The stated reason she did this to me was "because I want to.  Because at this moment, it brings me pleasure to she you be inflicted with a little pain"

She used someone she has never used on me before for a spanking.  This wooden spoon ........

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She's used a wooden spoon on me before.  But not this particular wooden spoon.  And it hurt like FUCK!!!  I don't if it was the spoon itself, or more the fact that Mistress K. was a little drunk and therefore a tiny bit sadistic, but it hurt like FUCK!  The more I whimpered, the more pleasure she was getting from what she was doing.  The picture doesn't show it, but the marks she was leaving were the kind that red all around and white in the middle.  You know, the kind that really, really hurt?

What an incredible night.  The amount of orgasms obtained were plenty.  The actual amount unknown for Mistress.  For me, it was zero.  I thoroughly enjoyed being the one that was expected to be sex ready when Mistress came home from drinking with friends.  I enjoyed how it made me feel like her slut-in-waiting.  After it was all over and it was time for bed, I asked Mistress if I could keep wearing my butt plug overnight while I slept.  She said yes.  I was hopeful that it would inspire vivid sex dreams ... I wasn't at all disappointed.  I'll try and post about some of those later.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cock Sleeve

This is what it looks like mostly when Mistress K. is being sexually satisfied the way she wants. 

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This is not a picture of us, but it is eerily similar to what it is we do when Mistress allows me to enter her. There is one big difference ... Mistress K. has a much sexier ass.  :-)

It is rare that get to have a full orgasm when we have sex, but when I do, it is often following several orgasms by Mistress K. being serviced this way, When she makes me orgasm like this, she will require that I remove the sleeve, reenter her and have a glorious orgasm looking directly into her eyes.  She knows that is my absolute favorite to have a real orgasm.  I believe she prefers me to orgasm after satisfying her with the cock sleeve because she gets very lovely-dovey afterward and wants me to feel some of that too.  She doesn't allow, she will require that I do.  She requires me to because often I am usually begging her to deny me an orgasm and if an orgasm is inevitable, i ask for a ruined orgasm.  (She's trained me well)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who in your life knows about your blog?

I came across this blog entry that deals with how the identity of private, intimate blogs can get revealed: faerie learns to fly: It Slipped Out.  In it the blogger talks about actual people in your real life knowing about the identity of you blog, and therefore having a glimpse into the most private parts of your life. 

Way back, in a previous post (too lazy to try and find), I wrote about how Mistress called me in an urgent hurry one day because her BFF was having some issues with her husband in her marriage, and Mistress K. thought she/they would be a good candidate for FLM.  Because of our mutual desire for discretion, Mistress K. wanted my permission to reveal our lifestyle to her friend.  It took me about 2.3 seconds to give her all of the approval I could muster.  I don't actually know why I did it other than I guess the whole idea of someone else in our lives, someone we could trust with discretion, would know about my submissiveness to my Wife, and know about our lifestyle.  It appealed to the exhibitionist nature that I have so I did not hesitate giving my Mistress my approval.  I even offered to allow this friend to be able to call and talk to me about her things if she wanted a perspective from the submissive husband's point of view.

Well, that conversation eventually did happen and we talked about all kinds of things.  Why did I want this in the first place?  What was in it for Mistress K?  Is it really possible for me, an otherwise overly dominant person in the vanilla world, to be truly happy being a submissive husband ......... that actually gets punished by being spanked on my naked ass?  We talked all through those things.  An hour and a half later, when it was time to say goodbye, I revealed to my wife's friend that I had a blog that had very intimate details about my life and my marriage to her dear, dear fried.  I didn't tell her the name of the blog because I didn't want to force something on her that she didn't want to know in the first place.  I told her that the blog exists, and if she wanted to read it, I'd gladly reveal it to her.  She was intrigued, thought about for a moment and said "you know, let me think about that for a couple of days".  She eventually declined to know the identity of the blog because she felt, at least for now, the intimate details of my marriage to her best friend did not need to be revealed for her to contemplate her own FLM journey with her husband. 

As they say, the shit is out of the horse and she knows enough about our relationship to qualify her as being in the know.  If she felt she needed, or even just wanted to know the identity of the blog, I'd be good with that. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh, one other thing .............

While I was away from Mistress last week, I was missing her terribly on Wednesday night (first night away from home).  I was laying in bed, tossing and turning when I thought I'd sleep with my glass butt plug in as a way to remind me of Mistress.  In the interest of full disclosure, I mention it to her this morning.

She wasn't happy.  She reminded me that it was not my bottom hole and that I did not have the right to decide to fill it.  She's thinking about what will happen now.

New Toys for Mistress

Hi everyone,

Today I was able to go home for "lunch".  There was no food to eat, but there was something that needed to get accomplished.  Mistress and I had been apart for 5 days and there was some catching up to do.  A couple of weeks ago I sent a very sexy picture of a woman fucking herself on a suction cup dildo that was attached to a pole.  Mistress thought that was hot and mentioned that I might want to look into to getting her one of those.  Today, I got her two of them on my way home for lunch.  I got two because I didn't know which of them she'd like better. 

When i got home, I stripped naked of course.  Then i eagerly showed Mistress the purchase I had made.  In addition to the two suction cup cocks, i also bought some more lube and some Stud 100 desensitizing spray, which I believe is the best thing out there.  Although .... I've never tried the Emla Cream.  Has anyone else tried it?  If so, drop me a note.  I'd like to know more about it. 

She was pretty excited at having those and as she was leading my into the bedroom, her only in panties and me naked, she told me to bring them along in case she wanted to use one of them.  On this day, Mistress started me off like she usually does by having me give her entire body soft kisses.  All over.  When i first giving these kisses, she likes them to be soft and romantic.  there are times that she says she could have me do that to her for hours ........... and I would because I consider it the ultimate treat to be able to put my mouth on her in any fashion.  It's an incredible way to worship and Mistress just loves it.

