Friday, September 12, 2014

Chastity, enforced by device and/or the other kind

Earlier today, one of my blogger friends (Locked Husband - ) posted about how much more enjoyable it is for him to view pornography when he is locked in his cage.  I encourage you to look at it.  The reason was essentially that since touching himself and stimulating himself to pleasure is not an option, it allows him the absorb the images in a more meaningful manner, thereby appreciating it more.

I commented, and here was my comment:

I'm right there with you brother. I enjoy it waaaay more and much prefer looking at porn while in chastity. That being said, I haven't worn my cage for 3 months, and even then it was only for a day and was a part of my punishment that day. I'm lucky enough to be able to maintain my chastity without the need for a cage. I've demonstrated that I don't stroke with permission, I don't touch myself or otherwise play with myself without permission or supervision, and as a result, Mistress has a comfort level that my cage is not necessary. I think it goes without saying that I never yet have had an orgasm (knock on wood) without her permission, and only one time did i have an orgasm that wasn't supervised and witnessed by Mistress K. That one time was not only with her permission, it was an order. The cage has been relegated to a device used solely now for punishment and because of that, I take a bit of pride in being trusted by my Mistress like that.

I am so very proud of the trust that Mistress has in me with regard to her rules and my chastity.  In the very beginning of our FLM, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off my cock, or my fingers out of my ass because I thought I had enjoyed it so much before our new life.  I was able to convince myself that if the FLM thing was to work out and be a real thing, i would be able to do that for my beloved Wife because it meant that I truly did want to please her ... and certainly betraying her trust would not please her.

I am so incredibly honored to be given the right to earn her trust and to demonstrate my devotion accordingly.  I love you Mistress K.  More than you will ever know.


  1. I can only imagine the enjoyment of presenting ones self so Mistress can put me in chastity. We have looked at pictures of men in chastity and have discussed buying a cage for me but at this time she has not told me to order one or said what style she would like me to have. I envy both of you.

    1. Thanks archedone. When we first started our FLM, I was in the cage frequently. Once for four days in a row. I was let out for cleaning and various other natural occurances, but was required to get right back in. After 24 hours or so in the cage, I really want it off. Not because I have a desire to touch my cock but more so to allow for erections. The very worst part for me was sleeping in because of night-time erections. They are hard and therefore painful when you are in a cage. Hence the reason Mistress K. uses it now for punishment. NO ERECTIONS!

      Mistress would be the one to actually put the device on. It's too difficulty to try and have another person do it. When I am/was required to cage myself, I had a certain amount of time to get into it or be severely punished. It takes a little time to get into it mostly because I get an erection and of course can't slide the tube over hard cock.

      Oddly, in the beginning, after I was allowed to be free from the cage, I started missing it a few short hours after. Kind of like the Stockholm Syndrome is suppose. Ha

  2. Thanks for the mention. I've been away from the blogosphere, so I'll have to read up on your journey. Enjoy the ride!

    1. You're welcome. Welcome back to blog land. I hope you will enjoy what you discover in my blog. Thank you.


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