Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Should I post a picture?

Does anyone really care what i look like in the panties Mistress makes me wear sometimes?  I don't want to just presume you do, so I'm asking.  Let me know in your comments.  If most do then I will, if most don't then I won't.


  1. I think you should do what you want (it's your blog after all) or, better yet, do what she wants. That aside, I think most people like pictures :)

  2. what Misty said.

    Do you enjoy it? does does your Mistress? thats all that matters.

    I certainly dont have a problem with it, for what its worth.

  3. Seeing another sissy wearing panties give both new and old sissies the confidence to enjoy their own panties. Therefore, sharing pictures of you in your panties and any other outfits is good.

  4. Hope you avoid the bad weather headed your way. If it gets bad, take care of your Mistress and do not get caught without your panties.

  5. I always like pictures but I believe blogs should be about the authors more than the readers. Do what makes you and your Mistress happy. :)

  6. i would like to see, but it should be up to Mistress K.

  7. I agree with the others. It's your blog and you must do what Mistress K desires. If she wants you to model your panties then do so. I think your readers would love the pictures.
    Mistress K it's up to you.


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