As is usually the case Mistress started to get horny from the soft kisses.  She told me to spend some time in the "ass area".  I asked her if it would be ok if i removed her panties.  She was laying on her tummy and simply raised her bottom up off the bed and pulled her legs together, indicating that she wanted them removed.  I was able to worship Mistress' ass for about 15 glorious minutes.  She had her back arched and was spreading her les wider and wider as i continue to tongue her tiny rear hole.  It is one of the things i enjoy most and I am grateful that Mistress let me linger there today.

She wanted my mouth on her clit and the only way i was able to do that was to roll onto my back and slide under her between her legs.  She loved and started to grind against my face.  Mistress has said in the past that she doesn't usually like this position but her moaning and writhing told me that today she loved it.  I was thrilled to see how she was enjoying it and i hope that she remembers how much she enjoyed.  Suddenly she had be get the butt plug.  She told me to carefully lube it so it be inserted in HER!  She did not want any of the lube to get on her pussy because my mouth was going back there.  i placed a small amount of lube on the plug and a tiny amount on her rosebud and started to press it against her when she told me to stop.  She instructed me to get on my back again so she could straddle my face.  She wanted me to resume licking her this way while I inserted the plug into her.  Hole fuck that was awesome!

After what seemed like a long time, Mistress stopped and told me to grab one of her new suction cup dildos and follow her into the closet.  She was looking frantically for a smooth service to putt he dildo on.  I loved watching her walk from behind because i could see my pink glass butt plug firmly in her ass.  She stuck the dildo against one of the cabinets and expertly backed herself right onto it.  Then, from her knees with the cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass, she ordered me to kneel in front of her so she could suck my cock, thereby having all 3 holes filled.  I asked her if this was something that she always wanted and she nodded and moaned in the affirmative while she fucked herself against the dildo.  After only a few second she spit my cock out because it tasted bad.  I had some lube on it somehow.  ( I promised, there was no unauthorized stroking)  Mistress then ordered me to lay on my back, feet facing away from her, and had me slide my face under hers and she was kissing me as passionately as she ever has while she was being fucked.  I asked her if this was acting out a fantasy of being fucked by another while I watched and she said yes.  She had me then put my hand on her clit and rub it so she could cum this way.  She was kissing me as I laid there, arm stretched, rubbing her pussy and clit while she was getting fuck by the cupboard.  She had tremendous screaming orgasm (I don't exactly know how many) and then just collapsed on the carpeted floor of the closet.  We both laid there, breathing hard, trying to catch our breath.

After a moment, i asked her if I had just been cucked by the cupboard.  We laughed her ass off and said "I guess so".  We both laughed.  Being cucked by a dildo wearing cabinet is fine with me ..... as long as Mistress never truly desires another man to perform that function.

After another minute, I got to my feet, my rock hard cock (I was not allowed to cum) pointing to the sky and i said to Mistress that i would clean things up while she rested.  What an incredible day.

Together again

I am back in the arms of my Mistress again.  We have been apart since Wednesday afternoon and holding her, being held by her and kneeling before has never felt so good.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My good friend I'm Hers had an excellent post on his blog today. If you aren't already following that blog you are missing out on some true wisdom. For some reason, my iPad is not allowing me to post a link but I'm confident you can find.  Today's post included the following:

" order for a WLM/FLR to work there needs to be an underlying healthy relationship.  I’m sure that statement is true as one can only fake real feelings for so long before conflicts, issues or other problems surface"

I can tell you that this statement is absolutelyly true.  In fact, our lifestyle now started after Mistress K. (then she was just referred to as my wife) made a comment and was wondering if we'd still be friends and eager lovers when our children where grown.  when i fell in love with this woman, and very moment since I have been committed to keeping our love as alive and as stimulating in each of our lives as possible.  
Her comment made me think and so i researched ways to become closer to my wife.  Ways to be able to keep the spark alive.  I knew that we had the right kind of underlying love and devotion to each other but wanted to be proactive to avoid complacency and routine from ruining our genuine love afair.  My research brought me to all the of the qualities of a loving FLM that we currently enjoy.  In fact, my love, dedication, loyalty, desire, lust and genuine happiness with my wife as my life partner is deeper now than it ever has been and it naturally continues to grow.  

I don't love my Mistress more because of our FLM .... I do believe that I love her better because of our FLM, which is because of our love for each other.  Mistress K., do you agree?

Thanks for the inspiration IH!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well ... here it is.   Blushing!  Blushing even more than I was when I was called a sissy in the comment of my previous post.  I don't consider myself that because I'm a, you know, rough and tumble submissive husband.  I said that to Mistress and she stopped what she was doing, looked at me as said, "when you are in panties, you are my sissy".
*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Should I post a picture?

Does anyone really care what i look like in the panties Mistress makes me wear sometimes?  I don't want to just presume you do, so I'm asking.  Let me know in your comments.  If most do then I will, if most don't then I won't.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It may be working

Last night, Mistress K. allowed me to participate in one of the most erotic lovemaking sessions I have every had with her.  It was incredible. (the details of which may be described in a later post of Mistress allows it)  It was deeply moving and in the end I was allowed/required to have a full-on orgasm, even though I had previously asked Mistress to keep me denied.

Recently I discussed a cock-therapy training that Mistress has designed in an attempt to delay my need to ejaculate when my cock is being stimulated.  In other words, she wants me to last longer to pleasure her better.  Although I am making progress in that regard, we aren't where Mistress wants me to be ... but, I can tell you that the training has caused me to finda deeper level of desire for Mistress.  So much so in fact this morning, when I woke up, I had zero "orgasm hangover", which is something most of us men (submissive or otherwise) are subject to.  Not this morning ......... I could cut a diamond with the hardness of my cock thinking about last night.

I love you Mistress K.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Glimpse of the future?

Today, Mistress K. and I were able to spend a few hours alone, in our own home.  Mistress K. took the kids off to an activity tat we knew would have them occupied for several hours.  When Mistress returned from dropping them off, she walked into the, phone pressed against her ear, chatting away with a friend of hers.  Seeing she was alone, I closed the garage door behind her and stripped naked, still wearing the running shoes I had on when I did the briefest of workouts.

