Thursday, September 11, 2014

Edged in the closet

Mistress called me into the closet to try on some pants that needed to be hemmed.  I was wearing shorts and a t shirt because we are waiting for the house cleaner to arrive any minute and Mistress told that she wanted me clothed for that reason.  In the closet however, I lowered my shorts in order to try on the pants.  Since they needed to be hemmed, Mistress was kneeling at my feet, adjusting the length of the pants for hemming.  Looking down, I was fantasizing about her being in that position, naked, with her hands tied behind her back waiting for me to fuck her mouth.  A boy can fantasize right?  Still kneeling, she held the length of the pants in place and told me to take them off, leaving me naked from the waist down.

My now hardening cock was bobbing right in front of her face and as a playful gesture, Mistress took it into her mouth and gently bit down on the head for a moment, then releases it.  I moaned.............
She stood and was rubbing my cock and balls as I started nuzzling her neck.  mmmmmm, I love to nuzzle her neck.  With one foot one the ground, I put my other foot on the bench we have in the closet, pulled up the back of her robe and started grinding my now rock hard cock against her thong covered ass.  God she was gorgeous. 

She quickly got behind me while I still had my foot up and she started rubbing my cock and balls from behind and playfully swatting my bare bottom.  She stopped and told me not to move.  She left the closet and returned with lube in her hand and resumed the same position, this time smearing lube all over my cock and balls.  She asked if we had "48's" left to attend to.  I said "NO", with a great deal of pride.  She started stroking my cock and of course, after having fantasized about temporarily controlling her sexually, I was already horny as fuck.  I got to the edge of orgasm waaaay to fast for Mistress' liking and she wondered out loud if her cock therapy training was having any effect.  It's been at lease 5 since our last therapy session so may maybe not .......

In any event, I was this close to cumming.  I was teetering on the edge and slight breeze in a different direction across my butt could've sent over the edge.  Mistress, already annoyed at the rapid pace with which I reached the edge, said in no uncertain terms ..... "you had better not cum!"  Holy shit ..... I didn't, but I was close.  She left the closet without saying a word and called me to the kitchen to help her gather some dishes.

Shortly, she and I will be visiting a new doctor for me.  I've had the same doctor for 15 years and because of things all related to politics, I now have to choose a new doctor.  As I was gathering the dishes, the thought occurred to me so I asked her,  "are we going to reveal the nature of our relationship to the new doctor?"  No, said Mistress.  OK, said I.  I do want her to be present for my examinations though.  We'll see how that works out.


  1. I hope when you went to the kitchen to help her you were dressed again. You wouldn't want the cleaning lady to come in and see your hard cock. Or would you. If that happened Mistress might have to show her how she makes a ruined climax. The Dr. should have no problem with Mistress being present during an exam my wife is always present through out the entire exam.

    1. Oh my, so many things to reply to archedone. First, as always, thank you for commenting.

      "You wouldn't want the cleaning lady to come in and see your hard cock. Or would you" Two answer here - 1. Not this particular lady. She has been with us for so long she is like family, she is very conservative, sweet and would be absolutely appalled and offended and 2. If it wasn't her, yes, absolutely I would the cleaning lady to come in and see my hard cock, certainly with Mistress' knowledge and approval. Maybe even seeing me being teased and denied, or edged, or punished or even milked. If Mistress were ever so inclined to demonstrate to another person how and why she does the things she does to/with me, like ruined orgasms, it would be something I would welcome. There, I said it.

      I'll write a new post about the doctor visit.

  2. Thanks so much Brooke. The doctor visit went very well and was the initial get to know your new doctor visit. Thankfully that was the purpose of the visit and it wasn't for something that was wrong with me.

    I'll be making a post about it shortly.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really always do appreciate it.


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