After her call, we carried on with mundane, everyday things.  I fixed myself some lunch (she didn't want any) and while I was eating in a chair, Mistress entered the room and called me over to her.  She had a corset!  Yes, she had a corset ... and she put it on ... ME!  After the corset was on, she took some old panty hose material and tied my balls off.  She had me resume my lunch.  A few minutes later, she came by my chair, ordered me to sit back and proceeded to stroke my flaccid cock aggressively.  She did it in such a way that in seconds I was warning her that I as near an orgasm.  She expressed how disappointed she was about that.

We did some mundane chores around the house when she said "I have to go get the kids in a few.  Go lay on your tummy on the bed and wait for me."  Oh boy, oh boy ... what does this mean?  I was hoping that she wanted to play with my ass.  Milking perhaps?  maybe even an edging session that included a dildo show for her?  I don't, but I knew it had to be good.

Laying there for a few seconds, and then I felt it.  SWAT ........  SWAT  Mistress K. was spanking me.  Of course I was disappointed because I was hoping to be given the ass-slut treatment.  I asked her why she was spanking me.  She said "because it's what I want to do right now"  She was spanking with something different this time.  It wasn't first like a paddle put man did it sting.  It was my belt.  Turns out she had been thinking for several days what it would be like to spank me with a belt. 

She wasn't intending to punish me for anything, she just wanted to try it out.  Later she mentioned that it was weird.  Much different than a paddle.  Using a belt is more like a whipping than a paddling.  Before she concluded, she had me raise on my knees so she could alternate strokes of my cock with swats from the belt.  When she was, she simply said.  "We're done, clean this up" and walked off.

I called he after she left to get the kids and thanked for the special loving attention she gave during our rare time together in our home.  I told her how genuinely and how deeply in love I am with her and in the most supportive, sincere voice ever she replied ... "I know you are baby".  I melted.

This brief couple of hours made me think that is was a glimpse of how our life together will be when we are empty nesters.  I don't think there will be kinky stroking and impromptu spanking all the time, but being naked and in service to her was just so natural and wonderful.

It's always good to know.

Not that I ever wonder about my desire, dedication and love for my Mistress Wife, but sometimes there are small little things that happen that confirm my feelings are both conscious and subconscious.  Just 5 minutes ago I cleaned the dirty dishes in the sink and emptied the dishwasher.  When I was done I was rock hard.  I stopped for a moment ant thought about why and it was a subconscious affirmation that I do receive genuine pleasure in giving pleasure to Mistress K., even though in this case the pleasure that she received was subtle.

Before we entered our acknowledged FLM, I used to get what I called "love boners".  These were erections that I would get from time to time simply by thinking about the level to which I loved this incredible woman.  I wasn't thinking about any sex act with her, but merely the love in my heart for her.

It all makes total sense to be now.  Doing the dishes gave me a love boner.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chastity, enforced by device and/or the other kind

Earlier today, one of my blogger friends (Locked Husband - ) posted about how much more enjoyable it is for him to view pornography when he is locked in his cage.  I encourage you to look at it.  The reason was essentially that since touching himself and stimulating himself to pleasure is not an option, it allows him the absorb the images in a more meaningful manner, thereby appreciating it more.

I commented, and here was my comment:

I'm right there with you brother. I enjoy it waaaay more and much prefer looking at porn while in chastity. That being said, I haven't worn my cage for 3 months, and even then it was only for a day and was a part of my punishment that day. I'm lucky enough to be able to maintain my chastity without the need for a cage. I've demonstrated that I don't stroke with permission, I don't touch myself or otherwise play with myself without permission or supervision, and as a result, Mistress has a comfort level that my cage is not necessary. I think it goes without saying that I never yet have had an orgasm (knock on wood) without her permission, and only one time did i have an orgasm that wasn't supervised and witnessed by Mistress K. That one time was not only with her permission, it was an order. The cage has been relegated to a device used solely now for punishment and because of that, I take a bit of pride in being trusted by my Mistress like that.

I am so very proud of the trust that Mistress has in me with regard to her rules and my chastity.  In the very beginning of our FLM, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off my cock, or my fingers out of my ass because I thought I had enjoyed it so much before our new life.  I was able to convince myself that if the FLM thing was to work out and be a real thing, i would be able to do that for my beloved Wife because it meant that I truly did want to please her ... and certainly betraying her trust would not please her.

I am so incredibly honored to be given the right to earn her trust and to demonstrate my devotion accordingly.  I love you Mistress K.  More than you will ever know.

Went to visit the new doctor

I'm changing doctors.  I won't rant about politics here, but because of the bullshit new HC laws, I needed a new doctor.  Mistress did the research and found a doctor that seemed (we hoped) would do just fine.  I have a special condition (nothing serious but something I'll always have) and so we wanted a doctor that was proficient in that area.  That's what led us to this particular doctor.  She wore NOT a lick of makeup, had beautiful pale skin, red hair and was as plain-jane as plain-jane can be.  There was not a single overtly sexy thing about her.  If you knew me, you'd know that to me, that description makes her HOT.  She frankly seemed to have no interest in worrying about trying to enhance her feminine charms to impress anyone, nor was she giving off a single sexual vibe.  And why would she frankly? She was probably in her mid 30's, had the previously referred to red hair (which...holy shit usually is all that I need to think a woman is attractive), was super confident and was ALL BUSINESS, incredibly capable, bright and very pleasant.

Before we visited with the doctor herself, there was an intern doctor that did the preliminary interview and discussion.  This was unexpected but I was asked if it would be ok but this was also a teaching medical facility.  I said sure.  She was probably in her late 20's and probably a recent graduate considering she was in her internship.  Not sexy but not unattractive, just kind of nerdy and focused on her job.  She was very pleasant and very helpful and knowledgeable.  She seemed like a young professional that hadn't yet been soured by the burdens of the experience of a long career or the drudgery of life that so many like to portray.  She was bright and like the doctor, was all business. 

In a previous post I had mentioned that I asked Mistress K. before going to this new doctor, if we  were going to reveal our FLM lifestyle to her.  Mistress said No.  That said, Mistress was right there with me and although the examination was more of a "let's get your vitals" kind of thing and verbal give and take.  A full-on physical is coming at the end of the month. It remains to be seen if Mistress will be there with me for my full examination.  I don't know if she would be interested or comfortable being there or not, but being fully immersed in this lifestyle, I naturally do hope that she will be there. Even though everything was all business, the doctor(s) were all business and not a single person in the room was giving off a horny vibe, I couldn't help but fantasize about being naked and subject to a thorough examination right there.  I later admitted to Mistress that I had a running fantasy going on in my head about the thing because we were in the exam room for a good hour.still, sitting on the exam table with the intern doctor next to me, the real doctor on her stool before me and my beautiful Mistress Wife sitting in a chair behind her being the primary person the doctors were speaking to.  I fantasizing as if Mistress had taken me to the (her) doctor to be routinely examined so that she could be assured that her submissive, dutiful husband would be around to serve her for years to come.  You know, the kind of routine exam that requires extracting body fluids and investigation of all areas of the submissive husband's body, right? You know, so the Mistress Wife can be assured that her property is healthy, right?  Possibly even some correction from Mistress for not doing the things the doctor were telling me to do and for embarrassing her.  (hey, a boy can fantasize right?) 

These were all merely fantasies that were running through my mind and of course it is my obligation to reveal those to Mistress, even though I have absolutely no expectations that any such activities would ever take place. Not telling her hat i was thinking would be akin to lying to her.  I want this doctor to keep me healthy and alive ..... not just part of a fantasy.  My Mistress will continue to decide whit, if, when  and how sexual activity for me will happen and frankly this isn't likely to be among those times. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Edged in the closet

Mistress called me into the closet to try on some pants that needed to be hemmed.  I was wearing shorts and a t shirt because we are waiting for the house cleaner to arrive any minute and Mistress told that she wanted me clothed for that reason.  In the closet however, I lowered my shorts in order to try on the pants.  Since they needed to be hemmed, Mistress was kneeling at my feet, adjusting the length of the pants for hemming.  Looking down, I was fantasizing about her being in that position, naked, with her hands tied behind her back waiting for me to fuck her mouth.  A boy can fantasize right?  Still kneeling, she held the length of the pants in place and told me to take them off, leaving me naked from the waist down.

My now hardening cock was bobbing right in front of her face and as a playful gesture, Mistress took it into her mouth and gently bit down on the head for a moment, then releases it.  I moaned.............
She stood and was rubbing my cock and balls as I started nuzzling her neck.  mmmmmm, I love to nuzzle her neck.  With one foot one the ground, I put my other foot on the bench we have in the closet, pulled up the back of her robe and started grinding my now rock hard cock against her thong covered ass.  God she was gorgeous. 

She quickly got behind me while I still had my foot up and she started rubbing my cock and balls from behind and playfully swatting my bare bottom.  She stopped and told me not to move.  She left the closet and returned with lube in her hand and resumed the same position, this time smearing lube all over my cock and balls.  She asked if we had "48's" left to attend to.  I said "NO", with a great deal of pride.  She started stroking my cock and of course, after having fantasized about temporarily controlling her sexually, I was already horny as fuck.  I got to the edge of orgasm waaaay to fast for Mistress' liking and she wondered out loud if her cock therapy training was having any effect.  It's been at lease 5 since our last therapy session so may maybe not .......

In any event, I was this close to cumming.  I was teetering on the edge and slight breeze in a different direction across my butt could've sent over the edge.  Mistress, already annoyed at the rapid pace with which I reached the edge, said in no uncertain terms ..... "you had better not cum!"  Holy shit ..... I didn't, but I was close.  She left the closet without saying a word and called me to the kitchen to help her gather some dishes.

Shortly, she and I will be visiting a new doctor for me.  I've had the same doctor for 15 years and because of things all related to politics, I now have to choose a new doctor.  As I was gathering the dishes, the thought occurred to me so I asked her,  "are we going to reveal the nature of our relationship to the new doctor?"  No, said Mistress.  OK, said I.  I do want her to be present for my examinations though.  We'll see how that works out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spreader Bar

I keep forgetting that we have a spreader bar in our closet.  Do you think Mistress K. would ..... ah, never mind.

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Monday, September 8, 2014

Punishment - Well at least it's overwith

We are having record rain here in Phoenix today.  Chaos reigns as people try to make their way to school and work.  I took Mistress K. nearly an hour to get to the school and back, when it normally takes only 20 minutes, round trip.

While Mistress was gone, I was working and was mired in some drama at the office, completely immersed in my little world.  Mistress K. came home, and was doing various little things around the house when she came over to me while I was sitting in the chair, started kissing my neck.  It was awesome the way she was being all cute and flirty and attentive.  My first thought was Mistress wanted to resume the cock-therapy that took a hiatus over the weekend, and as such, my cock instantly became super hard.  Mistress K. had other plans.  She whispered something in my ear.  Can you guess what it was?

First I'll tell you what is wasn't.  It wasn't "mmmm, pet you are so sexy ... how about I let you masturbate to a full orgasm on my ass?"  No, it wasn't that.  It wasn't .... "how about we forget all about your little transgression yesterday of not having my coffee ready for me?"  No it wasn't that either.  What she did say made me break out in an immediate sweat.  She said  "why are your clothes still on?"  Yeah, that just happened.  I was so immersed in my own drama and the drama of the weather that I did not make sure I was naked upon Mistress K.'s return from taking the kids to school.  Her next words were even more ominous.  "Let's go take care of both punishments right now".

Mistress K. stood there and pointed to the ground, indicating where my shorts needed to be in a big hurry.  I lowered them immediately and began to try and talk Mistress out of punishing me on both accounts, to no avail.  She had me retrieve her pink leather paddle and had me follow her into the bathroom, where she had pulled out her vanity stool for my to lay across. Mistress delivered 30 lashes of the paddle for the coffee infraction yesterday and 20 lashes of the paddle for the "not being naked as required" infraction this morning.

They hurt .... especially the last 20!  Alas there is no picture of the aftermath.  Frankly, I forgot to ask Mistress to take a picture of it because I was too busy rubbing my red, sore ass.

The aftercare was wonderful as always and while kneeling naked, sweating and with a burning ass, I hugged Mistress and thanked her for my punishment.  I cherish the way we are together in aftercare.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

It hurts now

Mistress K. and I recently had a nice regular meeting to discuss our FLM.  We both agree(d) that we love what this lifestyle has brought to our marriage.  I told her that now, whenever I have a sexual fantasy, it ALWAYS includes her.  I didn't tell her that because it was what I thought she wants to hear>  I told her that because it has become the truth, naturally.  I truly do not have any desire for sexual gratification that does not include Mistress.  Sure, it may include other women when I fantasize, but never, ever in the context of being alone with that woman or women.  In every instance, Mistress is of course the Dominant one, even in those fantasies where she is used sexually like san insatiable slut.  In those fantasies where another woman may be involved, Mistress is always the Alpha Domme, even if the other woman is also a Domme.

In any event, part of our conversation was about spankings.  As I promised I would, I let Mistress K. know that I thought that the punishment spanking (the ones intended to deter abhorrent behavior) needed to be significantly more severe.  I even said that I knew I would regret saying this to her each time I was subject to a punishment spanking, but I felt that I needed to be honest with her about it.

Yes ... well, yes, um ..... ow!  I have had one punishment spanking from Mistress since that conversation.  It was in the morning.  For the first time in a very long time, while sitting at my desk in my office wearing panties, I could still feel the tingle and itch of what had been a sound spanking from hours before.  That spanking hurt!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***
That isn't a picture of the actual aftermath.  It is an actual picture of my ass after what Mistress used to give as a punishment spanking.  If Mistress will allow it in the future, I will ask her to take a picture of my ass after her new version of punishment spankings.

Well, this morning Mistress K. had to wake at 5am to take one of children to a sports activity.  Last night, both of use were down at the neighbors and I had a good bit to drink so when we got home, I asked for permission to go right to sleep and Mistress said yes.  Well, I walked right past the coffee maker which is a place I would normally stop so I could prepare the coffee maker to start brewing coffee before we woke up.  Long story short, Mistress did get up early, did take our child to the sporting activity and did accept my apology for not having her coffee available for her when she woke up.  Whew!

Then it came.  The text that read simply   .............   48  ............  All I could do was gulp, swallow and fret about what will be an upcoming punishment spanking that will result in my ass being on fire.  Shit!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cock-Therapy contnued

This morning was crazy. 

On her way out the door to take the kids to school, Mistress whispers to me "be naked, have your bowels empty and your ass ready for me when I get home".   Oh boy ...............

I wasn't sure if Mistress was intent on continuing the cock-therapy training this morning or not.  I did have an idea that something was going to end up in my ass though.  I did as I was told and she returned, I was working at the computer.  She stopped by me, kissed me and said "stay here until I call for you" and disappeared into our Master suite.  10 minutes or so later she summoned me in with her and there she was, naked, gorgeous and wearing her strap on harness and blue rubber dildo.  The blue one is still small, but it is bigger than the red one we had been using.  She also had her pink leather paddle in her hand. 

She called me over to the side of the bed and had me bend over the bed.  She informed me that she was gong to give me a punishment spanking right now because i forgot to do something with the dog yesterday and in the caused the dog to pee in the house.  She was not happy about that!  Mistress proceeded to punish me with the paddle.  it was obvious to me that she was intent on giving more severe, more significant paddling's when a punishment spanking was due.  She seems to be adopting more and more the idea that a punishment spanking really is beginning once the whimpering and complaining starts.  It hurt.  Only on very rare occasion have I been able to feel the lingering effects of a spanking hours later.  Now, as I write this 7 hours later, i can definitely feel the lingering effect of my spanking this morning.  When it was over , Mistress had me stand, turn and then kneel before her for aftercare.  Remember, she was wearing her strap on with the dildo in place, so it was something different for to kneel before her with her cock staring me straight in the face.  I didn't think she had designs on me acknowledging her cock when she had me kneel because it's not her style, but I didn't know.  She didn't.  She pushed it to the side and it basically rested on my neck and shoulder while she administered the aftercare.

Next, she had me stand, then sit on towel she had laid out on the bed.  The coarseness of the towel was immediately felt on the stinging, burning part of my ass i was resting on.  She left the room to go into our closet.  My cock was soft as i was recovering from my punishment.  It was starting to come to life like it always does during aftercare but this was a harsh enough punishment that it was still soft.  I was sitting on the side of the bed when she re-emerged in the room and informed me that we were going to continue with our cock therapy now.  this time she had me count the number of strokes of her well-lubed, beautiful little hand on my cock.  I can hardly last at all when she strokes my cock with her hand, but this time I was able to go well over 35 strokes before I had to tell her to stop.  if you remember, our goal was 30 and anything less than 30 would result in that many more swats from the paddle.

Mistress was so proud of me and in turn I was proud of myself.  I felt empowered and was rock hard and horny.  She was sweet and tender when she told me to turn over so she could fuck my ass.  She turned me over, bent over the side of the bed, told me to put my hands behind my back and tied them together.  She smeared lube all over my rear hole and pushed a small silicone plug into my ass.  At first it didn't have a lot of lube on it so it was burning.  I immediately became discouraged that i wasn't going to be in any condition to take her strappy that looked so sexy on her.  She did everything right.  She didn't let me whine my way out of being fucked like she had intended.  She forced me to find a way to deal with it and to give her what she was there to take ... my ass.

She expertly smeared lube all over the cock and my bottom hole and gently but firmly pushed her condom covered cock into my surprisingly eager hole.  It was amazingly comfortable, even natural and my bottom accepted the intruder easily.  Mistress smeared tons of lube all over my cock, ball and ass and methodically massaged my balls and perineum while slowly working the cock in and  out of my ass.  I could've gone on like that for Mistress for hours but she abruptly stopped, told me that she has business to attend to and told me to clean up the toys while she got ready to shower.   

I had never felt like that before.  I was so eager to continue.  i was so eager to be taken to places that i had never ben before.  To have my boundaries pushed.  I was getting lost in the deep abandonment of the whole thing when it was abruptly over.  I felt completely used.  I loved it!

I think Mistress and I discovered a few of things this morning.  A most severe and significant punishment routine is effective and useful.  The sub will likely perform so much better when it comes to premature issues following a ruined orgasm, even the next day, and lastly, the subs ass can take Mistresses cock better, faster and easier than ever before.

It was a crazy good morning.  I love you Misrtess K.

Let's see how you do today

Thursday morning, Mistress was intent on continuing my cock-therapy.  For those of you just joining us, cock-therapy is training that Mistress is putting me through to increase the amount of time I can have direct stimulation to my cock and not have to fight off the urge to cum (stop), when Mistress is wanting a spontaneous, good, hard fucking.  Of course it can be accomplished with desensitizers and with the use of the cock sleeve, but that takes planning and therefore isn't spontaneous.  Her training plan isn't scientific, but she is interested in seeing how it will work.

Mistress called me into the bedroom and in a methodical, clinical manner, explained that we were going to be continuing cock-therapy today while she was removing her clothes.  Watching her do this was getting very excited and aroused and by the time Mistress commanded me to enter her and see how many pumps I could go before I had to stop, I was super horny.  The previous day (day 1) is was able to have 7 good, long, slow pumps before having to stop to avoid cumming.  Quite disappointing to both of us.  It resulted in 23 hard swats from the pink leather paddle.

As was the case on the first day, Mistress wasn't done and decided that she was going to get her orgasm and had me get her vibrator for her and she proceeded to have her orgasm.  Beautifully so I might add!  She was still a bit mischievous after her orgasm and instructed me to see if i could make myself orgasm by straddling her tummy and humping the air above it, while i looked down on her. Although it is something i aspire to do some day, and have come close to doing in the past, i wasn't able to on this occasion.  Without hesitation, Mistress instructed me to re-enter her pussy, give it 2 quick pumps, withdraw and see if it could cause myself to have a ruined orgasm that way.  That was all I need.  Boy did I ever have a ruined orgasm, futilely pumping my cum from my rock yet neglected cock, directly onto her tummy. 

Mistress instructed me to clean her up and then she surprised by having me re-enter her pussy yet another to see how many thrust I could go (after the ruined orgasm) before I had to fend off the urge to cum.  This time the number was 60.  Mistress looked at me, smiled, got up from the bed to leave the room, kissed me and told me to clean up the mess before getting ready for work.

She had that "I think we may be on to something here" look on her face.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summoned to the bedroom

Wow, 3 posts in one day.  A new record for me I think!

While generating my first post here today, I was summoned to the bedroom by Mistress K.  Right after she summoned me, she laughingly asked if that sent a shiver down my spine, not knowing why I was being summoned.  I admitted that it did given one the topics we had discussed the night before about punishments.

I walk into the room and there she is, naked and laying on the bed.  her beautiful red hair framing her beautiful face and she held out her hands, inviting me onto the bed with her.  It was beautiful.  She rolled over onto her tummy and had me worship her body with those little kisses and gentle bites that she likes.   She forbade me from putting my mouth directly on her pussy or bottom hole to which i whimpered .... "oh pleeeeease can I?"  She said no.  When Mistress doesn't feel clean there, she will not let me get anywhere near it.  I wish she would.  But, I digress.

After 10 minutes or so of Mistress body worship, she rolled back over onto her back, spread her legs and invited in between her legs.  Not to enter her mind you, but to tell me the reason she summoned me.  She called it cock therapy. Cock therapy?  What is cock therapy, I asked?  She describe cock therapy as something we would be doing in an attempt to train me to not be so eager to cum the minute i am inside her.  During cock therapy Mistress choose a number.  Today that number was 30.  I was to lubricate my cock and insert it into her yumminess and then I was to count the successive thrusts I could go without having to stop in order to avoid an orgasm.  Whatever that number would be, would be the amount of punishment spankings I would receive.  Obviously the goal being to train me to be able to thrust into Mistress more each time in order to avoid a stinging, burning red ass.  I made it to 6 and had to stop.  I was so horny after being away from Mistress for almost 6 days, then being denied any sexual attention upon my return home, then being allowed to worship Mistress's body just moments before.  So the number of punishment spanks was set at 24. 

Mistress then told me to see how well I would be able to do while wearing pinky (our cock sleeve).  I thought to myself OMG, I am so horny that I might just cum putting the cock sleeve on.  I was able to get 32 thrusts before i was certain that was going to cum.  We were in the missionary position and Mistress was really moaning and pulling me into her by my butt and it was an incredibly beautiful thing to see.  I was amazed that I was able to make it to 32 given the fact that i can almost come by simply watching her in the throes of sexual pleasure.

"Get my vibrator" Mistress said.  I immediately got it, turned it on and handed it to her.  She took it rolled one leg to the side exposing her beautiful pussy to me and i watched as she nestled in just the right spot on her clitoris.  "Get inside me.  I want to cum with you  inside me", she said.  I slide my sleeve covered cock inside of her and watched as she began to each orgasm.  Watching Mistress orgasm is about the most incredibly beautiful thing there is for me and right when she was about to get there she told me to start thrusting.  It was only a few thrusts before I knew I was about to ejaculate so I pulled out .... right when she started her orgasm.  needless to say she was none too happy and when she was done and had gathered herself she said "that will be 10 more swats for pulling out when you did.  And they are going "GOOD ONES"!.  All I could do was apologize and acknowledge the added 10 lashes. 

She got off the bed and had me bend over the edge and she gave me my 24 spanks for the cock therapy.  Then 10 gave 10 more that were harder than the first 24.  When she was done, she tossed the pink leather paddle on the bed, walked toward the bathroom and told me to cleanup.

I am co thankful that we will be on a training program to help with staying power.  I love this woman!!!

Today's required attire

"Wear your glass butt plug for me today"

Yes Ma'am

I still have to post about why Mistress called me into the bedroom earlier.

We had our conversation

In my post from yesterday, I discussed how Mistress was in no mood for sex, even though we had been apart for almost 6 full days.  She asked me to put my cock inside for a few second before I left for the office, I think more for my benefit than hers, then she sent me off to work wearing her rapidly drying juices on my cock.

Mistress and were able to get together for dinner last while the kids were occupied for a couple of hours.  We discussed a number of things, got caught up after being apart over the weekend and we discussed things directly related to our FLM.  It was "our meeting" that we regularly have from time to time to review how things are going and to discuss things in our future.  During the day yesterday, 45 minutes after Mistress sent me to work with her pussy juices drying on me, it seems that Mistress was able to shed her "funk" she was and she found herself "incredibly horny".  She told me about how she went into our significantly large walk-in closet and had incredible sex with herself.  She got the toy bag out and used the large dildo on her pussy, the butt on her butt and the vibrator on her clit.  If I had been lucky enough to witness it, I would give you the details but suffice it to say, she had sex with herself with "reckless abandon", as she put it.  She said it was awesome and I was rock hard hearing her say that she did that.  I'll be honest, I was a bit surprised (and so very much excited) to hear that she used the butt plug for her play.  Yummy.

Anyway, during our "regular meeting" we discussed a number of things.  In no particular order we talked about:
  • Our upcoming Vows Renewal Ceremony that we are going to have on our 15th wedding anniversary that occurs next month.  Among the things to be decided on are the actual vows each of us will say, what Mistress will be wearing during the ceremony,  what I will be wearing (if anything) during the ceremony, and what we shall do to symbolize our union in the ceremony (placing of a collar, locking or unlocking of a chastity cage, or ???).  In the coming weeks dear readers, I'll be asking you for your input on this ceremony that we are both looking forward to.
  • Punishments.  In recent blogs I said that I would mention to Mistress that I felt that my punishments needed to be more frequent and more severe in order for them to have the desired effect.  That being to deter the abhorrent behavior that caused disappoint for Mistress.  I mentioned that I was sure to regret telling Mistress that the pain she needed to inflict upon me needed to more significant, knowing that the idea of it is way better and more palatable than when it would actually happen, but I felt that if Mistress was going to use spankings as punishment that they should probably be (interrupt ... Mistress just called me into the room by saying "lover, come here".  I'll update in a later post when I find out what she wants) significant and more of a deterrent to abhorrent behavior.  Like I said, I'll probably regret having brought this up to her when I am naked and my ass is on fire.  
  • Evolution.  We both discussed how each of us have evolved since we began our acknowledged FLM relationship.  I had mentioned that I had been quietly tried very hard to not "top from the bottom" and as such I have learned to accept, with genuine pleasure, any decision Mistress may have.  Rather than hoping she would decide one way or another, and then be disappointed when she didn't go with what I had hoped for, I have learned to accept with pleasure and duty whatever it is she may have decided.
  • I explained to her the phenomenon in me tat whenever I fantasize about sex, it absolutely always includes her. Without exception, every time I think about sex, even forbidden fantasy sex, it always includes Mistress and almost always ends with her being sexually satisfied.  Before our FLM, I would have sex fantasy that included my wife, sure, but not always.  Now, without even thinking about it, my Mistress is my sole source of sexual desire and pleasure in my fantasies and real life.  Mistress truly does own my sex.
  • After Mistress revealed that she had "reckless abandon sex" with herself earlier in the day, we talked about considering training me to be both chaste and denied frequent orgasms, but also getting better and better at being able to avoid ejaculations and orgasms longer in order to be able to fuck Mistress like she wants to be. 
  • I had told Mistress that as time goes on, I worry less and less about her someday waking up and finding me to be weak and less of a man than she feels she would need to keep her satisfied.  She said in fact the opposite was true.  She mentioned that the only thing that would cause her to feel that way is if in some way I was to end up having sex with another man.  When I am in subspace, I will tell Mistress that I will do "anything" for her, but that it usually has an immediate caveat that says "except suck another mans cock" or some related thing.  Mistress and I agree that such a thing is a deal-breaker in our life and our marriage and that we shouldn't have to continuously say that because we both agreed and reaffirmed that it is not something that either of us would allow to happen.  Ever.  Also, aside from the other obvious "never-going-to-happens" like poop, or animals, or blood play, other things would be possible.  I feel utterly comfortable in Mistress pushing and testing our boundaries because I trust her with everything I have.
Although it wasn't discussed at dinner last night, Mistress did say that she wanted me to get for her a suction cup dildo.  Over the weekend I had found a picture and sent it to her.  here it is:

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

A few minutes after sending her that picture, Mistress texted back and said "maybe you ought to get me one of those".  I replied with a very enthusiastic "yes Mistress" and went on to tell her how I got instantly hard when I read that text.  We texted back and forth on the topic with Mistress describing how she intended to use the suction cup dildo to be able to be fucked good like that while having my cock in her mouth.  I just love it when Mistress gets all slutty.  I asked her if she would go to the store with me to pick it out and she said yes. 

OK, everyone, bye for now.  I have to get ready to go to work.  I will post later on what Mistress wanted from me when she interrupted my typing earlier.  Have a great days everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

let me know how it works

Even though Mistress and i couldn't be together this past long weekend, Mistress did send along a couple of instructions for me while she was dealing with things at home.  One of those was to wear a cock ring all day to commemorate in my mind that she owns my cock and balls.  The other thing?  Well, that was a little more interesting.

2 weeks ago i was at the grocery store picking up a few things.  In my shopping, i came across this.

It's dental pain relieving cream that is 20% benzocaine and is designed to temporarily ease the pain of toothaches and the like.  I had hear (or did i read?) that some people will use Orajel to desensitize the penis to help with premature ejaculation.  I even heard that some Mistresses that keep their submissives locked in a cock cage for a long period, will remove the cage, apply a desensitizer, allow enough time for it to do it numbing, and then give the submissive something like 30 seconds to try and have an orgasm/ejaculation, before being locked right back up. 

Anyway, in reading this blog you'll know that we like to use a desensitizer on me before putting my cock into a cock sleeve whenever so that Mistress can get the kind of good hard fucking she wants from time to time.  So when i came across "Benzodent" I thought I'd give it a try and see if it worked as good as the spray we currently use. 

As you know, Mistress was unable to join me over the weekend so instead of trying it out together, Mistress texted me and had me apply it to my entire cock.  After waiting an hour, my instructions were to masturbate myself to the edge of orgasm and report back to her on how effective this cream was.  Shortly after her initial instructions, she sent supplemental instructions and those were .... keep applying the cream all day and masturbate myself tot he edge repeatedly during the day.  What a frustratingly wonderful day it was.  All in all, I've come to the conclusion that I really enjoy having my cock numbed.  It makes me feel like I can almost feel like i can thoroughly pleasure my Mistress with my cock as long as she likes, without telling her that I am about to cum.  I was so close so many times to having to let Mistress know that is ejaculated, but thankfully, I never had to report that.

How did it work?  Meh!  First, this cream is designed for the mouth (wet environment) and is thicker than toothpaste.  I applied it to my cock right out of the tube and it was very sticky.  After that first hour, when i started to masturbate, I applied some water to my hand and it became very, very slippery and the water seemed to ignite the numbing agent in the cream, so subsequently when I applied it throughout the rest of the day, I did so with water.  Knowing this, I'll try it again and see how it works out.

I have a question for all of you.  Which is the best numbing cream to use on a subs cock?  I've heard of Emla Cream but i understand you need a prescription for that.  Like I said earlier, I've heard that people use Orajel too and i think I'll ask Mistress if we can try it too.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts/suggestions/recommendations.  Mistress and I would very much appreciate it.


Back from the Deep Woods

On Wednesday afternoon, I left for the mountains of Arizona and my wife and kids have every intention of meeting me there on Friday afternoon for the long Labor Day weekend.  Long story short, Mistress K. was unable to make it there because she had to attend to a family member that suddenly got very, very sick.  The good news is that the family member in question is doing much better and looks like will pull through.  The bad news is that i just spent the entire looong weekend alone, with my kids and Mistress K.  During our time apart we had some interesting conversations and texting (I'll get in to some of those in upcoming posts) as we were both very horny for each other.

I returned home this morning (Tues.) around 10 am.  Right before I arrived home, Mistress had just completed one of her runs and was still trying to cool down. The kids were already at school and once i unloaded the car, I removed all of my clothes in order to comply with our standing rule.  Mistress was on the phone with someone that was really annoying her. I stood dutifully beside her, naked, hands behind my back in order to ask her if she wanted to join me in the shower.  When she was able to break away from the call for a second, she told me yes.  I waited a few second more and she was done with the call.  She looked up at me from her chair and said (almost apologetically) that she wasn't in any kind of sexual mood whatsoever.  Without hesitation i replied, that's ok babe.  She was tired in the mind from tangling with the idiot on the phone and from the stresses of the previous 3-4 days and just wasn't in any mood to even think about sex. 

I tried very hard (and i think succeeded) not to let on that i was disappointed.  I knew i was disappointed and she knew it too.  At the of the day though, it truly DOESN'T MATTER if am disappointed because it is not at all about me.  I know that, and in an odd way I was proud to be able to demonstrate to Mistress that I wasn't going to try and impose on her good nature by pouting or talking her into playing, even though she didn't want to.

She joined me in the shower and shit was good to see her naked body after not seeing it for 6 days.  I want so bad to drop to my knees in the shower and wash every inch of her body, but she was not going to have any of that.  I went about my business and cleaned myself, shaved my cock, balls and ass smooth while she watched, and just went about my business of getting myself clean and smooth.  When I was done, I left the shower to shave my face and finish before getting dressed.  I walked back to the steamy shower, looked in and told mistress I was ready to get dressed.  She was rinsing her hair and simply said, "I don't know what to have you wear today.  let me think about it".  OK was all i could muster and left the bathroom to go sit in the in our bedroom to wait for her.  She emerged from the shower and since time was getting short, I went to her and hugged her from behind, pressing my cock against her beautiful ass and i began to kiss her neck.  She said "I want you to wear regular clothes today" and shooed me off to get dressed.  I just turned and dutifully walked to the closet to get dressed, not wanting her to get the impression I was pouting. 

After I was dressed and was ready to leave, i cam out into the family room to find her on the couch wearing a towel.  Her was still kind of wet and not styled.  She was wearing zero make up and she looked magnificent.  I leaned down to kiss her goodbye, lingering and taking in her freshly cleaned scent as I nuzzled in her neck.  I kissed her once more and stood up to say goodbye and she said "I want you to put your cock in me for just a minute".   I reached down to untie my shoes and she said "leave them on" just lower your pants.  I was hard in a nano-second while she opened the towel to reveal her beautiful naked body and freshly shaved pussy.  I lowered myself onto her as she guided my cock into her pussy.  I felt the urge to cum in just a few seconds and she warned me I had better not.  She made the comment that i need to work on not needing to pull out so quickly to avoid cumming.  I apologized for disappointing her that way.  I don't want for her to ever feel the need to find someone else to replace me when she has the need to feel a cock inside of her. 

After resting inside of her for a few minutes, she told me to remove my cock and to let her juices dry on me.  I asked her if I could put my mouth on her pussy and she said no.  She told me to get dressed.  While i was getting dressed I was thinking I will confer with Mistress on what she thinks is the best path for us when it comes to my feeling the need to cum so quickly.  I suggested that we go to dinner tonight to have our regular discussion about the status of our FLM.  It is my belief that we need to focus on my being trained to be the things that Mistress wants in a husband and lover, and that more frequent and severe punishments might be necessary to accomplish those things.  There is  no reason that any Mistress should ever have to accept anything less than what she wants sexually from her submissive.  Ever!   I know that I will probably regret saying this, but there should be swift and harsh punishment if she is disappointed in me. 

I went to the office and i could feel her juices drying on my cock and I could smell her on my hands.  It smelled like heaven.